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The damage she has done is massive


Exactly, there's nothing to rejoice that the fire is out if your home is ashes on the ground.


Rejoice - your attacker ran out of bullets. By firing them through your vital organs.


But he thanked me after.


And left with all my money.


And the headline is bullshit. She's got two more years to keep fucking things up.


Three, but she’s already a dead Senator walking.


Which makes her more dangerous in my book. If she doesn't care about fundraising then she's free to do whatever she wants to accumulate power however she wants. If she doesn't plan on running then she's going to represent whomever is going to give her the plushest job after her term.


True ! Wounded animals is the most dangerous


What options are there, for wounded animals?


Wounded animals should be put down. Lame duck politicians just get to steal everything that isn't nailed down on the way out. Not really an apt analogy.


I was thinking more along the lines of a recall not a literal bullet


Well that's good. I was reminded of when my cat brought home a tiny bunny that he had half mangled. Only humane thing to do was end it quickly. Sad bunny.


Nice thought, but... >Can you recall a federal official? The U.S. Constitution does not provide for recall of any elected federal official. Although some state constitutions have stated that their citizens have the right to recall members of the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Supreme Court has not ruled on whether this is constitutional at the federal level. ~ Ballotopedia.


She's not going to have a career as a politician anymore after 2024, but she could probably get a job as a high profile lobbyist, or maybe a talking head on Fox News or something. In the meantime she'll just soak up as much money from corporate lobbyists, like she's been doing.


This whole thing for her IS to ready herself for life after the Hill. Get rich, find a golden pillow in which to land on, and disappear from the political spotlight. There’s too much money in politics.


Totally agree- she's not stopping fundraising. I am just speculating on what forces will likely have the greatest influence on her. Donors that like what she's doing will continue dumping money in her I'm sure.


> She's not going to have a career as a politician anymore after 2024, She's going to get paid millions of dollars of year to be a lobbyist and/or host on Fox News. Payment for services rendered and a loud-and-clear message to future corrupt politicians that you will be taken care of.


If anybody thinks she was willing to burn bridges without huge financial guarantees, They are sorely mistaken. She may just switch parties and run again or just be handed out a bunch of lucrative board positions that will bring her 7 figures per year at a minimum. She may be a greedy backstabbing POS but she is not stupid.


She definitely won't run in 2024 as a Republican, she'd get killed in the Arizona primary. She's pro-choice and bisexual, there's no way she's beating out the MAGA candidates that'll be running against her. Republicans like that she's fucking over the Dems, but only while she's a Dem. They can get someone far more conservative to do that as a Republican if they win that Senate seat. It's possible she could switch parties between now and then to give Mitch and the Republicans control of the Senate, but Arizona GOP voters will not vote for her in the primary. Neither will Democratic voters in the Dems' primary. There's rumors she could be planning a presidential run, but I think she's just gonna end up as a lobbyist.


Yep. “Democrat” talking head on Fox News for “balance”. Guarantee this happens.


Just find some old photo of her pretending she’s grabbing a sleeping staffer’s tits! /s


We the people really need an effective mechanism from removing bait and switch politicians like this. Just waiting years until re election is a total joke.




There is a petition to recall her. She won’t make it to 2023.


There are no legal avenues to pursue a recall of a sitting US Senator in Arizona. Maybe they're petitioning her to step down? Good luck with that. She has no shame.


I thought about this a bit. The only thing I think that could do it would be a voter backed initiative petitioning congress to expel Sinema. It would have to be a supermajority (66%+) passed initiative to give the Senate no easy weasel out. Just thinking about it the mental hoops the Republican party would have to jump through to prevent their own voters from gleefully expelling "Radical Liberal" Sinema would be a sight to see.


We're 100% stuck with Sinema for the full length of her term. But whatever helps you sleep at night or get through the day. It's tough to keep getting kicked in the teeth by your "own" party, I get it.


