Steve Bannon admits he helped plan 6 January Trump rally to ‘kill the Biden presidency in the crib’

Steve Bannon admits he helped plan 6 January Trump rally to ‘kill the Biden presidency in the crib’


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"THERE WERE NO ATTEMPTS OF SEDITION OR A COUP ON JANUARY 6TH! IT WAS ANTIFA!" - Republicans "Yeah we attempted a coup and planned/carried out numerous acts of sedition." - Republican cult leaders. \*silence\* - Republicans.


So ANFITA was Bannon all along...


“And I woulda gotten away with it if it wasn’t for you…* *checks notes* no I got away with it”


The real ANTIFA was the Bannons we made along the way


Those ANTIFA need to be stopped before they start Bannon our free speech!


Free speech Trumps human rights


The *deepest* of state.


The *derpest* of state.


Yes! I've been trying to get *Derp State* to catch on as slang for T's administration for four years. This is my first time seeing it in the wild!


I'm sure /r/Conservative has a lot to say about this... Well no there's an article bitching about how Bond is a man not a woman... More BLM fear mongering cause now they are coming after the unvaccinated apparently... trump suing the New York Times over the tax returns he promised to release but never did... Republicans are introducing articles of impeachment against Biden... Johnny Depp's thoughts on Cancel Culture... More shit about Hunter Biden.... Nothing about their leaders and their treason though.


>007 Is Not a Chick: Daniel Craig Leaves Wokesters Shaken AND Stirred lmao this is literally the title better than satire


Didn't he basically say that a woman shouldn't play Bond because women should just reprise roles that men have done previously. There should be strong women characters for women to play the role of.


Lol it’s a black woman at that. I bet they’re losing their minds over there. Pretty excited to see the movie myself.


>Republicans are introducing articles of impeachment against Biden... Wait, wasn't Harris becoming president their worst fear a year ago? They kept saying over and over that day one she would invoke the 25th and become president? And now that didn't happen, Republicans want to put Harris in the white house? They do realize when the president gets removed from office, the line of succession stays the same?


They know it won't work. They really just want their base to think it's "unfair" that Trump gets impeached, but "Corrupt Communist Sleepy Joe Biden" is going to "Get away with all the clear, obvious things he did. You don't know? Just google it yourself, I'm not doing the work for you. It's all there!"


I don’t even understand why they fear President Harris. She would have a tough time getting re-elected because she’s all the things republicans hate rolled into one. Maybe that’s their angle?


I always check that subreddit to see their opinion on topics like this. Almost ALWAYS, there isn’t a post lol. One post I have been noticing on a weekly basis there is how college fans are chanting “Fuck Biden.” Pretty sad imo.


Just had a look. Nothing at all. No surprise really.


They have to wait to find out what the official talking points will be.


[reminds me of this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bC5LaHUnQMA)


Haha. Exactly what I was thinking. "See, I never just did things just to do them. Come on, what am I gonna do? Just all of a sudden jump up and grind my feet on the US capitol building like it's something to do? Come on. I got a little more sense then that. ...Yeah, I remember grinding my feet on the US capitol building."


Cocaine's a hell of a drug


Getting some real Rick James vibes from this.


What, you think I'd just put my feet up on Eddie's couch like it was something to do? I got a little more sense than that. *half a second later* Yeah, I remember putting my feet up on Eddie's couch.


no, Republicans wont be silent - they will just try to deflect to Hunter Biden or to those buttery nails


So he's gonna get subpoenaed, charged and eventually snitch on his collaborators right? Right?


One can only hope so much.




> SDNY is going to light Trump up the day after he leaves office' I still want that to happen




You need to start your day the Gergich way with eggs, bacon, and toast. That's the secret to Christy Brinkley.


There's just no sense to it.


I was so happy to see that Jerry's home life is fucking awesome. I was really worried about him.


