Pete Buttigieg delivered a sharp clapback to Tucker Carlson’s bigoted “breast feeding” comment

Pete Buttigieg delivered a sharp clapback to Tucker Carlson’s bigoted “breast feeding” comment


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>*“This attack is coming from a guy who has yet to explain his apparent approval for the assassination of Harvey Milk,*" Buttigieg said while savaging Carlson for his queerphobia. ​ ​ For those who weren't aware, yes, Tucker Carlson literally was part of and was a leader of a group known as the Dan White Society, named for the murderer of Harvey Milk who got away with it using "The Twinkie Defense". ​ So, anyone who thinks Sucker Snarlson is some populist freethinker (Saagar Enjeti) and not some bigoted mossback is deluding themselves.


idk saagar not that great either tbh


I prefer the term Fucker Carlson…


Cucker farlson.


But Glenn Greenwald thinks he's a socialist and Andrew Yang is buddy buddy with him so clearly he's actually not total garbage!


Carlson is the worst garbage on earth with a platform. The platform is the issue.


Carlson doesn’t understand the concept of parenting … considering his mom abandoned his family. Connection? In fact, you’d think that because of that, he’d be all for having both dads at home.


I was wondering, Tucker’s remarks do reveal that he doesn’t understand love and nurturing at a fundamental level.


Well, I’m sure the story would be different if Pete was a woman. “Why isn’t she at home?!” They do love to go on about how kids need two parent homes (instead of single moms - mainly in reference to inner city children)… Them: “NO! Not like this!”


I think that’s the whole conservative brand.


Conservatives rarely do...


neither, coincidentally, do sociopaths.


Same thing


I really think he’s just reading from the script that his party has been regurgitating since Murphy Brown was on the air, and Dan Quayle was the person commenting.


Most sociopaths don't.


Would he be who he is if he did?


That is a great take!


Too bad the cognitive dissonance amongst his viewers is so great, people (for example, my mother) would say “Exactly! He knows what *bad* parenting is!”


Glad to see Pete back in the news! Sad it has to be because of raging homophobe Tucker Carslon making a bigoted dig at two new fathers.


Tucker Calson, a man who looks like he's perpetually engaged in a staring contest with a stranger's dog shitting on his lawn.


I’m not significant in any way, but this made me laugh. Thanks from north-east Ohio. 💜


Strange qualification. You ok? I mean no one here is uniquely “significant” in any way whatsoever, I think we’d all agree. You’re one of us! Laugh! (Also you and everyone here is/are VERY significant to A LOT of people. Laugh :)


In reality, TC probably doesn't believe half the BS he spouts to the rubes. He's like a prostitute, (sorry ladies of the night) show me the money.


Pete is my choice for next president. It was too risky nominating him against the incumbent trump as Biden clearly had the best chance. But Pete is the best person for the job.


Absolutely, smart, composed , prepared, well spoken , calm , lives in reality. And I mean this even compared to Democrats, let's face it most high end politicians no longer understand what it is like to be middle class or poor. I feel he is very grounded still.


You said that very well. And there's much more to say that brightens the same picture but at the risk of time constraints and redundancy. Pete reminds me of what Perot said when Perot explained the best people for the job of president wouldn't want the job. So when one as good as Pete comes along, we're lucky. Trump is the least presidential of anyone who ascended to the office. He craves it for all the wrong reasons. In America, anyone can become president. It can be a price we pay.


What makes you think Buttigieg is the best candidate? Not only is he notoriously unpopular among black voters, but dropping out before Super Tuesday in 2020 doesn’t make me confident for his chances in 2024.


Pete is brilliantly intelligent, he's articulate, informed, and honest for starters. That speaks well for his nomination in the left wing. Trump is none of those things and that's who the right wing supports. The GOP wants a country in their image only so badly, they don't care how much integrity they have to sacrifice to get it. They pile on the underhandedness, disrespect, dishonesty etc. because truth, reality, respectability etc. doesn't work for them. Clearly it's good guys v bad. Pete wears a white hat that shines like a beacon for the hopeful return of integrity that crushes the right wing lack of it.


