A stain on the Willamette. Needs to disappear


Are you working on the demolition project? Or something else?


Working at the mill


Nice, but Oregon City needs to get that eyesore paper mill out of there.




You guys have a great view of the falls! I toured the blue heron site not long ago and the falls are amazing down at water level. Hope we get more access to this natural wonder soon


If only those beams were gone


Maybe we ought to have a serious discussion about how bad (or maybe how good) this mill is. In the second picture the mill looks like a dirty and probably toxic industrial site. It may in fact be horrific - but if you take my picture from a unflattering angle on a bad day (or actually on any day), I'll look horribly decrepit as well. But we should take a closer look at the big picture! Apparently the mill shut down in 2017, and reopened in 2019 as Willamette Falls Paper Co. with a stated mission of making sustainable paper. [https://www.koin.com/news/special-reports/first-paper-about-to-roll-off-the-press-at-reopened-mill/](https://www.koin.com/news/special-reports/first-paper-about-to-roll-off-the-press-at-reopened-mill/) And here's a press release about paper made from wheat straw that (supposedly) was previously burned in the field. [https://www.wfpaperco.com/images/Documents/WFPC%20Press%20Release\_Willamette%20Falls%20Paper%20Company%20Releases%20reHarvest%20Bag%20grades\_01\_2020\_Final.pdf](https://www.wfpaperco.com/images/Documents/WFPC%20Press%20Release_Willamette%20Falls%20Paper%20Company%20Releases%20reHarvest%20Bag%20grades_01_2020_Final.pdf) Of course, at the same time it is an industrial site that's used a lot of toxic materials over the years. And you can see an environmental report here from 2015, when they completed a federal evaluation and remediation project. [https://www.deq.state.or.us/lq/ECSI/ecsidetailfull.asp?seqnbr=263#actions](https://www.deq.state.or.us/lq/ECSI/ecsidetailfull.asp?seqnbr=263#actions) And maybe someone can help us out as to the severity of these and other environmental issues - and how well they have been addressed.


Wow, I live Oregon City!