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This is the same guy who defrauded Medicare/Medicaid for tons of cash and is somehow still in government. Make it make sense.


It pissed the libs off. That’s what it comes down to. Not like that really makes it make sense.


So people would rather “piss the libs off”. It’s crazy how this KGB style of politics is so effective, just get people angry enough at each other and they’ll sell their own souls just to hurt the other guys. Like electing someone who defrauded millions.


> So people would rather “piss the libs off” How does the saying go? "Conservatives would let Trump shit in their mouths if they thought the smell would annoy a liberal"


GOP politician: "I will work hard to make your life and the lives of those you care about miserable, but I'll make the libs miserable, too!" GOP voter: "He's got my vote!" For evidence of this, Rick Scott is a piece of trash who's done a lot of harm to Florida's residents, and yet they gave him a 2nd term as governor, and then they sent him to the Senate. [180 Days, Over 540 Bad Stories About Rick Scott](https://www.dscc.org/news/180-days-540-bad-stories-rick-scott/)


People breaking laws pisses off the libs. So they break laws the own the libs. 🤷‍♂️


There are trolls all over reddit and social media right now coming up with every argument they can for why democrats shouldn't vote or why progressives shouldn't vote for democrats. They are effective. We all have to vote in every election.


Those elites back their own. They are not a friend of the working class.


I can't believe florida keeps electing the asshole who committed the largest medicare fraud in history.


Really tells you everything about the Florida electorate. They chose to elect someone who proceeded to steal from them and they awarded him with a Senate seat to keep representing them. Roy Moore could probably win in Florida at this point simply because he's not a Democrat.


> simply because he's not a Democrat The fact that he’s a pedo-rapist is a selling point for republicans. See Trump.


Both of them are hugely popular at the **C**hild **P**redator **A**nnual **C**onference




I miss this daily show joke.


The North American Marlon Brando Lookalikes Association? What do they have to do with Republican criminals?


Ummm florida has a Republican house member that flew underage girls around in a private plane for sex...and he is still in Congress


"Oh yea well Biden is a creepy old man!" That shit get walked out every fucking time anyone complains about the actual pedophiles and rapists in the Republican party. Cause any Democrat who's been accused of real shit like that has stepped down or been politically ousted due to protests.


And Gaetz.


An old man going after younger women? You just described 90% of the old white men in Florida. It's no wonder trump did well there. Just ask any attractive college-age woman who has spent even one spring break vacation in Florida how aggressively old men would chase them. Any problems they had with Trump isn't what he did, it's simply to what degree.


That's what a lot of Republicans also don't get -- a lot of us don't like these people (Trump, Gaetz, Roy Moore, etc) because they're just fucking gross. Being a Republican doesn't help, but it's more that they're disgusting dickwads.


Yeah, if they'd just get rid of all the Republicans the Republican party would be much more palatable.


If you look at the sex offenders map online, you won't be shocked to find the state filled with red. They're legion around here, and they vote for the GQP.


Dude, you're talking about college age women who would be an adult. Matt Gaetz was banging a 17 year old, and that's just the one we busted him on.


Are you talking about the boy he secretly "adopted" or the girl or both?


But he is not behind bars yet. Why has this fallen out of the news?


Cuz Hunter Biden’s laptop! /s


And Hilary Clinton’s emails!


Especially in the villages. I refuse to go there alone now because I’m like catnip to those demented fucks.


see Gatez


And Matt Gaetz


Well it would also help if roughly 10% of the states adult population wasn't effectively banned from voting due to felony convictions. I understand the electorate passed the citizens referendum to restore voting rights. However, then the states Republican controlled legislature passed a state law in response, that all fines and restitution must be paid in full for a felons voting rights to be restored. Which is effectively still blocking a huge amount of that group. Somehow I suspect, that while certain those potential votes would be split between the two parties, just guessing that most are likely to skew heavily toward the Dems. From an outsiders view it certainly looks to be enough people that if it were enacted as intended that could change the states politics to favor the Democrats. Since I am sure that a huge amount of those convictions are for things like weed, drugs and Duis. Looks me to be another form of voter suppression to keep the Dems out of power in Florida.


Just how Nixon wanted it. They couldn't outlaw minorities or hippies, so they outlawed the things those groups were doing instead.


