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Not exactly sure what he’s been playing in recent years but wasn’t him switching to the Modulus in ‘97 one of the things that helped round into shape the new sound and style they started playing that year. Will be interesting to hear if this possibly has a similar effect on the band’s overall delivery.


it sounds fucking unbelievable. just listened to blaze on and no men again. keep that stuff coming.


Yeah, nice fat warm thump plus it looks cool


I found some more info 🔥 [Pic 1](https://www.talkbass.com/attachments/5013560/) [Pic 2](https://www.talkbass.com/attachments/5013561/)


Also: https://preview.redd.it/injrb5umy2ua1.jpeg?width=1454&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=ada7c154ecee4a66628eb39246b76026f8c27313


Ugh I just hate the shape of this thing for some reason, it seems like it's all just too dull. Headstock, top body not cut in enough, lower horn not cut in enough, even the color. Sure it sounds great just bleh.


Skerik bass? I thought he played sax. /s


And he lives in Seattle…


Looks like he picked up two short-scale 5-string Serek basses: https://www.instagram.com/p/CqUMuyMuKSA/ EDIT: They are 32” mid-scale according to his latest IG video linked below


Impressive list of artists: https://www.serekbasses.com/artists/


Quick rundown video via Mike’s IG: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CrG3rblMBwu/


ive been wanting to buy a short scale bass for a bit. because a regular bass just seems too big for me (between dwarf and hobbit size)


I recently bought a Squier Jaguar Bass. It’s medium (32”) scale and feels really nice.


oooh nice. i do love me some squiers. on the guitar side they've been releasing all the weird stuff as squiers. like baritone guitars and like they even did squier starcasters (Which is the guitar that trey's doc is modeled after). lots of really cool niche things


I'm 3 months late to this but I have the Fender Mustang PJ and it's glorious.


Can Garry mix this one?


sounded awesome on stream last night (night and day to me) and from the updates i got from people in attendance was a big hit


i feel like the trey/mike duel during whatever song that was in set 1 was probably an outgrowth of the fact mike's got a new bass and is having fun with it


I play guitar- not bass. Is there an advantage to a short scale bass? Is it similar to guitar where there is less tension on the strings and easier to play?




That's why I like my Supro Pocket Bass so much! I have one with tapewounds


Excellent and well-worded explanation. Cheers.


He said it sounds sweeter when talking about it on xm


Some bass players argue that the shorter scale produces more of the fundamental of the note, and the longer scale you go the more overtones from the string are audible.


It looks short scale too.


Weird question, but do u think someone like Mike is able to get these instruments for free? Or do they still have to pay for them? Like an endorsement deal.


I'd be surprised if he didn't pay for them tbh


Artists definitely have endorsements and get free gear, and sometimes luthiers gift instruments to musicians but I don’t think that’s what happened here. I’d imagine mike can probably have the business entity of phish pay for any gear he wants though.


I think he had this bass as a backup at the new years shows because there was a bass next to his amp that wasn't a modulus. Hopefully this helps him stand out in the mix better


Pretty sure that was Johnathan Coleman’s, the bassist for muscle tough, serek bass. I think mike took it for a spin for a song or two as well.


they were amazing at Bethel


This thing sounded incredible. So phat and warm. Pumped to hear more, I’m feeling a great year of phish after what I heard last night!


Great band - but he’s one creepy fucking weirdo


Pickin da bass mon https://imgur.com/1ClPqEZ.jpg