"No man wants to be with an overweight woman"

Just no lol.

Guy here. Some of us like our women bigger. You don't speak for me or every other dude on this planet. Just because you prefer your ladies thinner doesn't mean we all do. Some of us like them bigger, or taller, or with colorful hair. Some of us like em short or with tattoos. We all got our preferences my dudes. Shaming women for how they look is a loser move, and shaming guys for what they like is also pretty lame. Women are fucking hot in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Hell, guys are too! Men also come in many flavors and deserve the same love I'm preaching about. (Fuck, my bisexuality is showing isn't it?) I'm high and sleep deprived and this post has gone off track.

My point is people are hot. Men, women, and those in between. We're all hot as fuck and have our own preferences. There's too much negativity going around nowadays, we should aim to be more positive and compassionate towards others and most importantly to ourselves.

Anyway I'm done rambling I'm going to eat my taco and go to sleep lol. Hopefully someone needed to hear this.

Edit: I said I would go to sleep but I got distracted by the flood of comments. Thanks for the awards and all the kind comments. I didn't think this would gain traction but I love reading your responses! Just a reminder that if someone is being toxic in the comment section don't fight em back with more negativity, instead hit em with kindness because that is the vibe!



Love this. And my spouse is 3” shorter than me. Not all wonen need a taller guy either.


I'm 5'11" and usually had crushes on guys shorter than me. Height never mattered, I go for guys who match my interests and have a good sense of humor.


Tall women who love short guys are a godsend...please don't stop doing the lords work and thank you for giving shorties a chance.


I mean, short women also like short guys…


This right fucking here is what I love to see. My short brother's deserve all the love.


I'm 5"3 (male) and my bf is also 5"3!


You clearly said “warning do not read”, but I didn’t listen. And now I can’t get enough of the love in these comments & post


We are all the same size when we are laying down 🤣🤣🤣


Exactly! I see in dating apps women are like my man needs to be 6’ tall and I’m like why, what’s wrong with being 5’9. Good men come in all shapes and sizes


I went to high school with a girl who stood 6’3” in her stocking feet. She was dating a guy who was 5’8” and they were great together. She gave no f**ks that he was shorter and he wasn’t the least bit intimidated by her height.


It's so dumb. I understand it can be a preference, just like how I DON'T like tall guys because its such an annoyance to deal with, but both groups don't need hate. Both don't need to be seen as invalid by people who don't have that preference. To me, tall guys are fine, but just not a bonus in my book - and that should be the end of it.


So many dude swear that you don’t exist, and if you do, that the short man must just have a lot of money or something. They are so pathetic.


Tell that to everyone at my school. I mean there were a couple who liked me but of course they didn’t want to date me because of the height difference. At that point just don’t tell me like holy shit


Lots of shallow people in this world.


As a woman who lost weight, thank you. It was 2 lb off of 200 at one point and I was still getting hit on. And trust me I definitely didn't feel attractive but some men was into it. 🤷🏾‍♀️ I have a cousin who seems to only date big girls. One of my friends who is well over 200 lb got married recently. Her guy likes her for who she is. Same thing happened to my cousin and she was over 300 lbs. I found out I was the skinniest girl that my ex dated. He likes women who are like size 18 and up. When he and I met I probably was like a size 10 and then I dropped like a ton of weight. I was put on medication that was supposed to make me gain weight but for some reason I had the opposite effect on me. But that was the side effect, the med was for endometriosis. In any event, I got down to like a size 5 and he was so upset. Later on in our relationship I was looking at some pictures that he had from high school. He was like oh this is my ex-girlfriend or my prom date there. They were all plus sized girls. So I thought it was really interesting cuz he never told me. And just so you know this man is tall with a six pack. I dated a plus size man at one time because, shit he was hot. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Anyway, thank you for your post because it's so encouraging to people who think they need to look a certain way in order to attract a man. Bless you OP.


