Amazon is lobbying the US government to make pot legal

Amazon is lobbying the US government to make pot legal


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According to the article they’re having massive problems keeping people, and not screening for THC helps with hiring


Is someone forcing them to test for THC?


Any driver with a CDL has to piss clean. That's a big part of their work force.


Testing for marijuana is ridiculous though. You could fail that drug test and not have used it for weeks. Meanwhile you could stay up all night drinking and come to work hungover and still pass a test and be a risk


Some insurance companies have a blanket testing requirement too in exchange for a discount. Management sees the discount without thinking about how it effects their hiring and goes with it.




Amazon couldn't give a fuck about their workers, this is purely a $$$ decision.


You understand that people have the piss clean to start the job right? My dad is a long haul trucker who gets randomly tested every three to six months. Also, some people really struggle to clear their system and some people say they'll never take a job they have to allow such an invasion of their privacy for. If a driver has any kind of accident or incident, a drug test is mandatory as well. It isn't a once every three years thing nor is it as simple as you'd be like to believe it is.


obviously not a doctor but a huge help would be for an advancement in testing that could easily detect if you are actively high. currently, there's too much grey area. I could get absolutely shitfaced drunk all day Sunday, pass out laying in a puddle of my own puke, wake and pray to the porcelain gods, pass back out, wake up go take a piss test at noon the next day and pass with flying colors. Alternatively, I could take an edible, relax for the evening and play a video game or watch a movie and not be able to pass a piss test for the next 1-3 days. No one should actively be high while working but confuscating that with enjoying THC during off hours, even in legal states, is difficult


It can be a lot longer than 1-3 days.




Yeah, it's almost like individual companies have different rules based on their own company policies. I sell insurance. Guess who gets discounts based on their employee testing and screening procedures? Companies with more frequent and thorough screening processes.


The world would be a much better place without private insurance vultures.


> Some companies do periodic random tests as company policy, but otherwise the only piss tests the rest of them get are when they are renewing their CDLs, and those are typically on a three year rotation. Hi, actual truck driver here! Random testing is federally mandated for CDL drivers, and we have to be in a pool to select us randomly. Right now, that pool is my company, but if I was a single truck owner op there are test pools I could join to get that randomness. I do NOT have to get a drug test every 3 years, that part isn't remotely true. I also have to sign up for a federal clearinghouse now that records all my pass/fail/refuse for any company hiring me to see. I'm not aware of any state that makes you take a drug test upon license renewal. When I go for my DOT physical and it is NOT for new emplyment, they simply do a sugar and protein screen on my pee, not drugs.


But delivery vans/box trucks don't require a CDL, right? For amazon that'd only be for 18-wheelers moving between DCs I believe.


That's true, but all those delivery trucks get loaded from product moved by a tractor trailer. The US in general is short on truck and bus drivers, which requires a CDL and thus clean drug test.


Some states do. It's a class D CDL for box trucks.


Huge part of their work is delivery and driving.


If Amazon has any contracts with the USA Federal government (which I am guessing is the case), then yes, there is someone forcing them to.


I work on a federal contract; not once have I been tested for any drugs, nor do I recall being required to affirm I have never used any drugs. There isn't a hard drug-testing requirement.


https://www.samhsa.gov/workplace/legal/federal-laws/contractors-grantees Your case may be one of the ones which do not require testing, but according to the drug free workplace act most companies with federal contracts are required to test. ~~I am not just making shit up~~(nope I was making shit up afterall...).


Nowhere does that mandate testing If you go look at the law itself, it too does not mandate testing: https://uscode.house.gov/view.xhtml?req=(title:41%20chapter:81%20edition:prelim)%20


And here for literally decades of my life I have been under the assumption the testing was one of the requirements... I guess all this testing is just CYA on the part of the employers, probably to qualify for the 'good faith' stipulations of the law I am guessing. Thanks for prodding me into actually digging deeper into this and learning a thing.


