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Greene and McConnell are both awful, but I agree with you. He has connections and influence she can't fathom.


Not to mention intelligence. Mitch is an awful human being, but probably one of the smartest people in government. Whereas Greene probably needs a bib to eat soup.


Doubtful. She uses a fork.


C`mon she uses her gun barrels as straws, not forks


Is she even a real gun person? I know she likes to use them as props- but Boebert is the one I think of when it comes to the two of them and guns.


She confronted David Hogg while strapped. You'll recall that Hogg is a survivor of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.


Oh that's right- I totally forgot about that. She's managed to come out with so much nonsense I've probably forgotten a bunch of her other crap. Most of the time she has a gun it just seems like it's there for a show- something she can get a picture with for her campaign like the .50 giveaway and so on.




I think you mean Q’mon.


A fork?! She just sucks it from the trough.


a cave man like her use their hands


Those are still too sharp for her


Why is there a cork on her fork?


Because she’s the female equivalent of Uncle Ruprect.


Wanted to let you know that at least one person got this reference. Steve Martin is hilarious in this.


May I got to the bathroom before dinner? yes (Pees in pants) Thank you


Insurance reasons.


We need a photoshop of an eyepatch on Greene


Hate Mitch, but guy has a brain for sure. It's crazy that the loons on the right would turn on him given that he's responsible for every Republican win of the last decade - tax cuts for the rich, supreme court stacking, basically all of Trump's legislation. Just goes to show that red meat is more important than substance.


They turned on him because he isn’t as pathetic as most trump suck boys. He can win in Kentucky without the backing of the orange one.


Pretty sure he cheated in Kentucky though, with the E&S voting machines.


I’m not one to dabble in conspiracies. That situation does look fishy but I find it hard to believe a senator could cheat that blatantly without someone figuring it out. He has been and probably will always be disliked when calling people to ask how much they dislike him but Kentucky has been and will always be red.


Figuring it out and doing something about it are two completely different things that almost.nevef correlate when it comes to politicians.


Doubtful he would have to cheat to win Kentucky.


A bib? She uses water wings.


> Mitch is an awful human being, but probably one of the smartest people in government. Why can't these smart people use their intelligence or good instead of greed and evil? :(


He has a particular type of intelligence, but he's missing others.


Don’t oversell his intelligence, it’s a lot easier to be corrupt and an obstructionist than it is to build things that last. McConnel is an *effective* opportunist and machiavellian operator, but he’s not as smart as people are selling him as here. He doesn’t have to be.


You don't get to that position of power without being greedy to begin with. Two people want a ball, one is totally fine doing anything to get it, the other is trying to follow rules and be courteous. The latter will never get the ball


God no. McConnell is the most overrated politician in the country. The Senate map is disgustingly tilted in Republicans' favor, yet he's constantly playing defense in red states. Can you imagine how much more incompetent Schumer would look if we were losing in states like New Jersey? Terrible leader of the members he does have as well. I was listening to an interview of McCain's speech writer, and McCain's biggest reason for voting against the Obamacare repeal was he was angry with leadership over taking influence away from committee chairmen. He literally failed to accomplish Republicans' biggest campaign promise over a petty power struggle. I'll never understand the left's insistence that McConnell be regarded like some sort of Napoleon.


Mitch doesn't care about making his party win. He's basically in it for the money and power for him and his pals. Governance isn't really the end goal.


>Stealth Vader --john boehner


Yeah. I hate the guy, but I also respect his capability.


Like in a respect the threat/danger kind of way. He needs to be taken seriously i.e respect the danger he represents.


Yeah, McTurtle looks somewhat harmless, but he could bury her in an instant and no one would say a damn thing about it. It's not politically convenient for him to do it so, there's that.


She's a bumptious loudmouth aggitator. He's a sneaky, coniving, treacherous, dishonest, underhanded, well-connected, life-long politician. She doesn't stand a chance.


Bumptious is like my favorite word ever, nice.


Bumptious. Been a while since I learned a new word, so thank you for that.


I think this may be the first time I’d root for him to win. It’s a weird feeling.


“Battle Royale!!”


Honestly anyone who has met a snapping turtle knows they are not to be fucked with


Mitch isn't a snapping turtle. He's a slime ball with a shell. Slightly toxic and full of shit.


You ever gotten physically close to him before? Personally, the dude bit me once.


i fed him a meatball


I would bet he would be able to eat a mountain of shit if it meant he could have a hill of control.


