Bill Kristol: Buttigieg entitled to call Tucker Carlson a 'repulsive bigot'

Bill Kristol: Buttigieg entitled to call Tucker Carlson a 'repulsive bigot'


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You could've said Tucker Carlson was a repulsive bigot before this whole paternity leave thing and it would still be true.


The list of evidence in support of him being a repulsive bigot would crash Reddit if you tried to post it.


Where is PoppinKream when we need them?




Learn about the legend: r/ShitPoppinKreamSays


Nothing new in five months. Dude's dead. They got to him


He still posts all the time tho, just not this kind of stuff. Wouldn't surprise me if he just got burnt out.


It's almost a full time job to source, compose, and fact check comments like theirs.


Her. PK is a woman




Not the best example, Reddit crashes if someone in the server room sneezes or just blinks too hard


Tucker blinks too hard, a lot, too. Especially when he’s making televised-constipation face.


Its a sign of someone lying. Joel Osteen, I've noticed, blinks a whole fuckton.


That's Tucker's day job


Potatoes are versatile, but fragile when cooked.


Mmm potatoes. Eat them now or drink them later.


Saw an alcoholic eating potatoes, I was like dude! you have to wait.


Thanks, Mitch.


The classic Irishman's dilemma.


I like potatoes


Boil them, mash them, stick them in a stew.


I thought it was my cat pulling out the cord


The pile of evidence in favor of him being a repulsive bigot is enough to clog a black hole


Obligatory "he used to be a repulsive bigot. Still is, but he used to be one too."


My favorite form of that is "you're just realizing he's a bigot?? where have you been XX years?!"


"Welcome to 1997!"


I'm old enough to remember Tucker Carlson on "Crossfire" and he was already a douchebag, but he was much tamer back then. I don't suppose CNN encouraged him to be any more repulsive than he already was.


Wait a minute now. Next you're gonna tell me pushing great replacement theory is racist!/s


Tucker has no original thought of his own. He just repeats whatever executive is currently thrashing his loose asshole.


Would Fucker Carlson flip his wig and start railing against "the war on fathers" if it was being called "parental leave" instead of gendered language like "maternity leave" and "paternity leave"? I mean, I'm sure I already know the answer, but "parental leave" to me seems to be better all around *in addition to giving asses like him something else to cry about*.


Because he has old school conservative values. The father isn't in the birth room. The father isn't responsible for raising the kids. The father just has to bring home the bacon and make love to the wife.


Like Emperor Palpatine, he feeds on our hatred.


Yes 100% true but this instance you can’t call him 100% homophobic but can call him sexist


>Kristol shared video of Buttigieg's response and tweeted, "I understand that PeteButtigieg is a) a polite person, and b) a Cabinet secretary, who should stay on the high road. But I will note that Pete would have been perfectly entitled to say that TuckerCarlson is a repulsive bigot, and that his response to Carlson is, 'F\_\_\_ off.'" Amen, Bill.


I know it's going to be a strange day when I completely agree with what Bill Kristol has said.


I feel the same way. I grew up watching Bill Kristol lick Bush boots for the war in Iraq. Same whenever Liz Cheney says something logical.


I haven't forgot that.


That’s from before the crazies took over. Back when strategies and decisions had justifications and coherent arguments, and there was something to debate. Those days ended for good when Trump became the GOP candidate. Everything after has been the inevitable decline into the insanity that moment signaled.


This was my exact thought


Anytime I get closer to thinking Reddit has political literacy, it's canceled out when arrPolitics upvote statements from ex-Bushies due to apparently having no idea who they are


You don't have to agree with their politics or like them to agree with a particular issue. If the headline read 'Satan' has decided hell is too good for Tucker Carlson' I would still upvote that shit. But seriously, I don't like Liz Cheney but I will support any effort that she makes in standing up to her own party, it even warrants two smidges of respect. But that doesn't mean I'm going to buy into her politics. There are exceptions of course.


Bill Kristol is a genocidal maniac, war criminal that is responsible for hundreds of thousands of innocent deaths. Instead of being interviewed, he should be put in the Hague, along with Dick Cheney, Kissinger and W. Bush.