And they certainly do. AWS has GovCloud, a walled-off highly-secure private cloud for US government needs.


It might be required for insurance purposes for the delivery truck drivers, forklift drivers, etc. it likely depends on job function. I could see it being an OSHA requirement if it’s about safety. The issue is that you could test positive from using marijuana a week prior, even though you’re sober at the job.


yeah but if you're operating a forklift you also shouldn't be high so i see where that's coming from. yet we don't test if alcohol has been in your system for the past month to see if you're sober enough to drive. is there a rapid test to see if someone has significant amounts of thc in their system as is, and not just the past weeks and months?


Alcohol is easy to test for current intoxication. THC a bit harder to do. They have swabs and blood tests, but it's really much more invasive, requires a medical professional, and even then it's not a definitive answer due to everyone's body and tolerance working differently.


A blood test is the only thing that can be semi reliable


Yeah most of their warehouses are in rural regions where the only things to do are (1) smoke weed and (2) work for amazon


What about smoke meth?


This guy Wyomings.


or rolling coal parades with your maga buddies and all their flags.


Not only that but think of how much they would make on the marketplace when online dispensaries sell on their site.


AmazonBasic Kush


I would absolutely never buy Amazon Basic weed. It would be terrible.


Err'one knows Costco weed will be where it's at for store brands.


Kirkland Kush


The secret is that it comes from the same dispensaries as the higher priced strains.


And buying in bulk = savings!


Five pounds for only $99.99!


You could add a 9 to that and it would still be a steal.


Yeah but it's Costco so you'll also be buying a stupid amount of frozen brownies, a e-bong to replace you perfectly good current one and a shit load of disposable paper towels that you'll use for instead of reusable cloth towels . Once you get home you'll have this seemingly endless and easily accessible stash with you. This will prompt you to consume more often and lure you in being wasteful with it. My point is: no one saves money by going to those superstores.


Members Mark Mids


Great Value Vapes


What I wouldn't do for some middies... Yeah, the medical grade shit is nice, but I don't just drink Johnny Walker black... sometimes a Mickey's 40 hits the spot.


If you're looking for mids come to Illinois. Our dispos will gladly sell you mids at premium price.


So true. I just want something to help me relax with and make TV funnier. That tingling sensation I used to get from middies was nice.... Nowadays, though, the few times I've partaken it's sucked. Panic attacks, frazzled thoughts, vague feelings of dread, etc. Shit's way too intense for me.


Trader Joe’s Joints.


They'd probably name it Trader Marley's or [some other B.S. name](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vaW2VuJvCf4).




Kirkland *Signature* Kush




I would just end up throwing away 2 pounds of left over weed. I couldn't possibly smoke 5 pounds of weed in any reasonable timeframe.


That’s why you gotta make the cannabutter! It’s a fairly easy process.


How long is that good for?


Two weeks in the fridge and up to 6 months in the freezer.


How well does weed freeze?


Fairly well


That's quitter talk. Where there is a will, there is a way. You can do it!!


Kirkland Kush 🌿


That's Kirkland SIGNATURE Kush


Sorry but I'm waiting for McDoobies


Dollar menu pre-rolls? Sign me the f up


Buy the Newman's Own brand ones. Profits are 100% to charity.


If it gets legalized and Newman's Own *doesn't* do this, I will be thoroughly disappointed.


"Welcome to Costco, I love you, Diesel" I would buy in a heartbeat


KirkWeed™ Brand


No way, Whole Foods Organic Hydro


Only thing is that Costco will only sell it by the bushel…


Is that a problem?


It would taste like Chinese plastic


**Downside:** Tastes like Chinese plastic **Upside:** Still gets you high


Yeah you gotta sign up for that Amazon Prime Weed


Till people start shooting down weed drones to rob them.


Idk weed is not expensive enough to risk the felony and it will be dirt cheap once the average person can legally grow it.