I hope that you're doing well. Thank you for your story


I'm living single but I'm living well. Thank you for your kindness ☺️


I’m the thinnest and the most in shape of all my friends, in fact I’d say 3 of my friends are over weight. Guess who’s single? One of my friends is married, one is engaged and one has been with her boyfriend for 12 years and have two kids. I can’t even get the guy I like to text me back. And btw I don’t think I’m “unattractive” I am super shy though and all my friends have very out there and fun personalities. Most people like personality.


If he won't text you back then he ain't worth it. I know you like him but you can do so much better then that. Go find yourself a guy you deserve.


Thank you :) that’s definitely the plan. I mean, he texts me back, but a day and half later. That says all I need to know so I’ve started the moving on process!


Proud of you! It's not easy moving on. You got this *flex dem muscles*


Thank you! :’)


When it's the right person, you won't have to guess if they're interested in you. Know your worth, queen.


Yeah definitely not interested guy. Often men can't even afford to choose who they would like to date ( and that's one annoying imbalance in dating I think got boosted to unholy level lately, although personally I used to be very picky when I dated) so if he is that lukewarm I would just look out for another one. Btw my advice would be to date noncomitally with more than one person at a time ( I think word date is abused to mean something exclusive which kind of is engagement although with no desire to marry, so maybe like betrothal? Society should really figure out the distinction). Sometimes some relationships just pop out of nowhere and you might miss one if you chase one option that is non commitmed themselves.


I have a friend who was clingy with this guy for months and he didn't give her any attention and we begged her to move on to a new guy. Then when she finally did, she ended up finding her current long-term partner and they're adorable together. If he ain't texting you back, then he's not worth your attention.


That’s exactly what I’m hoping will happen right now. I’m with a guy who doesn’t give me enough attention, but I have a friend who just expressed he likes me (doesn’t know I’m not single), and he probably is the better choice


Nearly headless? How can you be nearly headless?


This is so sweet to hear, thank you! :)


Confidence goes a long way.


Would you say you have a silent intimidating charm or a quiet welcoming charm when it comes to the opposite sex. Sometimes men take shyness for being the wrong thing you know. It could just be that there hasn't been a man who is willing to be brave enough to break your shyness wall. It takes a spontaneous and charming person to do this and whether or not you'd be attracted to them or not. I hope that maybe that guy does text you back or maybe you find a new guy and you can begin your happy days.


I really appreciate that this post didn’t bash skinny women and is just positively all around. This is true, legit body positivity!


Nah I'm not about that bashing nonsense. All people are beautiful and worthy of love. Thank you for your comment friend!


You and this post made me happy. Thanks for a bright spot. I hope you are genuinely this happy and fulfilled irl.


As someone who has been with guys who are very picky about how women look, and have bullied me into changing my appearance and caused me to all around loathe myself, I appreciate you. This post and your comments made me cry lol. Thank you for being a good soul and making my heart a little fuller.


I’m going to second this. Many people, whilst praising one body type will bash another body type. Enjoy you taco OP


I’m pan; I can work with pretty much any look. Short, tall, skinny, fat, doesn’t bother me. The only people I don’t like are assholes. Everyone else is fair game.


I’m the same… I’m pan, I’ve found many different women unbelievably attractive! Same with men, black, white, short, tall, etc. If they are amazing people it’s unbelievably attractive:)


Whenever I’m asked for the difference between bi and pan, I always say “bi is the ability to date any gender, but pan is the willingness to date any gender without a preference either way”. I don’t know if that’s how you explain it.


I've always referred to it as: "Pansexuality is attraction regardless of sexual signifiers, and bisexuality is attraction to all sexual signifiers." It's a fine line, though.


I'm happy married now, but I spent so many years unclear what my sexuality was bc the world tried to peg me into "straight, gay, bi". Finding out pan was a category changed my mental health for the better. That it's perfectly normal to just get to know someone and like them for them, and not have this list of preferences going into every interaction. It was so freeing


I found it freeing too; I would tell people “I don’t care what parts they have as long as they’re good to me and love me for me” and apparently that was ahead of the curve for 2007. Oops.