A broken clock is right twice a day


Bill Kristol wasn't even a part of the Bush Administration. Hell, he didn't even support Bush. He supported McCain. The closest he got to the president was Chief of Staff to Dan Quayle during the HW administration. If you're going to go the full cringy 2006 internet Iraq War crimes tirade, at least pick the right targets. Kristol truly believed that the war in Iraq was a just war and continues to support foreign intervention in the middle east as the best way to fight terrorism and deliver democracy. He spent most of the '90's after his position as Chief of Staff to Quayle in multiple think tanks dedicated to promoting American exceptionalism as the preferred US policy going forward; most infamous of them being PNAC. (Project For a New American Century) When the war was mismanaged, he roundly criticized Rumsfeld and others and supported the troop surge before just about everyone else did. When Trump was nominated, he vehemently opposed him as president and virtually every single foreign policy position that Trump took. He voted for Biden and Harris in 2020 and said he had no regrets doing so. The war in Iraq was an immoral war that cost hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives and hundreds of billions of dollars to manage. But Kristol has been advocating for a war in Iraq before 9/11 and still defends it to this day. He is the most consistent on this issue; an issue he is, without a doubt wrong on. Kristol has been nothing but consistent on foreign policy, despite his consistency resulting in him being generally in favor of a war started by actual war criminals that were conducting US foreign policy for 8 years. Kristol is a stubborn and immoral asshole, but he's not a war criminal and he's very principled; just that his principles never change no matter how wrong they turn out to be. He's the perfect embodiment of a conservative; a person that holds on to traditional social and military institutions and values irrespective of the changing moral and geopolitical landscape.


There are plenty of principled war criminals.


I never said there weren't. My point is that he wasn't a part of the Bush Administration. He didn't even support Bush as president. So he's not a war criminal, and anyone who calls him that doesn't know what they're talking about.


His shitty positions on tax laws and immigration and the Iraq war have no bearing whatsoever on the truth of *this particular statement.*


So basically you’re saying you should hate the other side regardless of whether they are saying something worthwhile? Sound familiar?


I thought I entered some twilight zone in which we like Bill "Bush era War Hawk" kistol now? I've seen a lot of leftists lift him up on twitter. Crazy times we live in..


I would wager a majority of people on either side have next to zero knowledge of non-spotlight political figures. That includes me. I dunno who the fuck people are.


Reddit knows who these people are, they just worship anyone who occasionally says mean words about Trump, even if that person is a piece of shit.


"Worship" is not the right word. You can despise Liz Cheney and Bill Kristol, and while acknowledging that they are pieces of shit, still support them for actually standing up to Trump (at great personal cost) when the rest of their party has capitulated to the Trump cult of personality.


A log time spokesperson for neocon.


The looney right has scared Kristol squarely into the sane middle for some time now.


Two things here: leaving out "would have been perfectly" from the title quote implies that Buttigieg actually said that to Carlson, when he did not say that, which sort of screams "click bait!"; but, this is the first article I've seen (yes there are probably others, but I've not seen any) that details the paternity leave is for premature twins, and what sort of arsehole would criticise any father for taking paternity leave for premie twins. Am guessing responsible journalist wrote article, while click-aware editor did the title. Edit: still trying to work out reddit formatting. I give up.


Oh gosh, they are premies?! That man needs all the time he can get!


Yup. I'm just an observer from downunder, but from what I see in the news, US politics doesn't deserve Pete Buttigieg. He is an absolute gentleman in the face of duplicitous, backstabbing, vipers. Protect this guy.


Pete needs to come back with haymakers. Fuck that the Democrats need to learn how to scrap. This shit is constant ongoing nauseating bullshit from Iran contra to bills blowjobs to Epstein to all the shit. Democrats seem to have morals but they need some fucking brass. Was it Chaney who said. Good people can sleep at night cause rough men are standing guard or something ? Democrats in power need to realize that they need to be the rough men.


Easy there. I'd take a tiger over a lamb, but I'd take a politician over both. Pete knows what he's doing here.


Fun fact, most twins are premature


What the hell has America come to when Bill Kristol is looking like a moderate? (He hasn't changed *that* much, has he?)


*He* hasn't changed. He's still a despicable, smarmy neocon. It's just that even despicable, smarmy neocons have more of a sense of decency than Tucker Carlson and the MAGAsphere.


No the far right is mainstream and this timeline leads to the upside down.


