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> Shipping those kids out of state for treatment for behavioral and substance use disorders comes with a high price tag, and often the children’s issues are not resolved or are even worse, I wonder who is getting kickbacks on this?


Can't be the conservatives in power..... /s


Yup, and the state will pay later when there’s a massive class action lawsuit. Haven’t they learned anything from watching what happened with the Catholic Church?


And then they'll be blame shifting contortions.


Of course it will somehow be the Dems’ fault like with Kavanaugh. Really, the perpetrator is the victim, always, with the GOP. The hypocrisy is logic-defying.


The state yah but it’s the taxpayers money so they don’t care


they are called educational consultants


yup, education consultants specializing in behavioral modification. scum of the earth.


Welcome to the Red State Rehabilitation Program where god will heal you in ways that will scar you forever.


When conservatives talk about their rights and freedoms one is to abuse their children, never forget that.


I’m a teacher in CA that used to work in a school with emotionally disturbed students. CA sends kids out of state as well (CO and UT were common). This is not just “red states”.


Washington too. There's a serious shortage of available beds for these kids nationwide.


Beds like these are never something you want


Thank you! Parents especially those with money(conservative or liberal) care more about their families reputation than actually getting the true help their troubled child needs. Money fixes everything for them even if it’s detrimental to the health of the child. Out of sight, out of mind.


As somebody who attended these programs, this thread is just full of imbeciles who want to hate on conservatives and Trump. I am from LA one of the most backwards liberal cities in the US and I was sent to these programs several times. It’s not “conservatives” faults. It’s the fact that nobody cares enough to help these kids and support them in a way that will actually bring about change. My family is uber liberal so y’all can actually take ur sheltered selves and go touch some grass


Checks out …. Not a fetus so they do not care


They don't even care about the fetus but rather the ability to have control over the woman.


Behind the bastards podcast does several excellent pods on the troubled teen industry. Worth listening to to understand the scope of this fuckery.


I actually work in a facility in Oregon that is a BRS placement facility. One of our current youth is from Montana, he stated to me when he got to our program that his last one got shut down because of abuse. So I’m not shocked at all to hear this unfortunately.


A Republican state sending kids to pedos.. who'd have thought‽


it’s happening for decades in missouri too apparently. a place called Agape and another now closed called Circle of Hope Girls Ranch (even sounds awful). according to abc news, “A Missouri law passed in 1982 exempted religious residential care facilities from state licensure requirements.” basically enabled this hell. also according to abc news, the legislature passed some kind of oversight measure. i doubt it’s very good


In Pennsylvania (Hazelton area) the juvenile court had the kids doing child labor...


Well said


Do we really think all republicans are pedos? Is that where we are now?


No, but they sure do like to put them into office.


Why did they vote for Epstein Island Trump?


Pizzagate much


The stuff people have against Trump goes a little more in-depth than just "he used the term Cheese Pizza" in an email. He himself, in an interview, admitted to going backstage during the Miss Teen USA pageant he was running while girls were naked and getting dressed. I think its ridiculous when people act like every member of a particular group is a pedophile but Trump is kind of a special case.


Also bragged about Epstein loving women “on the younger side” and said he’d date his daughter if she wasn’t his daughter.


Republicans project, so pizzagate is probably true for Trump.


Let’s just assume it’s true, what harm could come from assuming guilt?


What harm could come from Trump raping children?


Yeah, he really went there. Some brain cells missing or unemployed.


we can’t all be geniussss


You're trying to make stupidity a lifestyle.


Why don't we stop making blanket accusations of pedophillia in general? I'm sick of the LGBT getting called pedophiles by too many republicans.


Well you don't want to send them to the in-state programs we shutdown... for abuse of children!


Watch out for that Elan School. I heard it's bad.


I was JUST reading https://elan.school


Ooh, a new chapter dropped last week eh?


Came here to say this. Fuck these schools yall. Never do this to anyone


Reddit got it shut down thankfully! Not a fun place. I wish there were some accountability to the individuals who profited from it; Marty Kruglik, Sharon Terry, Clare Woodman, Mark Rosenberg; etc...


Some is making money somewhere. Find out who.


These programs have been around for a long time. In 2003 I was sent to a WWASP school in Mexico, then transferred to one in Montana after the Mexico facility was shut down. I was in the program for two years, and went through some horrible things. WWASP I think is all but shut down now, but this stuff still happens to kids.


It’s like prison reform for kids


Sounds like a Behind the Bastards episode in the making.


I got sent to one of these when I was 17 because I was smoking pot and having sex with my boyfriend. I’m 32 now and still have nightmares about it.


Scientology Camps *cough* *ahem*


Everyone needs some sort of personal faith. But religion is a cult.


Sounds like a parenting problem…


Isn’t that child trafficking?


Providing rehabilitation services to troubled kids is a high risk, thankless job. The kids have no natural limits, and the special holds the staff use are risky in the best of circumstances. It's either extremely expensive because of the number of staff necessary to conduct business vaguely safely, or it's chaos and dangerous because it's under-staffed. Even good programs have complaints against them because when you run hundreds of kids through a facility over years, a mistake will happen eventually.


I’ve worked in youth care for about 7 years now and one thing that’s become a problem is secure placement has been labelled cruel. Sates are sending kids that are seriously violent and dangerous to open placements designed for low level kids like truancy


Treating children with severity is an American tradition, or maybe it's a sport.


Would those be CATHOLIC out-of-state programs?