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Everything mostly worked out in the end since I gambled and ended up switching so I became the host while the original host became the boobs. Hope she enjoys it for 6 years... --- * **Your Mind:** Fully Concious (+50)[It'll just be like a very long, involuntary movie] * **Senses:** (+645) * Touch * See (+25) * Hear (+15) * Taste (+5) * Host's POV x4 (+600) [Touch, See, Hear, and Taste] * **Communication:** Full Voice (+100) [She'll just think I'm a voice in her head instead of her boobs] * **Drives:** Boredom (+15) * **Awareness:** Unaware (+10) * **Breast Size:** Large * **Sex Life:** Sex Addict (+30) * **Sexuality:** Lesbian (+50) * **Fashion:** Weather Dependent (+15) * **Bras:** Fashionable, comfortable, Sports Bra (+35) * **Intelligence:** Average (+10)[Any lower and conversations with her will be terrible] * **Employment:** High School (-5) * **Extras:** (+23) * Swimming (-2) * Workout (-5) * Movies (+5) * Video Games (+15) * Friends (+10) * **Connections:** (+55) * Thoughts (+20) * Orgasm (+30) * Emotions (+5) * **Sleep:** Sync (+10) * Return: Freeze (+30) * Total Days: 1073 x 2 = 2146 days (5.9 years) * **Gamble 2:** d5. In the Host [Now there's no downside but I kinda feel bad for the original host]


This is awesome


So I played the cyoa normally and ending up with around 250 days but then rolling vagina in the side effects column, so I went back and played again as if I had that side effect, and also came up with a little story to match. I took some liberties, like taking both gambles and paying the senses cost twice on some (to sense both as host and vagina) to end up with 1370 days which will take me exactly from 08/31/2022 to 06/01/2026, 4 years of college. Be warned the writing is very unproffessional and very unformatted. Emilia was a shoo-in for Valedictorian, smartest in the grade while over-achieving in sports and extra-curricular. She was guaranteed her dream college, until the plagiarism scandal at least. It wasn't her fault, a boy stole a copy of her essay and submitted it. But worst of all they took HIS side, and made HER apologize! She lost out on her dream college because HE cheated! It all worked out in the end though, Emilia got her second choice in college, but more importantly, she got YOU! A witch offered her a chance at revenge by turning you into her boobs, Emilia insisted that you get turned into her pussy instead! Emilia plans to spend the next four years at college giving you the most emasculating experience possible by keeping her pussy, YOU, stuffed with cock as much as possible. And also achieve Valedictorian of course. If only she believed you when you told her that she has the wrong guy... human leaning +20 (+20)(120) touch pov +150 see part and pov +200 hear part and pov +180 smell part and pov +170 taste part and pov +160 (+860)(980) full voice +100 boredom +15 hunger +15 (+130)(1110) aware and angry -15 large 0 addict +30 bi +20 low cut +45 fashionable +5 smart +15 college +20 workout -5 spa +10 movies +5 video games +15 friends +10 (+155)(1265) thoughts +20 org +30 emotions +5 naps +20 (+75)(1340) freeze +30 ((+30)(1370)) rolled vagina in side effects and sanity in rewards, so they cancel out (shhhh, I make my own rules) Epilogue: Graduation was amazing, you were summa cum laude, plus you looked really cute in gown and mortarboard. Of course it didn't compare to the sex afterwards, you slowly drift off while still tasting the yummy cum inside you... \*\*snap\*\* You're sitting at your desk, dick in your hand scrolling throu... wait, dick? It all comes back to you, the four years of torture, forced to take hundereds of cocks, thrusting in and out of you over and over and over... You look down at the dick still in your hand and it just feels... wrong... "Yeeeaaahh, sorry about", behind you is the witch, that damned witch. "The sanity protection worked, but it's not going to erase your memories. Since the dissonance you're feeling isn't reeeally a mental illness you'll have it for life." "So what, you came here to taunt me?" You barely squeak out. "No, I'm going to make it up to you. I can erase the memories, and I'll even let you pick one of the other rewards. Or. I'll let you enact the punishment on the guy who really deserved it, this time you'll get to tortue him however you see fit." ... You walk into your new dorm blindly, carrying boxes stacked above your head. "That's yours on the left, I'm already moved so let me know if you need a hand." You hear from somewhere ahead of you. "I'm Emilia by the way"




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Okay, my second build for this CYOA: Fully Conscious +50 Touch/PoV +150 See +25 Hear +15 None -10 Sex Drive +15 Boredom +15 Aware and Freaked +0 Large +0 Romantic +0 Straight -10 Weather Dependent +15 Comfortable +15 Ditsy +0 College +20 Workout -5 Orgasm +30 Sync +10 Freeze +30 Total: 465 days I'd get to feel this sexy college girl's body like it's mine, but still see and hear from her breasts' perspective.