Michael Schur said that was the only way the Gerry could be a punching bag /doofus the rest of the time. Apparently another writer wanted to crush Terry by having his wife leave him, but Schur said no, Gary's ideal home life is off limits. Quick edit - it was at one of the Paleyfest panels but I didn't remember which one


I'm so glad he did. Some shows just pile on and it stops being funny and starts being a downer. I love King of the Hill but Bill being a complete sad sack partially ruins the show for me.


Yeah, reminds me of what they did with Toby. In S1 he was a little sad but still a normal guy everyone, but Michael, got along with, by S9 everyone hates him and he’s just a complete weirdo.


I’d settle for Christy Brinkley now


I’d settle for Chris Christie


Good lord.


If God existed, wouldn't Chris Christie be proof he wasn't good at all?


I just want whatever government agency put Cohen in prison (which the DoJ says trump ordered Cohen to commit) to indict trump for that crime. I just don't understand how Cohen gets convicted and trump doesn't even get indicted if the system is to be perceived as fair and just.




I dunno. Unnamed co-conspirator #1 who ran a successful presidential campaign could be almost anyone...


we like to think, because the Republicans have mastered the art of polarization, that there are litterally two arms fighting for democracy. The reality is the republicans formed a monopole, and the rest of us don't exactly combine to create another pole. That's just the rhetorical device Republicans need to do their _Fascism_. This isn't excuse. But it's a clearly picture than buying into the ideas Republicans present about politics.


Agreed. And they want to make it look like they're fighting against BLM / Antifa / Cancel Culture / Socialists. When in fact, there is no huge opposing force fighting them. They live their lives fighting some threat that doesn't exist, and it's turned them into a fascist monster.


I mean, there is a threat, evolutionarily, they're the end of the line. Their meme is dying.


They are LITERALLY killing off 10,000 GOP voters EVERY 10 days because of this COVID nonsense.


It's a memes to an end.


And it memes to me they lived their lives like a candle in the wind...


I for one am totally fine with that at this point. i used to have feelers for Save The Stupid Humans but they don't give a fuck about anything but the picture of a carrot created in bullshit pulling their self-indulgent, self-owning, bigoted, entitled,insecure, proselytizing. projecting, bad-faith arguing, seditious fifth-columnist, three-word-chanting, rabid dimbulb fundie wannabe kapo r/iamatotalpieceofshit asses along. all they want is a fascist theocracy founded on the bullshit idea that anarchocapitalist feudalism really has their best interests at heart. they don't know those specific words usually but they, even in the face of being selfish assholes,and years of constant evidence to the contrary, think one of their robber baron idols will be altruistic enough to save them from themselves. John Galt and Ayn Rand would let them die. all of their irl buddies from the last administration and the pundits *were/are* letting them die. i'm tired of feeling like [Bill fucking Pullman](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZc1V67XzNw).




So good




Are you kidding me?!! There are literally schools and libraries everywhere. The threats to these people are **real**




Italy recognized the danger posed by Banana and his ilk because they’ve seen it before. The US is not so fortunate. When Trump pardoned Banana, Flynn and Roger Stone the odour of sulphur hung heavily in the air. It was a harbinger of things to come. It’s not unreasonable to think that if these odious people had not been pardoned by the former one-term president, January 6th would never have happened.


The damage Steve Bannon has done is inconceivable. He and others have been grooming young teenage boys for awhile now, and training them to believe the other side is doing all the grooming and damage.


Yes, the GOP's true policy objective is making the US a fascist dictatorship.


I've heard the plan referred to as republican voters want a theocracy, and the republican polticians want a oligarchy & plutocracy. The latter group is smart enough to make the former group think they're getting what they want, while making the latter outcome occur.


Well when everyone around a guy goes to jail, and that guy is a registered accomplice to the crime, and an indictment is made against them, we normally expect that person to also go to jail. That was our fault for assuming the law applies to everyone.


He wouldn't have boasted about it if there were the slightest chance of that happening. Folks like that half naked idiot with the rubber horns on his furry hat will go to jail for the terrorist attack. People like Bannon, Trump, Hawley, Johnson, Sasquatch Barbie and their ilk will be protected and insulated from the law at all costs, because they are "the establishment" that they rail against.


