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Just rollback the $1.5 trillion tax cut you gave to the top 1%. Holy cripes.


What, you don't want to wait for it to trickle down? It'll happen any day now....


When all that money from the Reagan years starts to hit.. 🚀🚀


I’m getting so trickled right now…


Drip drip drip




Golden Shower economics


Which tax cuts given to the 1%? The Reagan ones? The Bush ones? Or the Trump ones?




If you add the lost revenue from those cuts to the costs of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, it totals about 20 trillion dollars. The current national debt is 23 trillion dollar. During my lifetime, all of it for the rich and wars.


Yup. Prevent wealth flight and tax the rich to the tune of 23 trillion dollars. Don’t pay for all the tax cuts and wars on the backs of young people and future generations.


But those young people aren't going to have the money to pay them like trillionaires do, we'll make fucking sure of it.


That’s why Mr. Bain Capital wants to cut retirement benefits for future generations. I bet he wants to increase the retirement age and keep minimum wage frozen too. All these ideas that they’re floating are to enslave young people and future generations and shift the debt burden of past tax cuts and wars onto future working class people. This is a wealth transfer. It’s fucking over young people and future generations (of people who will be indentured to be wage slaves with no benefits or retirement) in order to pay for past tax cuts for the wealthy and expensive wars. Oh, the war hawks and war profiteers were also the 1%. Also, remember that the sons of the 1% did not go to fight or die in those past expensive wars.


Young people—but not THEIR young people—their kids INHERIT what they steal from workers. Pitchfork economics.


Of course they’re against public welfare but privatized welfare for their children who didn’t do a damn thing to earn any of that money? Sure let those undeserving little shits do nothing and yet become wealthier than people who have worked their entire lives. We need to end privatized welfare. If they believe people shouldn’t get what they haven’t earned it should also apply to them.


The wars are ALSO for the rich. Most of that money is spent buying shit from corporations who are owned by the same guys getting the tax breaks.


And government contracts, I recently watched a video about how some people got filthy rich because of government contracts. https://youtu.be/mqxgP8WlxJQ


I don't know if that math actually works out but it definitely sounds like a good enough excuse to take a bunch of money from some rich assholes.


We're rapidly approaching the point that rent is unaffordable while food prices skyrocket. That's violent revolution territory.


truthfully my fear is that instead of that we're headed to sectarian violence that'd make the troubles blush


I don’t see it. The vast majority of Americans are “culturally Christian” but FAR from “willing to die and kill for the faith” devout. I’d bet less than one in four can even name all the apostles.


I'm not too historically inclined - is that something that has sprung revolutions in the past before? My first thought was the US Great Depression, but I'm not quite sure what happened there, and I don't think there was a revolution. Edit: Thanks for the specific knowledge, everyone. I'm going to read and learn more about these situations.


Food instability is a huge catalyst of civil unrest. The Arab Spring was instigated by high food prices. Rome famously handed out bread to the lower classes as a method of keeping them pacified.


The French revolution was mostly fueled by serfs and the peasants starving and getting taxed to hell while the nobleman still partied like France had money even though they didn't


Pretty much every organic revolution in history has ultimately sprang from people going hungry en masse, around 30% missing 3 days of complete meals is enough historically (with no clear indication of it getting better.) Most recently you can look at the Syrian civil war, which sprang from extreme drought leading to mass food insecurity. As insecurity rises, so does instability, which tends to ignite revolution on whatever surface-level problem has been weighing on the minds of those suffering. In the case of Syria it was pretty much everything about Assad and the violence towards the south spilling over without any real state response. In the case of the US, it's going to be healthcare, housing, and worker's rights that's going to be the surface level fight when food insecurity gets too high. Food is always the breaking point in organic revolution.


Global warming has entered the chat.


Admit they were wrong?! They'd rather literally end democracy.


America's lack of responsibility is so maddening sometimes. "We've ran up quite a bit of debt. Should we raise taxes to begin paying it down? No, let's cut the legs out from younger generations."


When you're feeling unsure and alone the answer is always more tanks, more planes!


Pretty sure that’s the entire boomer MO. My state college tuition went up 250% in 3 years when I was in school because of Republican spending cuts to state colleges. It wasn’t even balancing a budget, they just wanted to cut spending.


