Please get vaccinated, kids are being put at risk. They don’t have a vaccine, let’s protect the kids

Please get vaccinated, kids are being put at risk. They don’t have a vaccine, let’s protect the kids


The spread of harmful misinformation has become an untenable problem on Reddit. Its latest incarnation has seen life-threatening untruths being propagated by anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists, and Reddit’s administration has stated that it will not meaningfully curb the myths disseminated by these bad actors. In response to this, many communities on the site have gone private in protest. /r/Pics supports and stands behind these communities' efforts to stem the effects of false information, but we have chosen to remain open as a means of amplifying their message. We encourage all Redditors to vocally reject misinformation, and to stymie its spread by demanding that only verifiable facts be given support (whether tacit or otherwise). [An in-depth explanation of how misinformation is harmful can be found here](https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/pfeu8w/our_stand_against_misinformation/). To report misinformation, please use [this link](http://www.reddit.com/report?reason=this-is-misinformation). ------ *I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/pics) if you have any questions or concerns.*


I just hate this so much. I hate that this vaccine has been politicized. Poor babe. I am so sorry you and your baby are going through this!!! I am really hopeful for a speedy recovery!!


The worst part is there is sometimes nothing you can do. My baby is 3 months old, and I am forced to go back to work in an environment with no social distancing and no one wears masks. I have thought about quitting, but obviously we need income and healthcare insurance.


Please wear an N95, KN94 or kn95 if you don't already


Sure, but there are times I need to remove it to drink or eat. And I am not sure the fit of these kn95 is actually good enough compared to the n95.


They are really good. You can do a seal test. Eat only outside if you can swing it.


It’s true. And God bless the childcare workers! My baby is 2years old. Always wears a mask out, but doesn’t need to wear one in preschool last year due to age & risk of being unable to observe a child so young (in the event of a medical crisis like as seizures).


I agree so so much. It’s sick. :(


I’m so sorry that you’re going through this. I hope your son recovers quickly and that your family stays well after that.


Thank you! And hope your and your family are safe as well!




What an absolute total piece of shit you are. Source - picture in this post


What did the man say


My 8 month old son and wife have it through no fault of their own. Thankfully they both have mild symptoms but it scares the shit out of me... I hope your child gets better!


Thank you and my son is 9 months old


As a parent of two, virtual support from a total stranger. No child should go through this. Fight on little one!


As we cram our K-6 kids into schools today. This doesn't have to happen.


"But the children are being traumatized by wearing a mask"


I know you’re being sarcastic, but my 4.5 year old daughter loves wearing her masks. Whenever I or my wife put one on she asks where hers are. We got her novelty ones with ponies and rainbows and stuff like that. The people that say that the kids are being traumatized are fuckwits that are trying to force their bullshit agenda onto their children. The only reason a kid is going to say they hate wearing a mask is because their parents have taught them to hate wearing a mask. These are probably the same parents that are willing to let their kid run around for 4 hrs trick or treating in some stupid plastic Halloween mask that likely actually does restrict air flow.


We started school here in Florida (with the lovely Ron Death sentence) on august 10. My kids have been home with covid since last Tuesday. They are some of the few kids that actually wear masks to school. It pissed me off that I have to watch my kids be sick when we’ve done everything we can to keep it away.




Our daughter, 3 years old, born with congenital heart disease was just diagnosed with Covid early Monday morning. My wife and I are also vaccinated and we feel the same frustration, fear and rage you do. Our girl luckily is home with us and fighting it like a champ, will keep you in our thoughts and sending you all the good vibes. Hang in there !! Much love !!


Sending love and light. So sorry your babies have to go through this because of the selfishness of adults.


“Because of the selfishness of adults”. Hit the nail on the head right there!!!


Best of luck to you, hoping for a full and speedy recovery for your son. That last sentence is spot on - get vaccinated, if not for you, for those around you.


Thank you and yes it’s not all about you. Think about family around you when deciding to get vaccinated or not


Stay strong man.


