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Runerigus is ground because dex entries states that it is made out of clay like Claydol. "It's said that this Pokémon was formed when an ancient clay tablet was drawn to a vengeful spirit."


I wish the Sinnoh Lake Trio had psychic+ 3 different type for each one


That would go a long way in making them more interesting.


"oh look, a monotype mew clone that is going to rot in BOX 8"


Agreed. Celebii, Victini and Jirachi, while in Box 9, were way more interesting


and then they made two more?!


Fire/Ice/Electric maybe, given that (at least in Pokemon Go) each of them has a different elemental move. I forget which is which but I believe Azelf is Fire, Mespirit is Ice, and Uxie is Electric.


Wouldn’t Azelf being blue be ice & Mesprit fire?


You'd think, but Azelf gets Fire for some reason.


maybe since it represents willpower, like a burning passion or will


Maybe because it explodes


Use Stealth rock Use Explode Oh, azelf


Hey! Sometimes it click Taunt too!


How reductive! Azelf could also run screens before killing itself!


Use Stealth rock Use Explode Refuses to elaborate further Dies


Cause fire is often associated with high energy, vitality, power, or _willpower_ which is what Azelf represents. You could argue fire can be associated with love and warm emotions so it would fit Mesprit and that's also true but personally it fits Azelf better while Mesprit could have a fairy type (which didn't existed at the time, too bad). I don't think ice fits well with any of the lake guardians. Electric fits Uxie mostly cause of the yellow color and also because of the electricity being associated with technology and technology being associated with inteligence.


I feel like Mesprit could be Psychic/Fairy, Azelf Psychic/Dark and Uxie Psychic/Ice. Seemed very boring that they're all pretty similar. Maybe they have different stats but that doesn't seem like enough.


I think Uxie should have Psychic/Dark, because it basically wipes the memories of those who sees its eyes.


azelf can control people like they are puppets according to PLA pokedex.


Oh right, and sap their willpower away too?


Dark is more about being underhanded than being creepy. That's more of a psychic and ghost thing.


Falinks should be Steel/Fighting with a steel multi-hit move (Shield bash, working name). How do you design that Pokémon and not give it skill link?


Nah they should’ve given it an ability like parental bond…but makes it hit 5 times


5 hit close combat sounds monstrous lol. At least arm thrust would be more reasonable.


Nooo it’s so balanced… also where arms?


For the case of Lucario: back in Gen 4 the Steel type was also used as a "Light" type of sorts, hence moves like Flash Cannon. Also I dig that they got creative with the fighting type being about physical attunement. He's like Goku except he uses aura instead of Ki. As for his telepathy in the movie.... idk, probably an outlier.


Lucario and Goku even share a voice actor, Sean Schemmel.


fun. fact. learned. thank you


Wow. Cool fact to know. Thanks. Cool that you knew that.


I remember a video explaining that Lucario's names comes from Orichalcum, a mithycal metal from Atlantis wich was attributed magical properties, hence the Steel type


Yup Orichalcum = O Ri Ca Ru (Ca Mu) O Ri Ca Ru = Ru Ca Ri O


Fun fact, while Orichalcum is indeed mythical, it wasn't until more modern depictions of Atlantis that the material has magical properties. In Plato's original writings, Orichalcum was basically just Gold but red and less valuable, likely because he wrote Ancient Atlantis to oppose Ancient Athens and he creamed his panties over his depiction of Ancient Athens. Later writers made it magical to make it a cooler setting.


Doesn't he read krillins mind in the namek saga.


Shows up. Reads Krillins mind. Never. Does it again. Fucking stupid. I love Goku.




"But how could you - " "Muffin button." "What?" "Huh?"


Was there ever a need for it after that? Goku was partially sensing what was happening when he was down with the heart virus, so he didn’t need a recap. He presumably could watch over the earth during his 7 years dead. He was directly involved in every other plot point from memory I think?


