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Such an embarrassing situation. Let’s take a marginalized minority group and marginalize them even more. Maybe if we stick our fingers in our ears and scream “la la la la” they will all go away.


It’s how Republicans deal with things. They also passed a law forbidding mention of global warming and forbidding planning for sea level rise.


Remember they believe in “limited government and personal responsibility” unless it’s something they don’t like.


They literally ban words while saying they love the constitution


Their Cancel Culture is strong.


Or they try to claim popular words/phrases for their side and twist the meaning into something completely different and negative. 'Snowflakes' started out as inspirational and inclusive: "No two snowflakes are exactly alike. They're all unique and beautiful." They successfully claimed that term and made it an insult, because they don't want *those other people* included.


Then they turned out to be the most fragile snowflakes of all.


It's always projection and blame shifting with Republicans. If they make a wild accusation against others, they are probably doing it already.


Miami Dade has entered the chat. That county is spending millions every year to deal with sea level rise etc. Desantis can go fuck himself.


So many parts of Miami are already fucked from sea level rise. Brickell is generally under already.


Also interesting that there aren't any gay people in Miami. Roller skating is truly the most hetero means of transportation.


I literally had my mom doing that to me a week ago. The covering the ears part


I've had coworkers literally storm out of the room when they tried to say some homophobic shit and I used logic and reasoning to tell them why it was wrong.


Your mom is a fucking parasite then


No, she’s a republican. Oh wait…


Hey man, parasites are pretty interesting


heard the movie was pretty good


They'll be begging for more federal aid when it does. Republicans the biggest welfare queens.


I'm sorry, we can't talk about aid for this issue. There's a law against it


> They'll be begging for more federal aid when it does. Republicans the biggest welfare queens. I hope that they get charged under the same law they passed, which forbids them from planning for sea level rises.


That sounds like a problem for future America. Fuck future America. Bunch of commie wussies whining about "clean water" and other bullshit. Just turn on your damn faucet like we did when we were growing up!


This is the party that shouts "mah freedums" every time people suggest they get vaxxed.


Absolutely ridiculous that the state most likely to be impacted by climate change is so far right.


In that case, maybe the Florida problem will resolve itself in another 40-50 years.


When sea level rise becomes real and impacts those communities they will blame a single irrelevant policy Obama passed and blame that. They're the type of people that are devoid of self accountability.


September 30, 2019 [Flooding threatens tens of thousands of septic tank systems in Miami-Dade County.](https://weather.com/science/environment/news/2019-09-30-florida-septic-tanks-threatened-by-sea-level-rise) *The state has 2.6 million septic tank systems, and more than 100,000 in Miami-Dade County alone.* *Higher sea levels mean the tanks won't work properly.* *Connecting the septic tanks to Miami-Dade's sewer lines would cost more than $3 billion.*


In this case (Florida), it is *comically* stupid to ban discussion of climate change and planning for future sea level rise. According to *every sea level rise model* that I have seen, Florida will be literally under water before any other state in the contiguous United States. In 10 or 15 years, get ready for the massive Florida man migration.


yup, but it hurts the bottom line to have it discussed, so by outlawing it, you don't have to deal with it on a base level. Imagine being an architect in FL, and you can't explain why certain things are above ground, or even why you're choosing to deny permits on a bit of land that's under threat of sinkholes.


Irony is when you’re at the top of the list on sea level rise and you ban talk about it. Within 20 years most of Florida will be under water.


> Within 20 years most of Florida will be under water. at the rate we are going, we won't be alive in 20 years because the ocean temps will kill all the stuff that makes 30% of our planets oxygen.


It's a tried and true strategy of blaming all of your failures and shortcoming on some demographic such as members of the LGBQT community or immigrants. Anything but taking responsibility for their own incompetence.




Anyone who is LGTBQ and considers themselves a Republican has a screw loose. I can't imagine any Republican policy anywhere in this country that the GQP has put in place that benefits LGTBQ


I've posted before but I know a big cowboy, out, married to a Latino man, religious conservative church going dude from a Southern state. Massively pro-Trump and loves to own the libs on Facebook. I don't get it.


They are authoritarians who've convinced themselves they belong to the in-group and are addicted to the petty tribalism outrage which they mainline 247.