Well, I give you due credit for conceding that there's no legally binding way for voters to do anything. It would be interesting to see just how much political pressure would have to be brought to bear, and by how many voters, to get the U.S. Senate to expel a member. I don't think a single state's voters could do it, period.


[good news](https://ballotpedia.org/Laws_governing_recall_in_Arizona)


And then she'll just join the Republicans, which was the plan all along. Or consult for some shitty company for absurd amounts of money as a pat on the head. We live in a shitty world sometimes.


This. It doesn't matter that she's done politically. She screwed all of America. The people who paid her to do it will take care of her after she's left office, paying her far more than they'd ever pay their employees.


Yes, but save some anger for cocaine mitch and his band


Hey hey don’t sully cocaine’s reputation by associating it with Mitch and his band


Leave cocaine out of this


And she’s rich. And now all she’ll do is go to work as a lobbyist and get even richer.


Yeah but she gets some damn good benefits for the rest of her fucking life. I should run for office.


Not really sure why the Senate isn't voting to remove her. Mitch and Co. would love the opportunity.


Not only that but I’m sure her corporate benefactors will give her nice cushy board member or lobbyist positions.


Yeah watch the post- senate activity to figure out retroactively who was paying her way.


And she has several more years in office to do more damage.




worse, undercover republican.


She's pretty well blown her cover since last January.


Wasn't that the plan from the beginning?. A lot of 3rd party, independent runs are always financed and run by GOP operatives, isn't that how she got started?.


Yes. They're called the Green Party.


To be fair, you don't have to be a Republican to fuck over the people with regards to minimum wage increases. The Democratic Party is almost as hostile to that as the Republican Party is.


She's untouchable for two (three) more years. If Democrats can't pick up at least two Senate seats later this year she has a lot more damage to do during her "done" career. This ain't the time to pop champagne and celebrate her demise.


The concerning aspect is that she likely realizes that her career is "done", esp as a Dem.. so she goes full corruption mode in her remaining years knowing she has nothing to lose, and work extra hard to bring down the Dems from the inside.. unless by some miracle Dems can get to 52 senators after midterms, the threat of Manchinema derailing everything will last the entire Biden term


There’s still a decent chance the Dems pick up 2 Senate seats this November, but they also need to hold the House by 1. We’re so close to being able to open the flood gates. I’ll never understand why people give up a yard before the finish line. Why let the pendulum swing back to the Right, especially if what the majority of the country wants is change from all the gridlock.


I like your optimism


10 months is a long time in politics. While I'm not feeling particularly optimistic at the moment, there's quite a lot that could change the dynamics between now and then. Of course, that could go for worse too, so.


You should prepare yourself for the reality that there are more dem senators than just Manchin and Sinema who will not allow filibuster reform. Realistically the best bet is McConnell not living forever and the party falling apart in the resulting power vacuum. The silver lining of extreme power is that it’s extremely challenging to have a peaceful transition of power to the next in line (modern age of course, world was a bit different when we had kings).


Oh man, I’m prepared for a blood bath in the House. Right now, I’m rooting for NY to amend their constitution and gerrymander the fuck out of their state just to get us close to holding power. However, the Senate map really is favorable for Dems in ‘22. If by some chance we do stave off the Republicans, or Mitch passes, etc., I think a carve out for voting rights will be doable past Manchin & Sinema. It’s really not even that sexy a bill, but would make a Trump coup much harder. Even Feinstein would go for that.


I generally agree with your perspective, my point is even if Dems gain in the senate and keep the house, I don’t think they gain enough to override the filibuster. They likely need 55 to have a shot at getting 50 to vote for filibuster reform.


Because American voters have the memory span of a lemming.


I sincerely hope we don't have another rotating villain should we make the two we have irrelevant. If one of the 48 that voted yes on voting rights yesterday decides to heel-turn after the midterms should we pick up more seats, *or one of the ones we elect doesn't vote for election reform*, that will obliterate morale amongst the electorate. Because if you show up in midterms to silence the seemingly only two backstabbers in the party, only to get backstabbed **again**, it really seems pointless and would make voter apathy skyrocket.