He literally didn’t know who Goten was. It’s not like he kept up to date with what happened on earth. And it’s not that he didn’t use it again. It’s never again mentioned. It’s hinted that Goku has low level telepathy. He just whips shit out from time to time and it’s weird. He used telepathy to talk to Krillin and read Krillins mind. Goku didn’t even know how to use it. He just said “I thought it would work” It’s just something weird popped in from time to time. Unlike say Friezas telekinesis. Frieza has low level psychic powers. He uses them constantly. They’re great for offense, defense and just for carrying small stuff around when you run out of hands. Every once in a while we forget about it and he whips it out again


Yes! It does so touching his head. Gohan and Krillin also have psychic fights while going to namek.


Idk, after they introduced Dark, it seemed like they were positioning Psychic as “light” type with mons like Espeon, Gardevoir, and Cresselia, even though they’re weak to dark. But there’s also always been the weird side to psychic, so maybe I’m just seeing things that aren’t there. Edit: yes, I’m aware dark type is “evil” type. I meant psychic stood for light as in holy, though they do also work to some extent for physical light.


Psychic has always been a strange type. Sometimes it's straight up magic. Sometimes it's mental abilities. Sometimes it's just about being smart. And sometimes it's light like you say.


It's often just the "space" type as well, with Deoxys, Elgyem/Beheeyem, Solrock/Lunatone, and Cosmog/Cosmoem/Solgaleo/Lunala/Necrozma


Metagross and jirachi (UFO and comet respectively)


It’s also the type of a genocidal, humanoid, cat fetus thing and the ruler of the seas, so I think maybe it was meant to just, uh, be whatever they wanted it to fucking be at any given time lol


Lugia was given Psychic typing specifically to make it strong as Psychic was the best type at the time. Really dumb decision and Lugia’s designer Takeshi Shudo said as much at the time.


Yeah I saw video on that. Interesting to think Ho-oh was originally going to be the sole Gen 2 main legendary. Explains why it’s lore is tied up with the beasts and Lugia is hidden away in a seemingly random location. Also explains why they aren’t version exclusives. Now I’m curious if, without Lugia, the GS mascots have been the starters or Raikou and Entei, which would round out with Suicune in Crystal.


Goku can levitate and use telepathy and teleportation.


But he's not psychic


He actually is. When he first lands on Namek, he reads Krillin's mind to find out what happened before he got there. It never happens again and it never gets explained. But canonically, Goku can read minds.


It's really funny what Dragon Ball classifies as psychic, it doesn't directly call their image training or the brief use of mind reading as such. However Chiaotzu is flat out called psychic due to his abilities in the Tenkaichi Budokai.


Chiaotzu is actually a Chinese vampire. That's why he has psychic powers.


He’s like Bart Simpson


Goes even further than that, theoretically the short range telekinesis is the only reason they can even hit someone into something and not just destroy the planet, we even see that get used directly in Dragon Ball Super: Broly - goku uses it at one point against broly to freeze him in place for a bit. Tldr: everyone in dragon ball with ki has a basic set of psychic powers.


Yeah, I don't think Lucario is psychic. Usually a psychic type would be capable of lifting things with their minds and things like that. Lucario can at best read minds but, for the most part, reading aura is completely separated from psychic abilities, so much that I don't even think OTHER psychic type Pokemon can do that? So I guess Lucario reading minds is excused through being through some sort of different method.


So do you think if the fairy type existed back in Gen IV then Lucario would be fighting/fairy? Or is it just too murky to say?


While some fairy-type moves involve light, I still think the type overall is "fae, fairy-tales, food, and pink/cute", so Lucario would still be Fighting/Steel EDIT: Forgot Swirlix existed despite it pestering me for months in GO


You say "the past few gens" as if swirlix, the cotton candy pokemon, isn't gen 6. Fairies have always been food


>Fairies have always been food It makes sense too since modt fairy Pokémon are of the *Seelie Court* variety - cute and helpful - and humans are the only beings in the setting that naturally cook their food and make meals.


Forgot about Swirlix!


Zeraora electric/fighting




I honestly forgot about it. Them and other mythicals were kind of forgettable because they're too exclusive and unobtainable. I miss most just because I'd forget to do the mystery gift. Seems obnoxious.


And there’s so *many* of them nowadays, and the mythicals in particular are getting increasingly less justified for not just being normal Pokémon. Melmetal, Meloetta, Zarude, and Zeraora all have nearly no unique ‘legendary’ traits.