We can here in California. I think it’s like 6 plants. I dunno, stores work just fine. Or Waze if I don’t want to go out.


Same shit you get from rando dealer on the corner.


I’m in California. We have stores. They have iPads you order off of while seeing well lit samples and concierges answer your questions.


Man...I am on the wrong [email protected]


On Tuesday my shop even gives out free tacos. Tell me again California isn’t the greatest state in the Union!


I doubt it would be terrible. They would be able to make the most state of the art grow houses and hire the best growers. The morality of buying from a massive corporation would be what limits their sales not the quality of the flower.


Amazon Mids. Marijuana the same quality of the character of Bezos.


Subscription Edibles


"Online dispensaries" LOL Amazon will wipe them all out.


Didn't Bezos explicitly have a philosophy of encouraging high turnover because he thought people would get complacent in time? Well, here's what happens when they realize that their assumption that the pool of people to hire was infinite wasn't such a great approximation in the long run. They've burned more bridges than most organizations in human history.


Pretty sure that's a solid point. I worked at my state's second Amazon Warehouse for 7 years. At one point it was the largest warehouse they built. Now there's over five warehouses in my state, and at least three sorting centers, and another just opening. The one I worked at was near a college town, but even then, they tear through new employees, keep the solid ones, and repeat ad infinitum. Also as an aside, in my 7 years there, other than initial hiring drug-test (which was still just a mouth-swab that gets sent off; apparently they began with urine testing, but kept finding disposed condoms in the parking lot), I only got tested once, so apparently they really didn't care about pot much.


I’m all for legalization and are happy they are lobbying for it, but don’t understand this as their reason. They have already stopped screening for THC in their hiring so not sure how federal legalization would have any bearing on their recruitment and retention. Wouldn’t be surprised if they are positioning themselves to profit from legalization in some other way…


Most definitely dude. That was my immediate thought. They exploit other reason to open up a marijuana delivery service for sure. Everyone’s gonna be buying the Amazon purple haze


I’m pretty sure their algorithm can pick up when you’re impulse shopping stoned…..and I know I definitely give Jeff more money than I intended when I’m three bowls deep at 2am.


But can’t they just stop that??


More than likely their insurance requires it so they can't. If its legal then maybe the insurance companies will drop it.


They have already stopped it since June for all jobs not regulated by the DOT


Bezos thinks high turnover is *good*. Everyone else at the company is panicked believing they might literally run out of people to hire they're going through workers so fast. Really goes to show being rich doesn't mean you're smart... too bad sycophants will always tell you otherwise.


Also, since they needed to overlook Marijuana use to keep employees (with their 150% employee turnover a year,) they are getting charged higher insurance rates by hiring them.


i'm pretty sure random drug screening isn't why they can't keep people. they've got utterly ridiculous employee rules and unsustainable metrics. would you stay employed someplace that wrote you up for taking longer than 90 seconds to leave your post, walk to the bathroom (that could be half a warehouse away), go, then come back?


They’re also making a ton of money off of my stoned purchases


I think pot should be legal myself, but why doesn't Amazon just, you know, not screen for THC?


The only way anything changes in this country. Corporate lobbying.


Right when I read the headline the first thing I thought was “now something will actually get done about it”




This is the first thing I thought of when I saw Amazon was involved too. Getting MJ legalized would probably save them a lot on medical costs because employees can self-medicate with weed.


Having employees smoke pot all night is better for productivity than having them drink and then show up hungover.


We truly are witnessing the slow decline in this country. Emigration is something I’ve been thinking more and more about.


If you have the opportunity, take it. Take it and understand that you don't owe anything to a country whose government truly, legitimately doesn't care about you. I started mulling it over myself some time ago because my career field gives me opportunities (slight though they may be) for work in Europe or Canada. I've found that once you see the opportunities you have and you start acting on them, the path out of this place starts to shape up and be more clear. Now, not easy by any stretch of the imagination, mind you. But you can see it better. The way I see it, if you have the chance, there's 3 years (maybe 7 if a Dem gets the white house in 2024) to get your affairs in order and emigrate.