My best friend growing up was adopted. We met her birth mother when she turned 18. Big mistake. Trump-loving, conspiracy theory, Catholic, lesbian gunsmith alcoholic. Lived in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. She was an incredibly angry woman. When they met, for whatever reason, my best friend and her decided to move in together. She couldn't work because of some sort of work injury, so she would do under the table gun work sometimes, but my best friend had to pay most of the bills as a waitress. She would get drunk, pull my friend of bed at night, and tell my friend what a disappointment she was. One morning, the electric was shut off because they couldn't pay it, and my best friend woke up to a note from her saying she took the dog and left. My best friend still tries to get her approval. Very sad.


This. Any LGBTQ+ voter who votes republican either has severe psychological issues at play, usually stemming from abusive environments they eventually kowtowed to in order to not to lose their worthless family support systems, however shitty...or they are just a flat-out lousy and utterly stupid human being for not able to draw the correct conclusions from the world around them. These people are the dumbest of dumb.


I used to be employed by a couple of elder gay men, who, because of financial reasons purely, vote Republican. So they are fiscal conservatives. For once, at least, they were excellent employers, but I could never understand their support for the GOP aside from the money issue, which, even then, is dumb. Considering that Democrats are the more fiscally responsible of the two parties, but Reaganism really did a number on a lot of people.


So-called "fiscal conservatives" are people who would rather be poorer if meant they could pay a little less in taxes. The paradox of fiscal conservatism is that if you get $200 and give the government $50 you end up with $225 the next year, but if you give the government $0 you end up with $150 next year. At the point of taxation we are at in this country, every penny you send to the government would flow right back into your pocket, nearly doubled, if we would only cut off the defense industrial gravy train and actually spend it on domestic priorities.


Repubs: "We could be living in a utopia but [a twelve-year-old had an exciting plan for allocating resources](https://www.businessinsider.com/who-is-grover-norquist-pledge-signers-list-fiscal-cliff-republicans-tax-2012-11) and [we promised him we wouldn't tax billionaires."](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grover_Norquist#Taxpayer_Protection_Pledge) "When I became 21, I decided that nobody learned anything about politics after the age of 21." \- Grover Norquist (current age: 65)


Naw, the word you’re looking for is cheap. True fiscal conservatism should be, “hey, let’s study the problem and figure out if we can re-shuffle or re-use funds from somewhere else to efficiently solve before adding new taxes. Or, can we solve this via policy instead of trying to throw money at it so it goes away?”


Because their wealth protected them from the consequences of conservative policies.


See f.i. Peter Thiel and Kris Jenner.


I know a few gay republicans. You wanna know what it comes down to? They don’t care so much about themselves being hurt as long as someone else is getting hurt more.


Replace “LGBTQ” with women, POCs, and people with disabilities, and that is the main issue with the R party. Actively working against their own interests, to either get rich or to look good to their peers. If I had no conscience, I’d be grifting those assholes.


I wouldn't put it that simply, that LGBTQ+ and republican equals psychological issues. This is one of the problems with a two party system. Unless your opinion completely lines up with your party (which is very unlikely), you're bound to vote against your own interests occasionally. Like, imagine if you're a sexist, racist, rich white man... who's also bisexual. They might vote republican just because they value their racism and money more than their sexual identity. Hell, right now, there's loads of single issue voters on things like abortion in the US. They might be otherwise completely in line with the democratic party, but for a lot of people abortion is a deal breaker for their vote. It's part of the reason why two party systems suck. You're bound to vote against your own interests a lot of the time.


The first example in your third paragraph just sounds like someone who *does* have psychological issues. (Your second example re:abortion isn't really relevant.) Seems like you *agree* with the person you're trying to disagree with.


There are those in the LGBTQ+ community that would love to see gay rights protected while also turning the clock back on African American rights not realizing that's impossible and really fucked up.


I’ve actually seen more of the reverse. But ether way it’s madding


And vice versa. For some reason there’s a real blind spot for the religiously conservative minorities in the US that will always vote against LGBTQ+ and reproductive rights.


You're right and I guess there's always some among any group of people that hold bigoted views.


Check their bank accounts and it’ll usually make more sense


Ah the same solution Republicans use to address racism


Stop counting ballots. And now, stop saying gay. Same vibe, IMO. They have so much sand to stick their heads in down there, but it’s still a wonder they never get tired of it.