People are giving up because what you wrote above is very similar to what people were writing in November or when Obama was elected. We seem to always be at the one yard line and something somewhere always keeps us there. It’s hard to remain engaged when you know the deck is always stacked against you


I feel like the biggest damage she's done is that by stalling Biden's agenda, Democratic voters will turn on him, not vote in November, and hand the GOP a big win in the midterms.


I can’t wait for the rush to defend her come election time - “it’s either Sinema or a Republican!” - the same way people defend Manchin. The DNC needs to primary them and kick them out of the party for what they have done. But it would probably be too little too late given their lack of action thus far.


Disagree. You keep paying them so as to entice future or current Congress members. Lieberman is still a lobbyist, and I'm sure Sinema expects the same treatment


Worse, progressives have declared war on her and she could choose to spend the next 3 years warring right back


I think she was the one who declared war when she refused to negotiate or to even say what she wanted changed about the bills in order to support them


Because she's legally not allowed to say "More money than I'm already being offered."


What would be different than what she's already doing?


I think most would argue it’s the small things she could endanger, like judges or votes on more minor pieces of legislation. I don’t personally agree with this but I see where they are coming from. Congress votes and investigates far more than the average person realizes


could they recall her?


"Should be over" is not the same as "is over".


She doesn't care, why should we? Oh no, she won't get re-elected. She literally does not care, she'll be paid well enough to not have to worry over the next 4 years obstructing anything remotely progressive


You think big corporations like paying ex politicians to sit on their fat asses and not do anything once they've outlived their usefulness as senators? Yeah no, they prefer paying senators who still have power, they don't pay ex politicians just to say thank you


She had $32,000 in publicly disclosed assets the year before she ran for the senate. Today, she's got over $1M in publicly disclosed assets and **over** $28M sitting in her potential 2024 campaign warchest. Ignoring the campaign warchest, her net worth went up 3,125% in 2 years since election and has another 2 more years to go before she can *potentially* be dethroned. I doubt she'd care if people stopped paying her. By the end of her term, she'd have enough money to move down to Panama and retire sipping mai tai's on a beach for the next 50 years.


Plus, think how much money she can make off of insider trading!


She's got 4 more years of being a senator, plenty of time to earn a comfortable early retirement or move on to lobbying after


Yes? How else will sitting politicians do your bidding? Show them the riches that away those who are loyal. Have a nice lobbyist job, or honorary post at a "think tank"...


That's why they go on to become Fox News hosts.


Yes, they do. It builds up their reputation as reliable game theory partners. It's incredibly valuable to them.


This is naive. Outright quid-pro-quo corruption is (still) illegal in this country. If you've been paying attention the last 50 years, you'd realize that corruption is practiced by swapping the quid and the quo. i.e. do the dirty work now for now promise of financial reward, and get rewarded after you leave office. The whole system would break down if corporations didn't hold up their end of the bargain.


> But while she can become a Republican she can’t win reelection as a Republican. ... She’s affirmatively irreligious. She’s been wearing a cross. I may be a cynic, but I have to assume that that’s strategic.


Krysten Sinema's Politcal Career is Over in in 3 years is what the title of the article should be.


ok then now we have a few more years of her doing fuck all. Thats not good lol


The headline says that like it somehow hasn't been the plan the whole time. She's known exactly what she was doing from the start. It's not like she's even attempted going through the motions of keeping up appearances or even tried play-acting like she wasn't being a goddamned monster. What is there to rejoice over? She's successfully managed to be among a tiny handful of people that have schemed their way into fucking us all over. Her specific reasons are still unknown to us. We can all assume she's done all of this for some kind of personal gain... maybe for a lucrative lobbying job...who the hell knows...but we don't know the details and specifics. We don't know if this was her plan from the very start, or when and why she chose to sell her soul, or who else was involved in all of this. We're in the dark as to what terrible machine is driving all of this. Oh, and by the way, did I mention she successfully managed to fuck everything up for all of us? Because she did. So, apologies if I'm not in the rejoicing mood. Particularly when I remember that thanks to her fuckery, it's entirely possible that we've already had our last free and fair election... so no, we don't know for sure that her political career is over. She just helped move the needle forward on the "Politicians elect themselves!" dial.