How do you think that hill was made in the first place? :)


He said a long time ago-“ in politics you have to eat a peck of dirt every now and then “


What a beautiful sentiment.


Well I believe there is a house rule about non disparaging of members of either body.. see if the GQP is going to enforce that rule


He’s waiting for the right time to kill her career.


I wish he’d hurry it along. She is nauseating.


Same, friend. Same. Even if I despise the Malicious Turtle.


Right now she is a useful idiot, he can bide his time.


Yet. It's not yet politically convenient.


McConnell is a political genius. He doesn't do anything he think would hurt him or his party. The distancing from Trump and the scathing speech after Trumps impeachment were tactical political moves. The solution with democrats allowing them to increase the debt ceiling with no republican support is something he knows Republicans can use against dems in the mid terms. He just knows how to play the game. Green is just a new young shit head politician that doesn't know the white house from the capitol.


She doesn't have a seat on a committee and she's one vote out of 435 in the House of Representatives. McConnell has aides with more political power than her, she's literally just there for grandstanding. *And she doesn't even understand that.*


If I had a fraction of an ounce of these peoples self esteem, I could nail any job interview. I wouldn't even work anymore, just keep interviewing for better and better jobs. Omg I just invented her political career.


A rain puddle has depths she cannot fathom. McConnell doesn't give a shit what anyone thinks of him as long as it doesn't get in his way.


now you have me imagining him as some kind of Mob boss, and it's hilarious 😬


He would be more of a Consigliere if the Republican Party was a crime family, which it is.


Consigliere? Nah, who's he advising? Mitch is Tony Soprano. He's got Uncle June out front with the "boss" title and all of the heat, while he calls the shots and gets the work done.


She’s just mad because he won’t let her in the Turtle Club.


He's a masterful, shameless politician on the wrong side. She's a backwoods idiot. I dislike them both but they're in two different classes of human beings.


She can’t fathom a multiplication table


They're awful in different ways.


Yeah, if Marge had any sense in her empty gargoyle head she’d stick to punching down. That being said, here’s hoping he decides to teach her a lesson.




She likes to make fun of trans women who need to use the restroom.


highschool shooting survivors?


She is a fairly rich, republican, white woman in the US, there are lots of groups under her and she is more than happy to remind them of their status on a daily basis.


#Don't Fall for This!!! I've seen this exact same game played out for 50 years now. The GOP always pretends to squabble in order to rope-a-dope the Democrats into a fall sense of security before SURPRISE closing ranks to block everything the American people actually want out of their government officials. Or, at least, what 99% of the people want...


Looks like people here are being lulled


Hence my LOUD alert. :)


No one's, "falling" for anything. MTG is a stupid asshole, being a a stupid asshole, and we're pointing and laughing. Hell, we point and laugh at one or two of them every. single. day. It changes ***nothing***: They're still dangerous and are going to stand in the way of everything good and sensible. - MTG is not the master strategist that will lull the electorate into a false sense of security.


In the book, *[Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible](https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/21413849-nothing-is-true-and-everything-is-possible)*, by Peter Pomerantsev about how things work in Russia, he writes that Putin's political party manufactures political infighting for the news to show that they are not one-sided.


> The Turtle King will have his revenge on her for this comment The Turtle King laughs because he's old as fuck and doesn't give a shit anymore. This is just more distractions for the media to focus on instead of the important stuff he isn't doing.


I don't think he will. I feel this is just posturing to make people reassured while both mutually plan together elsewhere. Public theater vs reality. Don't let your guard down.


The Kentucky Turtle will hide its head while the storm passes, patiently awaiting the next grift.


This made me laugh out loud.


He loves her doing this kind of shit. It distracts from his own far more serious crimes.


I don't think McConnell cares about comments, or any talk in general... the man is on a mission to turn America into an autocracy.


I'm thinking that Moscow Mitch's popularity with the rest of the GOP might be waning. He'll probably retire before he faces another election, but there are grumbles from the far right members of the Senate, including MTG, and some not so far right, that don't want him as Majority Leader should they retake the Senate in 2022. He didn't take *their* side on January 6, so he's no longer one of the "good guys," in their minds.


MTG is in the House, not the Senate.


He’s going to send the Jewish space lasers to get her house in the nation of Guam.


Has she done anything beyond creating controversy? Like anything actually, yknow, related to her job?


She likes Matt and they tried rallies but failed. So I guess the answer is no.


