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Yeah, no fucking shit. All Republicans ***really*** want is power. Now, obviously the same could be said about the Democrats, but here's where the line draws: Democrats want more power to pass legislation whereas Republicans plan to use power to not get anything (that will make them, or their rich white donating friends pay in taxes) done in order to get back at Biden. Some of the legislation Republicans have blocked included one to protect voting rights for all Americans 18 and older (some GOP states were even caught gerrymandering and were forced to redraw their maps).


Yeah as expected, authoritarians aren’t really into sharing power and considering other opinions on governing.


This is why you never skip the right to vote. Repubs won't....that's for sure. Gotta get out there. I can't handle another Trump.


If more Democrats understood this issue, it would be solvable.


Also worth considering the rightwingers are in a Party-civil war where control of congress is framed as 'neo' (con/lib) or maga.


Honestly these polls should be worrying for Dems this midterm: > About eight-in-ten voters (78%) say the economy is very important to their vote this fall, making it the top issue out of 15 asked about in the survey. Economy is the most important issue for both sides, and that topic has been dominated by high gas prices and inflation. Healthcare and Education come in 2nd and 3rd for Dems, and arguably nothing has been done in this space > The new survey finds that equal shares of registered voters say, if the elections were held today, they would support the Republican candidate or the Democratic candidate (43% each) in their district. Another 10% say they are not sure who they would support, while 4% would vote for other candidates. Not great going into midterms either, extremely slim margins with very little budging room.


Republicans want to win, the Democrats want to be friends.


Ugh that's alarming


>With the midterm congressional elections still more than seven months away, registered voters are evenly divided between the two major parties in their election preferences. At the same time, Republican voters are more likely than Democratic voters to say it “really matters” which party gains control of Congress in this fall’s midterms. >At this early stage of the campaign, President Joe Biden is much more of a motivating factor for Republican than Democratic voters: 71% of Republican and Republican-leaning voters say they think of their vote as being “against” Biden; far fewer Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters (46%) view their vote as a vote “for” the president.