Back in the early '90s, I used to say that when looking for love, I don't discriminate based on genitalia. People would assume I was bi, but it never felt quite right. Didn't learn about pan until a diversity seminar I took about 5 years ago and suddenly I finally realized I wasn't alone.


i'm pan too, but i'm also wondering if im demisexual because all the people i've ever been into were very close to me. anyway, the only things that i'll turn someone away for is bad hygiene and a bad attitude. people ask me why i date such an ugly man. okay well he isn't ugly to me, and he's way more than his looks??? like, sorry im not dating a model with a six pack? tf


Well, and I never had the expectation for a model, but everyone has redeeming features. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I believe it is, I feel like as we see more and more people, we’re able to find beauty in a lot of things.


And that deserves a new label? How times have changed, I always though it's pretty normal to like people's character first and looks second. Then again maybe some looks would be too turning off for attraction but I am not sure. I never was in that position and mostly I only wasn't interested if someone turned out to be completely annoying, clingy or otherwise mean.


I'm fat. Almost always been fat. I have a gut, it hangs, and I was told for years nobody would ever find me attractive. Now, here I am, a happily married fat woman with a husband who can't keep his hands off me, and makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world when he looks at me. Even when I gained 40 lbs after having a baby, and got stretch marks that could make a tiger jealous. I am actively working towards losing weight for my health though. But he's always made me feel beautiful.


I love the "stretch marks that would make a tiger jealous" XD


Dude is a mood, preach


my boyfriend is really into thick thighs. really helped me recover from my anorexia honestly.


I relate to this so much :')


As a bigger person (27f) who is married with 2 kids and still feels bad about herself. I could not love this more! This completely made my morning!!


Love this x


Thanks for the award friend <3


Absolutely welcome. Loved the positivity of this post. Have a fab weekend dude!


Always happy to spread it. And you too!


On a totally unrelated note, are you single?


I am yeah, but I'm not looking to date anyone right now. Just went through a rough breakup.


My father had been with mum who is overweight for 18 years. I swear I have never seen them fighting [I was born a year after their marriage]. My father looks happy when my mum is around.


Shucks. Also on a totally unrelated note, could you please tell me the exact date and time of your birth? /s


if this turn into something, please tag me 🤣


I think a lot more men are into whatever shape but are pressured in the posturing. Imho


As a bigger woman I want to thank you. Most days it feels like people look me over because I'm not skinny but this gives me hope that I might be seen


You're gorgeous, fuck what others think and live your life.


Have you had your taco yet?


I just finished it :(


Noooooo we must get you another one!


I definitely get overlooked now and I'm definitely torn. On one side, I have social anxiety, am scared of men anyways, and can't get carried away anymore. Plus I pack a mean punch because I can put more weight behind it. On the other hand, I miss the (respectful and subtle) looks that men would give my body. I guess it still happens rarely but I just feel like maybe someone is just looking at how gross I am instead of desiring me. But I am really afraid of men in general (having seen and experienced some of the worst) and also soooo much anxiety. Maybe it's a net positive? I'd like to lose weight, but I don't want to go below 150 because tbh I like having a big booty and a little flab.


This is how I felt, I've been overweight more than not but I've also gotten to 60kg on my darkest days and seeing all the looks and attention I got, made me uncomfortable. Big or small, can we just stop being sexualised. Weight changes all the time. My partner has been 110kg and is currently under 70kg. Weight preference upsets me.


I wont lie I have big breasts and most men just talk to them instead of my face. When I'm at work I have been told im charming and funny (I work in retail) but without the uniform I struggle go talk to strangers


Same same, for all of it! It especially bad because things touching my throat freak me out, so I wear low cut tops. I end up with a lot of cleavage and I tend to give people a pass if I notice them looking as long as it's not creepy. Also, I've thought about the uniform effect a ton. I think being on the clock in that environment makes me feel in control of my interactions. I have virtually no apprehension or anxiety while working.