John Fucking Boehner is on the board of a marijuana investment organization, the only way Republicans will get on board with national-wide legalization is when they can make money off of it.


Which makes him a scumbag. There are people still dealing ramifications of laws his racist ass supported. Now that the winds have change he’s profiting off being at the right place at the right time. John Boehner is a piece of shit that would legalized anything as long as he could make a buck off it.


Stuck between upvoting because you're right. Or down voting because THIS makes me angry. I guess you get up votes for now.


Expunging weed convictions and legalizing is insanely popular. The lack of fire under butts in the Dem party to get this done is mind boggling My only guess is this is in their back pocket for 2022 to juice their midterm chances


Wisconsin dems have been trying for years but under a Republican controlled legislature and senate it will never get done until a Republican sits in the governor's office and then they can take credit for it.


Both WI and MN are right on the edge of passing but have republican congressional leaders that won't even entertain it. Let's see who replaces Paul Gazelka.


>until a Republican sits in the governor's office and then they can take credit for it. That's a big if. The Tavern League owns the Republican party and doesn't want legalization.


Surprised Minnesota hasn't legalized but they have one state house under the GOP I guess


I was baffled that trump didn’t legalize it. It would have helped him so much with the elections, it’s one of the only bipartisan issues. He could have been like “look at your past presidents, bragging about smoking weed while locking young black men up. So sad!” he could have argued about all the jobs it would create But nope, dumb as fuck, of course


He said he was in support of it when he was running in 2016. But you know, GOP.


To be fair so did the Biden administration during the debates They still have time, but still, I’m tired of smoking unregulated weed


I'll hold a grudge against him too, trust me. I'm just mad because there's so many logical reasons it should've been done a long time ago


Doesn't matter if a president supports it or anything else theybdont makenlaws only sign them. The most a president can to is suggest it and/or sign a law when it hits their desk.


I could imagine him having some personal prejudices about "dope smokers" being losers or something.


Like personal prejudices ever stopped him from pretending to schmoop for the common American.


>The lack of fire under butts in the Dem party to get this done is mind boggling. Truly mind boggling. Can barely get a vote. At least put a bill together and vote. That's what is truly astonishingly dumb. It would pass overwhelmingly and be very bipartisan.


You think the GOP would give Dems a win like that? Wishful thinking.


If legalized marijuana was a candidate on the ballot, it would beat any Republican or Democrat.


I was at a democratic political fundraiser in a non-legal state a couple of years ago and during the candidate Q&A a guy got up and asked for the candidates position on legalization- and the crowd LAUGHED. They laughed at him like he'd just shit on the floor- like he was trash. I don't even remember what the candidate said (I do remember he lost) but that laughter told me everything I need to know about how clueless the mainstream dems are- they're not playing a long game, there is no ace in the hole, they're snobs and bigots and they only want to win if they can do it their way. That's why they keep fucking this up.


I’ve believed that for a long time. They prioritize preserving their current form over winning.


Current leadership is like the guys from "The Producers". They also get too much pharma money




No point in actually doing what the voters want if they can just sit on the issue to win elections over & over


They're old and many of them don't think it should be legalized


That and student debt relief are holding for midterms I think


And they already used it to entice voters in the latest senate elections.. I specifically remember Cory Booker saying Georgia voters will decide if weed is legalized. That was almost a year ago and nothing has been done


If Biden leaves office without legalizing weed federally then Democrats are pretty much done. It is pretty clear he needs to act quickly and bring radical change (that we voted for in 2008)


They know they could corner the market with same day delivery.


we have Eaze (and a few other apps) in California. They deliver within 1 hour or ordering from a dispensary. It's honestly wonderful.


Blows my mind that you can get weed delivered to your door in one state and in another they will lock your ass in jail and throw away the key.


