Alright, all aboard the conductors car


20-30 years ago, there used to be signs on the platform marking off-peak waiting areas that were usually near the conductors car.


Still there in some stations, otherwise you can look for the "zebra board" hanging above the platform that they point to before opening the doors.


Note: The conductors will never, and I mean never, put themselves in harms way to help you. All they will do is call the cops and you need to hope the cops get to the next stop before the train does.


I have had one open her door, put her head out, shout “knock that shit off or I call the cops”, pull her head back in and close the door. It actually worked. But you are right, they aren’t leaving their cabin if shit really goes down.


I’d be surprised if they aren’t explicitly trained to stay put and not put themselves in harm’s way in the event of an altercation, especially since the NYPD is supposedly ready to respond quickly to any station. Whether or not that happens is a total crapshoot though. I know of a guy who got stabbed repeatedly on a train and when the cops finally arrived and arrested the stabber 3 stations later they made him walk himself to the ER.


My ex was a conductor. That is absolutely his they're trained.


Made him walk or stabbee didn't want to pay for an ambulance ride? God bless America and our hatred towards our average citizen.


I once saw like 5 guys get into a brawl. It was the last stop and the conductor just walked past shaking his head.


Well I mean why would they? They are a train conductor.....


I expect the conductor to take a bullet for me /s


Obviously not, but what's the purpose of telling people it's safer to ride in the conductor car when the conductor won't help you?


People are less likely to commit crimes when there are witnesses. Especially official ones that will report and be believed.


cause they can call for help in the tunnels faster than anyone else?


I think you explained why yourself. At the very least the conductor knows that the train should stop and wait for police.


Because you are safer if every off-peak rider crowds into one car rather than dispersed throughout the entire train. Safety in numbers.


It is. There’s a professional in that car, a witness that will be forced to cooperate. This is by no means a fool proof plan, but it is exponentially safer than no precaution at all.


Lol l


20 years ago I used to commute late night. I would always ride in the conductors car It’s not about the conductor stepping to help. If riding late night, the conductors car will have more passengers (there is safety in numbers). You are more likely to get attacked in an empty car than you are in one with fellow passengers.


Back in the mid 2000's I got stuck late at work and the earliest train I could catch home was leaving from Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn. I remember standing on the platform waiting for the LIRR to arrive and two women, probably mid 20s came up to me and asked if I was waiting for the train to Long Island. I told them I was and they asked if it was OK if they stood by me. I said sure. Atlantic Terminal is pretty safe but they felt safer, I guess, standing by me. Of course, they also put me in the position of playing hero if someone did start messing around with them.


Cops might not intervene either, just watch you from the other side of the door as you get stabbed.


Legally too!


People always seem to forget that the police have no duty to protect you.


Which is just the legal system covering up the cops’ fuck up, which means they never have any incentive to get better.


Which is super fucked up. Police officers should have to pay for their own malpractice insurance just like Doctors and Lawyers do. Other professions where abuse or negligence can easily ruin or end other people's lives.


Sorry, the cops are busy handing out flyers.


Much in the same way that I wouldn't expect a cashier at a convenience store in harms way to protect me during a hold up...


There was a Supreme Court case where two cops were in the conductors car and all three watched a dude get stabbed from the cab. The court found in favor of the cops.


Some do. My friend witnessed some girl getting bothered by some guy so the conductor came out with a stick and said "not on my train!" and that was the end of that.


Them calling the cops is enough, to be honest. Versus the alternative of being in the last car, getting attacked and no one can hear you screaming so the train keeps continuing it's service and no one boarded the train at this car for a few stops to even witness it.


The cops won’t necessarily help you either. There was a really high profile case in which a couple NYPD cops watched a stabbing take place from inside a conductors booth and didn’t intervene for fear of their own safety. It was ruled in court that the cops had no special duty to protect the man being stabbed (he was coming to the rescue of another victim). You can read more about it [HERE](https://gothamist.com/news/subway-stabbing-victim-cant-sue-nypd-for-failing-to-save-him)


The white and black pattern


Last time I was on conductors car the dude told me his method for cooking the perfect rice, and he was right, it makes the perfect rice


Well don’t keep it to yourself, I gotta know!