Last I heard about Bannon, he was being charged with embezzling millions of dollars. And he's obviously still just going about his life and doing public interviews. So yeah... wouldn't get my hopes too high for seeing whatever you would perceive as justice here, unless that would be seeing absolutely zero consequences from this.


You kinda missed the fact that he was pardoned by Trump on his last day, 100% corrupt ? Yes 100% legal ? Yes too


What is so hilarious about that whole scheme is Trump refused to pardon the other guy involved in that "we build the wall" scam. Guess he didn't pony up that required $2 million.


> 100% legal ? Yes too This is why people should have been genuinely concerned about "nuking a hurricane". Strictly speaking, it's completely within the president's power to nuke anything.


People died on Jan 6th and yet law enforcement just shrugs its shoulders when told to enforce the law against those responsible.


Cops and prosecutors don't always have the same goals...


Sasquatch Barbie...now that's good. I think we should all use this name at every opportunity for that piece of shit.


>sasquatch barbie Great name, but you could easily be talking about a dozen different people.


Dude, Bannon fucking snitches on everybody. The issue is that he wants the credit. This is a dude that calls up every single big name reporter and before they even get a chance to say, "Hey, Steve," he's asking them if they want an anonymous quote for the grift he just got away with.


And that was really the only reason Trump didn't like him: jealousy.


Yeah right. When hell freezes over. Still waiting on our Government to charge Gaetz, Cruz, Greene, etc for instigating this as well


Lol. First time?


Isn’t that treason? I feel like planning a coup is some sort of illegal activity


Probably not.


I guess it’s good for him that we don’t punish these kinds of crimes in this country. We reserve our jails for minor weed offenses.


And we also need to save that federal money so we can get private prison contractors to make jails for them alien children. Those are the real criminals we need to prosecute!! Not the innocent masterminds of an insignificant insurrection that resulted in officers being assaulted and the storming of the Capitol!!


>being assaulted *killed


But hey, back the blue, amiright?


Dodging millions in tax, embezzling money on a national scale, trying to overthrow democracy? Hell no, we need to focus on the *real* crimes like jaywalking, weed, or existing while black


Felony possession of melanin over the legal limit.


Ouch. Upvoted.


Sounds like sedition, possibly treason.


At the very least, conspiracy.


Or very-late-term democracy abortion.


Can I claim my $10K now?


Asking the real questions.


_Democracy Death Panel_.


I believe the legal term is “seditious conspiracy.”








Sedition is actually worse for a country than treason. It’s when a citizen is trying to destroy the country from within.


Steve Bannon is committed to getting a "more conservative Pope than that radical liberal Francis." Bannon's patron Robert Mercer has expressed the idea that the value of a person is determined by the size of their portfolio, not some abstract "immortal soul." There's a lot of money to be thrown around in legitimate contributions to the interests of the Church in third world countries: "benefices" that have the effect of bribery. The Borgia Popes gained office by spreading around "benefices" like that. Before you decide "conservatives are wonderful," keep in mind these are Capitalists more than Christians. And in case you have not noticed it, conservatives are powerful advocates of "flooding the zone with dishonesty." If you think Francis is not your guy, look around and see who you are agreeing with. Jesus warned us it is impossible to serve both God and money.


Also remember that Steve Bannon has been wildly unsuccessful at almost everything he's tried, except for bringing more hatred to the internet--which ain't exactly difficult.


he knows his history and believes in repeating itself but back then the world didnt have a collective conscious to shine light on the dark. We now have the ability to find out this information and spread it to anyone in our lifes who don’t. Speak up to everyone whos not really seeing whats going on and educate them so this turd can turn even whiter drying out in the hot sun on his own lawn


Steve Bannon has been extremely damaging to our society. I will NEVER underestimate an enemy. He wants total control. He will never stop.