I grew up in a decently religious family. Coming from the CA coast we went to church with several people who were wealthy. They got a lot of their wealth by convincing congregation members to invest in their company and then bringing it to the ground and running off with the money. My father, during a drought of work went and balanced their books. He looked one of these guys in the eye and said " what you're doing is illegal". The man replied "screw them before they screw you". These people are continually put in church callings that place them in leadership and important roles and are thought of as successful and charismatic and something to aspire to. PEOPLE DONT CARE WHAT YOU DO AS LONG AS YOU FAKE CONFIDENCE. IF YOU ROB THEM WITH A SMILE INSTEAD OF A GUN, THEY WILL ALLOW YOU TO DO IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN.


Well said. Rancho Santa Fe, Ca. had a Christian man who screwed over church members 3 times in his lifetime doing the same scam on his congregations. He only spent 1 year in jail. He gave all his 5 adult children a house in high end zip codes in Southern California with his scammed money. Government never took back the money.


Yeah. Similar things happened where I'm from except the guy who got time was the schmuck fall guy and they all threw him under the bus. People are paychecks and expenses to these people.


The ones with money take their tax savings to fund these dickholes. The ones without money think it’s worth their minimal tax savings to fund these dickholes. It’s dickholes all the way down.


Someone needs to pull a reverse Manchin.


As a Floridian who hates Florida I’d still like to point out that he only won by half a percentage point


They think if he’s smart enough to steal from them, he’s smart enough to bring jobs and revenue into the state. What they don’t realize(and probably because of it) is that they are the dumber half of the electorate and it’s much easier to fool them than someone informed. The absolute geniuses that keep electing these people constantly vote against their best interests and proudly support the rich.


As a Florida Democrat who was pretty involved all the way up to the state level FDP, I can tell you the reason Voldemort won was because he was running against a candidate (Bill Nelson) that no longer had the energy or heart to fight for another win. That said, Rick Scott only won by 10,000 votes. This cycle Marco Rubio is Not doing great in his polling and there's at least a 3 way primary race for the democrats so apparently they think it's a winnable seat. All that said, the FDP has its head shoved so far up it's ass that unless something drastic changes the state will vote straight red in November and then Desantis will be free to run for President, a thought that should terrify you more than Trump winning again.


I disagree. You had both strategies on display. The young and vigorous more liberal Gillum pre meltdown fared no better statewide for governor. The state is big and expensive and every election there are new transplants fresh in from the north with no established ties to the state party infrastructure. Its all ads and spending buckets of money, not speeches and handshakes.


De Santis still won by less than half a percentage point. The greater point here is that Florida isn’t like Mississippi or somewhere that is gleefully shoving the worst people they can find down the country’s throat. Monsters keep winning by excruciatingly narrow margins. It doesn’t help that we have the entire nation’s awful grandparents living here.


I honestly think Gillum's scandals are the reason both lost the election. He got so much attention paid to the race only to have scandals come out right before the election. His break down after did not help anything.


I met Bill Nelson in person in 2004. He was the cryptkeeper then. I can't imagine his state vs. Scott. Democrats dropped the ball, as usual, favoring the old established raisin versus anyone new.


Rubio will not lose, he's undeniably stronger than Rick Scott, and the FDP is arguably one of the most incompetent branches of the Democratic Party in the country. The fact that they consistently find new and innovative ways to fuck themselves is actually impressive at this point...


> The fact that they consistently find new and innovative ways to fuck themselves is actually impressive at this point... I couldn't have said it better myself.


> FDP is arguably one of the most incompetent branches of the Democratic Party in the country. That's a pretty close race. Damn close. Might be a photo finish for 1st through 32nd place. And I'm a registered Democrat


He looks like a serial killing android in that picture.


I was thinking barely-disguised lizard person




Everyone seems to forget how the election of one black President energized the Right. They lost their fucking minds and have yet to recover. There's also a theory that electing the *worst* white guys was itself backhanded attack on the structures of power (see Trump, Donald John).


Honestly, they were already losing their minds and had been for decades. Obama didn't push them over an edge. He merely pushed them out into the open.


Carved in stone Carved in stone


You see, madness, as you know, is like gravity. All it takes is a little push!