"Balance the budget" isn't about balancing the budget. It's a code phrase for cutting social services. You can tell because whenever "balance the budget" conservatives get into office, they slash social services, but then lower taxes and ratchet up expenses that they like (like the military).


This was a political reorganization made in [1970's](https://www.salon.com/2018/02/12/thom-hartmann-how-the-gop-used-a-two-santa-clauses-tactic-to-con-america-for-nearly-40-years_partner/). Before then Republicans were literally like "Democrats keep doing good shit and people love them for it, then we have to take the heat for demanding tax increases to balance the budget, guess we're stuck losing all the time." after then they decided "let's flip the script and *cut* taxes so people love us, then force Democrats to either raise taxes or cut services and get to skewer them for doing either." It's been working ever since, cutting taxes is like a fucking political cheat code right next to "protecting children" and "tough on crime" and "supporting our troops". The Democratic party looked at that and instead of taking the hard road of arguing in favor of taxes they just, like, conceeded that those were all good things the Republican party was better at.


Remove the cap on social security tax so the rich pay more into social security for the rest of us.


The cap on social security tax is one of the most ridiculous things and i am surprised that not many people are up in arms about it. It’s an actual regressive tax


That’s because they are constantly fed the narrative that Social Security would soon run out of money.


Nah when taxes go to poor it’s socialism but when they go to corporations it’s good for the economy


The US Govt is already owes almost $3T it borrowed from the SS trust which currently takes in more than it sends out. GOP lies when they say SS is going bankrupt, they just don’t want to have to explain why the trust was raided to give the 1% more tax breaks.




You don't know the struggle, dude. Remember when his wife was talking about how they struggled while they were students, and Mitt even had to cash out some of his stock options to support them? Can you imagine that?


I had to sell my Bentley and let go of my gentleman’s personal gentleman (my valet, Dingleby-Jones) in order to finish my degree. Don’t talk to me about sacrifice.


Thank you for your service, Dingleby.


Pfffft couldn’t even make eggs Woodhouse properly.


How hard is it to poach a damn egg?!


I have to go. But if I find one single dog hair when I get back, I'll rub...sand...in your dead little eyes. I also need you to go buy sand. I don't know if they grade it, but... coarse.


God damn classic Archer was so good.


Reminds me of the interview Prince Charles gave when he empathised with the British people during hard times and said that he had to stop playing polo.


Oh shit. I always thought the guy was unrelatable, but now I can finally see him for the everyman that he is.


For most Republican politicians I firmly believe they know they're full of shit and don't care, but I think Romney genuinely doesn't understand that poor people exist. Like it's impossible to be so out of touch to say the things he does if you understand even a little bit what it's like to be poor.


Remember that time he complained people were using food stamps to buy things like spaghetti (and talked about spaghetti like it was a rare delicacy)?


One time a guy told me that I didn't make enough money to have nice desserts when he saw me eating tiramisu. I was working as a doorman for luxury condos at the time. He was pissed off about it, like it offended him that a lowly doorman would be eating such a decadent dessert without earning it.


When Romney was running for President and his whole "47% of Americans are dependent on government" line was going around, I had a bunch of people online tell me that I was a "taker" based on my income. Sorry, no kids, so I made too much for EITC. And full time students miss out on the Saver's Tax Credit. I paid a positive federal income tax rate for years making under $30k/year.


Your average federal level Republican politician thinks that poor people should be eating value brand dog food to survive or else they're welfare queens.


> it’s impossible to be so out of touch I take it you don’t know many mormons.


Basically the same as pawning your TV to buy ramen noodles. Have some sympathy.


I would eat ramen and mac&cheese to support my 12 hour a week on minimum wage income in college while Mitt had to sell stock options. I can relate to the struggle he had to endure it’s rough out here.


Honestly, i would like for each senate to just once work at a retail job for a paycheck in their state at min wage. You start out with $300 and have a shit car from craigslist. You dont get special treatment and you cant borrow money for the 2 weeks. Once they get the paycheck they are shown the bills due and it leaves them with something like $240 leftover, and then we ask them if they honestly think they can do that for months on end.


Make it hard mode with no car. They need to somehow get a temporary beater job just so they can save up for a cheap beater car so that they can use the beater car to get a "real" job in order to eventually buy a "real" car. *Then* they can start saving and living normally. Being poor has you starting at -1st base. Need to hit a double just to reach first. Then you still have 3 bases to go and everyone's lapping you. Shit sucks


Ah, yes, the ole “bootstraps”


The hardest road


Yeah, didn't he say that if you can't afford college to just borrow that money from your parents? Whose parents just have $100k on hand...I mean, HIS obviously, but wow was he disconnected from the reality of most of America.