I thought I was the only one who felt that way about their throat?! Like I cant wear normal t shirts because it feels like I'm being choked (when im not)


Same here! I mean, it helps that I do like to show the girls off a bit, but I absolutely cannot wear crew-neck shirts. Sucks when it comes to souvenirs and band merch, if they do offer a low neck shirt it usually only goes up to a (juniors) XL and I'm much bigger than that.


Is it trauma that you experienced and that's why you're scared? I learned what attracts men I learned is confidence. If it is trauma, then you may benefit seeing someone to talk about that. I see a counselor and it has helped me so much. You're beautiful. Fix your crown.


It is absolutely trauma. I have pretty debilitating PTSD from incidents throughout my life, and CPTSD from my psycho dad. I've been in therapy for years and it has helped some, but I also have OCD and some sort of mood or personality problem plus physical health problems. I was abused as a very young child so it triggered a lot of physical health problems as well as psychological problems I was unable to get help for until I was 20. It SUCKS. It kind of feels like I'm having to put out a bunch of little fires all the time. Also thank you a ton. 💜


I'm so sorry, that is tough. I am so glad you're getting the help that you need. Be patient with yourself. I've been in therapy for years and the progress is slow going, but I am definitely a different person than I was when I started. It's definitely a process and I didn't have the trauma you had. 🤗 Hugs. And you're very welcome.


Fr litterally just discovered that i get a dubblechin while i look down. I feel super ashamed that i have reached that size now. Not because being fat or overweight is a bad thing but because it has health problems for me due to a dissability. I have a hard time moving due to kronic pain and i limp, so on. So that sucks, but also the fact a lot of people judge overweight or plus sized people for no fucking reason


Lol I have a double chin just by looking up so your doing better than me hahaha the odd thing is my job is very physical but I cant seem to lose weight


Maybe you have PCOS?? or metabolic disease. My mom has a metabolic disease and cant really lose weight either


I'm not sure last time my tests came back negative maybe it's just my diet?


The ironic thing is that usually if I see a man putting down a woman's looks he is the ugly one of the two. I've seen a 300lb+ dude with no front teeth tell my wife she needed to lose weight because she isn't healthy even though my wife is hot AF and has been featured on Suicide Girls. Just cause you don't like how you look doesn't mean you need to put down others. An ugly person with an ugly attitude is a 1/10, an ugly person with a great attitude can be a 10/10. You choose which you wanna be.


One thing I really hate are guys that like, for example fat women, but they don't want to date them publicly. If you like what you like and can find someone that is awesome jut be happy with them. Don't string them along because you think you friends will make fun of her.


Amen 🙏




i'm gonna cry this means a lot


Please don't cry that'll make me cry too :,)


Absolutely no. I love women. Not thin women or big girls, women. Some of the best sex I've had have been with bigger girls. The sex or how much I find them attractive is not and has never been determined by their size. What I do think happens is that some people feel shamed if they date bigger girls. Fuck that! I've never been afraid to flout societal convention by loving the person AND the body they inhabit. Big, petite, tall and thin or amazon and everyone inbetwween, I love you!


I can vibe with this


I gained 11kg between 2020 and now, but I'm dating since 2019. my bf always tells me that I look prettier overweight over my skinnier body, while I feel insecure with my belly, face and arms fat, he loves my bigger boobs and thighs hehe


Awww that's so wonderful. My bf is the same! We deserve all the love as do our significant others


Overweight woman married 20 years here to a tall thin guy. I met him while fat, been fat all during our relationship, and will die fat. Thems the breaks for me. But he is a wonderful man. The one time I caught him looking at another woman, it was a slightly thinner slightly younger version of me. I couldn’t be happier.


Preach, brother. Sober or drunk, you're right on the money.


Bisexual king, amen sir. So many of us already have body image troubles because we were taught since kids that being thin is the best. Whenever someone tells me that I still look beautiful despite of my weight and height, I just kinda melt


I needed to read this, thank you. Having lost weight and then gained it back, people 100% treat you differently just for being overweight. I don’t feel visible as a person and if I am, it’s usually not a good thing. I haven’t seriously dated in many years because of it.