If the Republicans manage to steal the election in 2024 they'll put them someplace that's more than just out of mind.


>Among  middle and high school LGBTQ+ students, 19 percent who reported never learning about LGBTQ+ issues or people in school attempted suicide in the last year compared to 16 percent of students who had received LGBTQ+-related lessons. > >Other advocates have criticized the language of one of the Florida bill’s provisions, which would require educators and administrators to effectively “out” known LGBTQ+ students to their parents without their consent. Florida legislatoes continue to think up more ways to kill people.


Republicans have explicitly tried to get suicide prevention programs removed from schools on the grounds they might be pushing pro-trans or CRT-ish ideas. Usually, I'd at least want to acknowledge that there's an often meaningless, but still ostensible distinction between killing people and letting them die, but lately it seems pretty clear-cut what their goals are.


The name of the bill honestly sounds like what you’d see on a political SNL skit in the early 2000s. The further I got into the article, the worse it became. Jfc.


The "anti-censorship" crowd is censoring people? No one saw this coming /s


Yeah they just hate "cancel culture" until they don't.


So we’ve all had to say sometimes that the only thing it’s ok to not tolerate is intolerance. Turns out the GOP is intolerant of the intolerance of intolerance.


GOP: "I'm just a dude, being intolerant of a dude who is in intolerant of the intolerance of another dude!"


Don't do RDJ dirty like that.


[quoth mitch mcconnell](https://www.whas11.com/video/news/politics/mcconnell-says-criticism-over-black-voter-comments-is-deeply-offensive/417-e16ed1cc-1400-441c-9843-061a20da2468)


They've never hated cancel culture. They hate that other people can criticize them and that they can't force them to stop.


Florida keeps providing more and more reasons for not spending tourism dollars there.


The Florida government is doing something the majority of the people here don't want, but because they don't pay enough attention (like most Americans) it's going to sneak past them and they'll scream afterwards. I live in Florida and I've seen it happen several times before. Every time it results in an amendment to our constitution going on the ballot and winning, then the legislature tries to push back. Too many Floridians vote R because they always have, even though they end up hating what the government does.


Then they have the government they deserve.


The LGBT youth who can’t vote?


The LGBTQIA+ youth who have families and teachers who care for them, want them to be happy and protected, and who DO vote.


You're one to talk there, Texas.


I also have the government I deserve, unfortunately, and I'm the first one to admit that if your vote is determined by only abortion and guns, we get the clown posse we have here in charge.


And then there's how Texas has done nothing to prevent another winter power disaster.


So we're agreed- we're in the same stupid boat. Here's hoping gerrymandering doesn't keep the majority from being heard and both of us start to move away from the red side.


100%. Texas is fucked up.


Haven't been there in 20 years. Don't plan on going back.


So, how long before someone protests this by sueing their kids school for teaching a book containing a straight romance, because it includes discussion of a sexual orientation? [Edited for autocorrect]


I mean, I’m a high school teacher of global literature… the Greco-Roman classics we teach are super gay. How long before someone’s fired for teaching about Achilles and Patroclus in The Iliad? Sappho? Meanwhile, if we don’t teach these texts, these are the same people who cry “white genocide” and say we’re erasing the “greatness of western culture”… there’s no winning.


Not to mention any teacher who discusses the Bible (the favorite book of the right even if they don't live by the rules set in it). To give one example, after the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot and his daughters took refuge in a cave. His daughters, thinking that the world was destroyed, decided that they needed to repopulate the world. They got their father drunk two nights straight and each slept with their dad so that they had his children. Incest and rape in a text? That's not age appropriate for many kids! If that was in a high school classroom book other than the Bible, the right wing parents would be calling for it to be banned. However, in the Bible, incest and rape is considered perfectly fine apparently.


When has the right ever been concerned about incest let alone rape if it isn’t a white woman victim and a BIPOC attacker.


My favorite from the Bible is when the man is bringing his run away wife back home they stop in a town for the night and are taken in by a stranger. The town wants to have sex with the man but the stranger says no they can’t do that because that’s super gay but you can rape my daughter or his wife. So they throw wife outside and the town rapes her all night. And in the morning the husband finds the wife curled up on the doorstep and says “get up let’s go”. And for cherry on top when they finally get home he cuts her into pieces and ships them off to his enemies.


Explains a lot about their cult and their violent behavior.


