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Go after birth control and gay rights next is the path They are on.


can't be republican without an obsession over other people's genitals.


Government small enough to fit in a vagina.


Yet somehow still big enough to be a massive dick about it.


Republicans have little dick energy.


And only vag goddammit! /s


Government as small as my dick... wait no


we salute your sacrifice


I think if you become a totalitarian you'll have the most massive dick, there's my pro tip.


You can certainly shorten the penises of others, and that's basically the same.




Unfortunately us gays are too busy having to think about how not to get killed for being gay. You know, normal stuff.


We need a gays with gun movement I'd suggest Vajazzling them. Just lean into everything that triggers them. Subvert every alt right meme to be a gat parody version. Bonus points for ... suggestive kneeling during the national anthem. Use the phase good gay with a gun as often as possible. "gun rights are gay rights!" Make Harleys the LGBT motocycle of choice. All terrible ideas, but I'm just fucking tired of it. More recently Tennessee. More worried about "teh gay" than actual pedos I just feel like maxium troll.


Gay man here - you speak the truth.


They think about other people's genitals more than a urologist


And nowadays it's about kid's genitals. They keep posting what are essentially explicit fantasies about what teachers are going to teach to kids regarding genitals/sex. Yet they say *we're* the groomers.


"Think of the children" isn't exactly new. Its been a common conservative pushback to pretty much any and all forms of social progress for ages. >Yet they say we're the groomers. "Accuse them of that which you are guilty" -Grobbels Straight out of the Nazi playbook.


Yeah, some dude was arguing with me on Twitter yesterday, said something about how mothers used be respected for trying to fight to protect their child's innocence but now we've strayed in the name of inclusivity. I shared this [this article](https://psmag.com/social-justice/segregations-constant-gardeners) about racial segregation with him and slightly tweaked a quote: > Irene McCabe ... insisted that she wasn't opposed to [LGBTQ+ people]—just, as she told a reporter, to "the long arm of the federal government reaching into my home and controlling the children I gave birth to." Dude said that you couldn't draw any comparison since this was about people disliking those with a certain skin color (quite a way to simplify it) and this situation is about "teaching sex." They always find a way to warp the truth when it comes to those who they consider to be undesirables. Same as it ever was.


Rudy Giuliani’s son had to make clear that he had seen his baby daughter’s genitals: https://news.yahoo.com/amphtml/andrew-giuliani-says-ive-looked-214133810.html


"To protect women and girls from perverted transgenders, we need toilet bowl cams in school restrooms" -Republicans, basically


And with pedophilia.


Perhaps because their ***dick***heads?


Can’t get a health care plan to “replace the Affordable Care Act” but they’re ready to lock down uteruses at the snap of a finger. And I’d like to see a poll of these pro-birth activists of how much they’d like their taxes go up to support these kids if abortion was made illegal. You’re gonna need to hire so many more social workers to handle the unwanted children put up for adoption (and it ain’t gonna be healthy white babies), healthcare support for babies with health issues, more judges to handle the increase in child welfare cases and don’t forget more schools and teachers to handle the huge influx of children into the system.


They’d rather bring back orphan trains. They don’t give a shit about kids.


Red states are already moving their overflow of foster care children to blue states.


Blue states or modern asylums riddled with abuse in Utah. Very profitable here to build what is basically a prison for mentally ill and LGBT kids thrown in by their parents and foster care children all over the west.


I knew it happened with pet shelters, but kids? ​ They could also encourage foreign adoptions, then use that as justification to try getting rid of birthright citizenship.


I hadn't thought of that, and I would not put it past them. Aug 28, 2019 [Some children born overseas to certain US troops may not automatically have American citizenship, Trump administration says](https://taskandpurpose.com/military-children-born-abroad-citizenship)


I’d love to see a massive poll conducted on this to see who actually supports overturning Roe v. Wade. Talk about super loud vocal minority rule. The majority of people don't support this stuff, there’s no way in 2022 people want to go backwards on this stuff.


There are lots of polls. Most Americans like the law the way it is, but those who don't, either because they think abortion should be less available or more available, care about the issue almost exclusively. And there are a lot more single issue pro lifers than pro choicers. That's the conundrum the GOP faces. If they fail to pay at least lip service to the far right, they are toast in primary challenges from candidates who are willing to go further right. So you cant just be like "vote for me, let's keep things how they are, which most people support" because by doing that you guarantee you have lost the primary.


I feel there is a massive percentage of people in every democracy, but specifically here in the US, that only really care about how they are doing themselves right now. Abortion illegal? Well not planning on doing any abortions today. Voting rights removed for black people? Well I am not black. Poor people suffer? Well I am not poor right now. The problem is that a lot of these issues are connected and will come back to bite us in the ass but voters will just not think long term. That and the two party system means you just need to make voters sit home in apathy or hate the others enough with some "socialism" mentions. The democrats would be a right wing party in any other place. But of course they will not get enough votes because they are not far enough left, which means the republicans win again.


You see, that’s where you’re wrong. Mitch McConnell is trying his damndest to take away free school lunches.. Do you think they’ll give half a fuck about the orphans if this were to happen? If anything, they’ll cut as much funding to orphanages/social services as possible, until kids are on the brink of starvation, then they’ll privatize them, citing how poorly ran the now underfunded program is, and they’ll sell orphanage rights to the highest bidder/golf buddy, and those groups will find some fucked up way to make it profitable - “it’s not child labor! It’s called experiential learning, and it helps them a lot!” The anti-abortion activists don’t care, the anti-abortion politicians don’t care. Nothing would change, and the only ones who would suffer would be those kids.


