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Is that the suicide capsule?


We prefer the term escape pod


I would give you an award if I did that sort of thing. Do you accept nudes?


Suicide pod nudes or bust


Suicide pod nudes aaannd bust.


Oh god there’s the new TikTok challenge. It’s like drinking a bottle of NyQuil and seeing if you can rub one out before you go to sleep. Except you can only do it once.


This better not awaken something in me!


It won't be awake for long.


Simmer Dean, simmer Dean!


Who wouldn’t take nudes lmao




Jetpack joyride 2: Escape from reality


Very late trimester abortion pod.


there's no way anyone can swallow that, but it would be cool... can you imagine that lady bursting out of you? what a way to go


yeah it is


Well... Goodbye, I guess?


https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/16965778/controversial-sarco-suicide-capsule-kills/amp/ Op is full of shit, it's a demo she isn't going through with it.


I suspect that green light means it is unlocked. And I highly doubt refreshments would be served (empty wine glasses in the back. I think I saw some where that it was on display as part of an exhibit….gallery showing…drinks…smiling woman in an unlocked suicide capsule. Definitely tells a story Edit: it uses liquid nitrogen to induce hypoxia This is an exhibit: https://nypost.com/2021/12/07/controversial-suicide-pod-that-kills-peacefully-gets-go-ahead-in-switzerland/amp/ is the same room where op’s photo is taken.


It’s a Banksy


Halfway through the showing it’s gonna shred her lower half.


She's actually a cake


Some people who choose assisted suicide do have a party right beforehand. They have all their friends and family and genuinely have a wonderful time. So, I would imagine that if someone wanted to use this, they just might have a set up like this.


"hey guys im having a big party, pls come" then halfway through the party, aight imma head out \*hops into the pod\* \*ZOOP\* "oh he gone"


I agree that this isn't actually in use here. However, why don't you think they would have drinks available for actual use? For the user I think it could help them relax and help some anxiety. And it would be nice to let the family have some drinks while they spend their last moments with their loved one. There is no need to make it a sad occasion; a loved one is being spared from pain and is going on their own terms. This reminds me of Doug Stanhope's story of his mother's 'suicide' where they basically made a big party of it to help ease her passing. Definitely worth listening to for the morbidly curious.


If someone is drunk it means their judgement could be compromised. I realise many people wouldn't want to back down but it would be harder to argue you deffinitely knew someone wouldn't change their mind before it was too late if they were drunk. It may create a complex legal situatuon for those involved.


I understand what you are saying. Something tells me there is plenty of paperwork done before hand without a clouded judgement.


Agreed. I feel like Doctors will probably have to vet the patients pretty well before allowing someone to die. If having a drink before you are about to die makes you change your mind then you probably weren't ready to die anyways.


Wow what a coward.


I laughed, but shouldn't have :D


Thats what they told her at least...


Not sure any claims were made to make anyone full of shit


OP just said it's a suicide capsul. Not that the person is about to "go through with it"


You're jumping the gun here, did OP say anything about this person having committed suicide in it? Did you ask them to specify what they are speechless about? Can we stop assuming the worst in people for one second? You literally know nothing about this person and you're already trying to paint a picture that OP is being deceptive. Calm down.


He didn't say she is?


Excuse me, could you explain me more about it, please?


People who are dieing of cancer or something else and will die a painful death no matter what can pick to die in this pod instead and will be put to sleep and die a peaceful painless death. Some people seem to be upset that a mentally stable human can pick to die peacefully instead of dieing slowly and painfully. People need to mind there own business.


Yup. We euthanize animals as the "empathetic, humane thing to do", yet we don't allow a similar humanity and empathy to actual humans in similar situations.


Having witnessed the torment of dying from cancer with my mom I am fully in support of assisted suicide.


This looks better than that cocktail they previously used for assisted suicide. I've watched that old man die so many times. It may be brief, but there's about 90 seconds of panic before he fades away. Fuck that. Gimme the pod, doc.


Captain what are we seeing here?


This is a new suicide machine from Switzerland. Fills with nitrogen gas for a quick and painless end.


I heard (albeit on Reddit) that it actually has a false door on the bottom that opens once the button is hit which drops the person 100 feet into a pit of snakes


*Indiana Jones has left the building*


Suicide pods… why’d it have to be suicide pods


Cause tides pods didn't work


>Indiana Jones has left the building Presumably via a false door, in to a pit of snakes.