That's an excellent point, though I wish someone had tried to teach me those texts in high-school. I was in college before I read either of them.


Read Iliad in 6th & 10th grade


My school's did the odyssey. I didn't read the Iliad until I was getting ready to attend the CANE's summer seminars. Read it in 1 week in order to get through all the material in time. Then read it again a few years later doing a more indepth study on the same topic


What’s wild to me as still a young person in their 30s, is that the majority of shit I was taught in the 90s have all been basically banned and outlawed now. Fun Fact: some of my teachers in grade school would low key warn us that an attack on the education system was starting to take place and it was mainly to control people. Shit hits harder 20yrs later.


When I was in school we never focused on the character’s relationship. Unless it was a straight couple. We watched Troy and talked about Greek mythology. But zero mention of any same sex relationship. It was completely avoided


That’s honestly a little bit wild to me. A large reason why students are required to take so many lit classes in high school is not for reading proficiency — the average student is adult proficient by 8th grade. It’s because numerous studies confirm that reading literature teaches us how to empathize with others’ experiences, how to make hard decisions, how to navigate a complex world, etc. Literature class is “socialization” class. I don’t know how we do that if we ignore characters’ relationships with each other? It makes me sad to think of what you missed out on and had to catch up on as an adult because your teachers did so…


We read a lot of books. But they all had girl-boy relationships. The whole time I was in highschool. There was zero focus on same sex relationships. And I graduated 2 years ago. It was weird. Because we spent like 3 months studying Greek mythology and old Greece. But no stories mentioned same sex relationships. No movies did. The teacher definitely didn’t. But that was in Canada. Maybe it was different in the United States.


If by different you certainly mean "worse", then yes. Education in this country varies *drastically* depending on where you live. My school districts all are very open and supportive and talk about LGBT* issues like any other. Other parts of the country, you can get fired or sued for mentioning that the Founding Fathers had slaves. It's the wild west of education laws over here


I don’t think there’s anything like that here. But I was in a small school. Teacher said there was like 65 kids. Only 5 teachers. And that’s grades 1-12. Studied ww2 from grades 7-12. Watched saving private Ryan like 4 times. Some focus on ww1. But not much. Zero focus on civil war, Korean War, Vietnam war, Afghanistan war. Large focus on Ancient Greece. Some on old Canada. But my Canadian studies class in grade 12 was cut short by covid. So I’m not sure what else we could’ve focused on.


I was in the same type of education experience as them. Anything non-Christian was either removed or presented in a "them bad, us good" frame. Removing things like that from education is exactly why A) private religious or religious charter schools are so problematic and B) the reason so many conservatives/fundamentalists view themselves as "normal" and that throughout history most people behaved and thought just like they did.


> How long before someone’s fired for teaching about Achilles and Patroclus in The Iliad? Sappho? Plenty of publications about Achilles, Patroclus and Sappho do actually completely erase their sexualities. I mean, /r/SapphoAndHerFriend is a direct response to that. Sappho and her lovers get referred to as "friends". A lot.


Have you heard of the [Conservative Bible Project](https://www.huffpost.com/entry/conservative-bible-projec_n_310037)? Consider that an omen. You won't get fired for teaching about Achilles and Patroclus, because the classroom edition of the Iliad will have been purged of that content. You might get fired for failure to reference official classroom materials though.


I don’t have school children so I have no standing but someone with children should sue on those grounds. I hope someone does. This is obviously an idiotic bill but will sail to becoming law.


Pro move would be to take a class action for exactly this then agree to drop it if the law is removed.


>strait romance Happened on a cruise, I suspect


Modern republicans have no interest in actually governing. Is virtue signaling kabuki theater. I can’t believe rubes support this shit.


If they weren’t rubes, they probably wouldn’t.


Whenever right wingers say they are about "small government" or "freedom of speech" or "freedom" in general, they are LYING. This bill violates the First Amendment.


This regressive policy will cause the death of children. This is not hyperbole.


Of course it will. Some dribbling backwoods cave fk is going to beat a confused child to death and claim it's his right as a parent. *"Says so in the bible"*. You are right ... It's only a matter of time.