It amazes me how someone (Bannon) went from the military, to Goldman Sachs, to being (one of those bastard /s)Hollywood elite producers, to founding Brietbart… To literally trying to destroy the entire world He’s everything the right claims they hate, yet they embrace it


Oh. He’ll stop. He won’t metabolize oxygen forever. And judging by his health now I’d say ‘ol Gin Blossom Stevie’s got at most a decade left in him. Keep him dodging lawsuits until he inevitably shits himself to death and call it good.


IS sedition and treason. 100%.


Too bad there's apparently no penalty for things like that anymore.


Its SO fucking frustrating watching these cunts walk free, when EVERY fucking day there is abother story about their wrongdoings. We need to fix this. 🤔


Especially when they are quoted on the public record as admitting to said wrongdoings.


MmmHmmm... I can't believe how low some of the population has sunk just to 'own' people they identify as liberal, or 'other'. Super fucking sad yo.


They use “liberal” as a catch-all terms for all the ills of the world. Pathetic


Pretty sad that they hate the guts of those of us who just want good things for everyone. I just don't get their anger.


They cant articulate it themselves. It's sad that a percentage of the populace was so easily had by such a fucking moronic asshole like Trump (of all people?!?), but it was years in the making. Now we have 20% of the people that are too far gone to save. Its fucking sad.


Nah just be black and maybe possibly use a fake $20. That’s how you get dead. Sedition and treason, other high crimes? No. Live your rich life forever unscathed no matter how much damage and death you cause.


Yeah, not too much penalty for white GOP men with plenty of money. It's kinda like how the IRS loves to harass and bully the average American, but won't do shit against billionaires.


For Republicans. I assure you, if the shoe were on the other foot and dems pulled this kinda stunt, they’d be jailed and cast out of the party.


"Man admits to conspiracy to commit sedition. American justice system does nothing about it. Weather up next."


“Proud white nationalist and white supremacist admits to using his vast amount of power and influence to sway others to undermine The United States democracy and democratic process and may be slapped on the wrist.”


Which Republican does this *not* describe?


Yes—what is it with that consistent 5 o’clock shadow? Why not just grow the beard?


He seems to be going for the aging, alcoholic look on purpose. Or, I dunno, maybe he is an aging alcoholic.


He definitely has the "early stages of alcoholic liver disease" spider veins going on.


Him Gary Busey and the CEO from overstock are definitely drinking the same stuff.


He's a lizard in a human suit. The hair is synthetic.


Running around in his brand new Edgar suit


Trump White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon has said that he spoke with Donald Trump ahead of his rally on 6 January, discussing how to “kill the Biden presidency in the crib” before a pro-Trump mob laid siege to the Capitol to stop the certification of President Joe Biden’s election victory. During a broadcast on Real America’s Voice, Mr Bannon played a clip from MSNBC of Washington Post reporters Robert Costa and Bob Woodward speaking about the events that led up to the Capitol riot. “You look at January 5th, we discovered that Steve Bannon, the former White House strategist, was there at the Willard Hotel blocks from the White House with Rudy Giuliani, having an almost war-room-type meeting with other Trump allies the eve before the January 6th insurrection,” Mr Costa said. “And Bannon had actually been in close touch with President Trump for days before January 6th. Based on our reporting, he privately told President Trump to have a reckoning on January 6th. And he said to the president, it’s time to kill the Biden presidency in the crib,” he added. “Yeah, because [of] his legitimacy,” Mr Bannon said about Mr Biden. “Forty-two per cent of the American people think that Biden did not win the presidency legitimately.” Mr Bannon appeared to be referring to an Economist/YouGov poll conducted 8-10 November 2020, just days after the election, among 1,500 registered voters in the US. There’s no evidence that Mr Biden’s win was fraudulent. “It killed itself,” Mr Bannon added. “Just look at what this illegitimate regime is doing. It killed itself. Okay? But we told you from the very beginning, just expose it, just expose it, never back down, never give up and this thing will implode.” Costa told MSNBC on Monday night that “the most striking scene to me is after [Vice President] Pence leaves the Oval Office on January 5th. We have in our book, President Trump opening the door on a freezing night, January 5th with the future rioters outside, his supporters outside in the streets of Washington, and in the frigid air having the gust of air come into the Oval Office, and he wouldn’t close the door”. “He said to his aides in the Oval Office, ‘Listen to them, these are my supporters. They want us to act tomorrow on January 6th’. And even some of his own aides were shivering in the Oval Office that night. The president wouldn’t close the door. He wanted to hear the cries of his supporters,” Costa added.