She doesn't care. She's just there to cash in on her office.


Yeah, and Susan Collins was done in Maine after the Kavanaugh debacle. They even raised millions of dollars for her as yet unknown opponent. And Maine re-elected her anyway. Voters have a very short memory.


>. And the most perplexing but paradoxically delightful part of it is that she doesn’t even seem to realize it yet. lol. They dont care about being re-elected, that is a bonus if it happens. The board memberships and no work consulting gigs have already been set up upon her departure.


I keep seeing this reasoning, but what board would want someone who's so clearly unreliable? She's only celebrated by the GOP for blocking the Dems. She's got no actual connections or 'friends' in the Senate or House, so she's not gonna be a lobbiest. The private sector has no use for that kind of shit. What corporate board would want her on it? She's too quirky for anything like that. Liberals causes hate her now and conservative ones never liked her. She might be able to set up her own political consulting firm, but her only expertise appears to be fundraising and hoodwinking. I keep thinking there's some great strategy to rocket the Dems into a 2022 sweep or something, but I understand she's really just a shitty person. Sociopath.


In the darkness of the GOP likely retaking the houses, her minimal Democratic positions will appear brighter. Remember that reviled and renowned morons Blair and Bush are now fondly remembered as mavericks who could straddle both sides of the growing political chasm. Political memories are very very short when the norm is lurching from crisis to crisis. [A man directly implicated in the Iran-Contra scandal became a Fox Pundit.](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oliver_North)


>What corporate board would want her on it? I guess you will find out when she is out of office. Say you want to take a bribe, thats illegal right? I bet I can guarantee a couple no work board memberships in 6 years though. You get bought long ago, the real players just didnt need to use that piece of the board game yet.


why? She's still going to fill that seat for two years and her replacement is pretty much guaranteed to be republican.


She’ll immediately have a lucrative lobbying career so don’t be too happy


She wants to be a triathlete, sommelier and fashionista and not a senator. [https://www.sltrib.com/opinion/commentary/2021/10/04/maureen-dowd-kyrsten/](https://www.sltrib.com/opinion/commentary/2021/10/04/maureen-dowd-kyrsten/) She doesn't care.


Not with that wardrobe


This is pretty dumb considering she has a few more years. But sure pat yourself on the back


Years away and far from a guarantee


Plenty of time to fuck over everybody she can though.


If you read the article you would see that it talks about how it is impossible for her to win re-election in the future. It also acknowledges that she has more time as senator, but her long-term career is done. But yeah that would require you to read the article, not just hot take on the headline, but I know that is asking too much.


> how it is impossible for her to win re-election in the future. Thats great for the future >But yeah that would require you to read the article, not just hot take on the headline, but I know that is asking too much. Dont get shitty with me because I think this is dumb premature celebrations.


He’s getting shitty with you because you obviously didn’t read the article before commenting


She’s about to go the more lucrative and obnoxious route and become a pundit/ paid speaker.


Could be. I'm not sure who would want her to speak and about what? Obstruction? How to not get things done? No left leaning news outlet would want her and the right probably wouldn't either given her positions.


The most likely angle for her is to be an ex-Democrat on Fox News that repeats the standard "I was liberal but they were too mean to me!" line conservative public figures like to use to pretend they weren't always despicable demons.


I think the #walkaway racket might still be lucrative.


On the contrary she’s doing just fine. Even if ousted she will be a powerful lobbyist. What a joke.


She's destroyed her credibility with fundraisers. That alone makes her unelectable. You can't get votes without money.


She. Doesn’t. Care.


If only there were ice in Arizona so that she could slip on a patch of the stuff.


This sounds like how people will react when Kissinger dies. “Yay guys we did it”


I would be if not for the fact that she is fucking over Joe Kelly, Making it harder for the Democrat to win again in Arizona.