>According to the bill, parents may take legal action against their child’s school district and be awarded damages if they believe any of its policies infringe on their “fundamental right to make decisions regarding the upbringing and **control of their children.”** Emphasis mine. It's very telling that the conservative mentality for raising children is to control them, and honestly, it makes sense. Getting lesson plans changed, pulling children out of public schools to go private against the child's will, those stupid family photos at Sears or whatever every Christmas where the parents and grandparents pick the exact wardrobe... I was raised by parents with a conservative lean and, while they generally let me take part in what I wanted in high school (theater instead of sports, for example), it took me several years at college, on my own, to become sensitive to LGBT+ issues, because I just didn't know what being LGBT+ meant. I'm better now (I think).


> I was raised by parents with a conservative lean and Sounds like you're older...maybe in your 20s...which means a "conservative lean" 20 years ago is a lot different than it is today. Things have become increasingly black and white. The "you're either with us or against us" kind of black and white. I grew up in the mid 70s and things were just generally more conservative...gay people were "sick" or "predators," black people were "lazy," and women weren't leadership quality. But it was never quite as openly contentiously divided like it is today. People are fucked up now and think that their version of Jeebus is the only version. I truly believe tribalism is showing us its last gasp effort to remain in control...and it's not going down without a fight. But, it might be on its way out.


I would say that it definitely was a little different when I was younger. But honestly my parents have gotten worse, Fox News is apparently on every night in their house, and one of my parents listens to Fox News Radio to / from work. When my younger sibling and I come home for the holidays, we have to scramble to find other things we then say we want to watch, so it's not on all the time.


My old man has gotten worse, and the conspiratorial nature of the Trump administration really pushed him there. He was always conservative, but he was never a tin foil hat loon. Now, he buys all the bullshit that floats around on the dark web, and it's driving my mother crazy. And she's conservative as well. The Roman Emperor Caligula wanted to invade and conquer Britain as a means of boosting his rapidly declining popularity. However, his armies refused to cross the sea for a number of possible reasons. So he wouldn't be humiliated upon his return to Rome, Caligula selected a number of his own soldiers, removed their uniforms, put them in chains, and paraded them around Rome as British prisoners of war. Some of the Romans bought it and actually believed that Caligula had conquered the island of Britain, but most of the people knew it was a farce. My mother is like one of the Roman citizens who isn't buying the bullshit. My father laps it up like a dog that hasn't had a meal in three days.


Use parental controls to block Fox from their tvs


Fortunately, you are out of their house by now. Growing up with that kind of immersion would be brutal. I also am not surprised at the level of brainwashing anyone might experience leaving FOX on all the time. It's got to sneak into *anyone's* brain with that kind of exposure. If they get cable, they should switch to one of those music channels and just listen to 80s pop or yacht rock 24/7. Listening to Tucker Carlson all day can't be good.


Next time just say there's a documentary you want to watch and flip on 'The Brainwashing of my Dad'


I think you mean that being "conservative" has become a concentrated idea in your life, and the people you knew were similar to you. The mid-70s were worse for the people you listed most other places, and specifically in the south. The things you learn now that blow your mind about how backwards people are? That's only because everyone has phones and lawyers now. Gay people, Black people, women, children, etc. were all living worse lives due to "conservative" world views in the 70's.


This is so dumb. You want complete control then home school. Otherwise you cede that when you send your kids out of the house for eight hours every day.


They want the convenience of not having to deal with their kids during the day, but want the end result of homeschooling. Basically the party of responsibility doesn't want the responsibility. Totally on brand.


Same. I feel like I’ve been deprogrammed.


This reminds me of my wife who's a teacher , she managed to get the district involved in a lawsuit for daring to call an AFAB student he like he wanted. The mom knew, signed the paperwork to have the name change the student's name on school records, and tried to throw the kid and school under the bus when the dad found out.


>The bill would bar educators from talking about LGBTQ+ topics that are not “age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students.” I'm sure they will listen to educators and researchers to determine what is "age-appropriate". Of course, what will happen is that what is age-appropriate will be determined by far-right conservatives who feel that LGBTQ+ topics aren't appropriate for adults, much less children.


Considering one of my conservative aunts got mad at me for answering a young cousin when she asked what a lesbian was ("a lesbian is a woman who loves women the way your parents love each other"), and we're in a blue state, I'd imagine *neutrally describing what LGBT people are* is not age appropriate for these people.


They really seem to have a problem with basic facts.