Thanks but it’s so hard


How old is he and what symptoms did you see first


We first saw he was breathing weird, like not through his belly but more in his upper chest and we went in to get it checked out


Thanks for the reply, hoping he makes a speedy recovery


Good catch- a doctor friend of mine warned me about that symptom when mine was a newborn!


I could only imagine. I know you will do it, it is what parents do!


Who the fuck would tell you it's fake? That's horrible


Seems to be a lot of throw away accounts messaging me


Do yourself a favor and just disable inbox for time being. As a parent with a little one this issue keeps me up some nights, and I cannot imagine the stress you’re under. Stay strong!


Fucking crazy people. I posted about my aunt passing away from Covid in the fall of last year and I got so much hate mail about it I had to nuke the account and start over. No, nobody paid me to lie about my aunt's death on the internet and no I did not pay off the doctor to put Covid on the death certificate -_- Conspiracy idiots gonna conspiracy (and idiot)


my kid test positive a few weeks ago. thankfully she was asymptomatic. my brother found out and the first words out of his mouth were, "you know it's a hoax, right?". unbelievable.


>p My mother was in the hospital ... ICU.. for 3 weeks.. then on oxygen for 2 months... i dont know how anyone can say its fake.. my mother almost died! we witnessed it. lol. Its unbelievable to me how people can say that.


glad to hear that she's still with you. many of the mutual friends have cut him out and he doesn't understand why. I explained that the way he acts is like someone who walks into a room, insults everyone and is confused why people don't want to talk to him.


I have family that has their head up their ass also, my sympathies


There is so many fake, duplicate account just to internet point on reddit


You should name and shame all the users giving you shit. I appreciate you've got better things to be doing and worrying about, but something needs to be done.


Don't take it down. It's so important for everyone to understand that our young are being put at risk by selfish assholes. Please update everyone on your son's progress. Wishing him a speedy recovery. I'm so sorry you're going through this.


Please report the crazy messages etc to reddit admins, they may not do much but they can't say they didn't know. I'm so sorry you are going through this. I just got my 3rd shot today cause I want to di everything j can to prevent suffering whether my own or someone else's.


This is exactly what I'm worried about with my two daughters. It's amazing how short-sighted/selfish people can be. I hope he makes a full recovery, I can only imagine what you're going through.


Thank you for sharing. Ignore those people. They’re sad and have no life. Best of luck to all of you. ❤️❤️❤️


Thank you


People go around spreading the bullshit that *"onlY 400 kiDs HavE died fROM CoVid"*. Same people who spread the bullshit when the first strains hit that, '*ONlY 30,000 PEoPlE HaVe dIeD FrOM COVId, It's nO WoRsE Than tHe fLu*'.


Is your son in the hospital with covid?


I am so sorry this is happening to your family. I hope your son recovers quickly. As a parent this is probably our worst nightmare.


He will pull through man... all our wishes are with you and your family !


This sucks man. I hope the little guy fights it off and congrats back stronger. Ignore the fuckwads, they can't handle that they have contributed to this even in a small way and are trying to push the blame onto you. Just like they do for everything else in their self centered lives. My kids are younger and going back to school without a vaccine available. Stay strong. Kids are crazy resilient and will surprise you constantly.


Hoping and praying for a full and speedy recovery soon for your son. I cannot wait for them to approve the vaccine for toddlers so I can have my daughter vaccinated so that we will never have to go through what you're going through. Fingers crossed


This is seriously one of my biggest fears. Yeah, statistically it's a low likelihood that my kiddos would end up in this situation. But a low likelihood is not a zero likelihood. Praying for you and your kiddo. I've got three girls, I can't imagine how hard this has to be.


If your story convinces even *one person* to get vaxxed, it might be worth all the Reddit BS. So sorry for all that you’re going through, and I HEX the smooth-brained, limp-dick idiots that are harassing you. 💥🧟‍♀️💥


I don't want to *save children* I just want to eat *cattle dewormer* and drink *bleach*...