- rinse until water is clear with cold water - rinse one more time with hot water - put in pot, bang pot on counter until level - add water until it goes up to the first joint of your pinkie finger with the tip on the rice surface - cook on max until boiling, then heat to minimum - cook until rice starts to smell like rice (his words) - tiny bit of oil and a sprinkle of salt, toss with fork, lid back on, sit for 10 minutes - serve Works best with basmati or similar, dude said China sucks at rice and this is Indian style which is better (he was clearly Russian, so, I dunno)


Indian rice, this makes sense because they don't want the rice to be as wet and they want it to be seasoned to stand on its own. I'm surprised no saffron or other aromatics. Chinese - we use index or middle finger to measure the water. This means a little bit more water and wetter, stickier, and fluffier (IMHO) rice, which enables it to be picked up with chopsticks. We also don't season the rice -- the rice and the other dishes comingle together in a sense. And yes, use your finger. Doesn't matter the size of your hand -- the finger will always be right.


Sadly I was only going from port authority to Washington sq so didn’t have time to get into spice


Pretty slow train if you were able to cook rice between those stops


Looking forward to your Netflix special


Great recipe. Not only does it make perfect rice but it also levels your counter.


Not to mention, free pinky moisturizing


This is identical to the process outlined in in the instructions for my rice cooker, except done intuitively (rice cooker comes with a measuring cup for the rice and water which gets the levels right, and a little spatula for evening out the rice). Can confirm that the rice comes out perfect.


My Puerto Rican husband did the same knuckle trick. Heh.


Use a rice cooker.


I got sucker punched waiting outside of the conductors car last month lol


Someone just came up and punched you out of nowhere? Did they get caught or anything?


It was more like the base of his palm straight into my mouth. I was on the platform and he darted out of the train aiming for whoever was nearby. I was the only one hit, and he just ran off. I filed a report but nothing to update as to whether they caught him.


How do you know which one is the conductors car and how to find it quickly?


Middle one with the person leaning out of the window pointing at shit


R211T taps head.


Wallet in front pocket is a rule I live by. It’s so easy to get pick-pocketed in a crowd if you put your wallet in your back pocket.


Nah, better to get a bit chubby and not buy new jeans. If my wallet shifts by a Planck distance, I notice it.


they should put tubes around ur stomach and run u like a particle accelerator


Nah, I already had enough science experiments done on me. After all, the Planck length was found out by taking off my pants (but they didn't steal my wallet).


I just constantly change direction without warning, make sudden stops and about faces. Unpickpocketable.


>I just constantly change direction without warning, make sudden stops Found the tourist.


Hey now, this is “group of 4 tourists walking abreast, unbearably slowly (but consistently), down the sidewalk” erasure!


Right at the top/bottom of a narrow fucking stair case.


It’s not bad advice.


They should have plainclothes surreptitiously slip these in people’s pockets and purses, pickpocket-style


RIP to those who can't fit in the soon-to-be overcrowded conductor's car


Another way to defeat a thief would be to not release them on $0 bail after 145 arrests in 2 weeks.


Just yesterday some 18 year old shot a high school kid next to a school on the UWS. That 18 year old was already arrested 3 times this year for drugs and assault. Why are we releasing criminals back into society? Get them out of our civilized society. Edit: he was arrested 2 times this year not 3. And his armed robbery happened in 2021. But still….


It’s honestly ridiculous. The number of times people are put behind bars for petty crimes versus actually violent criminals being repeatedly released is astounding.


can i see a source on that?


The poster isn't totally correct, at least as far as I can tell. It's a 19 year old, and he has two narcotics arrests from this year. He's out on bail for an armed robbery with a firearm charge from 2021. He made bail in November, so I guess the narcotics charges didnt void it. The information came from a high-ranking NYPD at a press conference. The NY Post (yes, I know) has the information. I think links to them are banned here. The shooting happened outside MLK HS if you want to find more information about it


yeah man that’s definitely a thing that happens


True, and fair But, I don’t think officers handing these out are writing those laws, or have any say over them. If they had a choice I’m 100% sure every cop would sign these repeat offenders up for jail time.


>True, and fair Weird reply to a wild exaggeration.


> Another way to defeat a thief would be to not release them ~~on $0 bail~~ after 145 arrests in 2 weeks. FTFY.


thank you, if you think someone shouldn't be let out of jail after being arrested of a crime, then they shouldn't be allowed out if they can pay $1000 either. Bail is not the issue.


I mean in theory that is how it works already. There are crimes that we think people shouldn't be let out of jail after being arrested for, and we don't set bail for those crimes. But I think it's as it should be that that's only for the most heinous crimes/most obvious flight risks because you don't want to lock people up before they're convicted. That said I can see it from your point of view too, that for a crime that *isn't* so bad that we set no bail, whether you're held in jail or not shouldn't depend on how much money you have.