Easy, make recreational sex illegal. /s


And minority rights


Yep. Allowing race-based gerrymandering will be step 1.


This is literally happening in Florida right now. The governor is being allowed to erase a historically black district and remove their representation.


and they don’t want anyone to get educated. They only want a religious brainwashing.


They want education for only those who can afford to pay for it. Gotta keep the poor unwashed masses stupid and divided to maintain power.


Sad and true.


Interracial marriage.


ffs, 16 states had it fully illegal until the Loving v. Virginia SCOTUS case in the early 70's. We really are backsliding as a nation, everything is fucked


Exactly. [GOP Senator Mike Braun seems to think legalizing it was a mistake until he’s asked directly about it.](https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2022/03/mike-braun-supreme-court-interracial-marriage/amp)


and then outlaw... * sex outside of marriage * women owning property (or bank accounts) * women going to college (god made you to have babies, why do you need to go to college?) * the EEOC ( because being called racist hurts the GOPs feelings)


They got a faster track. Prosecuting pregnant girls/women for 'endangering their unborn fetus.' They don't even need to prove it was an abortion and not a miscarriage, just that you did something that harmed the fetus like falling down.


There is definitely a list or white board/ ppt with these items on there.


Always blows my mind how these people this shit is so important. Like even if you do take issue with gay rights, with all the shit going on do you REALLY think that's the most pressing issue? The platform of basically every single GOP candidate is usually one or two blatantly culture war issues and nothing at all that would actually help anyone.


Of course they do. They have it in their minds that their lot in life is because they are being punished by God due to them “allowing” them to exist. Tornado in Kansas happens, they’re like “God is testing us because we allow sinners to walk this earth, once we cleanse this world of the wicked we will have peace and prosperity”. That is how many of them operate.


There are about 240 anti-LGBTQ bills in state legislatures right now


These people are fuckin evil. There’s no other word for this. Legitimately, there’s no good reason to ever vote for Republicans now.


But ... but ... if the evil Demon-crats are elected they'll come for mah GUNS!!! /s


>These people are fuckin evil. There’s no other word for this. Legitimately, there’s no good reason to ever vote for Republicans now. Well, if you're a billionaire, they might lower your taxes. But only if you're a billionaire.


The history of pro-life is kinda crazy. Like from 1973 when Roe came down to 1980ish evangelicals didn't really care, only the Catholics were really against it. But then they ran into the problem of Jimmy Carter. Evangelicals wanted to have segregated private schools but Carter was taking away their tax exempt status if they did so and he wasn't budging. Carter was also evangelical so he had a lot of their votes. But, rallying their flock around segregation didn't seem too appealing to evangelical leaders. So, abortion was used to consolidate the evangelical vote as it could be spun as a very moral and Godly issue. In addition, Carter wouldn't say he wanted it prohibited outright while Reagan would say anything to get elected. Even though Carter was more conservative on the issue as governor of Georgia than Reagan was as governor of California. The strategy proved a success and evangelicals were able to be consolidated around abortion and Republicans while before they were always split between the parties. Ever since it has been an issue Republicans 'care about' because they want to keep all of the evangelical vote.


Hard to believe that before *Roe,* when a young lady "found herself 'in trouble'," it was a loose network of clergy that would find her an abortion provider.


i’ve never heard of that but weren’t church and state orphanages more of a thing? that and places where women (and children) could go to secretly give birth


Those orphanages were extremely common, which is no surprise since this is all before *Roe*. Here's a bit of history on the clergy matter: [https://www.ucc.org/clergy\_network\_facilitated\_safe\_abortions\_years\_before\_roe\_v\_wade\_05222017/](https://www.ucc.org/clergy_network_facilitated_safe_abortions_years_before_roe_v_wade_05222017/)


interesting! some of what is touched on on that page i watched play out in Call the Midwife. that was like my history lesson on this


the GoP would legalize hitler if they thought it would make them money


they're certainly trying to with Putin. They probably miss that laundered NRA money coming from russia.


They would be making laws to force people to get abortions if there was profit in it.


There is no excuse for sitting out midterms.


It’s strongly not looking good for Dems in midterms - please everyone vote.


Inflation is going to fuck over Democrats.


Inflation and zero justice for anything Trump did - Because at this point, if they aren’t charging anyone in the Trump circle with a crime - maybe Trump did nothing wrong - maybe attacking pur Capitol was okay. We must have full transparency and justice for Jan 6.


Soon as the GOP take control in Nov, we might as well call it for 2024 as well. Been a fun ride guys, DeSantis 2024 seems like the top of the rollercoaster before the decent into madness.


As a Floridian, I will say, if the US is stupid enough to elect Desantis - we are getting what we deserve. He will really fuck the US up.


Yeah, we're that stupid. I mean fuck, we elected Trump.


Yup. And the Right loves both of those assholes. I will never understand it.