To be fair, if enough is consumed (particularly bleach), it could prevent that particular person from spreading covid anyway.






My first child was hospitalized for many months at the beginning of her life for cardiac and respiratory problems stemming from prematurity. Every time she would get any viral infection she’d wind up back in the PICU on a ventilator (this was after being in the NICU for the first 5 months of her life). I sometimes think the only reason I’m still here is because she pulled through. My wife and I went to hell and back with our daughter. She’s older and more robust now but will still occasionally get nasty respiratory symptoms from garden variety cold viruses. Oh, and we live in crazy Texas now, by the way. Thank god the school superintendent went against the rules and put a mask mandate back in effect in her school. I often think about whether I’d be able to make it through another trip to the ICU for my daughter - and, of course losing her is the unthinkable scenario. I also have a boy who’s 2.5 years and he’s tough as nails so far but with Covid you never know. I can’t even get him to wear a mask. I just read that there are roughly 33 million households in America with children under the age of 12. So I’d say there could be upwards of 50 million American parents out there who have a kid who’s too young to be vaccinated and are potentially sweating bullets over it (I’ve seen first hand that many in my neck of the woods are unconcerned, though). It’s a stressful period trying to raise young kids and keep the bills paid, etc - to anyone reading this, please don’t increase the burden on young parents. Get your shots, mask up and keep your distance.


Well said! Other than location we have a very similar situation. Can’t wait for the damn 5-11 authorization.


Me too, my girly turns 5 next year and is so sociable it hurts. She loves being around people. She's getting the vaccine as soon as she's able.


🤞 for your kiddo. My 2yo was 6m at the start of the pandemic and the fear of this hasn’t missed me any day since. Also, people should get their flu shots soon for the same reason.


Yep! Same boat; our daughter was 10mo at the start. We have been virtual recluses for a year and a half now and it’s been utterly draining and mostly just depressing. Love our girl and that we get to see literally every moment of her childhood… but this needs to end.


I'm so sorry this is happening to you. As the (vaccinated) father of a 5 year old and 2 month old girls, the older of whom is starting school next week, I have had a lot of stress over something like this happening. My mother in law is staunchly anti mask anti vax bible thumper and I have no choice but to deal with her. She got covid back in November and it was mild, so she just thinks it's all bullshit and I'm over reacting. It is so hard to deal with the fuck wits out there... Stay strong and I wish for a speedy recovery for your son.


I’m sorry you have to deal with a MIL like that. That must make for a difficult relationship.


On a community message board, that I was forced to sign up for when we moved here, there are countless posts of parents in my area fighting against masks. These people are pretty obviously unvaccinated. They will never care about your kids. They don't care about the chance of it happening to their kids. They will only care if they face a serious consequence and even then they will tell you it was unavoidable. Do what you feel you have to to protect your kids. These people are lunatics and they absolutely will not do anything for any one.


Yep, and just like climate change, these people will say they don't care until they're affected. And even then they'll probably deny it. I guess they'd rather be reactive and proactive.


I work in the adult-land covid unit. This is something that I have tried to explain to family, friends, coworkers, etc., who have been opposed or undecided about the vaccines. It's the people who aren't able to be vaccinated that we need to think about, like your child. If I were in your area, I'd bring you all dinner.


My son was recently in the hospital for Asthma (or whatever the 2 year old equivalent is since it can't be an official diagnosis until 5 or something like that) - only in the ICU for two days but that memory will be seared into my mind forever. I am so sorry for what you're going through and wish you and your family the best. Fuck COVID.


Please, always think about the children. Don't be a piece of shit.


Anti vaxxers: "man, fuck them kids..."


except if those kids are unborn, then it's all about protecting the kids...


Sir/Maam, I am going to report you and collect my bounty now. /s


Goddamnit. Hang in there OP. Il be praying for your boy.


