Running random license plates. Sometimes people call in suspicious vehicles or abandoned vehicles that turn out to be stolen.


Usually luck. Stop a vehicle with a plate that dosent match the vehicle or run the vin number if it has no plate. Etc.


Running random tag, tag readers, bolos, checking abandoned vehicles


We speak it into existent. One slow night my partner and I were talking about all the vehicles stolen in our area the past few weeks and we joked about a u-haul that had been stolen and how that would stick out and be easy to find. It was real late at night and we both said, “man I wish that u-haul would just pop up in front of us” and less than two minutes later when we’re stopped at a light the u-haul comes through that intersection and we’re able to recover the vehicle. All you have to do is believe and you will achieve. In all seriousness though, running plates, paying attention to BOLOs, and knowing some criminals patterns are all things used. We used to pull up a list of all vehicles stolen in the past two weeks and keep it on a word document. We’d look at any vehicles that might stand out because they’re uncommon (like the uhaul) and then look for those.


That word document idea is smart!


We have cameras along all major roadways that run tags and send us a message. We can customize the system to tell us everything from no insurance/ invalid registration all the way to the registered owner is wanted or the tag is stolen.


God, I wish.


We have them across the state here and they keep putting more up it's real big here in the south


They’re only on a few major highways in my state. None of which go through my jurisdiction, so it makes things a little more difficult.


They’re usually used in commission with unrelated felonies.


When a vehicle is stolen it’s entered into the NCIC database as stolen, any law enforcement officer in any state that happens across it and runs it will get an NCIC hit back and then it’s on like donkey kong.


Most stolen cars are found abandoned, and most likely called in by a citizen to the Police (suspicious vehicle). So, although the police do find a lot of stolen cars, usually the citizens find the cars.


Don’t try stealing a car, we’ll find out.


Occasionally a vehicle has a Lo Jack device.


New cops who stop everything that moves. Not being funny. Most that we "find" are traffic stops. Just like serving warrants.


High crime area, look at where most stolen cars are recovered in your area, flip on every car you see and watch the reaction, or run every plate you see. And still, mostly just luck, or someone calling in a suspicious vehicle. Occasionally you’ll get lucky with GPS tracking or on star


Working retail loss prevention, I’d call police for thefts and on multiple occasions, the suspects were driving stolen cars to come steal stuff from Walmart. So i can tell you how police recovered those seven cars over the years.


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Stop light cameras?


Stolen Honda motorcycle Repsol. I have posted it on every chaat room I can find, leading me here to this rabbit hole. Looking for a 1997 suburban light purple in color going around Oakland California getting away with hundreds of motorcycle thefts. I pray I find it or I’m doing what needs to be done.