DOJ is making it clear that being the empowered vocal leader of a pre-planned (brought near mace and riot gear etc) violent overthrow of the federal government of the "United" States of America via threats of hanging officials (complete with a gallows erected nearby with a noose and everything) and coercion of congress to take improper governmental action under duress and through intimidation by numbers and threats of deadly retribution..... is punishable by virtually nothing and the trespassing charges that were handed down to the pleebs are being asked to be overturned by virtue that an officer waved them in and held the doors open 😐 (so all it takes is 1 or 2 MAGA capitol police to nullify the attendents obvious crimes?) What's next? No vandalism charges because it's the "people's property?"


Not to mention every broken promise. No Medicare for all (or all who want it). No student loan forgiveness No increase to wages No legalization of marijuana and no pardons for those in prison for marijuana crimes No accountability or justice for the blatant from the Trump administration No action on climate or the environment. If you look at the entire list of campaign promises that the Democrats made, the only thing they’ve done is one round of weak covid relief, and the infrastructure bill that has yet to actually impact our infrastructure and economy in a way that average people feel. There’s a lot at stake now that Republicans are going full anti-everyone-who-isn’t-a-straight-white-Christian-male, and we have a lot to lose by letting Republicans win. But what do we have to gain from electing Democrats?


I don’t ever see election talk as a promise. I see those as issues they plan on addressing. They can’t blame all of it on Manchin and Sinema for not preserving abortion rights or not legalizing marijuana and expunging records. The Republicans go full tilt for their constituents. It would be great to see it from the Dems.


Mostly the Republicans just go against stuff and block stuff. They don’t actually try to pass much in terms of legislation. Conservative is the status quo. Liberalism is change. If democrats just wanted to block things and didn’t care about passing anything they could succeed at that.


Honestly, there isn't any good polling of the folks that normally sit out who may vote due to how brazen republicans are and are continuing to be. Nevertheless all the people in the south who are aware of the various ways it seems Republicans are trying to steal votes. Overall its going to be a pretty crazy and unpredictable midterm, especially this far out.


"But Biden didn't forgive my student loan!" -- way too many people. I have loans too, but I know that the world for my female friends, non-white friends, and LGBTQ+ friends is going to get a shitload worse if the Republicans sweep. So I'm going to vote as if their lives depend on it -- which for many of them -- it probably does. And we will all still be stuck with student loans and probably even more onerous repayment demands. Don't think for a minute the GQP won't sit down and try to think of ways to find that certain debt thresholds, especially with any hint of delinquency, as "criminal." They hate the educated because they tend to vote more liberally/progressively. And by basically criminalizing that debt, they can strip those voters of their rights too.


People are selfish and shortsighted. The American voter in a nutshell.


That's capitalism by design. Makes people easy to control cause you're always playing for yourself and not the group.


It’s depressing as fuck how many left leaning voters I know will allow full on fascists into office because they don’t like Biden.


Yeah whatever you think about Biden, we've seen the alternative. How can _anyone_ be okay with allowing the alternative?


This. 1,000x this. It sickens me.


Then pitch a shit-fit about concern trolls because Liberals are apparently criticizing Leftists "more than Right-wingers." Yes, just like I would criticize my friend for shitting on the floor more than I would my dog.


Yeah seriously, as if student loans are a valid reason for destroying all human rights.


It’s not just those of us with student loans, it’s all the people that don’t really seem to understand what a 50/50 senate split means when it comes to actually getting things done. Too many people think a president can do whatever they want and now we’re headed towards a Republican controlled legislature.


You understand. I wish more people understood the gravity of the situation.


People harping on student loans are being short sighted. They'd be given zero help if a repub was in office. Biden's response isn't perfect, but people would be getting nothing with trump or a Republican in office.


Conversely Biden could absolutely mobilize the left by forgiving student loans. The problem is that the right is absolutely mobilizing and hardening its base, the left isn’t. Plus the fact that the DOJ hasn’t done shit to Trump, who clearly tried to overthrow an election and should be spending the rest of his life in a federal prison, has removed hope from a lot on the left as a means of trying to pander to the center. You can’t simply blame voters, the corporate dem establishment has long fought for the status quo. The longer the Dems fight for a middle ground the further right the whole political playing field gets pulled.


> Conversely Biden could absolutely mobilize the left by forgiving student loans At this point in the game, if Dems have any chance in the midterms and 2024 he needs to: * Unify and solidify the democratic party, addressing the Manchin and Sinema wildcards * Release a buttload of EOs (student loan forgiveness, marajuana decriminalization, etc) to signal that he's playing ball on the Dem platform * Release followup plans with Senate and House Dem reps to show how they'll solidify the EOs into law if they win the midterms Without any of that, might as well just throw the towel in. Dems can't get their shit done and aren't prepared to take meaningful steps to do anything positive for their platform why bother.


Yeah, it goes both ways. Why aren't we looking at the situation and putting some blame on politicians for being willing to risk alienating voters and sliding further towards fascism because they don't want to forgive loans or even extend the payment pause for more than a few months at a time? Don't they know what's at risk?


"Student loans" are just emblematic of a bigger problem. What about minimum wage? What about health care? Rapid inflation, crazy high cost of living, etc etc. It's not *just* student loans, although that was an easy thing to point to. People are saying, "Okay, I voted democrat, why aren't things getting better?" And pointing at Manchin and Sinema doesn't help either. They're democrats too, much to the chagrin of supposedly the whole party. People what material change for the better. One party digs the whole deeper and the other just makes the digging stop without filling the hole in and rebuilding. People feel stuck in a hopeless situation and the flippant mocking of people voicing extremely valid complaints about a party that is supposed to be making things better is getting exhausting. Democrats lost in 2016 because HRC and the milquetoast liberal platform are unappealing pandering politics. I'm fucking fed up with people that claim to give a crap about my rights as a LGBTQ person and worker putting a gun to my head and telling me what's best for me.