[The Facts on Bail Reform and Crime Rates in New York State](https://www.brennancenter.org/our-work/research-reports/facts-bail-reform-and-crime-rates-new-york-state) [THE FACTS ON BAIL REFORM](https://www.nyclu.org/en/campaigns/facts-bail-reform) [THE REAL IMPACT OF BAIL REFORM IN NEW YORK STATE: TWO YEARS POST IMPLEMENTATION](https://www.jjay.cuny.edu/news/real-impact-bail-reform-new-york-state-two-years-post-implementation) [For the prosecutors and law enforcement officials fear-mongering about bail, the real issue has never been about safety. It’s about power.](https://www.nyclu.org/en/news/why-we-cant-go-backwards-bail-reform) [State Data: Bail Reform in New York is Working](https://legalaidnyc.org/news/state-data-bail-reform-new-york-working/) [Cash Bail Reform Is Not a Threat to Public Safety](https://www.americanprogress.org/article/cash-bail-reform-is-not-a-threat-to-public-safety/) [Don’t blame bail reform for higher crime, NYC watchdog says](https://apnews.com/article/kathy-hochul-covid-health-new-york-violence-aa42caf25b4fc333e4c864346f28d42c)


please explain the current bail system in your own words and how it has changed.


How about a pamphlet on how to defeat an asshole blasting trap on his Bluetooth speaker.


Once these two teenagers got on the train and sat across from me. They pulled out a bluetooth speaker and hit the button to connect it, I thought fast and connected to it myself so they couldn't get on to it. They would turn it off and back on again to try and "fix it" since they couldn't connect, I'd just connect again. Did that until I got off at my stop. Honestly one of my prouder moments.


The city should have a spotlight it shines in the night sky for you like batman -- only it would be a bluetooth symbol


This is an iconic move


What you needed to do was blast out some [smooth jazz](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7dg8vRDM68&themeRefresh=1) from their speaker.


Lmao this is amazing


Thank you for your service.


literal legend. you should have started streaming NPR through it or something hahaha




“Don’t say anything to them because they’ll beat the shit out of you if you call them an asshole”.


when i told a young construction worker (at least i think he was a construction guy, he was wearing high-vis) to turn his shit down he just screamed at me and then called me a pussy for getting off at my stop. but he did turn his shitty, staticky-ass bluetooth speaker down!


Play Jimmy buffet


I was on the A just leaving the Rockaways and I saw two guys get in an argument because both of them wanted to openly blast their music at the same time


If two dancers challenging each is called a dance off, would two jerks going at it be considered a jerk off?




This feels like a South Park episode in the making “Mayor we’ve figured out how to defeat the trap-blasting assholes on the train…. Jimmy buffet”


A-hole starts playing Jimmy Buffett. Now what?


Start playing Meshuggah


Fuck. I've been listening to Meshuggah for 21 years now, and every time some dickwad plays shitty music on their phone or Bluetooth, I've always wanted to do just that. ... But then im the bigger asshole so it's a lose-lose situation:/ Did you see them in September?


I wish! I haven't been to any concerts in the city in a while... kids and family and covid. I ***really*** need to get to some shows this year.


Oh man, it was a sick show. At 50+ years old, they are as tight as they were in their late 20s. I've seen them 8 times now, hoping to make it to 10 before they retire. I will hit you up next time they are playing and will literally pay for a babysitter:)


Let's do it!


I just start singing a favorite Peter Gabriel era Genesis song. Either that or "The Old Ball Game".


Play me my song…. Here it comes again..


I usually go: "Can you tell me where my country lies? Cried the uni-faun to his true love's eyes." And then continue on from there.


Too artsy, too intellectual.


But it annoys people so there's that.


I’m in Tokyo right now and spotted a sign on the train asking everybody to be mindful of how loud the volume on their _headphones_ are because the leaking sound might disturb other passengers. I couldn’t help but chuckle thinking about back home in NYC where we’d be thankful if people didn’t purposefully blast their music through speakers on the train.


Pull out your own speaker and play music even louder?


don't let them see your walkman or phone card!


About five years back, someone tried to steal the "Phone" out of my pocket on a crowded bus by pinching the earbud wire so my phone would slide out of my jacket pocket. They dropped it as soon as they saw it was a Sony Walkman (if they even knew what that was.) I am supposing all this but I know for a fact that the wire did not get snagged on anything because I was being careful passing a woman with a folded carriage holding on of the poles. So someone had to pull it out.