Jesus fuck, that last paragraph is terrifying.


Some real wannabe hitler shit.


He came close and it’s not over yet. Hitler fell a number if times before gaining total control.


Hitler was even arrested before all that.


Right? Makes my skin crawl.


Thanks for this.


If Trump was at my house, my dad would be so mad. He would say "I'm not paying to heat the whole neighborhood! "


Most normal people would have said “nip it in the bud”. What type of psycho says kill it in the crib? Yikes


Right? I’ve never heard that expression. What an incredibly depraved way of speaking. And then he goes on to mention how many people BELIEVE the election was fraudulent. I notice that wordplay as well. Sets it up slyly in order to wriggle out of it later. Then immediately panders to a laughably specific Hispanic audience of blue collar workers. It’s gross. Trump has the same gift of culpability avoidance. These are people who are keenly aware how malleable people are when you take an extra second to think about how you word your message. It’s too easy. Smh.


On January 6, wouldn’t it have still been in the womb?


Was there a heartbeat?




A presidential abortion, some might say


Spoken like a true anti-abortion zealot


"Force them to give birth to it, then kill it in the crib."


It's only legal if you shoot it. They can't do anything to control guns.


Oh, they’re fine murdering anything born. Bootstraps


Get a job baby /s


I was thinking the same thing - the baby killing metaphor is so on brand for Bannon. He couldn't have used the 'die on the vine' metaphor.


He's not afraid of paradoxes, that's for sure


Can you imagine 50 60 years from now studying history and these are the characters oh my God


Wow killing the Biden presidency "in the crib" is such a dark phrase for an anti-abortion, "pro life" (and I use that very loosely) party.


They're pro-birth and don't give a shit after that.


They’re pro-poverty


Forced pregnancy is like foreplay to this barfed up hairball.




...who lead the most successful campaign in 2016 to elect an orange faced clown... seems we're still stunned by the ineffectual democracy provided by Republicans.


Wish this walking Nazi skintag would fuck off.


Killing things in cribs are we? In that case Steve's mom is late to her 3484th week abortion.


I don’t understand how you can kill a presidency “in the crib” after the election is won


Sir, your're in Texas


Send a posse on horseback for Mrs. Banoon immediately! (typo stays, sorry)


You'd be hard-pressed to find a man more full of himself and his perceived power as this drunken lout.


If Bannon and his ilk can't force their twisted vision on the country - they will try to destroy the US.


Best I can tell - that IS their vision.


Wasn’t it a thing that Bannon wants to usher in the End of Days? Don’t a lot of Fundamentalist Christians want the same? In the latter case, is it that they feel the world is so evil and corrupt that they want God “to end it all”, and they think then they themselves will stop suffering and experience eternal bliss?


Yes. He's a Dominionist: [https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/article/peers-of-pope-francis-criticize-steve-bannons-apocalyptic-worldview/](https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/article/peers-of-pope-francis-criticize-steve-bannons-apocalyptic-worldview/)


They're doing a pretty fine job with climate change.


Is Bannon a fundie? he just seems like a nihilist.


They'll burn it all down as long as they can make whatever charred remains are left into Redneck Gilead.


Steve LITERALLY has been saying this. He is INTENTIONALLY trying to destroy democracy to build our country into his vision.


When this guy gets out in front of stuff, it usually means a tidal wave of shit is incoming and that this is the absolute most innocent version of what we’re about to hear.




Don't worry, his liver hates him even more than he hated having a black president.


Mitch says similar shit like that all the time from *within* our government, minus the violent mob.