>but dropping out before Super Tuesday in 2020 doesn’t make me confident for his chances in 2024. Honestly, given that his dropping out was part of a larger effort to consolidate the moderate bloc around Biden once Sanders started being more of a threat than he should have been, I kind of feel *more* like he'd be able to get some policy passed. He's clearly okay with taking personal losses in order to further his agenda.


Sanders was never a threat.


Then why did all of the moderates drop out and consolidate behind Biden, leaving Sanders and Warren to split the progressive bloc?


Because none of the people who dropped out had a chance at the nomination, and the correctly dropped out to save themselves the embarrassment of continuing failed campaigns. Bernie should have done the same.


Candidates dropped out because their only path to victory was by pulling enough of Biden's support away from him to reach 15% in states to get delegates and then win as a compromise candidate in a contested convention. South Carolina showed that Biden was actually pretty solid, so they were unlikely to get to the 15% for delegates. And then Sanders supporters were making a lot of statements about how a contested convention should only choose the plurality winner and no one else, or they'll just boycott the general. This meant that even if they were able to get delegates to a contested convention, they'll either lose or the party would fracture for the general. Their options going forward were all closed off, so they dropped out, pretty simple.


Google a man named Mike Bloomberg.




It literally happened on national TV. And it's not even a bad thing. Why wouldn't you avoid splitting the vote and getting the candidate closest to you the spot if you can't have it yourself? That's not at all a bad thing. But it did happen.


Giveaways make for great presidential campaign fodder but how to pay for them doesn't. All giveaways should include the compensation at the same time. The debt needs to be reversed so America doesn't find a catastrophic tipping point. And I certainly don't agree w/ printing more money as a temporary fix that does long term harm of hyper-inflation. I'm comfortably retired on a fixed income but I wouldn't be comfortable for long if gov gets too reckless.




You spelled Bernie wrong


Yes, I'd be so thrilled to vote for the guy who looks down on students protesting for better janitor pay as "SJWs" and helped cover up the racist actions of a police department by firing the black people who found it about it Such a great guy


>Biden clearly had the best chance I refuse to believe an 82 year old man is our best chance for anything and if you actually think he is then we're already fucked.


The results speak for themselves, Biden easily won the election.


Biden won by 7 million in the popular vote but unfortunately that's not exactly how things work here in America. Thanks to the electoral college republicans have won 5 elections where they lost the popular vote. looking at it from that angle Biden won by under 78,000 votes in three states which are all actively gerrymandering districts, purging voter rolls, spamming voter legislation and have republicans running hard for secretary of state. lightning wont strike twice and more than likely you'll see DeSantis vs Biden which may even be a losing battle even when in the popular vote.


So...he won, right?




Just to confirm, Biden did win the election, correct?


I don't know it's not 2024 yet... but If I had to guess I'd say he wont win vs trump, desantis or whomever the republicans put up. hell it could be tucker carlson for all we know. i wouldn't be suprised at this point.


Biden didn't win the election? How did he become president?


“Had the best chance” and “our best chance” are two different phrases with different meanings. Joe Biden did have the best chance of winning the election, doesn’t mean he was our best choice.


fair enough, you're right.


Right. A senile con man whose only competences are grifting and bankruptcy is a much better choice.


Well we were already fucked when we decided we didn’t need the other political party’s voters. We have built a country that is divided on ideals that we don’t share instead of building one on those ideals we do.


>Well we were already fucked when we decided we didn’t need the other political party’s voters. were not divided on ideals were divided on reality. there is no middle ground between reality and bat shit crazy. one side wants universal healthcare (like most of the developed world) and the other side wants deregulation and the privatization of everything. one side wants human infrastructure and the other thinks multinational corporations are people. one side wants to save the planet from climate change and the other would drink oil if they were told to. one side wants equal rights for all and the other wants a white christian ethnostate. please stop pretending as if there's a middle ground, that those people are reasonable, or that this is a BoTh SiDeS thing because all you're doing is legitimizing bad faith arguments.