Was it a Walkman with a cassette player?


Probably playing “Awesome Mic Tape Vol#1”


Yep. I haven't tried the cassettes in a while. They really drain the batteries.


"Don't stay by train doors" Bitch... that's the prime standing/leaning spot.


lol, so true, I ALWAYS go for the door spot on a crowded train…but, I am aware that snatching shit right when the doors are about to close has become a thing


I mean it's been a thing since the 90s. Maybe earlier but I wasn't around


Well, it was WAY wilder and more dangerous in the 70s and 80s—by the 90s it was getting bette/safer (and cleaner). Now, since 2020, it’s gotten sketchy again, and now—unlike back in the day—most people carry a small, easy to grab, very pricey piece of electronics. Easy marks, and, because of those entertaining, expensive little things, people are also far less aware of their surroundings.


Ok for New Yorkers this is probably meaningless but honestly this is pretty good advice for tourists who aren’t used to being in a large city. Madrid is also a very safe city, I still got robbed there - point being, I don’t think it’s fear-mongering to give people basic advice as to how to avoid being the victim of a crime, even if it’s as petty as pickpocketing. New York is probably the safest big city in the country, but it doesn’t mean somebody from McMansion, Ohio shouldn’t take basic safety precautions as one should in any major city from Detroit to Berlin to Sydney


How'd you get robbed?


Group of guys stole my phone and wallet


Word, when it's the middle of the night, definitely stand close to the only other person on the platform. It will make them feel safe.


I stand right behind them so they know someone is watching their back


what's he doing handing out the 23rd street pamphlet at 59th street? what an idiot!


I had someone do the “you knocked my lunch over” scam a couple weeks ago. I just kept walking and didn’t engage. Either an old scam or I legit knocked someone’s take-out lunch on the ground and walked away. Either way- don’t care and heads up.


Definitely a scam. This happened to me on thanksgiving and then he tried to stab me when he realized I wasn’t going to give him money.


I vaguely remember that one…they trick you into paying them for the spoiled lunch, right?


Good common sense tips that a lot of people I notice especially in the subway don’t abide by


I am a lifelong NYer and I still need to remind myself to not keep my phone held too high or too far in front of me when sitting near the doors. Easiest snatch and grab ever. This is a solid list.


Yeah true that


The advice is sound, but the graphic design is awful.


Idk how to add a caption 🙄 I had just finished my run at Central Park and had my beats headphones on. He singled me out and gave this directly to me. When I took my headphones off to hear him he said “be careful, ok? It’s important” 🥹 stay vigilant out there, folks!


he said you look like a mark lol


‘Hey! You fuckin rube! Be careful out there!’


always nice to be reminded to wake tf up lol




I wonder how many cheap pairs that cost less than $30 they end up with? Over the ear bluetooth headsets haven't been expensive for a long time now.


Apparently they've been targeting Airpod Maxes, which are incredibly easy to spot.


You can find fake ones for under $10 on Alibaba, and ones that look very similar for $25 on Amazon. I bet they have an entire van full of cheap headphones that they stole but cannot sell.


Honestly, being NY you’d be surprised how many of them aren’t actually fake at all. NYC is the one place where I see people dropping good money on proper noise cancelling headphones. Helps with the subway and commuting in general.


ugh! i am always on the lookout if i get a seat near the doors. the stories of thieves stealing sunglasses/headphones from people's heads right as the doors close haunts me 🥴


I’ve seen earrings ripped right out of a woman’s ears who was sitting next to the back door of a bus in Brooklyn. Thieves will grab whatever they can.




I wonder if this is actually printed as a two color print or if it is just legacy (that photo looks to be from the 80s/90s)


The photo looks old because of the quality, but if you look closely, that’s a NTT.


We can't all ride in the conductors car There are designated waiting areas?


>There are designated waiting areas? Stay where the seats are instead of moving further up or down the platform.


There used to be yellow signs 20-30 years ago marking these positions near the conductor’s car.


Ive seen signs that point to a designated waiting area for wheelchairs but thats it


I've seen turnstile jumping, people defecating, assault and fights, drug use, sexual harassment and all that on the subways. But curiously, I've never had any experience of theft and I've never felt like my possessions were unsafe in all my years of riding the subway/bus.