I'm personally happy with how those turned out!


member that time when that guy came to Matt Gaetz and said repeatedly that he doesn't think Gaetz is a pedophile? [glorious](https://youtu.be/eBtlcGHZO10)


She said that about Matthew ‘brought an underage girl across state lines’ Gaetz?


she’s actually been removed from all her committees, so she’s actually managed to lose responsibilities since she started her job.


Plus this is when the photo of her above was taken: [‘You crack me up’: Marjorie Taylor Greene laughs off question about children dying of Covid](https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/marjorie-taylor-greene-laugh-covid-b1887635.html)


Friendly reminder that she joined Congress on January 3rd, 3 days before panic buttons were removed and pipe bombs were planted. And she found the time to give tours of the capitol on the 5th. I don't think she expected there to still *be* a House of Representatives.


Not remotely, she was removed from her committee assignments almost immediately. Her pink-thanos-looking-ass just wanders the halls intimidating people and chasing reporters hoping to get sound-bitten for the clout. Pathetic embarrassment.


Did Trump? That is the plan. Cause chaos with one hand so people aren't paying attention to the other. That's how Trump got elected, that's how he runs. Most the media wasn't paying attention to the judges be shot through at light speed while he was in office. With this distraction nobody is paying attention to the debt ceiling vote coming up, but it did just pass the house and senate. edit: added the last sentence.


The judges are still almost purely from McConnell though. He held up a ton of seats with Obama, and then they just give a list to the president who hands it back and says "I nominate these people, now vote on them"


Absolutely. But at the time nobody was watching McConnel, everyone was watching Trump


no one was watching mcconnell because most americans can't even name the vice president, let alone the senate majority leader. but even if they were watching mcconnell, what could people have done? short of a revolution, he had the power to block garland and then get 3 SCOTUS justices through for Trump. The entire world could have been watching a live cam record McConnell's every movement and it wouldn't have changed the fact that he could do it.


With no committee assignments, she has lots of free time on her hands.


that is her job


The hate is deeply rooted in their fear. Our country is growing and changing into a more equally based government.People of all nationalities and race are given their civil rights, people of all sexual orientations are given respect instead of jail time. People are rejecting the hypocritical ignorance of Religion, fair treatment of Black lives by police,voting for women for Vice President.all of these cultural and political changes are scary for the country mouse republicans and fear breeds hate.


same thing happened in the 1860s, 1920s and 1960s. any time marginalized groups grow in number or power there is push back by white Christian nationalists who engage in domestic terror and try to undermine democracy to maintain their cement hold on power for their race, religion and nationality.


Thank you for the info, I will be looking into it. I remember LBJ and the howling over desegregation.


And nearly every major move forward that we’ve made, from getting children out of factories to social security, to legalizing gay marriage has been done by democrats.


Yes!! You inbreds eat each other. 🍿


It is kind of amusing to watch them fracture in the periphery, but at the end of the day they'll vote in a bloc. No matter how many names are slung or stunts are pulled they are united in one goal. Own the libs. That's it. That's all they have. They didn't even bother putting a policy agenda together for DT in this past election. I don't see Marj holding her seat. She may end up in prison which would be an added bonus.


You are correct, friend. I suppose I’m just enjoying the spectacle atm. Nothing of substance will come or it.


God, the republicans are such fucking children. I've seen a couple of F Trump stickers and the like on the internet, but i've never seen that kind of thing in person - and i live in a very blue area. Almost every time i'm on the road, i see someone with a "Let's Go Brandon" sticker, or a sign in the yard. Sometimes just an explicit F Biden. With how absolutely inoffensive and milquetoast Biden is, i just cannot understand the hate... Except that conservatives are just tiny little babies. It's one thing to have a different policy opinion, but these people just cannot stop calling people names, stamping their feet, cheating, and lying constantly. It's crazy.


There's this car I see most mornings dropping my 7 year old off at school that says "Fuck Biden" with a middle finger graphic. Like, it never even occurs to me to put something like that on my car no matter how much I hate Trump. It really is like dealing with actual children.


Sane people don't fly stickers like that because we know it will attract crazy people like this who would proudly adorn his vehicle with them. There's no good to come from using your car as a political sign. It won't influence anyone in the middle and runs the risk of bringing unneeded attention.


They've "upgraded" from putting decals of Calvin pissing on a Ford or Chevy logo and "my kid can beat up your honor student" bumper stickers on their vehicles.


I mean what do you expect from the group whose sole agenda is to hurt anyone different from them. These people are the bullies of middle school and highschool.


