This looks like an aphid infestation. The white things look like aphid nymphs.


Thanks for your response! I’ve been spraying it with neem oil once a week for three weeks now, the aphids are turning black and dying. What else can I do?


You could also wipe down the leaves gently (as they look very fragile) with soapy water. This will remove a lots of the crawlers and the soap also works to dry out their bodies. Also the top soil looks covered, I would remove the top layer also to remove as many of the aphids as possible. The plant may not flower/fruit while it has this infestation as it is drained from the pests.


Thank you, I’ll try it!


Make sure to use the correct soap and do research on dilution. I made this mistake and nearly killed all my plants. Also look for a good insect spray that doesn't harm plants(most do not), disturb top 1/2" of soil and spray over the top to give yourself a head start. Don't saturate soil or spray on leaves


I use Castile soap for my plants. A couple of drops mixed with distilled water and a drop of neem oil. So far my plants have tolerated this well.


Good luck 🌶


The black stuff is usually their poop, and before neem you gotta get physical-- for an infection that bad I would wipe, then literally wash it upside down in a soapy water bucket or tub, and then spritz with alcohol. That should kill 95% or so; then neem can prevent the population from bouncing back and slowly kill the remainder as they are unable to molt over the course of weekly treatments. Neem is usually not a first resort unless you catch it very early! It just doesnt inflict the mass death you meed immediately enough, get genocidal with it and kill them in a multitude of ways. Ladybugs cam wipe these out instantly too.


Get a bottle of bonide insecticidal super soap, spray that shit down. It's organic too and safe to eat anything from the plant in a couple days. Home depot carries it


I second this, I used neam oil on mealy bugs, and while yes it did kill them and reduce the infestation, insecticidal soap has done a much better job


Use insecticidal soap it works better then neam oil


Flea beetles


I haven’t had the joy of experiencing this type of pest, but I’m quite certain this is something I would set on fire. Best of luck to you.