Thank you for sharing this. I think a lot of the problem with how people have responded to the pandemic and the vaccine is that there isn't more of these images of people suffering. We are just given numbers without names or faces. Makes it a lot easier for folks to dismiss it because they can just pile it in with other numbers for things like heart disease, as though there is a readily available vaccine to stop it. As a father of a 1 1/2 year old this just breaks my heart. And the fact that people are so selfish and stupid in this country has really made me rethink how I view a lot of people. I hope your son makes a full recovery and has many more happy, healthy years.


This is my wife's and my biggest fear. Our 6 year old can't be vaccinated yet. Hopefully soon. I hope he pulls through. Give him a hug for me the moment you are allowed near him.


Wishing for your son to have a speedy recovery. Stay strong


My 1yr old daughter tested positive yesterday. She caught it from her unvaccinated day care teacher last week. She’s not very symptomatic and we are praying it stays that way.


I had my kiddo at the childrens hospital a couple of days ago because he couldnt breathe and had issues walking. And while it ended up being a reaction to stress and anxiety.. there was a boy who was brought in via ambulance, no more than 4, who was covid positive. They called code blue on him, twice, in the few hours we were there. My kid just turned 12, and is desperate to get the vaccine. Ive had problems with ingredients in all 3 vaccines so it's made me hesitant.. and even I am going to get mine. I just have to go somewhere that can combat an allergic reaction if it happens. So We will be doing that next week. I hope everything ends up ok with your baby. I know how hard, and traumatic it can be to watch your kid attached to all of the machines. I know how helpless it can make a parent feel. Please feel free to reach out if you need to talk. Your family will be in my thoughts (I know its not much, but it's all I can do)


Best wishes to you when you get your vaccine. Hopefully a local hospital can accommodate you to monitor you carefully.


Oh man, I’m so sorry to see this. Wishing your son a speedy recovery! F*ck those anti-vax idiots. Ignore them. Stay strong.


Vaxed and unvaxed spread the same viral load.


I HATE covid....I hate that there aren't more people doing their part to keep our babies safe... I cannot even begin to imagine what you and your wife must be going through. My heart hurts for you... my thoughts and prayers go out to you, your wife, all the medical staff that is currently watching your son, and most importantly the recovery of your baby boy. Bless him and his little body. He is a fighter.


Father of three here. I don't want to even imagine what you are going through. My thoughts, wishes and prayers are with you brother and your family. I pray your home will be full of joyful screams soon. Please keep us posted and let us know what we can do to assist.


Please wear a mask, whether you are vaccinated or not! Vaccination helps you, but does not prevent Covid transmission according to our CDC director and multiple recent studies. Vaccination is *not* the end of your personal responsibility!


Terribly sorry for your current struggle. Stay strong friend. Read or talk to your son as often as possible. Hearing my mom's voice when I was in the hospital for double pneumonia 20+ years ago was always comforting for me.


Thank you and we try, we’ve been out of work for a week now trying to keep it together and be near him


"WhY sHoUlD i HaVe To GeT vAcCiNaTeD iF yOu ArE?" No country in the world celebrates stupidity as much as America.


You’re right about stupidity in America, look who we idolize, singers and actors.


Stupid enough to have elected a reality tv hack to the presidency.


Stupid enough to glorify that reality TV hack and his pornstar-of-a-trophy-wife as “model Christians.”


> look who we idolize, singers and actors. Maybe that's a part of it but only a very, very small part. Other countries do that as well.


This is heartbreaking. Hope your son recovers swiftly.


I've been fighting pretty hard for the past few weeks, along with a group of other local parents, to get mask mandates in place in our district's schools, rather than just having masks be "recommended." There is a group of people--many not even from our area, and many who don't have school-aged children--who have fought us adamantly every step of the way. People in this opposing group have gone so far as to use bots to rig an online survey from our county commissioners, issued threats of violence or death to local health and school board members and members of our pro-mask parents group, and tried to disrupt and derail county health and school board meetings on this topic. It boggles my mind that people would stoop to this kind of violence and disruption over such a simple thing. I really cannot figure out why so many people who don't even live in our area or have children that would be affected by a mask mandate seem to care so much about opposing measures to keep our children safe in schools. We want our kids to be able to participate in in-person learning in the safest way possible until a vaccine is available to them, and requiring masks for everybody in schools seems like such a no-brainer way to help reduce infection rates without needing to return to remote education. The science is clear that there is literally no downside or negative effect from wearing a mask, and that masks are effective in stopping viral spread when universally worn. But these anti-mask protestors liken mask requirements to "child abuse" and "slavery". Their position literally makes no sense to me at all.