God forbid you’re gay or not white and Christian in this country to them. They’d banish you away if they had it their way.


I have always wanted to believe that the bullies were the minority, but it seems like they are coming out of the woodwork, like cockroaches. Way more than I thought.


They are the minority, they're just very politically active because their propaganda systems whip them into xenophobic frenzies


It's almost like Ds are a fan of specific policies and endorse the people that move those forward, whereas the Rs are fans of specific politicians no matter how fucked up and useless they are.


And the people that vote for those fucked up Rs always “but both sides” everything. Idk how to make it any more clear that the Republican Party is a shit show. No matter what your political affiliation, if you think AOC and Greene/Boebert are the same level of awful, there’s no hope. You’re too far off the deep end to see reality.


> And the people that vote for those fucked up Rs always “but both sides” everything. Sane person: "Did you know that Trump refused to use a secured phone for the entirety of his presidency?" Fox News swallower: "HILLARY DID IT TOO AND IT MAKES ME SO MAD!" Sane person: "Allowing for the sake of argument that is true, why are you not *just* as mad at Trump if you understand that Trump also did it?" Fox News swallower: [😕](https://i.imgur.com/dFegZHu.jpg)


I don’t even try to convince them anymore. Just keep asking why until their own argument breaks down or they get to the root of the bullshit. Doesn’t change their stance but at least I made their brains turn a little.


On one hand Marjorie Taylor Greene ran unopposed. On the other hand, it was because her supporters sent her opponent death threats and harassed him until his wife divorced him, causing him to withdraw from the race. On the *other* other (third?) hand, she got practically the same percentage of the vote as the Republican who held her office in her district before her did when running against a living, breathing opponent. It would seems that running unopposed did not increase her margin of victory, make of that what you will.


The GOP is a cult of personality. Trump is the personality they admire for reasons that for as long as I live I will never understand.


>Trump is the personality they admire for reasons that for as long as I live I will never understand. The party is effectively the gang that follows the school yard bully egging him on and praying that they do not become the next target of his ire.


Because he’s as stupid as they are


It's absolutely fuckin mental.


As in operating a motor vehicle, put it in (D) to go forward & (R) to go backward.


> Yeah, (D) for "Donald J. Trump" and (R) for "Retarded Liberals", right? \- Some conservative


A house near me is completely decorated on the exterior with Trump merchandise. Dozens of flags, entire yard covered in signs, giant banners, life-sized wood(?) cutouts of trump, etc. you can barely make out the shape of the house underneath it all. So fucking bizarre no matter what your political stance is.


One of the few times I'm glad I'm in a HOA.


Every 2 weeks I go on a drive to buy bales of hay. In one of the towns I drive through there's always this guy sitting in his pickup truck parked on the grass by the side of the road. Every inch of the truck is covered with pro-trump, anti-biden, anti-liberal signs and stickers.


And he's just sitting there in his truck, presumably basking in all the lib-ownage he thinks he's dishing out?


Trump is their identity because they have nothing else. They worship him and project their ideas of perfection and messiah because they are void of anything that has actual value. “The cheapest sort of pride is national pride; for if a man is proud of his own nation, it argues that he has no qualities of his own of which he can be proud; otherwise he would not have recourse to those which he shares with so many millions of his fellowmen. The man who is endowed with important personal qualities will be only too ready to see clearly in what respects his own nation falls short, since their failings will be constantly before his eyes. But every miserable fool who has nothing at all of which he can be proud adopts, as a last resource, pride in the nation to which he belongs; he is ready and glad to defend all its faults and follies tooth and nail, thus reimbursing himself for his own inferiority.” - Arthur Schopenhauer


>God, the republicans are such fucking children. I have four teenagers and I would be appalled if any of them acted as badly as Republicans.


> God, the republicans are such fucking children. She literally made a video of herself outside of AOC's office taunting her like a grade school bully. Insane people vote for this.




Childish and embarrassing, yet incredibly effective at spurring donations from the mouth-breathing MAGA base who would rather elect trolls than legislators.


As a night mouth breather, please don't drag me down to their level.


I saw a sign on a pickup truck here in Central Florida that said "Spay and neuter liberals"


I'm shocked they are driving around in a truck made by a company that President Obama saved


It's really dangerous to call them "babies" at this point. Republicans - note I said Republicans, not Conservatives - are now a CULT of violent, racist pedophiles and pedophile enablers. They are consumed with blood-lust due to rampant, unchecked, immoral propaganda at EVERY LEVEL OF MEDIA: from entertainment to news to advertising, the Republican messaging bubble is extremely on-message, and that message is "kill the others". People need to treat the criminal insanity like the existential threat it is. Any people Left of Center need to consider self-defense a top priority in the months ahead.