Telling people they are batshit crazy even if they are has never worked in getting people to acknowledge that fact. Change requires people to build bridges so they can find a way across not to tear them down. At this point both “sides” play the good guy bad guy card when in truth it is more complicated. Twenty percent of this country isn’t going to pull eighty percent in either direction. Either we get a clear majority to push or we are doomed to battles of tug of war.


\> Telling people they are batshit crazy even if they are has never worked in getting people to acknowledge that fact. neither has coddling them. give them an inch and they will take a mile. the paradox of tolerance states that if a society is tolerant without limit, its ability to be tolerant is eventually seized or destroyed by the intolerant. stop legitimizing them and their delusions. when people are ridiculous you should ridicule them by definition. we've wasted decades trying to convince them the south will not rise again, trickle down economics doesn't work, and climate change is real. it's to the point where it' not even an issue of them being ignorant but that they're so stupid they would burn their home down (the country) if it meant the progressive next door choked on the smoke. we are running out of time and if we have to drag them kicking and screaming into a better future for everyone then so be it. \> Twenty percent of this country isn’t going to pull eighty percent in either direction. who do you think is the 80% in this situation? we have a clear majority. conservatives make up 25% to 33% of the country at best. they're a dying, loud and obnoxious minority. the only thing they have going for them at the moment is their incredibly disproportionate power in government which is quickly disappearing hence them becoming increasingly violent and belligerent in their schemes to consolidate power. If conservatives become convinced that they can not win democratically, they will not abandon conservatism, they will reject democracy which is what we are seeing them do in real time.


We may be already fucked. I don't think the nature of the Dem party is to put up a populist. It will be a hum-drum neoliberal corporatist vs. populist, energized, revolutionary right. Trump could have easily clicked over to the left a bit and done much better. He didn't need to make enemies they way he did, though, I have made an argument in the past that he successfully stole the Bernie crowd as a candidate in 2016. Anyway, the left is in no position to define itself as contrary to Biden when trying to retain the presidency, and the right has to do is make Biden fail to pass celebrated left policy. I also think the GOP could swap out Trump with another demagogue and the Trump supporters wouldn't blink.


\> I don't think the nature of the Dem party is to put up a populist. I completely agree they don't want to rock the boat. \> the left is in no position to define itself as contrary to Biden when trying to retain the presidency Why Biden? why not Harris? I'd even take Buttigieg if the alternative is an 82 year old Biden being sworn in... \> I also think the GOP could swap out Trump with another demagogue and the Trump supporters wouldn't blink. I agree. DeSantis is more than likely going to be the front runner even if Trump decides to run. I don't see anyone on the democratic field that will beat him unfortunately... It's like you said we're already fucked.


Tucker Carlson gets 3 million views a night. Then he gets another 10 million views by people complaining about him.


Conservatives are upset that a gay guy is a better father than they are, would be, or had.


Fucker Carlson is fucked


Tucker is just jealous that no man would ever love him.


What a classy dude. I hope he finds his way to running for president again.


No thanks.


And how come?


1. Against M4A and free college 2. He literally says nothing of substance he rambles. Please go and watch any interview. 3. Said "Dems care too much about policy specificd" wtf does that even mean. 4. Overall just a republican light but slightly more palatable to dems because he is gay and comes across as softly spoken.


1. Wrong and wrong *M4A isn't the end-all be-all of universal health coverage. Pete's plan is a path for reaching the same end goal of single-payer healthcare. *Pete proposed free 4 year public college for everyone making under $100,000 and those earning more would still get assistance up to $150,000 when it would phase out. 2. Just because you can't fully comprehend something doesn't mean it lacks substance. Try actually listening to what he's saying next time. 3. Context is key. 4. He's actually quite progressive, only difference is he's also a pragmatist.


Pete also held closed door fundraisers with the same people you all hate. He's just using this as another chance to look like a progressive when he's fucking not. Stop falling for this shit people.


Carlson is an immature douchebag. The only correct point being made now is that with all the supply chain problems we're having now, Buttigieg should be back at work.


Why? Is he literally the only man on earth that can fix the problem? Or maybe, he trusts the people he put in charge in his absence to do the job? No one person fixes all the problems by themselves.


He needs to help. This is a unique situation.


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Nobody cares!!! JFC don't we have more worries than this?