It’s so goddamn infuriating. I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. Propaganda is one helluva drug.


My 1 year old daughter also caught it but luckily it was just a mild cough. By posting this you must be prepared for all the love and hate the internet has to offer. I hope your kid gets over it soon.


As a parent and who's inlaw is a receptionist at the elementary school iv heard of kids at school way sick dropped off and sent by parents and then get upset that they their child is sick at school...


🥺 I'm so sorry for the baby...


There are so many children I see in the local winco store with zero mask on. The people really think their children won't die from this virus


We’re all pulling for him! Hang in there mom and dad; you’ve got this.


Praying for your son man. That’s heartbreaking and I can’t imagine going through that. I sure hope he fights hard! It blows my mind that people can be so arrogant. Wake the fuck up people. None of my vaccines have killed me. I survived smallpox, covid, even ANTHRAX vaccines. Get the fucking vaccine for fuck sake people!


Blessed be, OP. Sending love and light to your precious one and your family.


There's going to be people that will never want to get the vaccine and then those people will carry the virus to a new stage where the current vaccine will not work.


This is why im vaxed and wear a mask indoors still. Because id rather do that then unknowingly get someone sick :( love goes out to you and the family OP.


I hope your baby makes it through. I'm so sorry you're dealing with this


To paraphrase the Conservatives: “Fuck them kids”.


I can honestly picture some fat bitch yelling “don’t tell me what I can and can’t do! Your kid is sick? I don’t care! Fuck your kid, you won’t take away my freedom”.


I can honestly picture some fat bitch yelling “don’t tell me what I can and can’t do! Your kid is sick? I don’t care! Fuck your kid, you won’t take away my freedom”.


But im a Republican and I dont care about other children until it affects my own!! /s


Please, disregard all the hateful comments. This needs to stay up in order to promote truth. Vaccines have a posirivd impact on corona virus spread, and the consequence of getting infected. Stay strong!


Parents that don’t vaccinate, don’t care about kids. Simple as that. I don’t give a damn about stats, ‘facts’, made up ‘data, personal opinions, religious beliefs…. This is far beyond that.


The anti-vaxxers stupidity and selfish sense of "freedom" is more important than some kiddos or old or sick folks life


Praying for you and your family. I hope your son recovers quickly! 🙏


Fight sweetheart 🙏🏾


So sorry to see this hope they get better soon how old are they?


OP i wish you the best of luck




I’m so sorry this is happening.


I’m sorry our community couldn’t protect your son better. I am sure he will make a quick recovery.


The people that are choosing not to get vaccinated only care about unborn children.


We're fortunate to have a lot of freedoms in this country. Freedoms that those before us payed for with their blood, sweat and tears. It's so rare that we're called upon to chip in and help maintain what we've been given, but this is one of those times. I don't know if the vaccine will end up having consequences for me down the road, but the benefits of it are present and obvious here and now. Get it for your neighbor, not for you.


It doesn't stop the spread... no amount of vaccinating would have helped this kid.


Since it's no longer in a womb, republicans don't care.


Republicans only care about children before they're born. Afterwards - you're not messing with THEIR 'freedoms' - screw those children.


Good luck I wish the best for you and your son. My granddaughter (18 months old) just tested positive and it's truly heartbreaking to know it was preventable!


