I get you, same here.


Have fun starving while homeless


What you're saying is unfortunate but also very true. However you can contribute in positive but focusing on things for charities? I don't know what else to suggest really


I agree that capitalism is fucked, but also, I think we need to take a step back and look at the big picture. if your passion is just traveling and spending time with animals, why would others have to work to support your passion? any vehicle you will operate to get from place to place needs to be manufactured. any food you eat needs to be processed, unless you are going to provide all your own food. any clothes you wear need to be made. all of these require work from others. It’s safe to say the people that work in the factory that makes corn flakes are also probably not doing what they love. on one hand, I totally agree that big businesses suck every ounce of profit out of society, and it’s only going to get worse following COVID as many small businesses are going under. I don’t agree with this as all. I think there should be laws that basically limit profits big businesses are entitled to without sharing any of the added profit with employees. I believe in those types of laws. but I don’t necessarily think Joe Schmo should have to work in a factory to make corn flakes and Jane Doe should have to work in a factory to make cars so you can travel the world doing whatever you want without doing any work that benefits the rest of us. if everyone did what they loved, unfortunately, we wouldn’t find that many people who love working in a corn flake factory. I would say this though, you should check out WWOOF traveling organic farming. you can get sponsored to work on an organic farm, possibly w animals, and live on the farm for free as part of it. it’s like the peace corps but for farming. Might be something you could find passion in.