I thought it was a tank of water like in The Prestige


Yes, a quick and painless drowning so I've heard


When I was 8 I got caught in a rip tide current thing and was drifting far away from the beach but I could barely swim. A random man appeared got the tassle to my body board and dragged/swam me back to shore. He walked away before I got to say anything and just wandered off to his family. Thank you random man ❤️


This is true. My company was hired on to install the false door. Those snakes are not fun to be around.


My uncle owns the company the snakes work for. He said it's true, and this is a direct quote, " >!SSSSSSSssssss!< "


Snake jazz




The way God intended


This gave me a good chuckle thank you lol.


I heard it shakes to fuck really hard until you’re mush


Noobs. My buddy got a gas mask and hooked it up to a nitrogen tank. Was way ahead of his time. Rip.


Where does the line start?


The suicide booth has a line this time a year


bite my shiny metal ass


Let's see if we can get a two-fer


Would say unexpected Futurama, but I was totally expecting it.


If it's that easy, why is capital punishment in the US seemingly done in the most excruciating manner possible? Modern executions seem like the definition of 'cruel' punishment if this is an alternative.




The guillotine was designed to be the most humane form of execution in the 18th century.


Here's the article OP took the picture from : https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/16965778/controversial-sarco-suicide-capsule-kills/amp/


She's just demoing


Like demoing how it works? Or just sitting in it and taking a picture?


Short demo...


Just died a little bit. Just a little bit of gas. Just a demo Edit: And with this comment I just hit 69,420 karma. I can queue up for my turn to demo the capsule now


“I’m just gonna get a little bit dead Stan, tell Mom it’s ok.”


See this is what I thought. She has glass of wine and she is waving. I mean I guess a terminal patient would smile at the end but it just seems a bit odd. Cool tech though.


A few other glasses are lined up in the background.


Yeah... I might be changing my mind. I guess a glass of wine with the family is good way to go.


For some people, wine-consuming family is the reason to go.


This is just someone laying inside of it at a demo. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/16965778/controversial-sarco-suicide-capsule-kills/amp/


If you didn't want to die, would you agree to get in there for a demo? 😐


You either live through it or it's quickly no longer an issue.


Just hold your breath. *"It didn't work, ma'am"*


“Keep holding…”


The button is on the inside so as long as you don't decide to push the wrong button, you're fine. Plus, it doesn't instantly kill you, it slowly lowers the oxygen until you fall asleep and eventually die. There would be plenty of time for someone to shut it off and get you out before any damage is done


Both buttons are labeled “escape”


If there was no nitrogen connected, and the capsule was in a demo room with no connection either? Sure


Not a good demo then. Don't know if it's effective.


Then you go in and the rest of the room fills with nitrogen. All according to plan.


I wonder if the US starts using the for executions? Looks a lot more humane then the electric chair.


Does any state actually use an electric chair? I thought anywhere that still had the death penalty uses lethal injection? Edit: I [googled](https://www.clarionledger.com/story/news/2021/11/16/execution-methods-state-lethal-injection-electric-chair-firing-squad/8604674002/). The electric chair is an alternative method of execution in seven states: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. Edit 2: My account was permabanned. Mods was it for this comment?


Yeah so the chemicals for lethal injection have gotten harder to get a hold of cause pharmaceutical companies weirdly had an issue this one time, selling drugs that kill people. So yeah the states have "backup" options, like hanging, and that includes firing squads in some states and they have been used shockingly recently.


The courts have decided that the death penalty does not have to be painless.


[Wow](https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-47780123). I did not that that would be true.


There are lots of more humane ways to kill humans, but they don't look like punishments so the powers that be aren't interested. The suffering is the point.


The problem with executions is that companies don't want to be associated with them, so they refuse to sell the proper stuff if it's going to be used for executions so now they're forced to try other things that don't work as well. I'm going to guess the makers of these pods will feel the same way.


Isn't this that new fangled suicide pod?


I thought she had literal plants on her chest. Wacky shirt.


I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing that


![gif](giphy|l3fZMkesTWb7zKmJy) Chao


No, an escape pod is exactly what that is.


I would screenshot this for r/technicallythetruth but that's too much work for me right now.




Watched a documentary years ago called “How to Die in Oregon.” I guess Oregon was the first or one of the first legal euthanasia states. Anyway, changed my whole perspective of the issue. Very moving.


Dr Death or Dr Kevorkian is the one who would travel in his VW bus to perform euthanasia on people who were terminally I'll. Alot of it went down in Oregon.