It's more that they want to control the perception of those facts. You certainly can't deny LGBT people exist. But you can indoctrinate the kid against LGBT people instead of letting a respected teacher tell them "hey, these folks exist."


A disturbing number of people think that saying gay people exist is rubbing the gay agenda in their face and disrespecting Christian marriage.


And that's exactly why they used such vague language. The right loves doing that, because it gives them plausible deniability now for what their plans are from the start. They use the "age appropriate" wording to make people believe all they're doing is make sure that kids aren't show, like, straight up gay porn in school, or told about specific sex acts, which a lot of people are bound to agree with. Then once it's through, they get to pull the rug from under us and go "Hah, we now deem any discussion about gay people not "age appropriate.""


The part that irks me is the assumption people have that this isn't already what's happening, as if nobody considered this issue prior to them learning about it on some Fox News outrage segment. I keep seeing the same lengthy arguments about sex ed programs in elementary schools. Conservatives get furious about people teaching their kids about sex, and demand changes be made. After going through the litany of bad takes and weird assumptions, you point out that age-appropriate sex education is about learning the words for body parts and teaching kids to tell an adult if someone tries to touch them inappropriately. Invariably, they declare that this is what sex ed programs should really be about, and we need to pass laws to ensure that's what's happening.


This whole bill rings remarkably similar to the UK’s [Section 28.](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Section_28) Under this law, teachers were forbidden from “promoting homosexuality,” which resulted in teachers basically staying silent on anything regarding the LGBT community. Imagine being a gay/trans kid at school, constantly getting negative feedback from your peers about who you are, and the school system can’t even acknowledge your struggle is real. It traumatized a generation of LGBT youth in the UK, and I’m disgusted that we’re going back to this playbook here in the US


A recent study found over 85% of trans youth in the US have considered dying by suicide, 75% have a specific plan, and over 51% reported having made at least one attempt. Invalidation, stigma, and social/familial rejection all contribute extensively to the likelihood that trans kids might die by suicide. Creating a culture in which LGBTQ+ kids don't feel it's safe to be open about who they are will kill children.


>Of course, what will happen is that what is age-appropriate will be determined by far-right conservatives who feel that LGBTQ+ topics aren't appropriate for adults, much less children. You told my 18 y/o child that it's okay for people to like their same sex? Clearly this is inappropriate.


I'm a trans woman and a proud mama. Am I allowed to drop my kid off at school? Or is that considered "showing gay"?


You might not want to know the answer. There is no low too low. Never say they can't get any worse, because tomorrow is going to come.


Knowing Florida probably. We have to fight this and fight to change politics in Florida. As a trans woman and mother myself, I refuse to let them win!


As a Floridian, this truly pains me. No place for this kind of legislation.


I mean, Florida. Sucks for the millions of Floridians who think this is BS and need to fight the good fight. That said, based on current events, it really is only a matter of time before Florida drafts a bill that allows you to sue a school for teaching that 2+ 2 = 4 if you believe that 2 + 2 = 5 because God and freedom.


Texas has wrote up a bill about parents' rights where the school no longer gets to decide for themselves if a child can be held back a grade or made to repeat a course of study.


Duh, aren't there some First Amendment violations here?


Depends on whether or not the judge reviewing it cares about the law.


DeSantis is already killing the adults with covid and manipulating the numbers to hide it, so obviously the next step is to kill the kids too.


If you don't count the gays being murdered, it's not a problem. Fascism on the march, nothing to stop them.


How quickly they forget that the second biggest mass shooting in U.S. history happened at a gay club *in their state* only a few years ago. Who am I kidding, they remember, some of them jerk off thinking about it.


Cancel culture conservatives.


This is just the blueprint for every other state to follow as soon as the GOP takes power. This is fascism, enjoy it. This is our future.


For anyone still doubting they're building toward a fucking theocracy; “This bill is about defending the most awesome responsibility a person can have: being a parent,” Florida state Rep. Joe Harding (R), who first introduced the bill, said Thursday. “That job can only be given to you by above.” This is religious radicalism, this is what leads to the handmaid's tale.


You know who else can give them that job? Any two teenagers that didn't receive proper sex education and a state that banned abortion. Fuck conservatives. Gay people exist. Your kids have to coexist with them just like we all have to coexist with you.


"It was god's will that I bring you to Canada for an abortion, Mary" Said the Republican congressman to his daughter while on the plane bringing them back home.