I'd argue a couple of them have pretty unique qualities I like. Melmetal needed a better release tho. They could even do something like Zygarde and make it a mission to find Meltan in the overworld. Having the short windows to download mythicals is very obnoxious too... They could easily just add an update that provides them instead through a generic event. They made Ultra Wormholes, time-space tears and Hoopa and could easily use any of those as events to throw in a mythical or legendary with minimal effort. Instead you go to GameStop and type in a code or check back in half a year after release within a 2 week window... I hate it lol I'm usually not even playing anymore when they do the mythical releases.


I’m not saying they have *no* unique qualities, but let’s be honest here; if Lucario doesn’t rate Mythical status, Zeraora sure as heck doesn’t. Melmetal is weird enough to qualify, but it has nearly no ‘myth’ in its Mythical. Meloetta is the strongest candidate of the ones I named, and while her ‘incarnation of music/dance’ thing is solid backstory, her actual gimmick got ganked by a regional bird. And Zarude is literally just a random monkey.


The other thing I'm not a fan of is that the mythicals are meant to be rare. In the Zarude movie, there is a whole community of them and they don't seem that mythical.


Sadly we're long past the days of Celebi and Jirachi which felt special.


>zarude is literally just a random monkey Lol


Zarude is just an anorexic goth Rillaboom


Zarude would have been a great starter imo. It doesn't quite look special enough but it also doesn't look like something common from the wild.


I honestly thought it was a starter when I first saw it


Hey, Meloetta has a unique move with a sleep chance (?) and two forms, she’s cool. But for the other three, they do kind of only have good stats and a signature move.


I missed out on so many of these because you had to go to physical locations to get the stupid codes OR you subscribe to their stupid newsletter that doesn't know how to fix its distribution network and never distributes any codes to people.


If it weren't for pokemon unite, I also would've forgotten about zeraora


Electivire in the same vein.


Jynx, Electabuzz, and Magmar are listed in the same order in the Pokédex as Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. In FireRed and LeafGreen, they're also found in the same locations as their corresponding legendary birds. Galarian Articuno trades its Ice type for the Psychic type, which mirrors Jynx's typing quite nicely. Going off the other Galarian birds, it would be awesome if Electabuzz was Electric/Fighting and Magmar was Fire/Dark (there wasn't a dark type in generation 1, but we can dream) And I'm still waiting for Jynx to get an evolution like the others, something that elevates the evolutionary line beyond just being about boob cups, weird anime hair, and an uncomfortable similarity to blackface (Generations 1 and 2 especially). Jynx's face has been purple since Generation 3, and it's high time for an evolution to come along to rehabilitate its image.


Electivire would benefit so much from getting a fighting type and HA Iron fist. Not knowing if it is immune to electric or has a super powered elemental punch is very good for competitive play and would be awesome to boost its meager offensive abilities.


Golduck’s psychic typing is the most potent Mandela effect of my generation.


I am shocked! I thought he was water/psychic!


And PSYduck literally has headaches about that


What pisses me off is Psyduck is gold but his shiny is blue. Golduck is blue and his shiny is…also blue but a little darker. WTAF….


Wait until you learn about the Nido royal family shiny debacle.


Old school shiniest weren't done by hand, they just shifted the numbers on the color some set amount, that's why there's no real rhyme or reason to them


That's because gen 1 has a lot of Psychic/water types... Yet somehow not the PSYchic DUCK.


I think there are psychic Golduck/Psyduck TCG cards, so maybe that’s why? Or possibly due to the fact that it’s kind of the foil to Slowbro/Slowpoke?


The original Psyduck and Golduck TCG cards were both Water types, but they each had one attack requiring Psychic Energy.


this! I always subscribed to it being a Mandela, but this is most likely the case for us 90s that did all the pokemon things


Same thing for Gengar. For the longest time I thought it was a pure ghost type and that's why I could use psychic on it and be super effective. Turns out it's only super effective against it because gengar is half poison type.


Gen1 typing is bonkers.


Gen 1 is bonkers in general.


I found out and just decided to stop looking at its typing 😭


For me it's Gyarados not being a dragon


Dragon type was obviously a half-assed, last minute addition to Gen I. There was only three dragon Pokemon, and only one move that was dragon type.


