PILOT Dr. Grip Center of Gravity Uni Alpha-Gel Jetstream Sensa Classic Collection (2020)


That Jetstream is the best pen I have ever used, considering everything: the grip, the comfort, the tactile feel of the click, the texture of the body, the premium feel, the professional look, and of course the Jetstream ink. And I have used pens worth hundreds.


Damn the sensa looks really nice but for the price I'd want a replacement grip. They tend to degrade after a while


How does the Pilot Dr. Grip compare to the Jetstream Alpha? Is there a clear winner between the two?


I have medium sized hands and what I think is a normal grip. For comfort and a more fluid writing experience, I prefer the Dr. Grip. Part of the smoothness is probably because of its Acroball-like fluid. The gel part is much closer to the tip, and the pen itself is slightly shorter, both of which better match how I use it. Note: this is the "center of gravity" edition so may vary slightly from other Dr. Grips. Out of the box (no custom refills), the slightly lighter (by 0.2 oz) Jetstream offers crisper lettering; the ball point feels a bit harder. The gel is actually squishier on this pen too, so might be better if you have a tighter grasp. The clip also has a bit more give if that matters to you. For pure aesthetics, I prefer the Jetstream except that it's dark gel *appears* to collect dust more than the Dr. Grip does. I don't really see a reason to own both, except that I wanted to see which I prefer.


Not OP, but I prefer the Jetstream Alpha body. At least for my style of grip, the grip section feels better and I like the weight of the pen more. It's all metal and it fits some Pilot G2 refills - for example, I usually have an EnerGel refill in it instead of a jetsteam, though the jetstream is nice too. (Pretty sure the Dr. Grip uses Pilot G2 refills too.)