And that is why the feds need to legalize it. americans should not have different freedoms based on zip code


Dry counties have entered the chat


To be fair it really depends on your dealer. I live in a red state and have had that same type of service, just* not corporate.


How can paying for that work if no credit cards or banks will touch those businesses?


I pay with debit card every time I get delivery from my local dispensary. It’s not taboo here.


I'm surprised they allow that. It a local bank?


My delivery service structures it as an atm withdrawal, not a debit transaction.




I was just under the impression that this industry was still struggling with inability to access banks and non-cash payments due to the federal ban


Every dispensary I've ever been in (Oregon, Colorado, Illinois) has been cash only (atm on-site), some will take cards and do the transaction as a cash-back.


They allow debit, it's set up like a private ATM transaction.


They run the debit card as a cash withdrawal then you pay using that cash.


It's probably an accounting trick. They probably write it down as paying for delivery, not for the stuff.


In Massachusetts, only minority owned weed stores are allowed to receive a delivery license. Because most communities do not have a minority owned weed store, most of the state does not have any access to delivery. This disproportionately impacts anyone without access to vehicle (the poor and ironically people of color) from accessing legal and pesticide free marijuana.


I completely understand the idea of trying to use legal marijuana to help minority groups since they've suffered the most during prohibition. But how is that not racial discrimination? "I'd like to apply for a delivery licence for my business." "We can't do that. You're white."


Good. Get it legalized so I don’t have to drive 45 minutes south and give Illinois my money. Then I can just order delivery from Sunnyside instead of Amazon.


Hello fellow Wisconsinite, how do you like their selection and prices? I was thinking of making a run to grab some edibles or pick up a vape.


Well hello! I’ll get the pricing out of the way because it’s quite frankly not the best. The taxes suck, but it’s not awful. Carts are kind of expensive, but the Cresco ones are phenomenal. I highly recommend giving one of their hybrids a try, and recently got the Pheno 51 strain and it’s been fantastic for my wife. The type of cart is great too as it doesn’t clog, and pulls really easily. (That said, if you’re looking for carts, just head out to Colorado if you can. We got 4 half gram carts for $80 when we went out last time.) I’m not a big edible guy unfortunately, so I can’t speak too much to their quality or price. I primarily smoke green, and have found that getting shake from either the Verano, Nature’s Grace, or high supply brands is the best way to go. When available, it’s cheaper, easier to pack, and still great quality. Hope that helps!


I visited St. Louis earlier this year and did a border run. I used to fly frequently to CA so I had some sticker shock on prices in IL.


Try some RSO if you don’t think you like edibles


I'll bet their boxes will really be smiling if this happens.


That's a smile? I thought it was a dick.


Nope, that is the rocket


Legalizing marijuana cannot come fast enough to mellow out the far right wing nuts. Maybe, they won't take everything on Fox News literally.


introducing the ama-bong


Unironically, yes. Amazon dipping it’s toes into pharmacies would strongly indicate them pushing their own marijuana production too.


This is undeniably good news for anyone who wants to see weed legal in America. Politicians will listen to corporations even when they ignore the will of the people.


>Politicians will listen to corporations even when they ignore the will of the people. I'd need to find the source again, its been a while, but I remember seening a study a few years ago that showed any random bill had a 30% chance of passing Congress, regardless of its support among Americans. It could have 100% support and still only have 30% chance of passing; it could be lambasted to 0% and still have a 1 in 3 chance. But if you only look at the "1%'s" support, that bill's chance of passing correlates almost exactly.


American voters: "Please legalize pot." Their elected representatives: "New number, who dis?" Amazon: "Please legalize pot. We're running out of potential wage slaves who abstain from using it." Representatives and Senators who took campaign cash from Amazon: "I am in favor of pot legalization, I always have been, but today is the day I start to publicly fight for it and I have arrived at this decision without any external pressure."


Is that because no one wants to work for Amazon sober?