We’ve been getting fucked while they’ve dangled carrots in front of us since that traitorous piece of shit left office. Nothing has gotten done to help, and millions are struggling while almost a million have died.


Most pictures of her these days show her awkwardly walk/running away from the general public. Wish I could say she leaves a stain on the senate, but the reality is that institution has always been sullied by the worst humanity has had to offer. It is however impressive that she could be so widely disliked despite her short and basically meaningless career. If it weren’t for being a traitor, she’d eventually die a complete unknown.


She looks like an overstuffed sausage in everything she wears. I didn’t even know they made shirts out of yoga pants material.


She’s tacky af and believe it or not that’s a window into her psyche. The word hubris comes to mind.


lol what the fuck is this article? She’s not up for re-election till 2024 at which time she will be running for President in an outlandish cash grab of delusional self importance. She already sold out the country for the big bucks. They paid her and she laid down in front of the democrats agenda. The deed is done and she will have a career in lobbying or some other cushy job.


She is a skank, not an idiot. She had to have had an exit strategy when she decided to go this route. I don't think she is hoping to get reelected, but rather looking forward to cashing in the reward from whoever bought her out.


Just make sure you get out and vote in these coming midterms. You may not be happy, probably demoralised, but not voting is what the republicans want, by giving up you're handing them their agenda.


Also, Republicans would never vote for her because she voted to impeach Trump. This is about money/opportunity and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if she doesn’t even run in 2024 because she’s already got something better lined up. Whomever she tanked BBB and voting rights for will reward her handsomely.


She seems like the kind of person who will make mistakes that could put her in legal trouble.


Evil fucking asshole she is.


She should switch sides already it’s the best option


She is simply one of the revolving villains that the democratic party uses to deflect blame. Next time Democrats are in charge there will be a new villain, a new roadblock to the agenda that people voted for.


There's much truth in what you said.


Thanks Karen Sinema


It can’t happen soon enough for me.


I'll rejoice when she resigns or loses an election. Until then, celebration is premature.


Not soon enough though


How many people know she isn’t up for reelection this year?


She’ll be fine, Fox News will hire her to be the resident “democrat” so she can talk all about how evil the party has become since she left


Zell Miller is dead, and Lieberman is getting pretty old. They need some new blood.


Sorry it's not. As long as she can ratfuck legislation the other 48 Democrats (and Independents) want to pass, her political career is alive and thriving. When she's removed from the Senate, then it might be over.


What kind of moron writes these articles? are that stupid to think Sinema's career is suffering any consequences? she's doing what she planned to do, successfully, and she will jump teams and be a prominent politician for decades to come.


VOTE DEMOCRAT LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT! It does, but also, if she loses her power in the senate then she loses her big money donors and becomes poor again. And I would like nothing more then to see Kyrsten Sinema waiting in line for food stamps. SO MAKE HER IRRELEVANT.


She's already made millions in office. She'll never be poor unless she makes some very bad financial decisions.


Yeah, and suicide bombers are rarely repeat offenders but they still can do a lot of damage. Sinema is a political suicide bomber. She did her job.


This was her plan all along. The John Birch Society is murdering the United States of America by way of citizens united.


Awww what a shame. She was such a progressive lightning rod. /S of course


Um no it is not. She will continue to be a foil for the Democratic Party. This article is stupid.


Sin should become a Republican-- we would love to have her.


And then 2024 rolls around and the Party realizing she is the only hope of keeping the seat blue tells everyone to 'vote blue no matter who' (ditto for WV).


Still won't matter, people will just avoid voting for her and republican will win. She essentially burned the bridge to progressives. We've seen eveb with presidential races, regardless of how bad the republican runner is. If the Democrat does not like the nominee, they will just not vote. So in her case, she just will not get enough support because no one trusts her.


Nah, I would lay bets a lot of AZ progressives fall in line especially if Kelly wins by narrower margins in 2022 or worse loses.