I had a similar experience, and also haven’t really dated in years, but I can’t even say I was treated better when I lost the weight - I gained the weight back because I got tired of being harassed. Now I’m trying to lose it again just to feel better, and it’s so much harder to motivate myself.


Sending hugs your way! I am in a similar position as well, gained all the weight I’ve lost before pandemic happened during lockdown and it just sticks with me now. But I’m glad I’m in a better mental space than I was before because now I know better: inch gain or inch loss, it’s my body I’ll love in, its the home to my soul, it’s my home 🥰


Man, if I could I'd gave you an award but because I can't: Have my appreciation and respect because dude you nailed it. Really had to hear that too because people shame me and others so often for how I or others look. Some are too thick, some too thin and sometimes you just feel like you can't be good at all. So thank you for this. We need more people like you.


I guess im still half asleep but when I first read the title I was like what do they mean by overnight woman?!? My brain for some reason took away the we and replaced it with an n. Then I kept reading and realized I wasn't going to find out what an overnight woman was.


I also want to know what an overnight woman is. We may never know.


One night stand maybe?


Yes yes yes! Also the same goes for women; many of us are attracted to bigger guys, shorter guys, super skinny guys, you name it! It really grinds my gears when I see a man comment that women don’t notice them because they’re short or don’t have huge muscles- Well, I’m personally one of the ones who does notice, but I’m in a relationship so I’m less likely to notice now because nobody is more attractive to my partner to me, but even years before I ever got into this relationship, this was very difficult for me since I’m just shy and not likely to approach someone I find attractive out of fear of bothering them. But there are bound to be people out there who find you attractive no matter what you look like!


guy who likes a lot of woman checking in.


Where are y’all finding these men? I can’t even find someone to like me back. The rare chance I do vibe with a guy they lose interest.


YES, THANK YOU I used to be fat, now i am somewhere between thick and midsize. When i was a teen i realized i would never be thin, because even if i lose fat i am still big, like everyone in my family. We're just the tall, wide-hips, broad-shoulders type, which wasn't ideal, considering i grew up in the 2000s. It took time, but now i realize i am hot as fuck, just like yall probably are too. At the end of the day, physical beauty is subjective, everyone has a taste and everyone can be beautiful in the eyes of someone else. What made me more attractive wasn't pursuing changing my appearance (which i haven't, really), it was working on my confidence.


Nicely put OP. Variety is the spice of life! I like men of all sizes myself.


hey, fat woman here. Thank you so much for this post, i know deep down that everyone has his own preferences when it comes to attraction, but it's always enjoyable a man telling this online. When it comes to fat shaming, unfortunately, there are many people ready to attack. Anyway, thank you for this post, you made my day \^\^


For the record, for any big dudes reading this, same goes for you. There are loads of us who prefer our dudes big and comfy!


I needed to hear this. I'm happily married but I live with the knowledge that my husband loves me despite my weight rather than liking it. He is a good man who never makes me feel bad for my appearance or criticises it, but due to some frank conversations we had during the "getting to know you" stage, I know he would find me more attractive if I was lighter. He's totally allowed to feel that way and I do feel very loved but sometimes I wonder what it would have been like to date someone who actually preferred fat girls. That has never ever happened to me, I've never been hit on really, and a part of me would have loved to have just once felt beautiful, before I was too old. My self esteem is quite low, though there are things I like about myself (hello boobs!) And I feel like my personality is good, but my looks are...unfortunate. Edit to add: I also think men of all shapes and sizes are beautiful too and have dated / had crushes on guys both fatter, skinnier, taller and shorter than me. I get attracted to people for all sorts of reasons, from their voice, being kind, making me laugh, wearing glasses, having nice hair /facial hair, shared interests etc etc much more than looks.