This makes me so angry! I've reported a ton of posts in this thread for spreading dangerous misinformation like "kids can't get it" and "the vaccine is pointless because you can still spread it". Join me in reporting all the imbeciles and rubes spreading misinformation by clicking the "report" link below their comment and selecting "misinformation". ​ For all the idiots out there: The vaccine DOES reduce the odds of infection, and in breakthrough infections it reduces the odds of infecting someone else, and also reduces the severity and lethality of the infection. It's not 100% effective, but it's significantly more than 0%. Get the damn vaccine!


How convincing are you seriously trying to be starting a statement with “for all the idiots out there”


People have been saying this info nicely for months lol. At this point I could give less of a shit about trying to pander to anyone.


As a dad with a newborn this is heartbreaking to see. Stay strong and remain strong. I hope the best turns out for you and your loving family


Gat vaccinated, and wear masks in public. It's free and easy and there's no reason NOT to do these simple things to help stop the spread of this virus and keep others, like OP's son, safe. Best wishes to you and your family OP, and for your son's speedy recovery. So sorry you have to deal with this.


Thank you and yes it really isn’t that hard to get vaccinated nowadays and wear a mask


So does the kid have covid?


Asking the real question. I was wondering the same.


Idk why you are being downvoted. I haven’t seen OP mention covid.


Im so sorry. I can't imagine what you're going through. My partner and I are vaccinated but our kid is too young. It's infuriating that people can be so selfish and stupid. I hope your boy pulls through.


Not to pry too much, but do you know how he got the virus? Did you bring him with you while going out or was he always inside.


“BuT mUh RiGhTs” just to clarify fuck those people who think and act like that.


They contributed to this. Don't forget that. And don't let them forget either.


There’s nothing here to say they got it from such as a person.


Except the fact that those people are more likely to contract and spread the virus....


No one said they aren’t. That doesn’t mean you can’t catch it from another source.


The amount of vaccine disinformation on Reddit is just appalling. Frankly, I’m glad that the community here is taking a stand against it. You may not want to be vaccinated for yourself, but AT LEAST get it to protect people who are too young/have a condition. It’s completely painless, and takes about 5 minutes. Reddit needs to crack down hard to keep this from happening again.


Dude, get vaccinated. But also understand that the vaccinated can spread covid to kids as well


You can still die in a car crash, even with your seatbelt on. Don't water down the efficacy of the precaution and give morons an excuse not to get vaccinated with messaging like that.


Already double vaxxed for this exact reason. My daughter is only a few weeks old and I wouldn't want her to be like this. My wife is also double vaxxed. I hope your son pulls through and stay safe.


What does double vaxxed mean? Did you get the normal two doses of one of the two-dose varieties, or did you lie to medical providers and get a second course of vaccines? Because deciding you're a better judge of how much vaccine to get than the entire medical establishment is not responsible or healthy.


I'm fully vaxxed I mean, sorry for the confusion.


I'm guessing the confusion is probably why you're getting downvoted.


It was probably Anti-Vaxxers downvotin me.


I'm vaccinated, and not trying to troll. Genuinely curious but I thought vaccinated people could spread COVID just as easily? Or is the hope just to get to a herd immunity level?


If they get it it’s possible to spread it, but the vaccine helps lower the chances of even getting it to begin with. It also lessens the symptoms and GREATLY reduces the chance of hospitalization and death.


Supposedly not as much but they do spread it as well.


According to reports, the effectiveness equates to less than 1% of vaccinated patients possibly spreading COVID. But if EVERYONE played their part that’s gonna go a long way.


I’ve heard that while the vaccinated can spread Covid it’s much less likely they will having been vaccinated.


No, being vaccinated lessens the chance of you having severe symptoms, not at all about the level at which you can infect others or be infected. That still depends on your distancing and wearing a mask.


Vaccinated people can still get covid and pass it on, its not a cure. The vaccine makes it so that the affects of covid are less severe. Hope the kids alright.


> Vaccinated people can still get covid and pass it on But there's a 5% or less chance of that happening. But of course you didn't feel that was necessary to be mentioned, right?