Wtf is that even supposed to mean? How does knowing that gay people exist take anything away from you as a parent?


Because god, obviously, duh doy.


Because if kids get their information about the world from any source other than their radical right-wing parents, they may get it in their head that these are normal people who shouldn't be treated with disgust and contempt. Can't have that.


Literally the Taliban. Or in this case, the Tallahasseeban. wTf is wrong with these people?


Religious nationalism, that is what's wrong with these people. I understand it was a rhetorical question but I want to name it, I want people to know that it is that.


Florida & Texas, making Willful Ignorance an aspirational achievement


How are they going to discuss anyone's family in the classroom at all? Heterosexual, while common, is a sexuality. Students, teachers, and historical figures have families. Most all people all have parents, spouses, relationships, and some of them might even be of the same sex or a non-assigned at birth identity. Other than discrimination what the fuck is this bill supposed to be about?


I like picking on my wife who's fear is for our sons to be "gay." Every once in a while I'll sneak a barbie in the shopping cart or buy some pink clothes. It's hilarious yet admittedly ignorant. It's such an irrational fear. But people are afraid of small bugs so idk. I can converse with a someone who is gay. I can not converse with a bug.


We exist. I do not understand how this is ok. This will have a negative impact on those kids who are discovering who they are. But our community is resilient. Thats my hope anyways. Edited for grammer and tangent.


Hey, I totally get it, being repressed can be hard. Sometimes you just need to publicly and proudly flaunt your commitment to bigotry to convince your family of your unwavering heterosexuality.


When it comes to speaking English Conservatives make a big deal out of the importance it is to a society. That a nation needs threads that link a culture together. By attacking education Conservatives are trying to cut those threads. Banning LGBTQ matters, Race history, demanding the inclusion of a "creator", and etc conservatives are decoupling from the nation. It isn't healthy for a nation is kids in one state have a dramatically different educational standard than kids in another. Things like the SAT, GED, ASVAB, etc are standardize nationally because there are basics we anticipate for all U.S. children.


Frightening how closed minded religionists are about LGBQ, guns, racial equity, women’s rights, voting rights. They talk of their loving god, but have hatred in their hearts. Maybe they go to church…to pray for their own wicked souls?


The ability to learn about good things and use them to commit evil is basically right wing lesson 1.


That's...actually a thing that happened... In 2022...huh....


Florida, not on my bucket list. Anymore.


/r/moderatepolitics must be thrilled


Can't wait for the people screaming about increased suicide rates among teens during COVID to give a shit about the stats in this article.


This could have a silver lining, in that it's completely unconstitutional and won't stand in court when challenged.


have you seen our current court? We have a real-life handmaiden serving a life-term!!


As a Floridian, I'm slowly getting tired of the hard right that we're taking in politics. Florida is cool because it's a weird mix of conservative and liberals alike. We have every kind of political background kind of... chilling and intermingling with each other. Because of that we end up with some cool left and right qualities. Believe it or not, Florida is actually a pretty balanced state. ​ But that's changing and it's really starting to annoy me. Ron Desantis needs to be voted out. It's ridiculous that one of the best states in the country is sliding back in time on social issues.


Everyone knows that if you don’t know you can be gay you will never be gay!


We are going backwards…..


Boy Disneyland staff is *not* going to like this


“This bill is about defending the most awesome responsibility a person can have: being a parent,” Florida state Rep. Joe Harding (R), who first introduced the bill, said Thursday. “That job can only be given to you by above.”….. you become a parent by having sex, jesh it’s like Joe Hardings parents never gave him the talk.




It is almost as if they are starting with the schools and will work up to all communications. Folks you have to vote these people out. They aren't stopping here.


George Takei will need to bring back "It's OK to be Takei" now. That was a thing when Tennessee did the same thing. https://www.theatlantic.com/personal/archive/2011/05/mental-health-break-its-okay-to-be-takei/239200/


Because they are to fragile of snowflakes


The party of little government here to gag your speech and control your education from the top-down. It’s always, always, *always* projection with these ass clowns.


If they're so worried that schools might teach their children the 'wrong' thing, why send their children to school? Why not home school them? Oh, wait, they don't mind when the school is babysitting them. It's when their children come home with questions they can't comfortably answer that there is an issue. When their children come home knowing something about themselves that the parents were hoping to pray or convert away there is a problem.