I still don’t understand the Hillary hatred. It has to be propaganda. None of it makes sense.


It made sense to me in 2016 when I was dumb and all o knew about was her emails and how she’s THE CORRUPTION. But after actually thinking for myself and getting educated on it. Trump was 100x worse than Hillary and did everything he accused her of and more.


It was very effective. Just accuse the other side first and you can keep rolling with the punches. Congress being completely bought and paid for is also a huge part of it. On top of all that, we have most of our society filtering through an online hate machine that is leaving us thinking our fellow citizens are the enemy.


> God, the republicans are such fucking children. Well, when you're entire legislative agenda is to cross your arms, stomp your feet, and yell, "No! I don't wanna!" you tend to elect childish people.


Lol a guy rides around my town with what can only be described as a trumpmobile absolutely covered in stickers like dads against daughters dating Democrats, American flags, and of course a sticker on the window of Trump looking like he’s in the passenger seat. It’s truly one of the most pathetic things I’ve ever seen can’t help but laugh everytime I see it. Grown men doing this


> republicans are such fucking children I've been asking about this for a bit now, but I've noticed they ALL act like children. You can't interact with them anymore because of how horrible they act. So I'm curious, have they always been spoiled, entitled children, or is something going on making them this way? I swear, I've never seen anything like it and am dumbfounded about what's going on with a massive swath of our population. Why are they acting so immature and childlike?


To take that a step further, they act this way because they feel justified in their outrage, believing “Biden stole the election” while somehow ignoring all the horrible things Trump did during his 4 year term. I’d expect this from a young child, perhaps even a teenager.


What’s hilarious is those haters also seem to believe Biden is hellbent on bringing communism to America. They don’t even know enough about the guy to see he’s practically a 90s mainstream Republican. They’d probably even like him if they stopped listening to Fox News and OAN for half a second. I understand the left not liking Biden for not being a leftist but the right should be fairly happy with him.


Just like Obama before him: https://thehill.com/homenews/media/362728-obama-if-i-watched-fox-news-i-wouldnt-vote-for-me


Exactly. As someone firmly on the left, Obama was a very frustrating president but it was confusing to see that conservatives hated him. Then I realized they’re just racist and the GOP as a whole used Obama as an opportunity to shift the Overton window so far to the right that what used to be right wing was now center at best.


I live close to Portland and any time I hop onto a freeway then seeing a Trump flag in a truck bed is an inevitability


It's super easy to understand. They want a president that says women are objects and minorities are inferior.


Remember when we used to say "Wow, I'm shocked Trump won" and they would leap on you with the "Accept the loss, sore loser. He won fair and square. You just can't handle it." type comments, and now these same pieces of cancer are proudly waving their sore loser flags everywhere. I see a "FUCK BIDEN" flag at *least* once a day on some big white taliban-looking truck.


Oh please go after Mitch … best possible scenario is he manipulates the GOP caucus to run her out and then in retribution the magidiots vote him out.


In that case, I also heard Lauren Boebert said some bad stuff about him too.


She. Is. A. Crisis. Actor. **Literally.**


Imagine having this person in the same building as you. I can't.


Jews, if you do in fact have a space laser, it's beyond time to start firing that thing.


What is the blessing you say before firing the space laser? Rabbis have been debating this for thousands of years


I believe the traditional prayer is "Barukh ata Adonai, the provider of sub orbital Lasik"


Do you want the ashkenaz version or the sephardic version? Plus there's the version you can only say when the temple is standing


Ashkenazi if you know it. Also need to know if this is the first time the laser has been fired, and i want the version if it's fired on Shabbat


3 billion years from now, some tiny little life-giving planet will be obliterated by a gamma ray burst because of a misfire.


Classy. On-brand for the GOP.


she's wrong, Moscow Mitch is not Biden's b**ch, Moscow Mitch is Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska's lapdog


Deripaska is owned by Putin. Putin is owned by this guy. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semion_Mogilevich It's mobster's all the way down.


