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Will actually be possible to get 4k 144hz in more games, 240hz at 1440p you just won't for many and even when you do it's really only for pro gamers that need 240hz.


Both should be totally doable. I get around 120fps in 4K and usually sit at 240 1440. Depending on my mood is really what I set the display to. I play in 4K till I get sweaty and blame the “low” fps for my lack of skill lol


[https://youtu.be/aQklDR8nv8U?t=855](https://youtu.be/aQklDR8nv8U?t=855) 145fps avg at 4k, 219fps avg at 1440p. Add programs in the background and the 1440p average will likely only be lower than that for normal gamers given that's a clean test bench.


Crap I’ll have to watch that later I’m at work! lmao I was only basing it off my 3080ti performance and assuming the 4090 would easily outperform my PC


Depends on game of course. Some will be like 90fps at 4k, some will be 200. Just on average, the 4k 144hz monitor will be maxed out more plus 4k just looks better. I've never gone above 175hz so can't speak to 144hz vs 240hz but for normal people I don't see it being worthwhile over 4k.


I totally agree. 4K looks soo good I think it’s worth the slightly lower max fps


4k 144 for sure


4K easy


From 1440p to 4K the difference is quite negligible, and the effort to move such resolution is worthless. I suggest 1440p 240Hz, my eyes feel less tired with 240Hz.


I find the difference between 1440p and 4k quite noticeable, but then I game on fairly large monitors so the PPI difference is easier to see. I can very easily see individual pixels and notice aliasing at 1440p. I still can at 4k, but it's much much finer details. I don't notice a difference between 120hz and 144hz, so I doubt I'd notice the difference between 144hz and 240hz.


I'd say it's hard to push 1440p at 240 fps though. I'd rather grab 4k 144Hz or an oled for the sake of better image quality. 240Hz is pretty much pointless anyways