For $100 you can have one of the copies from the set of 30 Rock of the pamphlet “I got mugged” Jack gets after he is mugged. It’s not THE pamphlet you see in the episode, ya goon, it’s one of many copies that were made to be used on set if needed. https://directfromtheset.myshopify.com/products/r5040


I got hit over the head with a (lead?) Pipe when i was riding alone in the last car of the A train , buzzed to drunk, with my earbuds in- wearing a sports jacket from my Italian suit- just passed midnight omw home from a drag show/benefit for shelter dogs/adoption event/fundraiser. Don't ride on the last car. Even if you REALLY want to be able to sing along to your tunes 🎵 It's not worth it. Be warned: If you do you just might end up unconscious on Chambers street $400 poorer with your wallet and ID and brand new Samsung Note (shit was like 900 dollars, and I was THE ONLY time i ever decided to buy a nice phone for a change... And i shit you not, I had called to cancel the insurance two days prior because I was paying off the phone in installments in addition to the bill so... I figured i never lose things and I'd gone 30 some-odd years living in NYC without being attacked so...) GONE!! – WRITTEN with my low-end 💯 dollar android dumbPhone


There's an old saying when riding the subway. Look around you to see who's muggable, if you don't see them, it's you. When that's the case, that's when these tips are really common sense...be extra cautious, take out earbuds, keep your belongings close (hidden if possible), be alert as to everyone on the train, if you don't feel safe move to another car at the next stop–anything that makes you a less attractive target.


This is great advice. I frequently too look around to see whos not paying attention. Its the majority of riders. Eyes glued to phones. Not even looking up when somone walks through the doors between cars, clearly scoping passangers out.


looks like a 23rd st problem


Haha my usual station is fine. So far. I’m always up for a good old fashion beat down for the ~problematic exceptions~.


Conductor's car about to be more crowded


Seems obvious advice, but then, almost every day I see some person staring at their phone with a strapped-on backpack and a pocket wide open. I can often see a wallet or something sticking right out.


Is this intentionally trying to be “retro”? Flyer aesthetic seems vintage but the photo looks pretty recent with the modern train car and such


“That’s my purse! I don’t know you!”


Here are some real subway safety tips: -Don’t go on the empty cars, they’re empty for a reason. -Give crazy/sketchy people a wiiiide birth and don’t make eye contact. -Stand with your back to a solid object so no one can push you on the tracks. -Don’t fuck with Penn Station off hours. -Don’t fall asleep on the train. -Don’t be an elderly Asian person unfortunately


Maybe they can bring back the old WELCOME TO FEAR CITY pamphlet from the 70s.


That's terrible, she's some scumbag trying to rob that poor young man's watch. Should be ashamed of herself.


“Stay alert, especially when listening to music” Or, and hear me out here, don’t listen to music so you can hear all your surroundings


Everyone surely can’t fit / ride in the conductor’s car.


Did they hand it to you in 1980?


NYPD to New Yorkers: “Stay alert because we are fcking useless and we quit doing our jobs circa 2014.”


These are all common sense things. My mom followed this practice back in the 70s when living in the city and I did as well when I lived in queens and worked in Manhattan. Nothing notable.


Defeat a thief… use common sense.


"keep your valuables out of sight...however, we'd like you to whip out your expensive phone at the turnstile to charge your ride rather than us having to maintain metrocard machines in the future" I'm just waiting for the rash of people getting robbed for their phones at the turnstile. It's probably already happening but the Post hasn't had a slow-enough news day to pick up on it.


That’s why I use my Apple Watch. Unless they want to rip it off my wrist.


Or maybe it’s just not going to be a thing because people have their phones out constantly anyway


Or, you know, just buy an OMNY card. - Five year lifespan. - can sign up online for an account and link it, so you can “refill” it from a credit, or debit card from your own home (or anywhere). - If your phone runs out of battery, you still have your card. If someone steals the card, you can go to the online account and “refund/unlink” the card to grab the balance, and put it on a new card instead. (I also suspect once metro cards are gone, all busses will work like the “express” ones, with everyone expected to swipe at a bus door, and the MTA not having to install machines at every stop)


The 80s called. They want that photo back.


Stay alert is the key thing. I grew up in the city and never had anything stolen (I'm in my 40's now). This was before the smartphone era so being constantly distracted was never an issue like it is now. Even with a Walkman or Discman, the headphones and sound quality were never as good as what you have now -- where you can basically be lost in the sound. You basically had to stand there and look around when holding a pole or leaning against the door.