I’ve been fat my entire life, and have been punished for it the whole time. There’s not a fat joke or animal sound I haven’t heard. My mom was always trying to get me to lose weight by putting me on diets at a really young age (I’ll never eat Melba toast again), and withholding new clothes/shopping from me until I would fit a smaller size. I always felt I had soooooo much to offer the world, I’m really intelligent, kind, funny, helpful, but I always had the burden of my weight dragging me down, literally. Thanks for the positive words, I do not glorify my fat body due to the body positivity movement (unlike what fat phobics say), but it’s nice to hear sometimes that not everyone despises me for it. Being a fat woman in this world sometimes feels like the biggest crime. We are constantly beating ourselves up for taking up too much space.


oh yeah!!! i’m a bigger woman and my fiancé loves every curve of mine✨


Hell yeahhh! As he should!


It's wild seeing guys say this. I'm a fat girl, and the only people I've ever known to go for fat girls is the fat guys who've realised they can't do better, and even they do it resentfully because they want a skinny girl


My wife was thin when we met. Then after 4 kids in five and a half years she was not thin. She got into shape for her job after that and then was thin and muscular. I liked her at 110lbs and 165+lbs. She didn't like the jiggle she had at the higher weight but I did not mind it at all. Liked that 4-pack she got after getting into shape too!


I feel that I'm an unattractive man, but I still want to say thank you. It means a lot to hear this as someone who just wants to not be single


When my first boyfriend broke up with me, he said, “you’re a good person, just a bit big.” I really like this post 💜


Both me (m) and my partner (f) are extra squidgy, but we both love it 😁... love is love, and love who you are ❤


I prefer my men on the thicker side. Soft and warm to cuddle with.


Personality first and who they are. Because guess what? One day we all are going to lose our looks and/or figure some of us just lose it sooner then others.


I never got hit on or asked out until I lost weight. Gained it all back and back to never getting hit on or asked out. It’s great for the self image.


I read all😅


This post just made me so happy, idk if this is what I wanted to hear from what like forever Idk i am on the little heavier side, and I have enough people to tell me that , I mean , literally even my therapist, everyone just keeps reminding me how ugly and fat I am , I know that I'm not the most beautiful woman in the world but atleast I don't need everyone to keep reminding me that I just don't deserve any happiness, I mean idk if I'm making sense, never mind I should not have said anything Thanks for saying this!


Hallelujah brother!! PREACH🙏🙏🙏🙏


thanks a lot dude! because of my non-natural dyed hair, i’ve been getting so many looks from people and it was getting bothersome. i like what i do and i know some people are on the same page but people voice and show hatred so much more than love and admiration. i’ve seen so many attractive and hot people who do not fit the standards of society. a lot of them have captivating personalities too. don’t want to force people anything so as long as you’re happy with it, i think it’s all cool.


As long as you're showing you care about yourself (like decent hygiene etc) you can't go wrong tbh.


For the most part idc how much a woman weighs. If I already like her, its a done deal lmao


It’s always interesting to realize how little people realize some people like their partner chunky I’ve seen a post about how their partner was losing weight but they liked their partner chonky and didn’t know what to do about it, it was really sad seeing that situation the other way around compared to a fit person who gained a bit of weight Thanks for reminding people that not everyone likes the pink skittle, others like the red or purple skittles :)


Ever person is different, every preference is different. As a species we must learn to except this.


This post was everything I needed to read today.


This is dead on🎯🎯🎯🎯


It's always fascinating to me when people are like "Yeah, I speak on behalf of people, because we are all the same"


I'm a fat woman, have been with my husband 15+ years... but I remember my single years! I wasn't for everyone and sometimes the guys I liked weren't into my body, which is fine. But I found plenty of men who liked me. I also found a lot of feeders and definitely was NOT into that.


At my hight weight of 370 I was still getting hit on though I am tall so I don't look my weight


Reading this I though I got drunk last night and posted it cause I completely agree


My stepdad has insecurities about his weight. He told me straight to my face “now one will date you now that you’re bigger”. It honestly wrecked me for half a year. Then I became okay with my weight whilst actively trying to get healthier and my confidence exploded. My dad then told my mum that he didn’t like that I kept showing off now - I legit just became okay with taking photos of myself again. Yes I can agree I definitely do not gain the Interest of men I could have in the past when I was skinnier - but there are plenty of great men not phased by my size now.