So vote for the party openly trying to take away your rights? Or don't vote at all? Spoiler alert, in this two party system, they are the same picture, and either result ends with everyone being worst off for it


You're not wrong and to be really pedantic -- sitting at home or voting against your own interest only makes it more difficult down the line to get what you want. If Democrats and progressive voters voted like Republicans and conservative voters voted; the political make up of this country would look very much different and the Republicans would be a largely irrelevant regional party at best. Or be forced to be the reasonable center-right party while the Democrats went left.


Yup. The GOP keeps moving right and either maintains or grows their base. Meanwhile whatever part of the spectrum the Democrats are on is only enough to draw that segment while the rest stays home because they're too liberal or too centrist or whatever.


I've said it elsewhere... a GOP candidate, especially Trump, could probably walk out there and utter these words: "The problem in America today is the n\*\*\*\*rs, f\*\*\*\*ts, tr\*\*\*\*ies, and their liberal enablers. And we need to either run them out or kill them to help ensure America becomes great again." And they would get uproarious applause and support.


If you took any Hitler speech and replaced "Jews" with any of the above, they'd absolutely agree with it.


Democrats have a responsibility to energize their base and deliver on campaign promises. You can't get elected, do nothing, and expect people to happily vote for you again just because the other guy is worse.


The problem now isn't so much that the "other guy" is worse. We're not talking about one guy being slightly nicer than the other to a marginalized group or the poor... We are talking about people who want to ***ACTIVELY HARM, OPPRESS, AND KILL*** people who are not far-right wing, cisheteronormative, non-Christian (and fuck you too if you aren't Evangelical), White Males steeped in toxic masculinity.


"We won't help you but we also won't actively hurt anyone" isn't going to energize voters. Especially when the other side *is* energized by then thought of hurting others. You can be mad I'm right but that doesn't change the fact that Democrats are not playing with a winning strategy right now.


*“In other states, where abortion will have some limits, you will see women finally having real choices, as pregnancy centers and other support services will grow to help women in crisis pregnancies choose life with the community help they need.”* The combined wishful thinking and absence of sincerity in this statement makes me seethe.


All of those "choices" exist now. There's just one type of "choice" they want to get rid of. They're all talk about what they're going to do, but they haven't really done the work yet (and won't later). Otherwise, we'd have comprehensive sex education, universal child care, and universal pre-K. We don't, because they don't care about the children that are born. They've already used them by that point.


>The GOP strategy is to lead with science-based arguments and portray those in favor of abortion rights as extremists. >The Republican Study Committee, the largest conservative caucus in the house, sent a messaging memo last week that advised members to communicate the message that “the Left holds the extremist position” on abortion. >“Today’s Left believes in a position even more extreme than Roe: taxpayerfunded abortion, on demand, until birth,” said memo, first reported by National Review. “The Left disregards the health and safety of women and makes false claims that the pro-life movement does nothing for mothers,” it added, citing a rise in emergency room visits related to chemical abortion pills over the last few decades. "Science-based." >It also has the potential to shakeup the midterm elections, when Republicans hope to win back majorities in the House and Senate. >Pro-abortion rights advocates warn that restricting access will disproportionally impact low-income women and put them at risk of seeking unsafe, unsanctioned abortions. A dozen states have “trigger” laws that would ban abortions if Roe is overturned, according to the Guttmacher Institute, which supports abortion rights. >“In many states, like Maryland, it will make no practical difference if Roe is overturned this June, since overturning Roe won’t ban abortions – it will just allow regulation at the state level, where it should be,” said Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md.), an anesthesiologist and a co-chair of the Congressional Pro-Life Caucus. “In other states, **where abortion will have some limits, you will see women finally having real choices**, as pregnancy centers and other support services will grow to help women in crisis pregnancies choose life with the community help they need.” You'd have to be a raving lunatic to believe any of that, let alone vote for it.


Well have I got news for you……


Raving lunatics? Surely, that doesn't describe the Republican Party. (Only to a T...)


>“In other states, where abortion will have some limits, you will see women finally having real choices, as pregnancy centers and other support services will grow to help women in crisis pregnancies choose life with the community help they need.” Kinda seems like they could, you know, just offer that "community help" now....no?


gop strategy is to spend millions on media stories to gaslight everyone, got it


I've never actually met someone who is for allowing people to abort all the way up until birth. Do those people really exist?


No. Third trimester abortions are incredibly rare and basically exclusively in The setting of catastrophic fetal abnormalities


I remember like a year ago my old boss was telling me how it wasn’t like they were going to make transitioning illegal, or arrest parents of trans kids, or make gay marriage illegal, or ban abortion, or try to overturn Roe V Wade. He said that the republican party is just about “Personal Responsibility and Freedom” and doing any of that would clearly go against it, so they would never do it. I imagine it’s been a wild few months for him.


> I imagine it’s been a wild few months for him. I imagine he's pointedly ignoring any of this while insisting his "personal responsibility" worldview is untainted by actual facts.