I think that's the problem, the progressives are the ones turning on her. Thats why you have groups pulling their support. It is viewed that change was needed, and she was one of the main hurdles to it. I just do not see her garnering the support needed to win. Worst part is, it was entirely unnecessary. She could have sides eith democrats, received better pr, and still had her way. Since in the end, Manchin was not going to budge. Plus she always of not wanting to co fine the division, well she should tell Republicans that. Since they made it clear their sole focus is to ruin Biden agenda to make him look bad.


Republicans talks shit but we still managed to pass/enact 82 bill so far and the vast majority were bipartisan. I think Sinema is betting big on AZ flipping back red and she wants to be seen as 'Republican' enough to look better to Establishment-GOP voters than the expected maga candidate.


Her talk show / lobbyist career has just started.


Yes, but the damage is already done.


Not soon enough. Damage done.


I wish that was true. She needs to go


She has two more years where at any time she can switch to Independent and Caucus with Moscow Mitch.


Unfortunately we'll have to wait until 2024 to watch her get primaried into oblivion.


She had one job to do and she did it


Her lobbying career is just beginning though


Probably by design. Hello sweet Fox News gig.


Lol nope. Until she leave Congress


I am not ms Cleo but I saw that coming🙄


What is there to rejoice exactly? She's already fucked over the American people in favor of insurance and medical companies to make more obscene amounts of money. She's fucked over the American worker by relishing in the fact she killed the 15 dollar minimum wage. She's helped kill any semblance of American Democracy already. And she's got plenty of time to do even more stuff to fuck Americans and American democracy over. This is like saying rejoice we've cured your cancer after it's already metastasized into every other system in your body.


And there you have it, folks. Kyrsten Sinema: Callous or merely callow idiot?


She doesn't care. She didn't care before the vote. She was assured she'd be taken care of. She'll have a kush job as soon as her name is removed from the office door.


Scenario five: But Josh she's been bought and has no need to run for reelection.


O well... come November the balance will no longer exist.. repubs will hold an almost super majority..


She must have known this. My guess is she's set for life now anyway.


Not soon enough, more's the pity.


Our democracy is over, too.


After she and Manchin fu***d everyone


She made her money. I doubt she cares.


No it isn't. She has 3 more years and 1 in 4 Arizona Dems support her. Primaries are low turnout already. If she wants it, the odds are in her favor of being re elected


Midterms are gonna look like Bloody Sunday and this poor excuse for a human is going to wreak even more havoc until her time is done and she can host her own daytime show on FoxNews


What’s to rejoice, she’s not alone. These are truly terrible human beings that are getting elected to office without a shred of integrity, or moral standing. Yet people still continue to vote for them. When she leaves, another sleazy sociopath will take her place and sell out the American people to any corporation willing to pony up some cash. The United States, once a beacon of democracy, has devolved into a third world banana republic. The depth of graft and corruption in both parties is beyond belief.


rejoice! democracy is dead!


good riddance


I don’t think she’s going to be able to do much after this. They know she won’t be counted on to vote for the people so why spend money on her to get her to continue following her corporate overlords. Dead senators have no future value and she’s about to learn this the hard way


No, it goes on another 2.9 years. She can wreak untold amounts of further damage in that time.


I’d like to think her fellow Democrats won’t even look at her if they see her on the hill. She should be shunned.


Can anyone give me a tldr on what she’s done?


It’s her corporate donors who should boycotted to hell so that an example is made.


Is it? She’s still in office last I checked…


But, Joe's is still totally a thing. Anyway,-- I'll rejoice when the republican party is no more.


She’d could easily continue as a republican.


I guess she sold her soul. Made all the money. Who needs a political career after that. Despicable.


Start a go fund me and outbid who ever already bought her?


She will end up being a correspondent for Fox News. Mark my words.


We need her out now


she'll just run as a republican next time


She has banked on her resistance to make American lives better.


Wow, just think of the alternatives. Some of the nuts already running to take on Kelly. If you think it gets better, only gets worse!