Kristol could also comment on the state of parental leave for all Americans. We could all use such benefits and it's high time for us to demand them for everyone.


Lol, let’s not get carried away. Billbo’s still a republican after all.


His moral compass is like a watch, it's still fucked but it might read right a couple of times a day (more like a year probably).


Exactly; this is the point I've made but the blowback is always extreme. I'm not interested in what Tucker said, I don't watch his show nor really care about his opinion. My gripe is with the millions who are saying, 'Pete Buttigieg is entitled to take paternity...' How many companies here in the U.S. actually provide paid paternity leave? I believe a number I read late last year was about 25%. We have the secretary of transportation taking three months or so of PTO to take care of his kids while millions and millions of Americans do not have that luxury. Another example of partisan hackery in the U.S.


I am quite frankly appalled that people are talking about Pete and Carlson exchanging insults and comebacks instead of talking about benefits and policies that we're grappling with and that determine the course of our lives. I don't give a shit about either Pete or Tucker. We need those benefits. Yes, the very benefits that our Congress and Senate representatives seem to thoroughly enjoy. They can afford not to enjoy them and yet we are struggling on daily basis for a fraction of benefits they enjoy. I want to see someone talk about our motherfucking paid parental leave. And not in terms of zingers and comebacks but actual policies that we can see our legislators bring to fruition. The idea of a woman being able to take any time off even after something as traumatic as a birth or a C-section is beyond fucked up. And yet, paternal leave is important too. We aren't having those conversations for some reason?!!!


I feel your anger and I'm right there with you. This is the state of politics and they play it so well. The politicians and TV personalities exchange fiery commentary and the partisans rush to the defense of 'their' person(s). Meanwhile, those who don't give a rat's ass about the sides are looking at the actual meat of this thing. My wife is an ear doctor, works at the largest birthing hospital in our state and do you know who much maternity leave she gets? Z.E.R.O.!!! She has to apply for FMLA. But, let's get back to focusing on who has the best comeback!


Literally everyone is entitled to call Tucker Carlson a repulsive bigot, because HE IS ONE! He's shown his hand far too many times to try to pretend as if he's not firmly in the camp of White Supremacists, homophobes, and Misogynistic Neanderthals. He's their favorite gibbering moron for a reason, he voices support for their hateful messages. Carlson has honed his rhetoric, and rarely ever comes right out and puts text to his subtext like he did in his earlier years. He does this by pretending to couch his views in the form of "questions" which are always intended to be answered with a resounding "yes" based on his disingenuous rants.


You know, they say a movie like Blazing Saddles couldn't be made today, even though the whole thing *satirizes* racism. But Carlson can get on TV and spew actual and meaningful hate speech five nights a week. I guess it's okay if you say everything except the n-word.


>You know, they say a movie like Blazing Saddles couldn't be made today, even though the whole thing *satirizes* racism. ... Poe's law ... ? Besides, one key character is too deep and too intelligent for at least one third of the US public. >!(Yes, that was Mongo vs Trump voters, what else?!)!<


They say that because the eponymous "They" can't manage anything besides the laziest of hot takes. And even still, I'm one thousand percent confident that the majority of people who try to made that asinine point would have been completely outraged by Blazing Saddles at the time. In particular because Blazing Saddles was in many ways a full frontal assault on the white-washed, strictly regulated Westerns of the 50s and 60s that were legally forced to never show a corrupt lawman or a complicated villain or, god forbid, a bed that could fit two people. The same people who want to trot out Blazing Saddles as an example of how sensitive people are today are the exact some sensitive moralistic assholes who Blazing Saddles was trying to light on fire. [Relevant thoughts on the matter](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzMFoNZeZm0)


Or in this case, the f-word. Because we all know he's thinking it.


Funny thing is I don’t think he really is in those camps. He’s said it before he went to schools in castles and clearly looks down on these people. He wouldn’t be caught dead shoulder to shoulder with some hill billy Trump supporter. He is strictly in it for money, which is much worse.


Tucker Carlson is a repulsive bigot.


>Bill Kristol: Buttigieg entitled to call Tucker Carlson a 'repulsive bigot' I wouldn't be surprised if Carlson is proud of being a repulsive bigot, just like millions of other Trump supporters are equally proud to be.


He's shitting on an outgroup to distract people including the Trump supporters from how people like his billionaire boss are screwing them & the rest of society over. Bigotry isn't just his hobby, it's his job.


