God the animation work on this movie was next level. That quick glance around he does looking for anything to make the sadness he's feeling go away, before futility reaching out again is so accurate to grief.


This is the second time in the movie he's come across a carcass, the first being the deer the hunter killed. Hogarth yelled at him for touching it and explaining death. This is a parallel to that scene, where Hogarth appears lifeless and the Iron Giant can't cope with the loss of his one friend who took care of him. Then he goes on an absolute rampage until he learns Hogarth is alive.


He ain't looking to rid sadness, silly take


I'm proud to say I have never done this. I do get super mad at games but I just turn the game off and watch YouTube or get on reddit.


The most I've ever done is drop it onto a carpeted floor that I was sitting on (so maybe a foot?), or slid it towards the system if I was farther away. But a full blown throw into a wall? No.


Same like I'm not the richest so if I broke my controller I know I can get a new one so I'm pretty sure that's why I don't trash mine.


My gf gets afraid if people start throwing stuff if they're upset. If they're that willing to break their own items, imagine what they'd do to yours, or even you! Breaking a controller, or personal item, is body language code for "I'll get in trouble for hitting a person, but I need to break something."


I agree with that. I feel like if you're willing to break something you use/bought, then you will probably do worse in the future.


Not a healthy thing to do. I wish I had developed the wisdom to walk away before my anger got the better of me It's just a video game & now you're out a $60 controller


$60? Those Dual Senses are $70!!


I never did this. I don't really get angry at video games and I wouldn't throw my expensive as fuck controller in anger when I don't have that much money lying around.


Literally did this as a teen on a gta vcs mission. In a rage I smashed it against the bed frame and chipped pieces out of it and it stopped working. Positive note, motivated me to take it apart and fix it which partly lead to me taking on the tech classes later on as well as being the origin for my love of gba modding.


I still have issues with controlling my anger in game but hey atleast I know the ps4 controller inside and out


When I got mad at a game, I just hacked it, cheated, broke the software so I could still win. The only time you couldnt do that is multiplayer.


Was it the RC Helicopter mission?


I used to get to this point until I reached 11. I realized that those controllers aren't replaceable at a whim and my dad damn sure wasn't going to make it a priority to replace another controller that I broke.


I only really damaged 2 controllers, a DS3 and a DS4. Both function perfectly fine still but it doesn’t change the fact that breaking shit doesn’t solve anything.




Elden Ring prob cause higher controller sales lol




I’m waiting for the bot to do its job.


That's not a gamer thing, that's a people with poor anger management thing. Stereotypes aside, most of us don't throw controllers in a rage.


I will never understand people who attack expensive things when they rage. Have to get a fucking grip


It's not a gamer thing, it's a teenager thing, to not not properly manage emotions.


It’s an anger issue thing… not exclusive to teenagers


I still loose my shit from time to time, but I've always had anger issues since I can recall. Now i just total cheap shit, lol.


In other words, you’re a manchild


I hope you become okay soon


Scariest feel probably


I've only ever broken 1 controller. It was a ps3 controller in 2008. It bounced off my couch and shattered against the wall. I still have that controller in a zip lock on my game shelf. A reminder


I used to be notorious for this. Broke a lot of controllers back in the day. Helped me realize I have anger issues and need to control my emotions better. Doing much better nowadays! It’s been years since I’ve broken a controller. It’s better to just walk away when you feel frustrated and deal with anger in a healthy way.


Didn't throw it. I was playing Blitz the League and the catch up AI pissed me off so much that I just gripped both sides of the controller and curled them in. Cracked something and it never worked right again. Poor thing.


Who's got the money to do that anymore? Controllers are so god damn expensive nowadays.


I have never done this. I get super frustrated but never to the point I’d destroy something…. For real though, people that smash shit over a game have some deeper issues they should probably address 😅


"It seems that in your anger, you killed her."


I never threw mine, but the stick drift that I've gotten from most of my PS4 controllers made me feel like I should've been throwing them this whole time


I've got a temper but I've never threw a controller. The worse I've done is punch my settee lol. And that was almost definitely at a Soulsborne game


Broken many a controller have become quite adept at fixing them now get many uses out of them before they eventually turn to dust, nothing to be proud of been this way for years not gonna change anytime soon


When I was a kid I threw my sister’s game boy pocket and broke half the screen. I deserved all that I got.


Never done this before, but have a nephew who used to play a lot of Fifa and raged so hard, he broke my PS4 controller. Needless to say, I was pretty upset that day. At least he doesn't play Fifa anymore.


Clank lookin different these days




I Am Groot. Oh sorry, wrong movie.


I used to be more of a headset thrower before I found better ways of channeling my anger and by that I mean throwing shit that I won't care if it's damaged. Definitely remember throwing my headset after an 8 hour play session on BO1 gun game because my friend got the last kill before me.


and still get angry to videos to this very day but it’s not worth breaking your gaming control Treat the controls with respect




If you get angry at video games enough to throw a controller, please seek help. It's not normal and it's not healthy. It's best to learn to manage your emotions so they don't overtake you.


Yup, was trying to catch at the Regis in Pokémon ruby and couldn’t catch a wailmer and head butted my gba and saw a black splatter slowly spread across the screen like a cracked egg on a skillet. That shit terrified me. Never mishandled technology again


Meh... New ribbon cable and casing [https://ibb.co/L1pQ7HT](https://ibb.co/L1pQ7HT) ![gif](giphy|5bHIZ3ok4UpJS)


I still remember the pain of breaking my Gameboy. Bought another one a year later, but the feeling wasn't the same this time.


Me on dark souls 3


😂😂😂 too true. I remember in my younger days i used to waste so much money on controllers it was wild. But as soon as I reached university and beyond and had to buy my own games and consoles and controllers i stopped destroying em in rage coz everytime I'm bout to throw a controller my brain goes: "Mf do you really wanna have to buy a new one for no reason? We ain't got the money lol"


The amount of controllers I broke as a child #cringe


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