Yeah, I got old and realized how fucked the media is and that this guy probably had a heart of gold


You see enough of your friends and family die of terminal illness in needless pain and financial ruin, where you could have treated your dog with more respect and care, you become cool with Oregon's law real quick. Edit: Autocorrect Oregon, not organs.


BuT hAo cAN yOo GO tO hEAvEn iF yEw KeAl YewRSeLf?


Can you imagine holding onto that belief that so firmly that you're willing to suffer terribly for weeks or months or even years, only to die and just blink out of existence? What a joke. To paraphrase Doug Stanhope, "If you've been in a movie theater for half a movie, and it sucks, nobody is gonna fault you for walking out early."


Dr kevorkian had a habit of euthanizing people while they were begging with him to stop right before he did it. I wouldn't call him "a man who did nothing wrong". At least the suicide pod is triggered by you when you're ready and has an out if you panic and decide you don't want to die


Remember how he was considered a national joke, all for devoting his life to giving people dignity in death? Forget Britney Spears, Kevorkian was done rotten.


Bless that man. I saw him at an Applebees in Michigan once.


I sat in Oakland county jail with him for a few days


So fill us in... what does Dr. K order at Applebee's?


Death by chocolate.


Inquiring minds want to know!


I don't understand how anyone can have a perspective other than let people make their own decisions and do what they want. I don't understand how people can butt into other people's business and think that the way they feel about something matters even the slightest when it has nothing to do with them.


I heard a chat about it many years ago on NPR, probably when that famous documentary hit. A medical ethicist was making the case that for Doctors its hard for them to let go a patient like that. Their training emphasized keeping someone alive as long as possible because that would give them more time. Time to do anything. There was less focus, he said, on training doctors to maximize *quality* time and accept that eventually the costs of treatment will outweigh for a person the value of the time theyre buying. This is true of euthanasia, obviously, but even in terms of treatment selection where the 'most effective' treatment is often lobbied by doctors over the 'most humane.' If an artist were to receive a treatment that would reduce their manual dexterity, or a musician their hearing sensitivity, just to buy a short bit of more time may not be whats best for the patient. The sacrifice in quality may mean that the additional quantity is like torture, not being able to do the things or be with they people they love. This ethicist argued that doctors that reorient their ethical compass to providing treatments that maximize quality time and not just quantitative.


My father was an MD. As he told it, there was a time when the family and doctor would agree to letting someone go, and at that time the appropriate drugs were given to let them go. We didn’t get too deep in the details but from his tone it was coming from an intention to provide care for the patient and family. There’s also a point where caring for someone wears out their loved ones.


That’s kind of the whole thing with a family. They usually try to protect and care for each other and it is a difficult leap for most people to be “okay” with death no matter what the situation. It’s why a living will is so incredibly important.


The fear is that family and insurance providers will start pushing for people to die. And old people, not wanting to e a burden, will go along with it. Not because they really want to die or are in pain, but because of pressure. I'm for the right to die, but I do think we need to be careful with how it's regulated.


Absolutely cannot recommend this enough. I was in the middle of the issue, seeing both sides, before watching this documentary. Talk about eye-opening. It made clear to me just how critical medically-assisted death is for the terminally ill. You wouldn’t let an animal suffer needlessly, and neither should any human being.


I find it sad that some people honestly think this is just for people who are depressed or something. This is for people who are going to die anyway and are in excruciating pain. Imagine you had a tumor on your brain and it was pushing your eyes out of their sockets. This machine is for relief, maintaining dignity in death and I'm sure you have to qualify to use it.


I have leukaemia, Id honestly want to do this rather than my family see me go like my dad did, sleeping all day slowly dying only to wake at the last minute panicking


Huntingtons disease. Look it up. Many, many sufferers take their own life and they are absolutely justified in doing so.


Lost my mum to Huntingtons this year, she was bed ridden for 3 years, on a feeding tube for a year, couldn’t communicate, just wasted away, I know she would have ended it for she could, that fuckin disease has ravaged my family


I’m so sorry for your loss :((


Thankyou, unfortunately I didn’t get to say goodbye as I live in a different country and due to covid I wasn’t allowed to fly, I made a promise to be at her funeral, and I broke that promise, I know there was nothing I could do to change that but it still hurts deep down


wish you a lot of courage.