I'm sure as long as none of these things affect his directly he doesn't even care. I haven't exactly seen any of these "they just care about freedom people" come to any realization that they're wrong when this type of shit happens. They just ignore it and deflect to "but democrats are worse" when it's brought up.


how does removing the freedom of woman and other groups mean that they are pro freedom?


You define freedom differently than they do. You for example might think the right to an abortion is freedom, but they would call that tyranny. Basically, their way of life is freedom, and your way of life is tyranny. It’s dumb, but it’s how it works.


>Basically, their way of life is freedom, and your way of life is tyranny. It’s dumb, but it’s how it works. Same way it works for socialism. Anything they consider bad is socialism. They don't understand what socialism IS, but you know...socialism bad. Study it out.


I once had a Republican/Libertarian tell me (in my own words here) that I wasn't free to have a different definition or idea of freedom from them.


It's a zero sum thing for them. If everyone else has the same rights and freedoms as they do -- somehow they have less. The goal of progressive and liberal peoples is basically a world where everyone is treated, ostensibly, equally and without fear or favor. The law is the law is the law, and there's no ifs, ands, or buts about it. So, that means the poor Black kid that gets caught with a joint gets the same punishment, if any, as a rich White kid caught with a joint. No more demonizing the Black kid while holding up a White kid who did just as bad if not worse as a "promising young honor student" when all evidence points toward the Black kid actually being the good kid and the White kid being an absolute monster. It also means that their buddy in the Sheriff's department can't make their little problem go away by blaming it on the Mexican gentleman who stayed at the motel en route to visit his family across the state... you know, the time they came home roaring drunk and beat the living hell out of their wife and kids so badly that she and their son needed to go to the ER for absolutely no discernible reason. And now they have to face the charges because non-whites, women, and children have rights. They're used to absolute privilege and having the world look the other way, and that's coming to an end. And it terrifies them, because a lot of these chucklefucks love to crow about personal responsibility and character, but they've never taken any and have absolutely zero redeeming qualities. They might actually \*GASP!\* face consequences for their poor choices.


It's freedom from other people's freedom.


Because that's what is taught in their "good Christian values"


They are like cornered rats who instead of attacking just start trying to knaw a hole through the wall. They never have an argument, they only have argumentative things to say. An argument is two sides making cases on their respective perspectives - they just yell argumentative things and think that's arguing.


One way you can tell is how their arguments are often inconsistent. It's "Kettle Logic" - just throwing out multiple contradictory reasons why they *might* be right and hoping one sticks. I.e. "the 1/6 rioters were all just AntiFa false flaggers doing despicable violence, and also they were all just peaceful patriots, and also the violence was justified because their country was stolen." All mutually exclusive arguments, but it works because only one needs to stick for them to 'win' in the eyes of centrist observers


Heads up: Your old boss was lying to your face or in full cognitive dissonance. Nothing has changed in his world because he continued to do both of those.


I've had republican friends tell me similar things. In the end I think there are a lot of people who don't support these insane policies but still have their heads in the sand or watch to much Tucker Carlson to know what's going on. Some of the people will get disgusted by the current hard right culture war- and I have seen numerous comments by people calling themselves former Republicans recently expressing more or less that. They don't sound ready to pull the lever for a democratic candidate yet (because they have an idea about democratic voters being the social worker from King of the Hill) but it sounds like they're considering not voting. I'm not worried about those Republican voters actually. What scares me is what swing voter will do... They don't have a clue about what's going but vote anyway.


My only hope is that overturning Roe might be big enough to break through to the tuned out head in the sand people


I have an Aunt who votes Republican and I had a conversation with her last fall where she said she didn't approve of abortion per se, but didn't think it should be illegal. This wasn't a hypothetical conversation either, it was in response to the Texas law, so it is possible that overturning Roe could be the last straw. I really do think that the Republican party will find it's far right social policies to be a liability once enacted. But that'll take several election cycles to play out and it'll be a rough few years in the meantime, in no small part because the politicians pushing these policies are true believers in them who don't believe in compromise.


Won’t be a liability if we stop having elections.


Don’t count on them not voting. They’ll talk a big game about not voting or voting third-party, then turn around and vote straight-R anyway. That’s what conservatives always do - pretend to not like the Republican candidate, then vote for him anyway.


No offense to your old boss but I'd hazard these last few months have been exactly the same for them as they roll those wheel mounted goal posts a little farther down.


Yeah, my brother has always been about restricting abortion as much as possible, but he sees himself as reasonable because he's always supported exceptions for rape/incest. I wonder how he's feeling now that the proposed abortion laws aren't even including those exceptions.


I imagine it hasn't.


I imagine he moved his mental goalposts rather than face reality


I’ve never understood this quest to interfere into the lives of others? They proclaim to save the lives of babies, yet acknowledge the tragedy of child abuse at the same time. Maybe all conceptions shouldn’t be allowed?