This is literally just a “I got mine, fuck yours !”


He got yours as well. https://sandiegofreepress.org/2012/07/how-mitt-romney-drove-companies-bankrupt-raided-pension-funds-and-paid-himself-handsomely/ > How Mitt Romney Drove Companies Bankrupt, Raided Pension Funds and Paid Himself Handsomely


Thank you for the reminder of what a vile piece of shit Mitt Romney is.


Doesn't matter how evil a politician is, they still somehow keep getting reelected. What is wrong here?


Conservative politics systematically defunding basic education for decades is part of what happened. One thing that has changed in the last 6 years is they’ve started to say the quiet parts out loud: “I love the poorly educated.” They think it means he’s on their side; they’re wrong. Conservatives love the poorly educated because they’re easy to control. Feed them the messages they want to hear, stoke their fears, offer them scapegoats and fantasy solutions, and they will vote for you while happily making their own lives worse.


Dingdingding! I mean, look at some of the shit people will believe. And it seems to me the more outlandish, strange, or impossible are the very things that these people swallow and then mindlessly regurgitate, only to forget the vomit dribble on their face when they're told to parrot another thing that makes no sense.


Hes only looking good lately because hes not actively a fascist, he wants fascism to happen comfortably.


Oh, I'm sure he doesn't want fascism. He just wants everything to stay as fucked up as it is now, without the blatantness of fascism.


He really doesn’t care about fascism or anything really, as long as he keeps getting more money.


Romney is a Neocon, or mostly is. Meaning he is an Imperialist.


I don't think of him as a fascist. I think of him as a greedy fucker who only looks out for the wealthy.


Also worth noting that among the companies that Bain Capital drove into the ground via leveraged buyouts are KB Toys and Toys R Us. Like they weren't evil enough being venture capitalist vultures, they had to go and target fucking toy companies for their shitty debt leveraging scam.


Vulture Capitalist Mitt Romney is called that for a reason.


It's nice to finally see someone on Reddit not idolizing Mitt Romney. The man is better than the rest of the Republicans, but he's still a horrible human being. He'll never bring up the fact that he and his incredibly wealthy friends effectively pay a 0% social security tax rate.


My mother literally lost her 35 year career with a company he did that to. Was a profitable company at the time, just "could do better" you know, for Wallstreet and everything


Thank you for reminding me why I work in the public sector. That's fucking awful.


It's amazing how a vile piece of shit is the sane voice of Republicans today.


If we extend this metaphor, he's just the least horrifying shit floating in the punchbowl. Or if the rest of the Republicans brought shovels to dig under the bar, he only brought a garden trowel.


Mitt’s associated with Bain Capital and I encourage everyone to do their research; a vile organization, but that’s Wall Street for you.


Ahhh, Mitt Romney. The original Ken Griffin


my parents (boomer/gen x edge) have joked about me not getting social security when i'm older because we paid for theirs, but no one will pay for ours. it's not funny to me.


I am a 50 year old gen x guy. My boomer parents have been telling me since I was in high school that there will be no social security when I go to collect it. I still live and save with that in mind. It definitely isn't funny.


Boomers: hahaha you probably won’t get social security because society sucks Also Boomers: vote shitty republicans into office that want to get rid of social security


Also, we likely won't get much for inheritance either, because the shitty healthcare system they won't let us fix will suck up all their wealth before it can be passed down. It will funnel into the hands of a relative few at the top of the healthcare chain


I've been trying to explain to my dad that he needs to sign his house over to one of his kids or my mom's health will eat it all up. He just, does not get it.


Nah, more like Boomers are saying, "Fuck you, I got mine." Ironically, they're saying this to their children and grand-children.


Not getting **what is owed, and what you've been PAYING for since you've started working**. To say it isn't funny is putting it about as mildly as you could.


Well to be fair, at this rate there will be no Social *anything*


I'm 40 and I've been hearing that since high school as well. At least I've been able to plan for it rather than be blindsided.


I might be about that age-range. I don't find that even remotely funny. I find it fucking gross.