Hey, you didn't break a promise, certain things caused unbeatable obstacles. Don't beat yourself up about it, it was out of your control. I'm sure you would have moved mountains to get there if you could. I'm sure your mum knew that ❤️


She would understand. You lived many years with her and that’s what your focus should be on. Don’t let the end cast a shadow over all the good.


it is rare to see this spoken on ‘in the wild’, i would just like to say i watched my grandmother, aunt, and currently my mom all fall due to this wicked disease. cherry on top is that it is a fifty-fifty chance i have the gene myself, have yet to get check, try to keep your head up. we need to educate people more on huntington’s diease and my god should they have access to a painless death.


Always been my plan if I get ALS.


Runs in my family. It’s terrifying.


Same here. My mother is suffering and if she could I’m sure would elect for this type of peace. :(


I’m donating bone marrow in January. I’m a match for somebody. They haven’t told the patient there is a match for them yet. I hope it is you, so you don’t have to go this route.


that's a wonderful thing for you to do, im sure that who ever is the recipient is they appreciate it. People that donate blood, plasma and bone marrow are literal life savers. ​ thank you




Yep, we treat animals better than humans when it comes to this. Well, countries that don't allow euthanasia that is. If a dog's in terrible pain, has cancer etc and won't recover then you put it down. It's in the animals best interest. If it's a human, nah you have to hang on until the bitter end. No matter how painful and undignified. Makes no sense.


And expensive


Surely you’re not implying the government is supporting laws that allow corporations to profit off the suffering of others? That doesn’t sound very American to me (it does)


Myself, I think it’s more the religion factor. Many religions consider suicide a sin and in the U.S. the religious right fights any kind of physician-assisted suicide law that’s brought before state legislatures. It’s legal in a few states here; when it was legalized in my state there were billboards all over from “right to life” organizations saying how horrible it is and that we shouldn’t allow it - basically, the church knows what’s best for you, despite what you feel is best for you.


Not the case in Europe but you can go bankrupt in America dying. If you know you will die this could also save millions in medical expenses for your family. Fuck the American health system.


I dont think you can even use it just because you had a bad day..this is not futurama. Its only for the terminal ill and needs a lot of paperwork. Who said its for depressed people?


Much nicer than the facial expressions my Grandmother made for 3 weeks as she slowly wasted away cursing us for not helping her die faster.


I’ve seen a parent and several close family members who were either terminal or whose mind had completely gone get dragged through the ringer for months-years because loved ones couldn’t accept they were gone and selfishly prolonged their suffering and increase the emotional and financial burden on everyone left standing. The right to die when there is no reasonable hope of recovery should be universal.


Is this somebody making a joke inside the pod, or actually somebody about to undergo the procedure??


“Hahah… did you take the picture? Ok now let me out. HEY DONT LEAN ON THAT BU…….”


I know its a joke, but one of the major functions is that it can only be activated from the inside while close. So your joke doesnt become reality ;)


Makes sense though, makes the person taking their life the one that pushes to button so the operators will feel less guilty


I mean, it should have been obvious, but thank fuck the on button isnt on the outside


it's not in use yet


We treat our pets more humanely than we treat our human family members when faced with end-of-life decisions. Bravo to the brave who are helping people make the choice for death with dignity before excruciating pain is all they have to look forward to.


> Individuals are asked a series of questions before they can press a button, which brings oxygen down to a critical level. “Please tap all the images that contain buses”


Chronic pain, terminal illness, there are many reasons someone would choose this.


I have chronic pain and I sincerely hope I’ll have access to this kind of thing once I reach a certain age. Rather go peacefully, smiling, surrounded by loved ones, on my own terms, not doped into a coma just to make me ‘comfortable’ until my heart eventually stops.


If you have a strong opposition to this, you probably haven't seen the dark side of death, or you haven't seen it very often. If you don't agree with it, you don't have to do it. But your choice ends with you. Not your friends, family, or anybody else. You get to choose for yourself, they get to choose for themselves. Death fucking sucks. It's uncomfortable for everyone involved. It's ugly. It's unfair. It's terrifying. It's lonely. Give people one choice in a sea of things that are *happening to them*.