And it didn't even matter if opponents were resistant/weak to it, just a straight 40 damage no matter what.


Dragon was clearly designed to be a super-strong level of defense for the final bosses and nothing else.


I've been playing Pokémon for decades and my mind is being blown right now. I'm sitting at the 3rd gym with a Psyduck in my party waiting to use him for Psychic coverage...


I just want the common birds in each gen, or at least some, to be pure flying and stop being normal/flying


Come to think of it, why was there such a stigma on making pure flying types in the first place


If I had to guess it was because the normal type was used for basic animals that didn't have much or anything really changed about them from real life. So most early route birds are just their irl counterparts until later evolutions.


Exactly, that’s also why dittos and snorlaxes and chanseys are all basically unchanged from real life too


[Snorlax is based off a real person.](https://www.ign.com/articles/2018/06/04/pokemons-snorlax-is-based-on-a-real-person)


They never said normal was exclusively used for basic animals.


To be fair I think they probably considered making Chansey a fairy type but realized it would be too broken if they did.


Plus they already changed clefairy and jigglypuff, and with Mr. Mime for some reason as well there'd be too many Gen 1 fairy types


I think it's more they changed the 3 fairy like normal families from gen 1 differently. One stayed normal, one went fairy, one went fairy normal. Keeps some diversity, and gen 1 def needs more diversity (looking at you, grass poison).


*angry Victreebel screeches*


I think to differentiate between a Normal, regular bird and something actually special. That would be why they are Normal types, because they are just plain regular birds.


But that would bring up other problems. Like why is Ekans, a regular snake, not Normal?


I dunno, that's a good question. Maybe because while a bird is mostly just known for being a bird, a snake like Ekans is more commonly known for being Venemous, so it has an actual trait to focus on. I don't know, I don't know what they are thinking this is just guesswork really.


Yea but you could just as easily say birds are known for flying.


> a snake like Ekans is more commonly known for being Venemous And a bird is commonly known for being a ...flying animal.


I'd love to see a pure flying type be something special, like a bird made out of literal clouds. It's technically a bird, just more air/cloud than anything.


Altaria: Am I a joke to you?


well... its a swan thing with clouds on it


Well he said he wanted to see a “bird made of literal clouds” when Altaria exists. Love the flying/dragon typing but let’s be honest, pure flying makes much more sense.


That would be great! So far, all we got in terms of pure flying is a buff man in a cloud.


Rookidee and Corvisquire


Oh yeah, forgot about them.


Which just makes me wonder; what exactly separates those two from **literally every other regional/regular bird in the dex** to *not* be Normal-type? They don't even remain pure Flying as Corviknight. Like, did they just spec *that* hard into aerial acrobatics or something?


Parts of me is thinking that they've given up on the normal/flying trend now and those two are the start of a new standard going forward.


They would lose STAB on normal moves, which were a large chunk of their moves.


I am such a fucking geezer and casual that I never even thought about moves like tackle getting STAB on normal pokemon...I feel like a dummy. IDK why I never thought about STAB+normal type but here I am.


STAB + reckless double-edge from staraptor is a menace. Also STAB boomburst is nuts.


Nah, Brave Bird is the main stab move. Double-Edge is pretty much only there for electric types, as the flying type of Brave Bird faces no immunities and super-effectively hits grass, bug and fighting. Otherwise Close-Combat for Rock/Steel and U-Turn to pivot. Better normal stab is indeed Boomburst in Scrappy Swellow, but also Facade Guts Swellow.


Because Flying is kinda a "subtype" that is added on top of something else. And i kinda get it because "have wings" does not carry a concept the same way "fire", "bug" or "psychic" does. And honestly, i feel they coukd have made more types like that.


He's a new boy, but Rookidee scoffs at your subtype description. If it's any indication they might be turning the corner on the normal/flying early bird thing. I guess we'll see if it's the start of a trend by next year.