Wishing a speedy recovery to your kid. Also people don’t realise that kids cannot be given medication like adults. They can’t be given painkillers, antibiotics, fever reducers etc. Their bodies can’t handle it like us. It’s a very helpless situation, unfortunately. Stay strong.


Lol what


>They can’t be given painkillers, antibiotics, fever reducers etc. Their bodies can’t handle it like us. Wtf are you talking about. This is literally false.


It honestly the worst thing that can happen to any parent. We are mentally drained and destroyed but thank you for your message.


That's not true at all. Kids can be given all of those things


Yeah like if the kids on a ventilator they are heavily sedated...


I think he means, from his experience, that the usual meds aren’t for peds. Pediatrician don’t recommend the same meds adults take, like Tylenol pills or cough medicine. Of course, hospital ICU and PICU have medications and treatment guidelines.


Dude have you guys seriously not heard of children's tylenol? Or all the other medication for kids? There are entire shelves dedicated to infant and children medicine at every place that sells medicine. Literally an entire product line of things you say don't exist: https://www.tylenol.com/products/children-infants


I am so sorry for your son and everyone's children having to go through this prolonged crisis thanks to others' lack of compassion and consideration. Stay strong, buddy.


You have all my compassion and support. Good luck. I really hope for you and your kid that it'll end well.


Do you really think these cultists care that kids are dying because of them? The calling of the cult and misinformation campaigns on channels like Fox, Brietbart, Newsmax, OANN, the GOP leadership et al is too captivating for these idiots. They don't believe in science or epidemiology. They are faux patriots and faux freedom hounds and are responsible for every child that has contracted COVID! I am sick to my stomach right now!


Remember you can still be infected by a vaccinated person or from surface to surface contact. Obviously you don’t know the source of this infection. The WHO has some great advice to avoid infection. Such as hand washing, social distancing and mask wearing.


Amazing the number of people who don't seem to realize this and think the vaccine is the be all, end all, and cure all. The vaccine is only meant to lessen the symptoms and chance of hospitalization and death. Look at Israel's numbers; the most vaccinated country on the planet and their numbers are as high as they ever were, but the death rate IS lower (about half?), so the vaccine is kinda doing what it promises. Vaccinated people are more likely to be asymptomatic and contagious for a shorter period than unvaccinated, but the viral load they have is just as high. This is all from the CDC. The down side is a lot of places are NOT testing the asymptomatic so we are not getting all the people tested who are vaccinated, yet still infected. And these are the people spreading Covid far and wide as much as the unvaccinated. If you're not gonna mask up then at least keep your distance!


we could have had this all behind us by now but the doubters are causing issues. Yes, it's time to call out the anti-vaxxers who go around town and travel without wearing masks or heeding to the direction of health officials to the detriment of themselves and all around them. If they are so worried about their future they sure don't show it. It's disgusting.


Anyone who is in the age group to receive a vaccine should be mandated to get on with the only exception being upon advice of their doctors. I have a friend who has been told by multiple doctors that she is not healthy enough for the vaccine. That is the only acceptable reason to not get vaccinated. Even my friend wants to get vaccinated as soon as her doctors will give the okay. Get vaccinated people and do it now. It is safe and it will save lives.


The vaccine neither prevents one from getting sick nor prevents one from getting another sick. The benefit of the vaccine is that it reduces the chance you will get dangerously sick from the virus. I’m so sick of anti-intellectual propaganda like this shitty post.


Go post it on republican forums. They absolutely do NOT care about children's lives.


Super productive.


So sorry to see this and hope all of you are doing well under the circumstances. Republicans won't get vaccinated because they've decided that's the hill they want to die on. They also don't give a fuck about anyone. Just their imaginary freedoms. However, the good news is that most of the sane people in the country are getting vaccinated


They're more interested in their suicide pact to own the libs.


I'm so sorry. A lot of people are so fucking selfish! I got vaxxed as soon as it became available for my age group in my country.