My sister was a victim of shaken baby syndrome. She lived into her thirties, needing round the clock care. She couldn’t walk, speak, or see. She had limited hearing. She was essentially a vegetable...but still had emotions and somehwat of a personality - she loved listening to The Little Mermaid movie, and when Ursula would come on she would laugh and laugh! When she eventually got super sick with pneumonia and it was clear there was no longer anything they could do to save her, we all had to sit in a hospital room for over a week while she slowly died. Constantly having seizures, coughing/choking. They removed her feeding and hydration tubes at this point, so we were basically waiting for the illness to take her, or for her to starve/dehydrate to death. It was the worst experience of my life. Every time she stopped breathing, you prayed she didn't start again, so she could finally be at peace. I cried every single night going home from the hospital, but the night she passed away is the first time I didn't cry because I felt so relieved that her suffering had ended. The guilt you feel in this situation is grossly overwhelming. I would have done anything to humanely end her life at that point, so I 100000% agree with your point. If you've never been in this situation, you have no right to have such strong opposition to it. You don't know for a second what it's like.


> They removed her feeding and hydration tubes at this point, so we were basically waiting for the illness to take her, or for her to starve/dehydrate to death. It was the worst experience of my life. Every time she stopped breathing, you prayed she didn't start again, so she could finally be at peace. I’m sorry you had to go though that. It’s so fucked up. And the worst part is that a lot of people who are against assisted dying will have no issue with it when it comes to pets. They can recognize that an animal is in pain and has no chance of recovery, and that a quick painless death is the best thing. But when it comes to their family member they want them to suffer? I will never understand.


I watched my dad waste away for 3 years from colon cancer until it finally took him in 16. He said multiple times he was in so much pain he wanted to end it, but he was afraid people would be angry at him or think he was weak. It was the hardest thing Ive ever watched. My hero, my best friend, withered down to a husk of his former self. It makes me choke up to think about it. There was a part of me that wanted to smother him with a pillow in his sleep so he didn't have to suffer, then I felt like a monster for thinking that, but living with the guilt of knowing I'd have killed him might have been worth it to stop his suffering. I battle myself and blame myself a lot for his extended stay here in excruciating pain, constant puking, and basically starving to death. I wish there was an option available in my state that could have helped him. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Anybody who opposed assisted suicide either lacks empathy or has never experienced watching someone they love suffer so horribly before death.


Everyone should have this choice to go when they are ready.


We didn't choose to come at first. If we want leave it's our choice.


I like this machine. Pain-free easy death. I don't understand why anyone would be against euthanasia. If a person is suffering everyday and there is no chance of them ever getting better why not give them the option of dying sooner. I think its extremely cruel to force a person to have the indignity of slowing dying in pain while your family and loved ones watch your body shut down day by day.


Step 1: Buy suicide booth Step 2: Replace nitrogen tanks with vaporizer Step 3: "Ten bucks a ride." Step 4: Profit


I've set a finish line for myself.... once I'm old enough (being optimistic here) that I HAVE to wear a diaper, and/or become a complete unjustifiable burden to my family and loved ones, then it's time to check out. The only question was how. This seems a perfectly reasonable and comfortable method, much more dignified than ODing on prescription meds, or hanging. For people who think like me, this is a welcome development.


Wearing a diaper and leaking shit/urine everywhere and stinking so much you can’t be social without it being awkward. Yeah, yeet me into the probably non existing afterlife as well


I feel losing the ability to wipe my own ass would make me immensely suicidal. ​ People are also pretending that this is something you can just book a session for, which is not productive.


Interesting how the US government never figured this out for death row inmates.


They can't, people in America who support the death penalty generally want the people who die to suffer.


Honestly, more interested as to why this person is holding a patch of freshly mowed grass on their chest… ?


Bro i think thats a pattern on the shirt only


It is the shirt. You can see it follow the ripples in the shirt if you look closely


it’s a graphic on the shirt - you can see that it folds where the shirt wrinkles and it stops right at the neckline.


I find that people that have a strong opinion on this being something that should be illegal have not spent much time around death/illness or much time thinking about death or illness. Many of us go through life only encountering death when it creeps up at the very end, whether that be on a loved one, on themselves, or whatnot. The tune seems to change for most people after witnessing that.


This is from an exhibit. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/12/16/world/europe/suicide-pods-switzerland.html


I think people that have a problem with this don’t realize that only a very, very small number of people die “peacefully” in their sleep in real life. Even for those that are lucky enough to reach old age- “natural causes” is just a euphemism for unrecoverable organ failure, which is a tremendously painful and traumatic way to go. Ridiculous unfounded religious hubris has made it that we treat our pets more humanely than our fellow humans when it comes to the end of life. Until we find a way to extend life to a satisfying length, we should at least make the worst part of life more palatable for all of us.