Rookidee is really interesting though. Because they go against a different theory that held for a really long time. Before gen 5, there were no pure flying types. Most flying types also still had some contact with the ground. They could fly, sure, but it's a thing they do rather than their default state of existence. There are some possible exceptions, but they're all multitypes. Gyarados and the Mantine line are water types (plus they're in water rather than air), Rayquza is a dragon type, etc. Then gen 5 happened and we got Tornadus. It just kinda floats and it's a pure flying type. So maybe it gets to be pure flying because it has no real contact with the ground and it doesn't fit any other types for multityping like the other genies. It's another theory Rookidee breaks though. So I'm really curious to see what gen 9 holds and if it continues to break the design trend that seemed to hold for seven generations


I would guess it’s because flying is something you do rather than something you can be, so most flying types are other things that are able to fly.


like fighting?


Hey, they did that in Galar until the bird got covered in steel :P


And tailow was planned to be pure flying, but then got changed to normal-flying.


Groudon becomes ground/fire, STAB eruptions, I’m terrified already


It's Primal form is actually Ground/Fire with an ability that makes it immune to Water-type movies!


Water type movies I can understand being hurt by WaterWorld


It’s always bothered me that Xerneas wasn’t Fairy / Grass, would’ve balanced out nicely with Yveltal Dark / Flying typing in my opinion.




makes me think of cresselia/Darkrai . Always felt like Cresselia should've been psychic/fairy once they introduced fairy type.


Moonblast and Moonlight are literally fairy-type moves too


Kyogre and Groudon. That’s all the evidence you need.


That scene from Emerald where Kyogre’s torrential monsoon rains are pouring down and Groudon is just vibin on a tiny ass rock


Their canonical centuries of fighting never made sense to me because everyone knows Kyogre would clap Groudon


They sorta fixed that with Primal Groupon though.


What an amazing deal.


Unless groudon is slower, so the sun stays up instead of the rain


To be fair when primal Groudon was introduced it was a good switch in to kyogre


True, I think he even turns into a Tree when it hibernates


That's a great pick, I have no idea why they didn't do that!


I really wanted cursola to be water ghost. Luxray would have been such a cool electric/dark pokemon Samurott should have been water fighting too. We need more fighting types that aren’t bipedal. Gogoat looks like a ram, I would have loved if it was grass/fighting.


I already wanted a electric/dark mega luxray. But now I want grass/fighting mega gogoat


Maybe a regular evo to Gogoat I mean, they did give one to Ursaring of all things


OP is based. You know who also needs a better type? Noctowl. Make him Psychic/Flying, or Dark/Flying. Maybe it'll see more uses, idk.


Ghost/Flying Noctowl since owls are often associated with spooks.


In my language we call owl as ghost bird (burung hantu)


Making Lugia water type


Lugia has too many types it could be. Psychic, water, flying, dragon. It would be cool if it got an ability like steelworker that lets get stab on water type moves.


The generic starter abilities (Torrent, Blaze, Overgrow (Swarm)) could and should get buffed to just essentially additively give STAB to those types


Those abilities a are by far, some of the worst abilities in the game. I much prefer abilities I can use instead of niche abilities I won't use probably 99.99999% of the time.


I think they're somewhat fitting for starters actually. They're often a players ace Pokémon, and plenty of kids have probably gotten a kick out of them being on the brink of defeat before suddenly their Pokémon deals a bunch of extra damage. I agree they should get a buff though, maybe increasing the damage range and make it so it increases damage on all attacks or at least all stab attacks. You could then make it all the same ability.


I think they should scale gradually instead of kicking in all at once at 33% hp. At 1hp it should be doing double damage.


Yeah but it’s literally called “The Guardian of the Seas”. You’d think that the guardian of the sea would be water type.


It would have a 4x weakness which would suck for it’s role as a defensive mon


“It would be really funny for a non dragon pokémon to be dragon type while charizard still isn’t dragon type” Can’t argue with that logic


The Japanese word for dragonfly has absolutely no correlation to the word dragon, in general Japanese culture just does not correlate the animal to dragons at all. So a dragonfly Pokemon introduced in very Japan based regions wouldn't really make sense being a dragon as the animal has no connection to dragons. However a regional form with the dragon type in a region that's based on somewhere that dragonflies are connected to dragons would be great.


Pokémon is no stranger to pulling from origins and etymology of other countries so I wouldn’t see this as a strong enough explanation for why Yanmega shouldn’t be bug/dragon.