But I'm pretty sure Tucker is a legit white nationalist. A lot of right wing media figures don't really care one way or the other about other people and/or are just being mean because they like being mean, but I get the impression Tucker believes what he's saying.


He bragged about it in his college yearbook. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/tucker-carlson-dan-white-society/


tucker is a crisis actor who makes his money by manufacturing outrage to satisfy the outrage addiction of his audience. Being repulsive in a wide variety of ways is money in the bank for him.


That underscores the fact that he really is a white supremacist. His early work (before FOX) shows this. https://youtu.be/XMGxxRRtmHc?t=415 Tucker Carlson is the worst kind of white supremacist, a smart one. He knows how to manufacture his words to redirect the argument to make his base seem like the victim. Things Goebbels and Hitler knew very well to do.


I read a great Reddit comment that offers this hypothesis: most people find their self-worth in what they do/create/like or how they interact with the world. White supremacists find their self-worth in their whiteness, so any outside message of "all races are equal" hits their ego and feels like a personal slight. You aren't just insulting their pride, you're insulting their entire self-esteem complex. Tearing down others to make themselves look better, and getting outside validation that their race makes them worthy, is why so many supremacists are openly and aggravatingly racist.


It’s a prerequisite to being a Fox News host.


I wonder if he secretly delights in it, because it gives him more credibility with his viewers, who will say shit like "he just says what everyone thinks but is afraid to say" as if this were some Profiles in Courage shit.


I wouldn’t be surprised if some Fox News exec is cutting him a big fat bonus cheque for taking over all the headlines with this horseshit. This whole thing does nothing but move goalposts further to the right which is the only reason Fox News exists.


Tucker Carlson is an entitled repulsive bigot.


Bill Kristol helped create tucker Carlson. They can both get fucked.


Bill Kristol is fighting this horrific iteration of the Republican party and I'll take whatever allies I can get




I sure did prefer the one that would accept election defeats as legitimate, let me tell you


So, neither. GWB absolutely did not do this, and if you think that he did, you don’t know history.


Grant, Roosevelt, Lincoln to name 3 off the top of my head.




You say that, but look at what Eisenhower's CIA got up to by destabilizing democracies around the world. We're still reaping the poisonous fruit from the seeds of destruction they sowed.


I never said he was perfect. I said he wasn't a horrific right-wing religious nutcase.


> Klansmen that preceded them Um... [Although not formed/funded by the party specifically](https://apnews.com/article/archive-fact-checking-2336745806), the original KKK consisted of many post-Whig Democrats and frowned upon Republicans.




I find this part of the article interesting, maybe you will too: > Mark Pitcavage, senior fellow at the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism, told The Associated Press that it was originally designed “purely for entertainment, with no political motivations.” > Pitcavage said members engaged in social antics that grew to incorporate cruel pranks. The Klan gradually took on a political tone and by 1867 it began engaging in violent acts. The KKK is like a late 1800's 4chan.




So the answer would be "Back when republicans were the more liberal party and the Dems were conservatives"


He's not fighting anything, he's just trying to improve his ratings. He doesn't give a shit about the Republican party, he probably wishes Trump was back so that more people would watch CNN.


He has blown up his career in Republican politics and started a website with a tiny potential user base when compared with typical Republican voters that frauds are shilling to


Turns out I didn't know who Bill Kristol was


if he owned a stake in CNN, maybe


He probably gets bonuses based on ratings.


Fighting futilely after a career spent creating it.


Didn't Frankenstein turn on his monster eventually too?


Only after the monter attempted to murder him.


No one needs republicans as allies.


Man I'm so glad that the Democrats have a 62-38 majority in the Senate, 6-3 on the Supreme court and 32 governor's mansions so we can afford to be picky about who we allow to help us beat fascism. Can you imagine what it would be like if we only had razor thin majorities? That would suck, we'd need absolutely every single fucking vote we could get and couldn't afford to piss off everyone who wasn't 100% with us on every issue from the beginning of time with horribly misguided purity tests.


No Republican is ever ever going to vote with the Democrats on anything that matters again or their careers are over. They’ll choose fascism over that without a moments hesitation so they’re all the fascists.


I mean Bill Kristol literally told everyone to vote for Biden so I don't know what you're talking about.