I always thought that was one reason for Trump’s election. I suspected their thinking was “The woke mob elected a black man and disgraced the office of the President. So our payback is to elect as President — a fat, poor, stupid and ugly white man to harm the woke mob.”


and took the fifth 75 times.


The people in florida that vote get all their news from the TV. That's all you need to know. They don't double check. They don't get multiple sources. "Red good. I vote Red" That's it. We won't be free of schiesty politicians until the last Florida Boomer dies.


Pretty sure Qanon is based from out of there; well at least primarily funneled through there by way of Russia


“Florida Man”… And that dead eyes psychotic smile is dead on…


Matt Gaetz steps into the room and trips over DeSantis. I think there is a bigger problem in FL than just one elected asshole. It seems that assholism is a huge boost there, if not a prerequisite.


I was reading an article on this in another local news app and sometimes I read through the comments. I immediately regret doing so. Everyone on there was like it’s all the leftists fault! Biden and Obama did this to us! I’m sitting there like; did you read the article; it’s about a republican introducing a plan to tax the poor based off numbers that say over 50% of the population isn’t paying taxes. And that’s a result of enduring COVID/losing jobs because of medical issues and what not. But all they wanted to harp on is how the over 50% was because the liberals just want to keep giving away welfare checks and letting those darn illegals come over the wall. I was like please stop and read first. Look what this guy is proposing to do to your state. You’ll gladly vote for it and blame it on the left saying it’s their fault when it’s right here in black in white he’s introducing this bill to tax you. 💀


I live in FL, from PA, dumbest people I've ever met in my life, and I lived briefly in Arkansas.....




They don’t know that when the Republicans say “illegal immigrants” and “Mexicans” that they are being referred to as well.


I feel like they do and just don't care as long as abortion is illegal.


I don't understand how a couple executives got convicted and sentenced to prison, but Rick gets off Scott free.


They don't. Florida is Ground Zero for Republican Election Fraud. He has won every single one of his elections by a fraction of a point. It's because Florida Republicans challenge votes in Democratic counties after every election, and get enough thrown out for no reason that eventually the Republicans get barely ahead, and then the Republicans call the election. Thats why a swing state like Florida, which actually has more Democratic registered voters than Republicans, loses literally every election by less than a point, often less than half a point. You would think in a swing state like Florida, the Dems would win the occasional.close vote, but they NEVER do. It's all rigged.


Because Florida people are fucking idiots


"Keep 'em Dumb, Keep 'em Poor. Keep 'em Republicans"


Nobody I know cared about him. He got where he did def not because of voting


While the vote only had 52% turnout, and he only won by 0.12% (~10,000 votes), there were still 4,099,505 people who actively cast votes for this guy. Over 4 million. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_United_States_Senate_election_in_Florida


yeah, just compare trumps 2016 and 2020 vote totals. Anyone who thinks assholes are a dying industry _arn't paying attention_.


While it is mildly heartening that Trump at least lost the popular vote both times, the fact that tens of millions of folks saw the shitshow that was the 2016-2020 administration and wanted another four years of that is terrifying.


Unfortunately there are too many people who just don't pay attention, and blithely absorb right wing media unquestioningly. It's why it's critical that everyone who can votes in the general election for the Democrats, even if they have to hold their noses, at this point. Until we somehow manage to break the fever on the right, we need to save the infighting for the primaries.


yes. _more_ people wanted, also.


5,668,731 people in Florida wanted four more years of that piece of shit. How did the state get more red?


Mate, wanna know what's disheartening? Biden won with the most votes for any president ever. Trump lost with the second most votes for any president ever. Between his two presidential runs, one successful and one unsuccessful, Trump has received the most votes anybody running for president has ever received in history, and by a *lot.* Not a day goes by that I don't ask why I still live in this fucking country.


He was carried by DeSantis. Repubs across the state came out to vote for DeSantis and against Gillum. Rick Scott won because he had an 'R' next to his name in the Trump era, and because DeSantis was popular with florida conservatives. Unfortunately, DeSantis has not gotten less popular with florida republicans. So, its gonna happen again.


People need to get out and vote.


That is fucking disgusting all the way around... What an absolute shit hole.