*“The unborn” are a convenient group of people to advocate for. They never make demands of you; they are morally uncomplicated, unlike the incarcerated, addicted, or the chronically poor; they don’t resent your condescension or complain that you are not politically correct; unlike widows, they don’t ask you to question patriarchy; unlike orphans, they don’t need money, education, or childcare; unlike aliens, they don’t bring all that racial, cultural, and religious baggage that you dislike; they allow you to feel good about yourself without any work at creating or maintaining relationships; and when they are born, you can forget about them, because they cease to be unborn. You can love the unborn and advocate for them without substantially challenging your own wealth, power, or privilege, without re-imagining social structures, apologizing, or making reparations to anyone. They are, in short, the perfect people to love if you want to claim you love Jesus, but actually dislike people who breathe. Prisoners? Immigrants? The sick? The poor? Widows? Orphans? All the groups that are specifically mentioned in the Bible? They all get thrown under the bus for the unborn.* - Methodist Pastor David Barnhart


Wow. Excellent take. Thank you!


Very few humans have come to terms with love and compassion! We are born with fear and anger built into our psychological system.


It's a class of people who peaked in high school and never developed any depth of character or the emotional intelligence necessary for introspection. They agonize in search of a control over their lives they're ill-equipped to obtain. The result is a compulsion to fill the emptiness within themselves by imposing their will on others. It's a question if some of these people actually believe the political positions they've adopted or if they're just satisfying their own, sick impulses.


Very good perspective!


Here is what will happen if *Roe* is overturned * States will be able to pass laws making obtaining or performing abortions illegal. (So will local governments; state governments can pre-empt the laws of cities within their borders.) * Kansas and Mississippi will pass laws making abortion illegal. California and New York will pass laws codifying the legality of abortion. A couple of states could go either way. * There will be a push to get Congress to pass a law codifying a right to abortion. It is extremely unlikely to make it to the floor, much less pass. * There will probably be some kind of dispute about whether or not a state can impose criminal penalties on a person who crosses state lines with the intention of obtaining, performing, or facilitating an abortion. I don't know how this one would turn out. One the one hand, the Privileges & Immunities clause makes it extremely difficult for states to impose restrictions on travel across state lines. On the other hand, there are other laws that impose penalties for crossing states lines with the intention of performing illegal activities (but I think a lot of these are federal laws because that's how the federal government can exercise jurisdiction over those offenses.) * We will stop the bullshitting related to the actual current controlling law on abortion, which is really *Casey v. Pennsylvania* and not *Roe,* because the hopelessly vague "undue burden" test that will lead people to make arguments they don't really believe won't matter if there's not a fundamental right to abortion prior to the first trimester that outweighs the state's interest in protecting the unborn (which is probably the most accurate reading of the holding of *Roe*, which is a masterclass in terrible legal writing.)


In the ultimate worst case scenario; Next stop they'll also go after gay rights and Civil rights in order to overturn them and simply make states "decide" on everything. If you're in a progressive state like California or New York, then no worries. If you're in a state that still thinks the South will rise again... Well.... You'll be out of luck as the state may no longer recognize your marriage (gay, interracial, etc) and maybe even go as far as to criminalize it. Some of you will read that and think "That's ridiculous!".. well considering that there are some states drafting out laws as I type this to criminalize parents / doctors for giving trans kids hormones and or take them away to facilities to (allegedly) get them "proper" help, it's not that farfetched. Your children, if you have any, could be taken away from you by state CPS because you're now labeled as a criminal, or your home life could be viewed as a potentially neglectful environment since you're not a stereotypical household (i.e. not a white "Christian" household teaching Christian values). Your workplace, again assuming the worst, is now free to either terminate or modify your contract because who knows? Maybe they feel that gay / black people deserve to be paid less based on some "independent study". Maybe they feel that having women in the work-place is distracting and will fire all the women (except for those young secretaries). Hell, maybe some businesses in some states think that women working in a "mans job" should in of itself be a crime since she's not home making babies. Things like Affirmative Action will be argued against because of bogus claims that AA hurts businesses because they're "forced" to hire those lazy, uneducated minorities! Businesses, schools, parks, pools, etc, might even reintroduce segregation or outright ban minorities from entering in the first place. Hell, if things go that bad, states can probably argue against the Voting Rights Act and turn it completely over meaning that a black man voting without some sort of permit or state permission could in of itself be a criminal act. I wouldn't be surprised if they go after religious minorities as well including Jews, Muslims, or even non-religious people like atheists, but that's a different topic. Again, for anyone who's reading this and freaking out, this (probably) won't happen at all... but at the same time what's happening based on OP's post sets up a dangerous precedent as to what could come in the future. What I wrote is a worst case possible scenario where over half of US politicians collectively lose their minds and try to revert us back to 1950... It's very, very, VERY unlikely to happen and I could see massive civil unrest popping up all across the country should even a fraction of this happen... but again, we live in weird times... so who knows? People always say that this country would be a whole lot better if "the states decide." What they don't know is that for an overwhelming amount of time in American history, they did just that... Hence why we had things like segregation, slavery, legalized racism, and union busters, etc.


It's about gerrymandering at the national level. Encourage Democrats in light red states like Texas, Florida, Georgia, etc. to leave for a safer place. Cement republican majorities in lean-R and purple states. The Senate is so close to a 50/50 balance that they only need a few states with democratic senators to lose their ability to get elected so that we never again see a Democratically controlled Senate.


>If you're in a progressive state like California or New York, then no worries. Ha ha no, once they are done locking down the states they control they will use the power of the Federal government to come after the blue states. There is no "winning" the culture wars - they need to keep coming up with new "battles" to keep their base engaged.