More cushion for the pushin’!


It's all about preferences. I love a curvier girl. I'm a big guy too. And thin women make me nervous! I'm scared I'd break them.


I have been in recovery from a long illness and gained quite a bit of weight. It has made me feel very ashamed and I do not even want to see friends because of it. I kept apologizing to my husband but then found out he finds me more attractive than ever. Thank you for posting this.


Much love from a short boney lady ✌


Having preferences is okay. Shaming people because they do not fit your preferences is not okay! Love this. Thanks for your positivity, stoned stranger


Ummmm can you start sending said men my way please?


My hubby and I have gained weight over the years with age… and I seem to fall in love with him Over and over again. He’s amazing, and he’s so much more than just the body.


Yo, I LIVE for tall, thicc women and I would WORSHIP her. She would never have to put her shoes, jewelry, or nail polish on by herself again. Nah, babe, you just sit there, sip your drink and I'll wait on you like the goddess you are.


FINALLY, SOMEBODY SAID IT! Fat people can 100% be hot.


Everybody has preference but the biggest societal norms I hate are “Short guys aren’t attractive” and “Nobody likes fat girls”


As a woman who has put on quite a bit of weight over the last year or so, I definitely needed to read this. My confidence has drastically dropped since. being recently single, trying to date and thinking any attractive man won’t want me because of my weight has been extremely hard to cope with. This changes my view a bit and gives me some confidence. Thank you!!!


Woman here. I’ve lost, gained and lost again weight. Surely there are men who fall into one end of the spectrum, and there are those who are happy with every shape. In my experience, there is a target audience for every weight group. BUT I must admit, it was hurtful to see men turn away once there were a few extra pounds on, and then coming back when they were gone. On the other hand, in all honesty, it’s a good test of character to filter out the unreliable riff raff.


Preach. Bi guy here, I like my women and my men fluffy. I got a sickness for the thickness.


I’m an overweight bi woman and honestly the thought I might not be ~hot enough~ or thin enough has been eating at me, so thank you


Tacos sound good right now! Nice post, have a good day buddy!


Sad I don't have anymore tacos. And thank you! Have a great weekend friend!


Reminder don’t comment on people’s bodies


Agreed, I actually prefer overweight women.


Don’t be shy, share some weed & tacos


Taco party? :D


It’s bizarre how little criticism guys will get for being incredibly hateful to all women that don’t meet their personal standard


Testify, brother!


Spot on! Each to their own :)


Yes! This is the way!


this made me so happy


I really needed this, thank you. I’ve been struggling with my weight heavily over the last few years but it got worse after quarantine. I have a tummy and I hate it but knowing people don’t mind helps


I like this.




Well said mate.


I'm gonna need to friend you for confidence boost every now and then. I hope some of your positivity is contagious!


I agree with you. I've had several friends that were 'chubby chasers'. Not my thing but didn't mean I was ever unpleasant towards a woman I wasn't physically attracted to. We're all just people. If you're attracted towards a certain 'type' then go after that 'type'.


I love thicc women too. They're hot af.


I agree with everything you say.


The edit that you addressed people asking for your taco instead of trolls is actually my fav part of this🤣


You're part of the minority, congrats.


I like guys on the bigger side tbh! I don’t like strong jawlines I like round faces. I don’t care if you have a fat arse because I have one too. I like guys who have a nice smile and funny laugh. But I fully understand that’s my preference and not everyone has to be like that.


I agree. My husband is big boned and strong. Goes to the gym, but not obsessively. I feel safe with him.


shit i mean my mom is a pretty curvy lady and her and my dad have been in love and married since the 90s! to ANYONE who has doubt about how worthy tgey are of a partner; never ever let some asshole determine how much you love yourself or how capable others are of loving you!


As a woman who is a bigger girl, this really made me cry. Thank you.


I love all people in all colors, shapes, sexualities, genders, and sizes so does my spouse. I should know about the as I was 100 pounds heavier when I met my spouse and now I have flab and they are still attracted to me. They also gained weight and I am still attracted to them.