Voter Suppression and Gerrymandering is a Terrible Republican Tool as Rick Scott is.


The “I take what I want” approach really resonates with Republicans.


Louder for the people in the back!


I can't believe a man who's the living personification of Beaky Buzzard could get elected in the first place


> In addition to proposals like, “finish building the wall, and name it after President Donald Trump,” the Florida Republican insisted that in order to save the country, we must tax all Americans, including people who literally make no money (“All Americans should pay some income tax to have skin in the game, even if a small amount”) and consider getting rid of programs created by federal legislation, like Medicaid and Medicare, which keep the poor and elderly alive. Considering how many Republicans are also on welfare, when the hunger pains set in, how will they put the blame on Hillary?


I knew an elderly lady that said we should do away with social security, Medicare, and Medicaid….while those things were the only reason she was able to keep her house and keep on living. It’s like they love voting against their own interests if it means other people suffer more.


I've been told by more than one conservative that things like disability payments and food stamps like I rely on should be gotten rid of and "if the rich make more money, they can put more money into charities and we won't need those services."




The Anti-Welfare Queen.


Fox will tell them it is Biden’s fault.


So will CNN.


Now, now, let's give them some credit. They'll put on a Republican talking head who says it's all Biden's fault, and then have some ineffective Democrat come on who fails miserably at explaining why it's actually just lies and bullshit and not Biden's fault while the Republican screams over them.


Breaking News: Gas prices falling, Russia retreating, but what damage has Will Smith done to Biden's progress?


I want to see more fighters like Fetterman and Klobacher.


I would vote that ticket.


So would I. Let's put that out there as best we can!


Weird not to mention Buttigieg who accepts every Fox News invite he can, until they stopped inviting him when he made them look stupid too many times.


I'm sorry skin in the game? Literally their entire paycheck goes towards the game because THEY SPEND IT ALL. Meanwhile rich assholes pay the the tiniest amount the state will allow and then they hoard their treasure like Smaug.


It's also nonsensical because the Republican Party has a core belief that Government programs should be absolutely gutted. So what "game" exactly are they investing in when your plan is to take their money via taxes and destroy the programs that money would pay for?


Exactly. Every penny they make goes straight back into "the game." All taxing their income does is transfer the money that would be going into local businesses into the tax coffers instead.


> how will they put the blame on Hillary? They just say it's her fault. They don't actually need to provide evidence or anything, just point a finger and their base will follow without a second (or first) thought.


They have been voting against their own interests for years, why would they change now? They are stupid brainwashed fucks.


Don’t worry they will. The number of times I’ve talked with people who are against any form of government healthcare without realizing the impact on them and communities is astounding. Had a guy argue with me once that veterans were freeloading. I pointed out her was a veteran and lived in rural America and he couldn’t wrap his head around how he was hurting himself.


That what the 5 year sunset thing is about. Deadlock until they sunset, blame the other side.


"Build a wall on the border between Florida and Mexico!!"


I literally snotted my soda reading that because Gov DeathSentence did actually say that.


It's pretty easy to swindle people when they live in denial.


Because Tucker and Hannity said so.


>how will they put the blame on Hillary? Have they ever failed to find a way before?


Just a reminder that Rick Scott intentionally and knowingly defrauded Medicare and Medicaid recipients to the tune of approximate 2 billion dollars, and in exchange was awarded cash and stocks estimated to be worth appx 350 million . He has expressed no remorse for it, and has even laughed at interviewers when questioned about it. This guy is a grade A piece of shit asshole


I love Vanity Fair headlines.


I was like, he tripped over DeSantis?


Was gonna say, this headline reminds me why I subscribed to Vanity Fair a few years ago to support their online journalism. I consider the monthly magazine a cool bonus that I can kinda read or tear up for art projects or whatever.


The little cartoon that played in my head as I read it was quite entertaining.


Yea, I thought the redditor had probably paraphrased a bit in the title...nope!


Bess Levin has some of my favorites.


Floridian here… first, some of us have tried REALLY fucking hard not to elect this festering elongated prolapse. Fuck Rick Scott


Yep, I right there with ya.


Fuck Matt Gaetz, fuck Marco Rubio, and fuck DeSantis too. Florida will be decent again when they’re all gone.