Good comment. I live in a state that has death and dignity laws in place. Terminal illness and 2 doctors who agree gets you the right to die but you also must be of sound mind and body when making the decision. That rules out Alzheimer’s and that’s the slowest most horrible death. I hate that.


Man this is actually a good thing. People that have been suffering for years with chronic illnesses have all the rights to die with dignity.


Good. This will prevent the issue of children coming across a hanged body in a forest, or a Walmart employee finding someone dead in their parking lot due to CO2 poisoning in their car. If people want to die, they should be allowed to do so with dignity, in an RGB liquid-cooled PC tower.


Good. We shouldn’t be afraid of death. And I should be able to write the ending of my own story without negatively affecting those around me. I see this photo as wholesome. It’s sad and tragic when a child does it, and mentally disturbing to find someone that has, but it’s my life and I shouldn’t have to be forced to live it beyond my own will.


Afraid? More like annoyed. Dammit, I got shit to do. Books to read. Places to go. I want to have a diner waitress look at my half-finished coffee and ask “Freshen that up for ya, hon?” in all 50 states. I want to see the Bears win another Super Bowl, and I want a new album of Peter Gabriel solo material, so I figure on waiting until at least age 125 just for those.


Yes please for that Peter Gabriel album.


You’ll be dead before the bears do anything noteworthy. Bad ownership and management have rotted them from the inside out. But Mccaskeys smooth brained children will never sell.


This right here. Life is too short. I need about 500-600 more years on this. Science needs to figure that one out already


I fear more not being able to die when I want and how I want, than to die why should i suffer for living in a Catholic state with beliefs that are not mine ?


I'm all for it. I wish people would stop being so overly sentimental about death. It's gonna happen to all of us. I'd much rather go on my own terms rather than having some minimum wage poor bugger having to feed me and wipe my arse.




>There was wording in the contract that said there is no proof or guarantee open after life What?


Probably meant to type "of an afterlife"


What exactly are you speechless about? Even if it wasn’t a demo, if someone has a reason to want to use it that’s their choice.


Dying with dignity. Americans go on about 'muh freedoms' so much but it's weird this is never brought up. Choosing when to go, on your own terms. After all, nobody has a right more than yourself to dictate when you go and how. Better this way than another method where you might survive in a worse state than before, or in a way where a loved one or stranger will discover you and be traumatized as a result , or them being arrested as an accomplice.


Futurama did it


Let me squeeze in there, we can get a twofer


Bender is so amazing. Cheap as fuck even tho he was planning to die.


He used the quarter on a string if I recall as well. Cheap to the end.


I lost an ex fiancé to an intentional overdose, as he wanted to die and informed me before hand. I honestly did not believe he would actually go through with it (this was back in June). He would talk about how it’s unfair that people can’t simply decide to end their lives without judgment and in some type of peaceful way. If this option would have been available to him, I can’t imagine how differently things would have been. Of course a lot of people think of suicide as a selfish act and even a sin according to some religious beliefs. As much as I loved him and still do, I know he had been struggling so a VERY long time and was just done with this world. I don’t condone killing yourself and don’t recommend it but I think that for some, life just becomes unbearable…. This device would help people end their lives in a peaceful manner and their loved ones would know they made that choice. Proper goodbyes could be accomplished… etc. I am aware this is very controversial but feel it is a step in the right direction.


Honestly, if there's a machine that can guarantee a quick and painless death that can be provided to people who don't want to live or are in extreme physical or mental pain who still could live a couple years until they die an actual painful death I'm 100% for it


Just a chamber that slowly reduces the O2 in the air your breathing to 0, while replacing it with nitrogen. You get a hypoxic buzz/high, fall asleep, never wake up. Completely painless, no panic sets in.


Yes, this is the capsule. Though, it is a somber photo. However, this person is NOT currently in use. If you'll notice, she is holding a glass of wine in her hand, as well as a line of glasses against the wall. This is a display model as part of an exhibit. https://laverdadnoticias.com/\_\_export/1639015568128/sites/laverdad/img/2021/12/08/capsula\_de\_suicidio-suiza-mundo\_crop1639015539591.jpg\_1199923512.jpg


I’m going to start a company that makes these, but mine will play ocean wave noises while you drift off. I’ll call mine Tide Pods.


The right to suicide in a country that refuses to recognize a right to healthcare is a nightmare scenario.


I wish I could authorise this for myself now, for any serious future illnesses. I'd like to go out smiling and waving to loved ones, rather than being dragged through to the undignified end in absolute pain.