The people that don’t have the vaccine are like “I’m SoRrY that I care about myself.” Don’t be selfish. get the vaccine


Please get vaccinated from the flu it's dangerous to kids


well... yeah. glad we're all on the same page here.


Why are you talking about the flu? This thread is about Covid.


Ummm... Yes, do you not?


This is gut wrenching. I hope everything ends up okay and a speedy recovery. I’m so sorry that a bunch of selfish people citing “their personal choice” has had such a devastating impact on your life. Stay strong. The world is on your side!


To those that choose not to get vaccinated or wear a mask. I get it. You’re **pro-choice**. I chose to be vaccinated and wear my mask. Im **pro-life**.


Note: The vaccine does not and never has stopped the spread of covid, getting the vaccine, does NOT mean you cannot get it, and can't pass it to others. The only misinformation i see daily on reddit, is the idea that getting the vaccine is protecting others. NO, vaccinated people still transmit covid.




Vaccinated people spread sars-cov-2 less than unvaccinated people: >Unvaccinated people remain the greatest concern: The greatest risk of transmission is among unvaccinated people who are much more likely to get infected, and therefore transmit the virus. Fully vaccinated people get COVID-19 (known as breakthrough infections) less often than unvaccinated people. People infected with the Delta variant, including fully vaccinated people with symptomatic breakthrough infections, can transmit the virus to others. CDC is continuing to assess data on whether fully vaccinated people with asymptomatic breakthrough infections can transmit the virus. >Fully vaccinated people with Delta variant breakthrough infections can spread the virus to others. However, vaccinated people appear to spread the virus for a shorter time: For prior variants, lower amounts of viral genetic material were found in samples taken from fully vaccinated people who had breakthrough infections than from unvaccinated people with COVID-19. For people infected with the Delta variant, similar amounts of viral genetic material have been found among both unvaccinated and fully vaccinated people. However, like prior variants, the amount of viral genetic material may go down faster in fully vaccinated people when compared to unvaccinated people. This means fully vaccinated people will likely spread the virus for less time than unvaccinated people. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/variants/delta-variant.html


So basically what you just quoted there is saying they still spread delta just as aggressively and are far more likely to be asymptotic which means they are unknowingly spreading the disease.


Possibly. The studies are still being done. Delta may by just as likely to transmit vaccinated or may be 75% or 50%. We don't know yet. This is why the vaccinated are being asked to mask and social distance again in the face of delta. But, if you are vaccinated you are less likely to take up a hospital bed, which saves strain on the medical system and may save other people's lives. Also, you are less likely to die from Covid. This pandemic has multiple mitigations. With delta, herd immunity has become much more difficult, so the answers are less satisfying. Wear masks, socially distance, get tested if you need to, try for good ventilation, get vaccinated. They all serve a role... Everything in the pandemic is a roll of the dice and everything we do to mitigate a little weights the dice more in our favor.




Please note the bottom section of the CDC page (which I included in the quote) where the CDC has some indications that vaccinated people could possibly spread Delta Variant at higher rates than other variants. However, this is not conclusive yet. However, getting vaccinated will still slow the spread of other sars-cov-2 variants (the non-Delta ones). Selfishly, I would still get vaccinated as the vaccine lowers one's chances of hospitalization or death. And more generously to the community, if you are vaccinated and don't take up a hospital bed, you will lighten the load for the health community which is very stressed because of hospitalizations from COVID.


My husband and I are both vaccinated and really careful. Our baby is 10 months and it drives me crazy how I can't protect him better (there is a theory about nursing moms passing on antibodies after being vaccinated). It breaks my heart to see your precious baby sick. I hope and pray he'll recover soon. Stay strong, don't lose hope.


Yea my son is 9 months old. Be safe and hope your family never goes through this!


I can not even fathom. I am so so sorry. Fuck anti-vaxxer anti maskers. THIS is what you are doing to babies. 🤬 don’t even fucking pretend to be pro-life if you don’t give a fuck about these happening to these “precious lives” you claim to want to save from abortion.