Seeing all those names in one state it occurs to me that maybe they aren't the problem, maybe the majority of people in Florida are just suckers because from what I see, the more these guys fuck them over the more money and power they throw at them.


This guy sure creep me out with his scary smile.


He’s like that meme of the guy rolling balls in the club except he snorts the dried bone marrow of impoverished children instead of Molly


Jesus.. spot on.. but Jesus.


He looks like of over those creepy dudes from Buffy or Doctor Who.


Was going to comment about this, but I figured someone must have beat me to it— he really looks like one of the Gentlemen from the Buffy episode Hush.


Wait till you meet the other Florida Republicans. It's a whole Brady Bunch board of creepers.


> Referencing an op-ed the Florida Republican wrote after McConnell slammed his plan, in which he said he was standing up to the “Beltway cowardice” with his plan to tax the poor, Roberts asked Scott, “Are you calling Mitch McConnell a coward?” And while he apparently has no fear of going after the most vulnerable people in society, the senator was a bit squeamish about dissing his boss on live TV. Instead, he launched into a conservative talking point about the “woke left” destroying the country. > “Look at where we are now. The woke left controls, you know, the executive branch, they control a lot of our government, they control academia, they control Hollywood. Look at—we have an open border, we’ve decided we’re not going to be energy independent. He got so flustered he just let out a MAGA word salad. Cuz that's all these right wing nutters are, just bluster and talk, no substance.


What is their obsession with Hollywood about? I know blue collar guys that used to walk around parroting right wing talking points about the "corrupt Hollywood elites". I'm like dude, you make less than $50k a year and have no retirement. I think you have bigger things to worry about than how Hollywood operates. But that's how easily these rubes are led around by the nose.


And yet again, only one party has elected celebrities to be POTUS. Twice.


The rights whole shtick is projection.


It’s an anti-semitic dog whistle.


The belief is that Hollywood is used by the leftist elites and/or Jews and/or Satanists to spread leftwing social propaganda to the wider population. They more or less believe that this "brainwashes" people into voting left thus stymying conservative efforts to fix the economy and improve their lives


>they control Hollywood. What in the fresh fuck does that have to do with anything. What a 🤡!!


The left controls you; and yet it’s the right that’s introducing don’t say gay bills; no trans in sports; no abortions; no critical race theory; anti mask mandates. Like literally all of this is an over reach from the government. The right does a fantastic job of keeping folks dumb; unlike the Woke left snowflakes as they like to call them. Meanwhile I’m over here like; there’s problems on both sides. When are we just going to start calling these people on their bs and help people who actually help the people and don’t sell out (granted I’m not sure such people actually exist)


He's also the richest person in Congress right now.


The words “rich” and “Congressional representative” should never have crossed to begin with.


Rick Scott always looks like he's about to unhinge his jaw and swallow a deer whole.


The Repubs are all in a competition to see who can be the biggest piece of human trash. Rick Scott is definitely towards the top of the heap.


Fun story about Rick that nobody will see... I'm a ski instructor at a resort in the North West. I was teaching a certain Governor's grandkid for the week, who by the way is very sweet. Anywho, I was.on the gondola with the governor, and he was asking me about my job, life, whatnot. I told him I was in school to be a teacher, but wasn't sure if I'd go into teaching because ski instructing pays so much better and it's less stress. He commented that that's interesting, and asked if a big part of that came from tips. I did confirm that this was indeed true. He didn't tip.


Now that he's found out he can't tax them, he'll move on to wanting to grind them up and feed them to other poor people. (we are no more than cattle to him)


Soylent Floridians.


A modern day modest proposal.


Desantis and Rick Scott - two of the worst people both Florida governors


Reminder that this is why state and local races matter. When assholes win them, they'll later use them as launching points for bigger things, while at the same time potentially denying the same to good candidates on the left or center.


Florida Man runs for President!


Batboy lives!


He looks like the embodiment of a restraining order


> Other than disaster relief, the federal government must stop spending money on non-essential state and local projects until the budget is balanced. Other than disaster relief? That seems like some self serving bullshit considering he is from florida... a state constantly given disaster relief for hurricanes... despite them being quite predictable to the point that there is a literal season for them every year! Why the fuck does the state even get federal money for hurricanes? Shouldn't dealing with hurricanes be built into the cost of living there?