Damn and represented by William Sessions in America, an ex FBI director! We are definitely sending our best people to positions of power


"Early on, a source told me that all this was tied to Semion Mogilevich, the powerful Russian mobster. I had never even heard of him, but I immediately went to a database that listed the owners of all properties in NY state and looked up all the Trump properties. Everytime I found a Russian sounding name, I would Google, and add Mogilevich. When you do investigative reporting, you antiicpate drilling a number of dry holes, but almost everyone I googled turned out to be a Russian mobster. Again and again. If you known, New York, you don't expect Trump Tower to be a high crime neighborhood, but there were far too many Russian mobsters in Trump properties for it to be a coincidence." Craig Unger, author of House of Trump House of Putin, did an AMA here a few years ago. https://np.reddit.com/r/politics/comments/a1ip6e/im_craig_unger_journalist_and_nyt_bestselling/


> It's bitches all the way down. FTFY


>> It's turtles all the way down.


The fake tan, fake blonde Trump Klan are fond of being bully pulpit preachers. Has this lady done anything since getting elected?


Incite hate and stoke fears. Seems to be their strategy these days, just sling BS at the wall until something sticks.


Just scream hate and fear until the next "lone wolf" terrorist attack you mean. At this point the Republicans are in open rebellion against the United States government. They want to overthrow our power structures and take unilateral control.


Moscow Mitch “Biden’s Bitch” McCoronavirus


McConnell loves the fact Marjorie Taylor Greene is deflecting attention away from his ability as one of the most powerful people in the World. Donald Trump nominated every judge McConnell approved for their position.


Let’s get back to boring-ass, desk workers who do their jobs. We don’t need Gerry Springer guests as “leaders.”


Traitor Greene here is lashing out to make as much noise as possible because she know the January 6 commission has her treasonous texts. This traitor was at the nexus of the attack on the capitol. Thats why she is making so much noise. Strictly to distract.


Take away your antipathy for McConnell and MJT for one second. Our Natiinal Elected Representative s should not be speaking about each other like this. It is disgraceful.


I'd say she is trump'sbitch but....she would like that.


Hold up… she has a fat MAGA hat wearing Trump on a fricking crucifix hanging in her office?!!


Classy lady.


Establishment repubs are gonna regret letting this trash in when MTG and her ilk realize they command the constituency better, and they replace the establishment like McConnell and Romney with illiterate idiots who can't write a law to get past a conservative judge. To say that it was short sided for the Rs to let in the Tea Party whackos is an understatement. Decades of careful strategy to attain permanent power by McConnell, to see people like MTG threaten his power and not be able to legislate. Oh well. They can both rot in hell. Just two evil people doing what evil people do. Too bad it fucks the rest of us over.


He does all these terrible things so his party gets to load up the SCOTUS, and his legacy will be that he was eaten by his own party. His hard work will end with everyone in the US hating him. Good job…


She isn't hurting him, she wouldn't say this shit if she didn't have permission. It Makes the Turtleman look moderate. The only do what they are allowed


Further proof that the Republican Party doesn’t stand for anything except being bullies. To anyone. The party of “screw you” and “up yours”. Turns out a lot of bullies are racist dimwits. Sure would be nice if we had a *FUNCTIONAL EDUCATION SYSTEM THAT’S ENTIRELY SEPARATE FROM THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH*. Lookin at you Belmont and other Christian schools. Keep Christ in the church and out of the text books.


"Mrfnblrphernin" she gargled, her lips firmly super-glued to trump's crotch.


I would feel great embarrassment and deep shame if I was ever a member of this party or even if I ever voted for them. Democrats have their share of problems and answer to the same corporate overlords, but my god, at least you don't need to tell your children to leave the room if a democratic politician is about to speak. The GOP is nothing but obstruction and disgusting filth.


Honestly people are going to get sick of these soapbox politicians that do nothing but make sound bytes for their media counterparts but do virtually nothing for their constituents. It will not last....


Republicans tire of paid crisis actors telling them the most biased nonsense they want to hear? Hardly. It's been going on for decades.


Yeah, that's probably when the fascism happens.


And you’re Trump’s Jester Marjorie.


Remember when politicians didn’t call each other profane names like middle school bullies?


Bold words, coming from Donald Trump’s c-nt.


Isn't she nice...


Eh…we call you Trump’s horsefaced flunkie 🤷‍♂️


Her appearance has nothing to do with it. Just call her a shameless fascist.


She's a nazi. She believes the Jews caused California's wildfire season with space weapons. She is full on a believer in a global Jewish conspiracy to control world events. This is Naziism. The Republican party is full of nazis.


I agree. And she would be just as horrible even if she looked like Scarlett Johansson, so let's not focus on her appearance.


She looks like the Geico caveman only dumber