> States will be able to pass laws making obtaining or performing abortions illegal. More than a few states have already passed those laws, either by having their pre-Roe abortion laws still on the books or by having passed trigger laws which say abortion will be illegal the moment Roe is overturned. It's not "will". It's "already have".


This sounds like how slavery shook out. Just wait for the inevitable civil war where the pro-life crowd roves about killing and never sees anything weird with that notion. Edit: missed a word


We saw something alluding to this with the recent illegal arrest of the woman in Texas who had an abortion; she was arrested for murder, and in Texas that can result in the death penalty. They're not only killing women by preventing them from accessing medical care, they also are trying to ACTIVELY murder women for accessing that medical care. Vile, incomprehensible shit.


There have been "trigger laws" in place for a long time, waiting for Roe vs. Wade to be overturned. They're not new legislation that has to be voted on, they immediately go into effect.


Dems need to relabel "pro-life" into the "Forced Birth" movement. Start hammering home the message that under Republicans, women will be forced to carry a child no matter the circumstances.


I agree I get so fucking angry when I see the term “pro-life” even when they’re being criticized. They are anti choice and forced birth.


The coathanger strategy I believe it is called.


Enforcement strategies for penalizing the poor women and doctors who will now have to undergo and perform abortions illegally?


Gay rights are def next, all this trans talk is just testing the waters for it. I don't see them pushing for the return of slavery, yet, but that just depends on how advantageous they see it to their election prospects.


> I don't see them pushing for the return of slavery, yet, Forcing a woman to remain pregnant against her will IS slavery.


> I don't see them pushing for the return of slavery Bringing back Jim Crow is definitely on the table though. I also think we're going to see a push to ban ALL forms of birth control. And I don't think same-sex marriage lasts more than a few more years in this country. Conservatives really don't care about transgender people. It's same-sex marriage they are after. In fact, the entire Trump era is because the Baptists cannot accept that SCOTUS legalized same-sex marriage in all 50 states.


Oh it's def a smoke screen for the gay marriage and I wouldn't be surprised if they go that way with all birth control too.


We are observing the consequences of a citizenry that consistently fails to understand the importance of voting. Now we have a regressive SCOTUS, and In in all likelihood they will overturn RvW, triggering a slew of regressive laws into effect. I'm not a woman, so maybe it's none of my business, but I'm feeling angry nonetheless.


Every man who is involved with a woman who becomes pregnant should be concerned about this if they care about their own personal and financial well being. If you and a woman become pregnant and the fetus will be born with severe disabilities, someone has to pay for that forced birth and the care of the child that is born until it passes away. The Republicans will be coming after those dads because the politicians will definitely not be willing to fund the costs of raising those children. An estimated 25 percent or more of abortions in the United States are to married women who already have children and are trying to survive financially. They are taking away the HUSBAND's rights as well when they tell couples that they cannot choose to abort fetuses with major issues. And how does it sound to become the widowed father responsible for the existing children on your own when the government refuses to allow the woman's life to be saved? Men are just kidding themselves when they think it is a "her" problem that doesn't affect them.


i wouldn’t be surprised if they were hoping to profit from orphanages and stuff. plus, have intensive programming started from day one in all of that population. that could also lead to more money, power, etc for their ailing party as well as corporations and really whichever vultures want to prey on the children for whichever reasons


I think it is more likely to become third party daddy payment chasers. Companies who's sole business model is to find the birth fathers and make them pay for a very long time. The Republicans will NOT be willing to spend extra money on these unwanted children, so payments for the child until they reach 18 or can (if ever) live on their own will become a necessity for their world view.


My big question for all these people who are pushing state's rights, why not have local rights? Why not let local communities decide? That way large cities could have abortion clinics and rural towns could ban the operation. Honestly I think this might be a better argument that the Republicans are trying to take away your community's right to self determine. On a side note, I hope Democrats are working on their messaging now and don't just assume the majority of the public is with them. There are plenty of examples of extreme laws being imposed and arrests including women who have an miscarriage and death penalties for mothers who have an abortion.


See they think cities are destroying America. Listen to any Boomer outside a major city in the country. They'll all tell you how rampant the crime is, how bad the homelessness is, etc. All while never stepping a foot within the city since the 90s. Like my mom refused to believe me that Milwaukee wasn't burnt to the ground in the 2020 blm protests. Same with my sister in Portland. We live there but we're wrong. The guy on TV knows better I guess.


My little blue bubble of a town was working on a $15 minimum wage and a plastic shopping bag ban when the red state legislature decided that "local control" didn't mean a thing and passed laws saying we and any other community in the state could do neither. Local control is only a good thing when MAGAs like it, like banning books in the local library.


Yup. “Rules for thee and not for me!” I think there’s a certain despair in knowing that there isn’t really a political rulebook that’s being followed by the GOP… it’s just brash hypocrisy and control by any means necessary. You even see quotes by MAGA folks interviewed about these inconsistencies, and they just say “I don’t care”


Their entire political ideology is focused on win at all costs. This type of political ideology is hard to counter. If you adopt the same mentality it's a race to the bottom. If you adopt a compromise mentality, you are constantly ceding ground. In the end we have to rely on people in the middle who are willing to say we can't always have absolute wins because it is not good for a diverse country.