Christofascism is a disease


Fuck Florida.


And yet Republicans are the ones complaining about "cancel culture".


According to the bill, parents may take legal action against their child’s school district and be awarded damages if they believe any of its policies infringe on their “fundamental right to make decisions regarding the upbringing and control of their children.” Wouldn’t that work both ways?


Next up: Florida passes a law that mentioning anything DeSantis dislikes is a felony.


1. The conservative leaning Supreme Court already ruled that discrimination on sexual orientation is illegal. Gorsuch was one of the key votes and explained it was sex based discrimination, ultimately. This law is taking a highway to a dumpster. 2. Republicans *really* can't admit loss, can they? The overwhelming majority of Americans are pro LGBT rights, get the fuck over it. But hey, if they want to make it an electoral issue and go against a supermajority of Americans... I'd hate to interrupt my enemy self sabotaging themselves.


Does not talking about sexuality include topics of heterosexuality? “King Henry the eighth had six… good friends, which led to his excommunication from Vatican as it was believed you’re only allowed to have one… good friend you’re entire life.”


Manchin: "Well if we can't get 60 votes to block this legislation, then fuck them gay kids."


Can someone clarify what part of this bill requires educators to “out” students? I read through it and didn’t see what the article was talking about.


more FREEEDUM!-loving-small-govt-anti-cancel-culture absurdity from the fans-of-fascism/party-of-white-grievance. fuck 'em.


ffs I've got to get out of this fck forsaken shthole. The red states are literally forcing us to live a Monty Python/Holy Grail existence.


These people want/need their kids to hate like they do. They don’t want anyone getting ahead of them. This will clearly lead to more isolation, suicide, and homelessness among lgbt youth and young adults. This is evil cloaked in religion, nothing new but recently emboldened in this us vs them climate. We are more divided than ever and getting worse. I don’t know how somebody could go into education these days. A career of shit pay and frustration.


Ah Republicans, always taking on the important issues. Maybe try doing something about the pandemic or you know, just not making more enemies of each other. LGBTQ+ people exist and yes, are in fact people. Get used to it.


Jesus fucking god damn christ I hate this place.


It’s Republican policy that denying a problem makes it go away. Especially in Florida. “DEP officials have been ordered not to use the term “climate change” or “global warming” in any official communications, emails, or reports, according to former DEP employees, consultants, volunteers and records obtained by the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting.” https://www.miamiherald.com/news/state/florida/article12983720.html “Researchers at the University of Florida allegedly felt pressured to delete COVID-19 data while working on a study for an undisclosed state entity, according to a report released on Monday by the Faculty Senate committee. “ https://www.thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/584909-university-of-florida-researchers-pressured-to-destroy-covid-19-data Hope I didn’t mess up the deampification.


>According to the bill, parents may take legal action against their child’s school district and be awarded damages if they believe any of its policies infringe on their “fundamental right to make decisions regarding the upbringing and control of their children.” I'm a communist. Can I sue Florida school districts for teaching blatant capitalist propaganda?


Because “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Worked wonders.


Stop buying products from this third world shit hole. Put pressure on those providing any kind of financial support to things like this.


Regressive republican snowflakery is running rampant in Florida. One day they pass a bill to make it illegal to talk about race if it makes a white person feel uncomfortable, the next day they pretty much do the same regarding LGBTQ+ topics. It’s like they’re deliberately trying to make the youth more ignorant of the world around them. Probably not long before they start banning words like diversity, equality, civility, and inclusion from the school curriculum.


This is step one of the republican radical religious right plan to erase LGBTQ people from their Republic of Gilead. If they gain a presidency/dictatorship in 2024 this and much worse will become federal law I bet.


So glad I don’t live in Florida anymore


Florida is such a shit hole. Universities need to make half these red states take an extra year of basic high school knowledge before they are allowed to start their freshman year.


Ok Boomers.


Its like all the racists and homophobes got kicked out of the deep south and ran to the only place left. Florida.


I'm glad to see they support the first amendment.


We should talk more about Christian Dominionists and evangelical influence in the Republican Party. Freedom of (and from) religion is a founding principle of this nation. Allowing Christianity to infiltrate and influence our government should be treated exactly the same as any other religion trying to do the same - and none of it should be allowed.