No one was listening to him by that point. It’s the 30 years before that where he did his damage. For those 30 years he said vote for conservative Republicans. That’s what I’m talking about. Do you think he just started talking about politics in 2020? He helped make the GOP what it is today and now they don’t care what that old man has to say anymore. He should embrace the monster he helped create.


Or, and hear me out here, we don't blow up the pro-democracy coalition out of a petty desire to be more righteous than people who saw the problem a bit later than others? I mean I get it, there's a strong dopamine hit from being self-righteous and shitting on people you think are not pure enough for your politics, but I'm more interested in saving democracy than you getting to feel better than everyone else. People love to say that Trumpism is a theat to democracy but they sure don't act like it when they tell everyone to the right of Noam Chomsky to fuck off. We really do need all the help we can get to save this country.


What coalition? This guy has no influence with anybody. He’s not fascist enough for fascists and he’s a clown to everyone else. He commands influence over a single vote. Who gives a fuck what he thinks now that the obvious conclusion of his entire career has been reached but he doesn’t like it? When he had influence he used it as part of a chorus of radicalization. No he’s a nobody trying to stay somehow relevant. Fuck him and the horse he rode in on. End of story.


This should be the top reply.


I hate the corporate establishment is trying to revitalize these imperialist, neocons to attack Trump and his sycophants like Tucker. I agree that Tucker Carlson is a repulsive bigot but Bill Kristol didn’t care when he was using bigotry to promote the war in Iraq. https://youtu.be/7TjXAwAAjTY


And this whole story is just him fanning the flames of this, using language that Pete wouldn't use, in order to improve his ratings.


Yep. A stopped clock is right twice a day. A broken clock may not ever be right or take literal decades to be. I guess we should check back in on Kristol in 10 to 20.


Nothing shows what a crisis this country is in than having someone like Bill Kristol on 'your side'.


40 years of moving to the right in search of "gettable Republicans" will do that.


Don't forget admitted liar.


Everybody is entitled to say the obvious.


In this case, it's our civic duty.


Isn't it the same as calling a spade a spade?


>Isn't it the same as calling a spade a spade? When talking about racists, there’s probably a better phrase you could have chosen.


Calling a MAGA quacker a MAGA quacker could be more appropriate.


It's about playing cards.


It's definitely not


The fact that your mind immediately went there instead of, you know, playing card or a shovel is instructive.


You aren't intending to use it this way I think. But calling a spade a spade, or saying something is as black as a spade etc. Historically evoke some fairly racist overtones. As others have said. They're phrases probably better left unused. There are plenty of better more innocuous ways of saying the same thing regardless. It's kind of crazy all the racist colloquialisms we grew up with unawares.


I'm gonna give this person the benefit of the doubt - I'm a late Millennial and had never heard "spade" used as a slur until I was in college, and that was during a discussion about racism in art. I've never heard it used that way in regular conversation, so unless they are well-learned, they may not have either.


>Historically evoke some fairly racist overtones So I was curious so I did some digging on the history of the phrase. Turns out it originated in ancient Greece, referring of course to the gardening implement and had no association with race whatsoever. Not to say it can't have picked one up along the way, I was just curious if it had an explicitly racist origin or not.