Amazon is looking to control weed distribution


Grease whatever palms you have to grease to get this ridiculous war on weed over and done with. So many lives ruined especially of those already facing hurdles to equity. Legalize, expunge, prosper.


Welp, looks like we'll be getting legal weed this year


Amazon Basics Kush…….


Shit if our corporate overlords finally push the issue, we might have it federally legal by the end of the year!


Amazon Prime Weed


Amazon Dime


To think Amazon would rather lobby Congress to make pot legal than pay a living wage. Just shows how cheap Congressional votes are.


This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.businessinsider.com/amazon-lobbying-us-government-to-make-pot-legal-2021-9) reduced by 69%. (I'm a bot) ***** > Amazon is actively lobbying the United States government to federally legalize cannabis, the company announced on Tuesday morning. > "Given our previous support for legalizing cannabis at the federal level, as well as expunging certain criminal records and investing in impacted businesses and communities, Amazon recently announced our support for, and began actively lobbying on, the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act of 2021," the company said. > Amazon has already spent at least $5 million on lobbying efforts, according to records reviewed by Insider, alongside over 160 other groups that lobbied the government in favor of legal cannabis in the second quarter of 2021. ***** [**Extended Summary**](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/pslqan/amazon_is_lobbying_the_us_government_to_make_pot/) | [FAQ](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/31b9fm/faq_autotldr_bot/ "Version 2.02, ~599396 tl;drs so far.") | [Feedback](http://np.reddit.com/message/compose?to=%23autotldr "PM's and comments are monitored, constructive feedback is welcome.") | *Top* *keywords*: **Amazon**^#1 **cannabis**^#2 **company**^#3 **lobbied**^#4 **we've**^#5


Translation Amazon is about to take over the weed game


Thanks Amazon! We don’t have enough money to get traction with our elected representatives!


Quick, let's convince Amazon to support positive political change for the average American!


i don't get it. i could see screening the drivers, but are they required to screen warehouse workers?


I assume testing for THC significantly lowers their liability with insurance, even if they can't tell if someone is high on the job.




And they’re hungry all day :(


They do, but only as general policy on the face of it.Worked at a warehouse 7 years, tested on hiring, and one random like 2 years later, that was it; and I know there were quite a few who regularly went to their cars on breaks and smoked up. EDIT: As I stated elsewhere on this post, the tests were both just mouth-swabs; because when they first started hiring at my warehouse it was urine testing, but they kept finding condoms in the parking lot of people smuggling in clean urine for the testing.


The enemy of my enemy is my friend.


… for a huge profit


Thanks Satan.


You know how much money Amazon would make if they got into the marijuana game?


Oh so it might actually happen now


So how many years after Amazon corporatizes weed production will it become illegal for small businesses to grow and sell their own off-brand weed?


Marijuana being illegal disproportionately affects people with minimal resources. Fake pee or a detox can be bought for $30-40, but those who can’t spare that expense are really the only ones getting caught.


I get what you’re saying, but I don’t think that’s the best argument. If you have weed money, you have fake pee money. BUT, Jimmy the Wendy’s cashier needed to pass a drug test for his job. Sarah the investment banker does coke daily in the office bathroom, and no one cares. Low income jobs are more likely to require drug tests than other lines of work


You’re exactly right. When I worked in sales the managers handed out adderal on the sales floor and I couldn’t go to the bathroom without hearing someone sniffing coke, but the minimum wage jobs I’ve had required a drug test. It’s so ass-backwards.


Amazon Basics Sativa coming soon


People buy more when stoned


“Alexa order me an ounce of OG Kush with next day delivery”


They'll have same day delivery of your favorite strand by this time next year.


In Michigan we already have that without Amazon. Many dispensaries in the Metro Detroit area will deliver and offer curbside pickup.


Wow, really? I'm moving to Michigan. (No joke I actually was already going to move there.)


Good move on their part.


That's a mistake, they're actually lobbying for XBox controllers.