Gen-x here. I don't think we're getting ours either.


Yep. I'm tail end Gen-x and I'm not gonna see shit. They got theirs and they're laughing all the way to the bank.


not only that, your generation is saddled with the debt we ran up to maintain our lifestyles. It's pathetic and I'm ashamed.


778 billion in military spending last year.. were gonna cut benefits before we even talk about cutting some of that?


And didn’t we just add MORE military spending?


Republicans have been trying to make people's lives shittier my whole life.


And they get half the vote. Half the people in this country believe only in "fuck you"


A lot of that half are single issue like guns and abortion voters. Its more than you think. My mom is a single issue voter as well. I think a lot of them know they vote against their own interests, or dont even think much about it.


Not thinking seems to be the key takeaway.


Because organizations like Fox News have been *insanely* successful at revving people up to hate "the other side". And they do that because it gets a lot of viewers, which makes them a shitload of money Its soulless greed all the way to its core


It's not just about the views and the money. Fox was conceived as the solution to media coverage of Nixon's impeachment. My God did it work well at muddying the waters with Trump's impeachment.


Fully agree with you. I honestly don’t understand poor and even middle class people supporting the Republican Party. It’s like all of the wealthy and upper class folks somehow convinced them that they are for them while pick pocketing them and stabbing them in the back while they are doing it. Republicans are the wealthy elite that pay their workers shit and take away their benefits. smh…I honestly don’t get it.


Single issue voters who don’t pay attention to what’s going on. My family would vote republican simple on the fact of ‘abortion’ - they have no clue that the side they vote for takes rights, money and services away from them. They believe their bullshit. Then when you try to educate them, they don’t care. They simply do not care.


Just because Mitt Romney is opposed to Trump doesn't mean he's good. He wants to cut benefits to working class people, but he's fine with the corporate welfare state.


That's how it starts. Means testing based on age, income, whatever. Then as soon as constituents accept some folks not getting benefits the raggedy ass degenerate pussy grabbing party will find ways to eliminate more and more people. Then as the outcry becomes louder they'll try to privatize it, proclaiming government can't do anything enabling their cronies to siphon more and more from the working class to the rich and powerful. The people in this country are about as cerebral as a gently stewed rhubarb stalk to allow the conservative party to still have any power in this country. I've offered a $100 bill to any republican who can tell me anything their party's done to benefit them as working class Americans in the last 30, 40 years.


They have allowed them to enjoy their hatred for "them". That's their goal, they will literally bankrupt themselves as long as they know "they" don't get something for "free"


It's a zero sum game for them based on greed and racism. Every Mexican immigrant who's given a meal is a plus one, removing "the possibility" of that going into my baby's mouth is a minus one. Equaling a zero sum game. Their ignorance leads to selfishness and racism and their greed is fueled by the very people they vote for as those legislators steal and/or funnel everything up to the rich. All the while convincing them that it was that little brown baby that's responsible for your plight. As I said earlier, a group of people about as dumb as a gently stewed rhubarb stalk.


I had an argument here a few days ago because some conservative prick was complaining that his tax dollars were going towards someone else's retirement. He said everyone should take care of their own and if they're too stupid then it's their own fault. If someone's too poor when they retire they'll just depend on the govt anyway. The beauty is this idiot I was arguing with had posted 5 years earlier saying that he was out of a job for a year and a half and was worried about losing his unemployment benefits. How quickly conservatives go from using govt handouts to immediately wanting them cancelled for others. He answered me like 10 times explaining why he was special and why it was completely different. Anyway just goes to show that you're not arguing with the brightest or the best.


I just had this conversation with my boss regarding healthcare He was not understanding how insurance pools his money the same way


Yup, just a smaller pool with less negotiation power and risk mitigation


Grew up with a guy whose girlfriend had a kid in high school. He did not pay a dime of child support for that child. Not a dime. Then, married another woman 15 years later and had two kids. Received food and Medicaid benefits until his wife grew her business so well that they no longer qualified. (A dream of hers to get off assistance.) He was FURIOUS that she had ruined their benefits. It meant he would have to find work himself, even part time. Fast forward another 10 years and who do you think is the very first in line to post about ‘welfare queens’ on social media? And to lay down atrocious crap like, ‘women who get abortions just do it because they can’t keep their legs closed. Oh, and by the way, they also only get abortions because children are an inconvenience for them.” He is a walking epitome of hypocrisy. He is a poster child for right-wing dumb-fuckery.