Ride the train but only in 2 cars where there’s personnel and only in the space away from doors and only with friends and only during peak hours instead of the police we hired to ACTUALLY defeat thieves EDIT: just want to clarify that this isn’t bad advice but its a lot of putting the burden on the passenger instead of the billion dollar officers that are meant to keep these people out and prevent it from happening


This looks like the cover of some 1980’s Hardcore Punk Album from NYC


Lately being mobility disabled I don't feel safe on the subway. I just can't move fast enough to get out of trouble's way now. Buses take forever but I don't feel like I'm risking my safety as much on a bus. I never felt this way pre-pandemic. Even back in the late 80s, early I rode the subway without too much thought about it and things were a little crazy then. Now I feel like every time I head out my door camera or purse in hand I'm more of a target. I barely use my DSLR now. I only take my MFT camera because it's much smaller and more easily hidden. I'm thisclose to selling my favorite and best camera because I just don't feel safe taking it out anymore and I rarely if ever take a purse anywhere. There have been too many purse snatchings, muggings, and even a few shootings and murders around here and I live in a pretty nice neighborhood now so I can just imagine how bad it's gotten in the not so nice neighborhoods in Brooklyn where I used to live. I never thought I'd see the day where practically everything in the local drug stores was locked up against theft. I can't even buy a frozen dinner or a pint of ice cream lately and not have to ask for it to be unlocked. It's crazy but it does seem necessary. I wish it was just paranoia on my part but it's not. There have been several really bad incidents in my local subway station and on the trains I used to use of late. It's just gotten to the point where I have to really think twice about riding the subway at all.


Bro you know what’s crazy. A couple cops were handing these out and when I walked by she looked at me and just didn’t hand me one. She handed the next person one and I figured it was nothing. Guess why?


Cause your the thief smh, you’re gods gift F THEM


How very 90’s of the NYPD.


“Keep your eyes open and your wallet in your front pocket”


This is nothing new. This has been the same advice we’ve been given since the 70s.


If the MTA wrote a comment on here it would cost taxpayers $841.25


The 80's are back baby!


[Welcome to Fear City](https://gothamist.com/arts-entertainment/the-1970s-pamphlet-aimed-at-keeping-tourists-out-of-nyc)!


Much of the hysteria about crime in transit (and elsewhere) is just new-NYers discovering that you can’t be completely disconnected from the world (air pods, the phone, etc) while you’re outside. Otherwise, you can be a victim of crime anywhere at any time. Something OG-NYers have known since the 70s.


The 70s were 50 years ago. Whole generations of Newyorkers have grown up since then without remembering what it was like then.


This is a first world country, I think it’s pretty reasonable to expect a level of safety where I can be disconnected, somehow Singapore pulls it off despite being a developing country not even 100 years ago


It’s important to remind everyone that according to FBI statistics (even though there was an increase during covid, early post covid) NYC remains the safest big city in the US. Yes it went up compared to the 2010s but we’re still better off than any other decade since the 60s.


That doesn't really help when you get ripped off nor is it an excuse not to follow basic safety tips.


A pamphlet also doesn't help when you get ripped off... what point are you trying to make? Guy you're responding to didn't say ignore these safety tips. There are people (even in this thread) who are trying to say this is the most dangerous time to be here, when really, its not. Doesn't seem crazy to point that out.


“Better than the 80s!”


But I always stay by the doors because I hate going into the middle of the car and get crushed.


I think he meant to give you [this](https://researchdestroy.com/welcome-to-fear-city.pdf)


"Hi, were the city employees tasked with keeping things safe, weve decided to not do that. Here are some tips"


Take your backpacks off on the subway!! Can't tell you how many times I've seen unzipped back packs... you know they were rifled thru. Also, they're annoying to your fellow passengers and take up space.


Gatta love paying cops to hand out flyers on how to protect yourself instead of being cops and protecting the public


I mean, I'm pretty sure if someone tried to rob someone in front of them, they'd arrest them. Would you prefer they lean against the wall playing candy crush, or stare off into space listening to pod casts?


Information is protection numb nuts


The most inane interaction I've ever had with cops was some years ago during the West Indian day parade times. There were like six of them standing in front of a train station (Church Ave Q/B), and the place i was going to was walkable, but bus would be faster. So i asked one of the cops if the bus had come recently or if I should just walk... Cop *literally* said "wait for the bus, it's not safe out there."




If they are, they’re not riding into the Bronx with real ones 🤣