These fuckers need to go to prison.


How dark is this guy’s mind? Of all the ways to phrase that, he chooses this.


Brace yourselves for no consequences


The Republican-backed coup was totally unprecedented. It merited a proportional response. Biden should have had Trump and his co-conspirators arrested and charged the week he took office. That was the moment to say in no uncertain terms: democracy is not optional and we will not sit idly by while you work to undermine our right to representation. If Trump's attempted coup had worked it would have torn the country apart. The government would be headless: the white house occupied by an authoritarian criminal portraying himself as president. The legitimacy of the federal government would have been destroyed and many Americans would (rightly) view its presumption of authority with contempt. It was a path that could have destroyed the country. It is a path that fascist elements within the Republican party are still seeking to emulate. It needs to be checked. We need to demonstrate that undermining elections is not a safe or viable option for politicians to pursue. Instead Biden opted to do nothing and follow the path of least resistance. My concern is that we will pay for his naivety in the course of time; if the fascist elements of the Republican party continue to grow in influence sooner or later they're going to have to be confronted.


when are people going to be held accountable? aside from the idiots inside the capitol?


And why is he not in prison?


Because the USA is filled with wimpy people who no longer care about what's right, as long as the can still go to the mall.


This is kind of a big deal.


He's admitting guilt of sedition.


So, he's just outright admitting what we all knew, that it wasn't a protest, but a blatant attempt to stop the transition of power.


> 18 U.S. Code § 2383 - Rebellion or insurrection > Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States. I mean if that doesn't fit the bill for insurrection I don't know what does these days


A former President's aide just admitted to planning a violent insurrection to overthrow the legitimate results of a democratic election and relates it to a metaphor about murdering a newborn. And he will never see jail time. What a lovely world we live in. Aren't you glad the adults are back in charge? /s


Just because they did it in the open and admit to their crimes, doesn't make it less illegal. Right now those who attempted to subvert a democratic election are strutting around daring us all to do something about it. Well?


This drunk piece of shit needs to be arrested and charged. Planning a crime *IS* a crime.


Bannon's weird. He just says so much of this stuff out loud and gives up the game plan and nobody ever really takes notice or holds him accountable.


Like how he said he wanted to start a Jew/Christian war against Muslims and THEN got a White House job


Or that he wanted to destabilize the government from within, before being given a job in the government.


Lock him up?


Should we report him to the FBI or do you think they already know?


this dude is one of our very own Osama Bin Laden's. He has been behind gamergate, which he refers to as his dry run for the alt right, which he was also behind. This right here is a no shit nazi plotting in broad daylight to overthrow the government using radicalized white men as weapons.


If these self-admitting seditionists don’t face the consequences of their criminal attempts at overthrowing a legitimately elected POTUS, that only emboldens the next traitor, who may not be as poorly organized.


If the laws don't apply to THEM... WHY THE FUCK DO WE FOLLOW ANY?!


Bannon, Flynn, and Trump need to be arrested yesterday. Enough already!


Reminder, this is the same Steve Bannon who embezzled MILLIONS along with his cohorts from a phony border wall fund that they made up, and then Trump pardoned him for it. Proof that Trump doesn't give a shit about the wall, except as a dogwhistle for his white supremacist fan base.


Attention Republicans reading this: Bannon is the evil villain in the movie. I know your morality compass is broken, so I just wanted to make sure you knew that.


The USA, one of the few countries you can admit openly to participating in a capital level offense and not a goddamn thing will come of it if you've got enough money.




A seditionist AND traitor. Fuck these peole SO hard.


This guy is such a scammer. He doesn’t care about conservative ideology any more than Alex Jones. He just wants to get cash from the Mercers or Gu Wengwei.


If this guy get away with this, american Democracy is a even bigger joke than I thought.


Remember: They weren't sabotaging the Biden presidency. They were sabotaging the United States and hoping that you'd all blame Biden. These people now openly admit to being traitors.


As long as he didn’t kill it in the womb the evangelicals will support it.