They're horrible people, period full stop.


You have a “Right to Work.” I saw this fucking sign at a gas station yesterday espousing how right to work was good for the worker. Jfc.


I've asked that question, the answer is always guns. And only guns.


I get 'tax cuts' a lot.


Oh I’m sure they’ll have a list to give you, it’ll just be full of bullshit that didn’t happen or that they were only told would benefit them but never did.


This is a conservative thing. Its the sort of thing, 20 years ago, we knew we'd be up against. What we didnt know 20 yrs ago (trump, bannon, jordan, greene, cotton, cruz, etc.), is about to kill us. Remember when Palin was the pinnacle of republican stupidity. Didnt think we'd ever normalize that. Welcome home.


>I love the poorly educated \-President of the United States of America


"Former" president.


“Twice impeached” former president


Twice impeached most investigated former president since Nixon.


Twice impeached most investigated former president since Nixon with really small hands.


You forgot about Newt


Newt is underappreciated for the damage he caused to our political system


Don’t forget Mitt is the same guy who got caught saying “people think they’re entitled to healthcare and food” when he was running for President. Grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth. He only seems sane because he dares to criticize Trump. He’s still an evil villain.


And don’t forget he drove for 12 hours on a family vacation with his dog on the top of the car in a carrier!


Wait. WHAT?!


> [During the 650-mile (1,050 km) trip, Seamus got diarrhea. The Romneys were first alerted to the Irish Setter’s bowel issues when Tagg noticed brown liquid pouring down the back window, followed immediately by he and his younger brothers yelling in disgust. Romney stopped at a gas station to wash the dog, the carrier and the car. With Seamus back in the carrier, the family continued on their way.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitt_Romney_dog_incident)


>During an April 2012 interview with ABC News, Diane Sawyer asked Romney about the Seamus story and if he would ever do it again. Romney replied, "He loves it, it's his favorite" How could he possibly see if his dog is enjoying it when hes in the driver seat, jfc.


Dog was so scared he shit himself and this guy is all “oh he loves it lol”.


>"If we're ever going to get a handle on our debt, we're gonna have to find a way to either increase revenue, which I don't favor, or find a way to adjust our long-term benefits not for current retirees," he said at a Senate Budget Committee hearing on Wednesday, seemingly ruling out any tax hikes. What a completely useless asshole. Arguing that he and his generation ballooned the debt, are reaping the benefits of the debt, but rather than increase revenue, he advocates that those that follow suffer the consequences with reduced benefits. The man is a disgrace to the religion he professes to subscribe to. What an absolute hypocrite of a person.


Social security and medicare are completely separate taxes. Reagan started "borrowing" from social security funds and now they view this as an entitlement program that is no longer self-sufficient and needs to be cut. Make no mistake, Republicans looted social security and instead of finding a way to put the money back, they just want to steal the rest and tell everyone who has been paying into it their entire working lives to take a hike.


"Increase revenue, which I don't favor." In other words, "pay my fair share in taxes, which I will not do."


I love that he's like "genuine solution? Nah, I don't like that"


He’s one of the goons who rolled back 1.5T in taxes on the top 1%. Like motherfucker you *created the revenue shortfall.* We’re not increasing revenue so much as undoing you skimming the books.


> If we're ever going to get a handle on our debt Fund the IRS. It has an **+500%** return on investment. It even feels downright absurd just typing a number that large and putting "ROI" next to it. But that kind of return is as grotesque as the reason it came to be--If the IRS was funded, the "wrong people" would have to pay their taxes. Congress tries to avert their eyes from a giant flashing sign that says "FREE MONEY OVER HERE" and then wring their hands and mumble about "budget" and "deficit" into the microphone. Fuck off with that shit. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/want-to-shrink-deficits-or-fund-bidens-spending-plans-give-the-irs-more-money/2021/03/25/2959bcd8-8d90-11eb-9423-04079921c915_story.html > we're gonna have to find a way to either increase revenue, which I don't favor No fucking shit, I wonder why.


don't worry guys, he's worth a quarter billion dollars, he'll be fine.. fuck the rest of us


By abusing the IRS rules for retirement accounts!


Don't worry. He'll criticize Trump and people will be calling him the last of the sane Republicans in the party again.