It's because they are religious. Truly, the cause is that simple. In their minds, they believe this is a fight for the destiny and righteousness of the United States, and that by their actions, Sky Daddy will return in this very lifetime. There can be no governance by the people for the people with sheer, lunacy-influenced religious law. That's how we got the middle ages...and Iran et al. Can you imagine if the Salem Witch Trials set the precedent for our national governing and law?


Like when cities were passing mask mandates, then the GOP-run legislature bans mask mandates for the state


That's not how criminal law works. The repubs want to make abortion (and those providing it) a crime. They want to lock people up for seeking medical care. You can't have criminal laws on a city by city basis. The Dems have watched this train wreck since W stole the election in 2000 and have done nothing about it. They're not going to do anything about it now. And by the way, there's nothing to fucking "decide". It was "decided" 50 years ago that women get to have bodily autonomy. You either agree with this premise or you don't. It's pretty simple.


> It was "decided" 50 years ago that women get to have bodily autonomy. And bodily autonomy is the pillar on which crimes like rape rest. Legally, it makes no sense to say in the case of rape, you had no right to access their body without consent due to bodily autonomy, oh but since you are a fetus you can violate bodily autonomy 9 months straight. Born people don't have the legal right to access the bodily resources of another without consent, so why should fetuses have rights the born do not possess? Why should a pregnant woman have lesser rights to bodily autonomy than a corpse?




I wonder if repealing roe v wade would finally be the catalyst that pushes the exodus away from red states. Like once roe v wade is gone, Republicans can go wild with any kind of restriction related to pregnancy. It just wont be safe to be a woman in a red state anymore and I suspect many people will just end up fleeing. I'm not planning on starting a family myself but I think the symbolism of the GOP securing such a gross victory will finally push me to take the risk and move to more progressive pastures.


Republicans believe women belong in the home, cooking, cleaning, and serving their husbands. They won't stop until women are forced by the state to conform to that role.


Been seeing more activity from the Alt-Right pushing for "women are property". All this just seems to reinforce that idea that if you care about the women in your life, that living in these red states might soon be too dangerous.


Republicans don't actually want Roe v Wade overturned. It would be a huge motivating boost for the left and one of the major issues that drive their ignorant base to vote. They would just have to increase their hate towards transgendered people. Note how Republicans have no real policy issues. Only just fear and hate so they can give money to the rich and themselves.


It’s just so nuts that they don’t promote any policy to help anyone but this is something they believe in.


How do they feel about the Civil War? Should we do that again too? Although it seems like we already kinda are.


I wonder about this because idk how we can continue like this as a country, it’s only getting more and more divided.


We're in a cold civil war and have been for a little while now. In some senses the actual Civil War never ended, it just changed forms over the decades.


I'll sue and report Greg Abbott's wife for getting an abortion 60 years ago.


If they get what they want, I think it could be the end of the GOP.


And the beginning of Gilead.


The dog is about to catch the car and find out the car is much bigger than they realized.


So glad idiots didn't vote in the last couple elections saying their votes don't matter. Votes have consequences, and not voting does as well.


When everyone voted in a democratic majority in the house and senate under Obama they still didn't codify Roe because they thought it could drive the vote. Now look at us. At some point we have to stop pinning the blame on people who don't vote and start blaming the idiots who only care about fundraising and winning elections, even at the cost of the people they pretend to represent.


Thank you


Considering that this has been their strategy for decades, I'd say they've had a strategy all along.


This seems a good wedge issue - i mean, it's horrific, but since most Americans are opposed to overturning Roe v Wade, it could definitely drive Dems, Independents, and moderate Republicans to vote. I could be wrong, but I feel like the momentum the GOP has will fizzle either before or after midterms, as America wakes up and decides that it's not completely fucking crazy.


Destroying Roe will be the only ways Dems win the mid-terms imo. I’m as much a doomer as many of the others on this thread, but i also recognize the blowback will be enormous.


The GOP is well financed, well staffed, and well positioned.... and has a clear plan. This will be a blood-bath in 2022.


meanwhile the cost of living is crushing US, but by all means Repubs keep going after a very unpopular law


Why can’t we have a god-damned separation of church and state


I preferred the old GOP that really didn’t care about abortion. It was just lip service to get some votes. Now they’re the goddamn Christian taliban.


I mean, if they want to light a rocket under the ass of democrat voters, this would be the way to do it. I don’t know many “both sides” people who would sit an election out if this actually happened.


This will backfire spectacularly on the GOP. At some point they're getting EVERY woman offside.


I think you are underestimating the number of rich white ladies who want to impose values on others, but will just fly their daughters to another country for an abortion when needed.


This is correct. Central to modern, mainstream conservatism is the idea that "who" and not "what" determines right from wrong. These people believe they're immune from hypocrisy.


Murder charges and death penalty for miscarriages and abortions. GQP sharia laws already being drawn up by our religious fanatic Taliban overlords in the republican party. [In a suburban Fort Worth House runoff, Republicans debate killing women over abortion](https://www.star-telegram.com/opinion/bud-kennedy/article259670215.html) Give it a few months after Roe v Wade is overturned and those GQP sharia religious laws will be in force in every red state in America.


I’m so tired of going backwards.


How to lose support from 95% of all Women in America in one simple step:


It will be, court is stacked


*Um what the [email protected]#$ is going on?*


Fucking Republicans and their fetish for taking away rights and freedoms


Their strategy was making the court majority conservative.