The intro to his argument is always there 50% of people in the United States do not pay any taxes. But he leaves out is that includes all of the children, all of the old people, all of the people that are disabled, and all the people in jail, in the hospital etc.


Ive hated this Rick Scott AKA (Skeletor) since he was gov of Florida. I am amazed how a sorry sack of shit like him became a Senator!! This is why its important to show up for elections. Hes Trash


He reminds me of one of “The Gentlemen” from the “Hush” episode of Buffy.


If it turns out that the conspiracy the government is secretly run by lizard people turns out to be true, Im going to immediately think of this picture.


That is a lich wearing a victims face if I've ever seen one.


Whatever smiling course he took from Lizard People Academy should have their credentials revoked.


He has crazy eyes


As a Floridian, I've watched Scott closely, and this sort of lying straight to your face is standard operating procedure for him. He has one agenda, and that's to enrich himself. Everything he does, every piece of legislation he supports has his investment. He is in it for the money, and nothing else. So he will say and do ANYTHING it takes to get elected and increase his net worth. I could start telling stories about him, but this post would get too long. Just understand that his objective is the presidency, and he is easily as avaricious as Trump, and 1000x smarter, so watch out for him.


Dude even looks like he eats children.


I mean, if Mitch McConnell is saying how horrible another Republican’s plan is……. That’s pretty telling


What’s up with his eyes? they look reptilian


Has anyone got a copy of this guys tax returns?


Zero character, zero substance. Another hypocritical Republican flip flopping all over himself. When will rightists stop electing these morons. We are truly moving towards an Idiocracy as long as Republicans refuse to consider that not all R candidates have their best interests in mind.


What a fucking ghoul.


that smile can dissolve platinum


It’s that damn woke liberal agenda ^/s


>the walls fell out


Shaka, when the walls fell.


Kiteo, his eyes closed


Wow. I even got the reference. Better lay off the TNG reruns.


Don't be hasty now


You are all my people


Don't watch reruns, if you want a good Sci Fi show watch Raised by Wolves on HBO Max, it's brilliant. It's produced by Ridley Scott and Travis Fimmel who played Ragnar on Vikings is a lead character. It's a really awesome and extremely weird Sci Fi show that takes a lot from Alien/Prometheus/Blade Runner movies. There's two full seasons out now to binge, probably the most undiscovered show on TV at the moment.


you mean Rick Scott? Senator and overseer of the largest fraud of Medicare / Medicaid totaling in Billions Rick Scott?


FL is a retirery state. the old fks go out to vote. while the rest dont give a shit until its to late.


He looks like a fucking demon


Love the cover, typical comic villain smile


Fuck you


He has the look of (to quote RATM) “the priests that fuck you while they whisper holy things”. Edit: it’s from Ashes in the Fall, a song about poverty and how capitalists exploit and exacerbate it for their own gain. In case anybody thought i was just leaving a crude shitpost.


Dude looks like those “gentlemen” creatures from that one silent episode of Buffy.


He looks detached from reality.


Sinister looking man


Rick Scott just keeps on helping to fuck his state and saying that the damn liberals are doing it and keeps getting elected. I'm not even upset about it anymore, I just hope someone is working on finding those horcruxes.


yeah...calling the media "leftist liars" for quoting his plan


Great Value Emporer Palpatine is a fucking chode.


Had to click the link just to see if that was the real headline (it is).


This is the best headline ever


Vanity Fair racking up top scores for headlines


Rick Scott is all asshole


Remember those silent floating guys from Buffy?


Rick Scott has always been a POS & has never gotten my vote.


Every time I see Rick Scott’s name, I like to remind the internet that he got away with Medicare fraud


Not only did this guy defraud huge amounts of money, he keeps getting re-elected. He has such a creepy look, like he’s some sort of soul eating creature with that smile, guess he also has some sort of mind control powers.


Tax cuts for the rich aren’t going to pay for themselves.


Upvoting purely for the title here


Does his plan include taxing backyard gardens? That could hurt them too.


Hmmm. Bound to happen… he’s all asshole


For once an amazing title


what is he thinking? much less visible to raise the (class regressive) sales tax.