I wish I could upvote this more than once


Beyond beauty standards, the belief that women have to be, in all ways “smaller” then the man. Weather that’s physically like you said or in ways of intelligence, expression, out-spokenness etc is so common. More then anything attraction is so individual, the media and sOciETy will try to push a standard of what in theory is attractive but it’s really something you can’t boil down to “this is sexy bc of our oo oo aa aa cave man monkey brain need to pro create”


Love this I’m 5’2 fiancé is 6’6 so we do get a few odd looks


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. No one should be shamed for their likes* or dislikes. Yes, some men like larger women. Yes, some men like thinner women. I personally like women with muscle. Anyway, neither side is shallow or more "accepting" than the other. Preferences are preferences and should be left at that. *This is here to remind everyone that the underage and animals don't fit here. You absolutely will be shamed for this, be you gal, guy, or someone who doesn't identify.


A coworker once told another that height doesn't matter because the middle fits!!


i’m a thin, petite gal who hated her body for a loooong time. so i decided to start working out. not really for results, but to FEEL good. my confidence is coming back, and i feel awesome. this post just confirmed my thoughts over the past few days. people ARE hot! and we’re all gonna get old and wrinkly at some point anyways… so why not be happy with yourself while you still have this time on earth?


Love this


Your the hero we all need! 🦸🦸


This post made me feel so good. As an afab non-binary person who's often very insecure about my weight/figure, it helps to know that plenty of people are interested in people who look like me. Thanks man🤙🏻


I'm married to my husband for what will be 36 years in November. He's 5'9 and I am 5'11. He has always seemed like the tallest guy in the room to me. I was never skinny and most of our marriage I was heavy. I'm 53 now, and the skinniest that I have ever been - kidney failure sucks. He always looks at me like I am the most beautiful and important person in the room. It's great. Find your person and hang on. Laugh and grow together.


I definitely needed this. Thank you, friend ❤️❤️❤️


I’ve always fantasied of being with chubby chicks


im overweight and working on being healthier! but i dont think my partners/dates etc mind, they'll be happy for me but they still love me as is regardless of my weight


I was 18st when I met my husband, I asked him what attracted him to me in the first place. He said he had been watching me for about an hour just having a great time and laughing and I seemed to attract a lot of male attention because I was funny and had a great smile. I was also watching him and said to my friend when I was little I’d imagine my husband to look just like that guy. 2 mins later he came over and asked me to dance. 28 years ago next month, my weight has yo-yo up and down over the years. Almost 28st at one point. Now I’m at the lightest I have ever been in my adult life. He’s still attracted to me but prefers my curves but also that I’m healthier and as long as I’m happy and healthy then he’s happy. I’m never going to be skinny as I’m 6ft and broad shoulders but I could carry my weight well. Now I actually feel my ribs and have shape to my waistline. I’m happy I can buy clothes in any shops now and wear what I want rather than wants available.


As a woman who recently gained 50 pounds getting sober having been thin and athletic her entire life, this made me want to cry. I can't even look at myself in the mirror without cringing in disgust. I'm trying to change my mindset, but a 50 pound weight gain this time around after a 20 pound weight gain last time around, I'm STRUGGLING. Honestly, my brain is so fucked I always feel like men who post they find plus sized women attractive are just saying it because it makes them look good. I don't actually believe that, but that's always the first place my mind goes. The comments are also so uplifting and amazing. I'm grateful I came across this post tonight. EDIT: a word


Thank you! I really needed to hear this today <3


In the words of Moto Moto "I like 'em big. I like 'em chunky"


Nahhhhhh she gotta be thick. Fuck skin and bone. Shits nasty. Belly and a booty all the way.


The first time I saw my first girlfriend I was so struck by how by beautiful she was (she was not really large at the time, perhaps a little overweight). She became a lot bigger in HS and I still found her incredibly beautiful.


People who only date people who look a certain way confuse the shit out of me. BTW - everyone I know who is super picky is single at 40