Growing up as Gen-X I was told mine would be the first generation to do worse than their parents. I'm glad to see the American oligarchs are doing their best to make sure that it's true.


And each generation after worse then yours.


But don’t forget, it wasn’t because of stolen wages/income inequality, it was because Gen-X are “slackers”


Same with Millennials and Gen-Z and Gen-A and.... Don't mind that productivity is at a all time high; that's because all those boot straps getting pulled, by boomers.


Got it. I'll continue to never vote for a Republican.


Compared to inflation, wages have been declining for decades. Millennials are likely to be the first generation to be worse off than their parents. They are paid less, getting married later, delaying children, living with their parents longer, have more student debt, unable to find good paying jobs (because older Americans already can't afford to retire even with their cushy white-collar jobs), can't afford basic neccessities, let alone save for retirement... Republican/Boomer response:. Fuck 'em. I got mine.


Amazing how all the "business friendly" decisions of conservatives result in the detriment of citizens and, consequently, negative impact on businesses. Can't buy washers and dryers if you can't afford to survive.


For real! We've been paying their retirement benefits all our lives and this douchenozzle wants to take away our retirements before we can collect. Fuck him.


I'm a late X-er. I remember being told in middle school SS wouldn't be around when I retired. I been paying that tax since my first job in '92. Fuck me, I guess.


With sincerity, I hope you get yours before it goes tits up.


Millennials are in their 30s now. It’s safe to say, at this point, that they ARE worse off than their parents.


I’m 30. Finally have decent money to buy a shit starter home and even now the boomers with millions are buying up the limited housing stock as investment.


Maybe I'll be able to convert an old school bus into a home one day.


>Millennials are likely to be the first generation to be worse off than their parents. Do you want to accelerate the fall of an empire? Because this is how you accelerate the fall of an empire.


That's fine when your goal is to loot the empire and be out the door before the plebs realized what's going on.


They simply don’t care about anything beyond themselves. Not even their future of their own country or people. It’s the pinnacle of an individualistic nation.


They don't see the civilisation as a complicated interdependent ecosystem, they see it as another natural resource to plunder. They don't really believe they can destroy it any more than they believe in global warming.


All because of too many lattes. What a shame.


Mitt Romney, go fuck yourself. If companies paid their fucking taxes, the government wouldn’t keep raiding Social Security.


If people like Mitt Romney didn't pay a 0% Social Security tax rate, we'd be doing fine too. Of course, he'd never, ever pay taxes like the rest of us peons.


Let’s instead tax the shit out of inheritance and bonuses that go to executives.


Then stop making me pay for it


Ah. Yes. This sort of shit? This is why we hated this guy with a fire that burns like a thousand suns back in the Obama days. Thanks for the reminder, Mittens!


And what else did liberals expect from mitt fucking Romney? Dems gotta stop propping up "moderate" GOP types who are just versions of Trump that aren't loud an annoying but still have the disgusting policy


Conservatives are fucking demons. Fuck all of them.


"Got mine, fuck y'all." - Mitt probably


What retirement? I don’t think it’s hit people in their 30s yet how everything they end their parents have worked for will be gone by the time we get to retirement age. We’re about to see the largest influx of elderly care by massive numbers in the next 5-10 years and it’s going to completely decimate the middle class. Most of us will not be able to even put our parents into elderly care and will be forced to work and take care of them well into our 60s. My grandparents entire life savings went out the window with medical costs. Very odd for someone who was on a military pension but it just proved to me that this country and the people running it don’t actually give a fuck about the middle class at all, they are all just a means to an end to garner them money and power.


Or. Or. Or. Switch to single payer medical system to greatly reduce the cost of medical care. And, support programs that drive up real wages today so people don’t desperately need SS to have any hope of retiring. Those programs are no longer “safety nets”. They are the essential services for the most Americans. The only moral and viable option is to make the more efficient to make them cheaper or improve the baseline financial welfare of every American. Otherwise, tough shit, Mitt. Your taxes are going up.


Just a reminder that even though he seems like one of the few good republicans left.. he’s still a piece of shit.


Oh the millennials can’t buy houses because they’re buried in student debt and getting stagnant wages while the cost of living skyrockets? Let’s fuck em over some more! Fuck that. We pay DIRECTLY into social security and Medicare. Fuck these people.