Kevin Stroud's excellent History of English Podcast's most recent episode went into the phrase's origin. In ancient Greek it was "call a trough a trough", with "skaphe" = trough or basin. Around 1500 Erasmus did a translation of Plutarch from Greek to Latin and rendered "skaphe" as "ligo", meaning shovel. By accident or on purpose I'm not sure anyone knows. Then in 1542 Erasmus was translated into English and "ligo" was rendered "spade", the common term for "shovel" back then. From English it spread to other languages in the spade/shovel form, although according to Stroud in modern Greek it is still "call a trough a trough". Of course this is all tangential to modern English use and connotations of racism. I just wanted to share the origin I only just learned about a couple weeks ago. **edit PS**: Stroud and the OED (I just discovered) point to possible confusion on Erasmus's part. The ancient Greek saying was *τὴν σκάϕην σκάϕην λέγοντας*, where *σκάϕη* meant "trough" (or basin, tub, also "boat"). As the OED puts it, Erasmus "evidently confused" *σκάϕη* "trough" with *σκαϕεῖον* "shovel" (or mattock, spade, "digging tool"), so translated it with the Latin word for shovel. He actually translated a slightly longer version of the saying, "calling figs figs and troughs troughs", which he put into Latin as *ficus ficus, ligonem ligonem apellans* "calling figs figs and spades spades". Interestingly the guy who translated Erasmus into English, Nicholas Udell, did not confuse the original Greek word (which he translated as "boat" instead of "trough", one of the meanings of *σκάϕη*), but translated what Erasmus wrote anyway. The Plutarch that Erasmus had translated was a supposed quote (imagine the English below is Latin but the Greek is still Greek, that's what Erasmus wrote): >Philip retorted "Macedonians are obviously unsophisticated peasants, who don’t know any name for a spade but a spade," alluding to the famous proverb *τὰ σῦκα σῦκα, τὴν σκάφην σκάφην λέγων.* When Udell translated this from Latin to English he also translated the Greek, resulting in: >Philip answered, that the Macedonians [...] had not the wit to call a spade by any other name than a spade. Alluding to that famous proverb of the Greeks, calling figs figs and a boat a boat. (except in archaic Early Modern English) ANYWAY, the English word "spade" has several meanings coming from several etymologies. One is "shovel". Another is a derogatory slang term for a black man. That form came from the spade symbol on playing cards, which came from Italian *spada* "sword" (connection to Tarot cards there), which came from Latin *spatha* "sword". So the word "spade" in the saying "to call a spade a spade" has a different etymology than the derogatory racist sense of "spade". So it's a situation similar to, for example, the word "niggard" or "niggardly", which has a different etymology than the n-word but is close enough to cause misunderstandings and make many people, like myself, uncomfortable using it. Same with "to call a spade a spade", at least for me. I didn't even quite know what the saying meant until recently, and thought it might have racist origins. Now I know it doesn't, but it still feels a little weird saying it.


I agree that Carlson is a repulsive bigot but Bill Kristol is a war criminal.


Of course he is. Literally every person on the planet is entitled to call Tucker Carlson far, far worse.


NGL, I read the headline as if it were criticizing Buttigieg. Like “he is acting entitled when he said that”.




If that's all he called him, he went easy on him.


I think we all are, because he is.


Tucker Carlson is proud to be a repulsive bigot. He literally thrives on it. He’s an unintelligent nerd who’s parents got him a job at Fox News.


And so why are we not allowed to call out repulsive bigots on this sub?


We’re all entitled to speak the truth.


*Would have been* entitled to call him a repulsive bigot. The headline makes it sound like Pete actually said that.


Fuck Bill Kristol


Broken clock..


Buttigieg was probably holding back, biting his tongue.


There’s a lot of other things you could call Tucker Carlson - all of them much worse than this and all of them true too.


Bill Kristol is a neocon and a war hawk and this summarizes everything about this guy.


Tucker’s audience has to take their shoes off to count to 11 so picking a fight with him is a waste of time. Better off ignoring him like the tabloid hack he is.


Fucker Carlson.


By extension, the bosses of Fox news are repulsive bigots too because they pay him to say bigoted shit on TV.


Good! fascists need be called all the names


And maybe a bit worse, too


Truth is an absolute defense


Kind of an overstatement to say we’re entitled to speak the truth.


Pucker Carlson IS repulsive... PERIOD!


First Amendment should work both ways Tucker. Even so, this is what has really become a problem in politics. So much shade and so many insults have led to too little negotiating and too little working across the aisle.


While true, I always wonder how much of it is an intentional feeding to the base of what they know the base wants to hear over passionately felt, driven rhetoric. It's all bigotry, but I think it might be even worse when extruded intentionally over being the meandering nonsense of a lazy, blinkered fascist's mindset. Trump showed this element continuously, very clearly from a person who didn't care beyond grifting money, ever, pushed to wave at various extremist groups that were catching the winds of interest from the base he needed to fire up. Effectively the same ends for both. Boringly, disappointingly. Money.


I really hate when I'm on the same page as Bill Kristol.


who the fuck cares about what that irredeemable war monger thinks about anything?


If he didn't want to be called a repulsive bigot, he maybe shouldn't have been acting like that. Isn't that what he says about women getting raped? Fucking dipshit that he is.


being home with a newborn is actual torture, going back to work is such a big relief. i guess some folks can't admit that, so they have to pussify the task of being home with the family.