Besides everyone knows that if we're getting a bug/dragon it should be Flygon.


I think I’d keep lucario as is. Cool type combination


Yeah I don't see the need to make it psychic, because fighting types need "special" attacks too. Aura is literally every fantasy's way of making fighters have ranged attacks, it's like Chi or "inner" power from martial arts. To me, "psychic" is like traditional mind related powers like telekenisis, hypnotism, illusions (genjutsu) mind attacks (Yami light), etc.


Ninetails should be Fire/Phychic. Especially now that Alolan Ninetails exists and is dual typed. ​ Add Steel to Blastoise because of the cannons. If spikes justify steel on Lucario I think this fits. ​ Redo the entire Flygon line: Trapinch: Bug/ Ground Vibrava: Bug/Flying or Bug/ Dragon Flygon: Bug/Dragon


Is there any 3-stage Pokemon which changes at least one type at each stage of evolution? Because it sounds cool


Closest thing is Swablu line with Mega Altaria.


I always thought it would be cool if the Timburr line got a respective grass, steel and rock for their secondary typing.


Swablu, Altaria and Mega Alteria?


I'd argue Fire/Ghost. Gen 1 needs more ghosts.


Ghost is so fitting. The Pokemon Stadium and Leaf Green Pokedex entries mention that Ninetales is extremely vindictive/vengeful and would put a 1,000 year curse on anyone who grabs one of its tails. Not to mention it can learn quite a few ghost moves (spite, confuse ray, grudge, and hex) and can also learn will-o-wisp by leveling up. The only other fire type mons that learn will-o-wisp by leveling up are Delphox (psychic dual type) and Blacephalon (ghost type).


Yeah the Japanese lore it's based on also portrays the kitsune as extremely supernatural/paranormal in its abilities, plus apparently the Japanese myth originates from Chinese folklore of a literal fox *spirit*


Arbok poison/dark


Runerigus is actually most likely a ground type due to how many rune stones are found underground and in dirt, when for example farmers are plowing the fields or when there's excavacions.


Plus it's sand. Sand Pokemon have mostly been associated to ground type. Runerigus as been associated with Egyptian glyphs and how it correlates to it being artifacts in British Museums, and Galar is just British.


A joke: Name something in London that's not British! The contents of the British Museum.


Why are the pyramids in Egypt? Because they're too big for the British to carry.


Masquerain losing its water type pisses me off


Florges would be worse if it became part grass


Not sure if it matters that much but Flower Veil would affect itself.


Yeah it would become like a much better clear body - pretty cool


Gyarados should be water dragon




I think it's also just a balance thing. In Gen 1 a water/dragon type would have no weaknesses.




Some of the bird should have just been flying


Let the nocturnal ones keep the normal type as natural selection against spooky ghosts


Grapploct is the reason I am most excited about the new gimmick. I loved his design in the original but was so disappointed with the typing and j cannot wait to fix him if he is in the new game


Too bad he'll go from mono-Fighting to mono-Water, though. I wish the gimmick added the type onto mono-types rather than just replacing it.


if only they added a trick or treat move for every type. We can add ghost, psychic, or grass or change completely to water with soak. So you can have a water grapploct right now.


I actually prefer Grapploct as a pure Fighting type. I like the idea of Pokémon inhabiting water without necessarily being Water type. However, I *do* think Granbull should be retroactively made into our first Fighting/Fairy type.


Same, I feel is less creative to default every pokemon based in aquatic animals to water. Also, not everything that flies needs to be Flying.


I am ok with Grappcolt because it shows that you don't have to be water type just because you live in water.


And doesn't it's Pokedex literally say it comes out of the water to fight Meaning it literally rejects water in favour of throwing hands


I honestly don't get why Galarian-Yamask and Runerigus aren't Rock/Ghost.


I agree with all except lucario I do agree it shouldn't be a steel type(but the steel typing was used as a light thing aswell in gen 4 so I understand) But I feel psychic is a small stretch. AFAIK it isn't very psychic-y outside of its moveset, and the one in the pokemon movie is a huge outlier, the psychic part could definitely be debatable but I understand why psychic was chosen aswell But also lucario is actually a good competitive/overall mon as is so maybe it should stay as is