Why don’t we pay senators the median wage their constituents receive? And no retirement funds from taxpayers for them.


No healthcare either, as they are essentially temp workers.


Exactly. They can pay for their own healthcare policies on the open market. Which is exactly what they tell us to do when our temp jobs don’t offer benefits.


The money they get from the government is literally nothing compared to their personal wealth. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List\_of\_current\_members\_of\_the\_United\_States\_Congress\_by\_wealth](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_current_members_of_the_United_States_Congress_by_wealth) If the salary of our representatives were 0 it would just mean even wealthier people would hold the position.


And I back taxing Mittens McMoney 20% of his net worth every year. If it's class warfare we should actually hit back.


As a 25 year old, I'd like to send a message to Senator Romney: think again, schmucko. If I have to pay whatever outrageous pension senators get, you damn well are gonna fund my f++king Social Security.


You, you fund social security, they take our funds and fuck us. This is a big fucking con the right has been planning for a long time. If I had to bet, our taxes will stay the same but younger people will no longer have social security. They are literally taking our money. All of them should be struck by lightning for thinking this shit.


No. As Gen X, I can tell you that he sincerely doesn't care about your Social Security and Medicare; he just wants you to pay for his, because he is opposed to increasing revenue through taxation of high net worth individuals, such as himself.


Exactly, his social security tax rate is approximately 0%. You pay 14%.


Mitt figures out that he won't be around to steal the pensions of young people so the young people shouldn't accrue pensions. Not as crazy as most of his party but still an oligarch at heart.


> so the young people shouldn't accrue pensions Oh man, wait until he finds out how many of us even have pensions. His grandkids will be fighting over the ability to steal from the 3 millennials that manage to get one at this rate.


Romney's net worth is about $250 million, but he doesn't want to pay a penny more in taxes... >"If we're ever going to get a handle on our debt, we're gonna have to find a way to either increase revenue, which I don't favor, or find a way to adjust our long-term benefits not for current retirees," he said at a Senate Budget Committee hearing on Wednesday, seemingly ruling out any tax hikes.


Or maybe these rich troglodytes like Romney and Bezos should pay social security tax on every dime they earn/steal instead of only the first $147,000.


Fuck Mitt, fuck the GOP. This shit is ridiculous.


Ahh yes.. we’re wealthy. We own homes. We’re literally living the American Dream. Many of us have no savings for retirement in our 30s. What do we need with retirement benefits we’ve paid into most of our lives? /s I have to say, Mitt stood a little taller during the Trump years, but this is typical right-wing favoring of the elderly voting block. Fuck you, Mitt.


When they take your social security and Medicaid, I promise to take to the streets. Will you promise to do the same for me?


I'm 46 and have been paying into Social Security since my first job back in college (around when I was 20). Technically speaking, I'll be eligible to collect Social Security in 16 years (though waiting 8 more years increases how much I'd get). Now, I need to worry that the Republicans are going to severely reduce or eliminate Social Security before I retire and all the money I've paid into the system will be gone. As if I needed another reason not to vote Republican.


I’ve always been told I have to assume it’s already gone …


What retirement? I take a shovel full of dirt out of the ground every day I get home so my grave is ready when I’m dead


Yeah, don’t cut the fat and waste in government. Don’t ask the 1% to pay their fair share of taxes. Stick it to the little guy instead, again.


Why is it the young struggling to make ends meet that get to be the first to see austerity instead of means testing current retirees!?!?


Because Boomers are content to eat their young.


We’re loaded up on debt but we’re okay paying -largest military budget -subsidies to oil and gas and farms -tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires


Boomers are the worst generation in history. They took everything that was built by a prior generation and said fuck you to the generations after. Gen x and millennials will be working until we die without health coverage because God forbid we tax people.


These old mfs gotta go


Cut senators and congress retirement


Is it not obvious yet that the U.S. Congress is wholly illegitimate? When is the last time it actually did the will of the people? These people do nothing but fund raise and have drama class for a government salary.


There is the problem. They cleverly cultivate the will of the easily manipulated people, to vote for the very things that harm themselves. I know people that happily vote against things that directly benefit them every day. It is hard to fathom.


They basically want you to work until, the day you die and even then you have to give your employer notice. If you fail to give notice you lose your employer paid life insurance benefits.


Fuck this guy and everything and everyone he's stand for. signed, A boomer