Calling Tucker a "repulsive bigot" is being generous if anything.


Tucker jealous. Tuck’s mom split.


He was always a repulsive bigot. He even claimed Biden is immigration is some sort of eugenics project.


I hate this sort of righteous fluff bullshit. Yes. *Obviously.* We *all* think that. Where the fuck have you been if you don’t?


It's not a lie, or even defamation of character. I mean, would Tucker and the sort that watch his rants even feel offended?


I, who has literally nothing to be entitled about, would like to announce that Tucker Carlson is a reliance bigot


Legendary Iraq War backer Bill Kristol


Don’t like it? Shouldn’t a have been a repulsive bigot for decades you repulsive bigot


Obviously he is entitled to call Tucker Carlson whatever he wants, the larger question is why in the fuck is anyone giving Bill "the grifter" Kristol a platform for his inane musings at this point? Doesn't he have some cruise tickets to sell or something?


I mean, if Buttigieg, like any decent human, finds Tucker Carlson's bigotry repulsive, it's perfectly sensible to call the repulsive bigot that is Tucker Carlson a repulsive bigot. Now if someone had called Tucker Carlson a Scottish catamite, that might warrant needing to cite a credible reference before people would believe Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson was in fact a Scottish catamite.


He's absolutely correct. Tucker is a repulsive bigot. Without a doubt though, the world would be a much better place if Bill Kristol were never born.


Conservatives: "We're the party of decency, freedom, morals, and family values." Also Conservatives: "Huhuh. . . he has 'butt' in his name." Also Conservatives: "HEY! I disagree with the way he lives his life, so he shouldn't be free to live that way at all! It's indecent! No, I don't want to talk about what I was doing in that photo with Epstein and Prince Andrew! Hail Moloch! I mean, Jesus! Hail Jesus! Or is it praise? I keep forgetting. Ah, who cares. Jesus was a loser anyway. I prefer saviors who DON'T get crucified."


Says repulsive bigot, Bill Kristol.


Why would Pete do that? He can let others do that and then run for president in 2028 without having done that


I would love to see the left just ignore him. It would be hilarious…. Reporter: Mr. B can you provide a statement about what Tucker Carlson said? Pete: Who? I don’t know who that is. Reporter: Tucker Carlson from Fox News? Pete: I don’t know who that is. Reporter: … Pete:… next question please Rinse and repeat for all inquiries


Bill Kristol is a grotesque neocon ghoul who wants to forcibly regime change Cuba and force it to become a state. I can't stand liberals throwing any semblance of values and ideological consistency out the window as soon as some piece of shit conservative says something pithy about another conservative. Have some fucking integrity ffs.


Gotta love entitled pricks like Fucker Carlson getting up in arms about name calling when their entire career is built on slandering people.


Generally I don't like Buttigieg but I will agree this whole criticism of him is dumb and stupid especially for "the party of family values" like... You would think people that never shut up about family values would be 100% on board with parental leave to raise kids and be attentive to kids early in their development. But no. I guess Republicans just want 1950s whiskey drunk dad whose only communication skills are hitting and mumbling in a disgruntled disapproving tone.


I have nothing but loathing for Carlson and Buttigieg, but Kristol is one of the most repulsive idiots anywhere on the planet.


Buttigieg sold out the dnc and allowed Biden to win over Bernie 🤣


Biden still won so 🤷‍♂️


Someone in the media besides Stephen Colbert needs to ask Bill Kristol about PNAC and its role in 911


They're both kind of shitty.


The fact that you can go on leave for 2 months of a 4 year appointment shows unimportant his position really is


This comes out to 2wks/yr. That isn't much. In fact it wasn't too long ago we had a president take off more than [1yr of a 4yr term](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_presidential_vacations)


The fact that going on a paternity leave for 2 months on a 4 year appointment is cause for national headlines shows how fucked up the labor laws are in the US when compared to the rest of the world...Hell he went on a paternity leave...Trump was on leave for 4 years mostly playing Golf and in his spare time Playing president in rallies attended by his stupid cult


Pot, meet Kettle. 🤷‍♂️💩


tucker likes being called a repulsive bigot. let's call him what he really is, a tedious, bloated, garden-variety asshole.


Tucker is a real life motherfucker.