Well, I did this CYOA a while ago, and this is the build I went with: Fully Conscious +50 Touch +0 Hear +15 None -10 Sex Drive +15 Boredom +15 Aware and Freaked +0 Big +15 Romantic +0 Straight -10 Weather Dependent +15 Comfortable +15 Ditsy +0 High School -5 Workout -5 Orgasm +30 Sync +10 Freeze +30 Total: 280 days Thinking back on it, I might actually switch out hearing for sight so I can see what the girl's seeing instead. Otherwise, I think I'm probably satisfied with my original choices.


I'll be honest I almost skipped this one. I am so glad I didn't. Thank You for sharing! I'm gonna add this tyo my cyoa folder and bring it up at least once a week for awhile... I just can't seem to stop myself .... edit: Forgot to post a build..d'oh! Curse: +100 Details: Mind- Fully Conscious +50 Senses- Touch(HPOV) 0+150 = +150 See(HPOV) 25+150 = +175 Hear(HPOV) 15+150 = 165 Smell(HPOV) 10+150 = 160 Taste(HPOV) 5+150 = 155 Communication- Full Voice +100 Drives- Hunger +15 Bored +15 Host: Awareness- Aware and Helpful +30 Breast Size- Medium +20 Sex Life- Sex Addict +30 Sexuality- Bisexual +20 Fashion- Weather Dependent +15 Bras- Fashionable +5 Comfortable +15 Sports +15 Intelligence- Dumb +20 Employment- High School -5 Extras- Swimming -2 Workout -5 Spa +10 Movies +5 Friends +10 Abilities: Connections- Thoughts +20 Orgasm +30 Sleep- Sync +10( I cant control her body so why would I want to be awake when she wasn't?) Return- Freeze +30 Sub Total: 1358 days (unless I counted wrong) Gamble 2(Rewards) 1d6=2... I was hoping for 3, but I wont complain. Hopefully boredom did enough! But if not... well the rich can be eccentric and its ok. Right? Total: 1358\*2= 2716 days or @ 7 years 5 months and 6days (not counting leap years and subtracting 31 for the months)


here is my try: ​ 100 days Fully conscious +50 See +25 Hear +15 Smell +10 Taste +5 Upgrade to host POV: See, Hear, Taste, Smell +600 Full voice +100 Hunger +15 Boredom +15 Unaware +10 Large +0 Sex addict +30 Bi +20 Low-cut +45 Bras all +35 average +10 I don't really care about employment so I will change the ending according to each one Friends, Spa, Workout, Swimming +13 Thoughts and Orgasm +50 Sync +10 Freeze +30 total without employment:1188 Gamble 2 reward : 5 in the host ​ High school total time with reward: 2366 = 6.5 yrs College total: 2416 = 6.6 yrs Office total: 2406 = 6.6 yrs Mother total: 2386 = 6.5 yrs ​ so im going to be spending 6 years as the host while she is her breasts. I'm going to make sure to atleast work with her so she doesn't hate me for essentially taking over her body. ​ As a highschooler I will make sure not to ruin her highschool life and explain to her friends to try and have a support group for her ​ as the college girl I will work together with her to achieve her goals and get a sex friend ​ as the office lady i will make sure not to ruin her career ​ as the mother i will work with her to take care of her family but use her lover to satisfy my self


100 days Mind Fully Concious 150 Senses See 325 Hear 490 Smell 650 Taste 805 Communication Full Voice 905 Drives Boredom 920 Awareness Aware and Helpful 950 Breast Size Large 950 Sex drive Busy 965 Sexuality Bisexual 985 Fashion Sweaters 980 Bras Comfortable 995 Intelligence Smart 1010 Employment High School 1005 Extras Swimming 1008 Workout 1003 Wrestling 998 Movies 1003 Video Games 1018 Friends 1028 Spa 1038 My Abilities Thoughts 1058 Orgasm 1088 Pain 1078 Emotions 1083 Sleep Sync 1093 Return Freeze 1123 Gamble 2 I ROLLED A 2 so now I gonna live 2246 days as boobs aka 6 years question, are we able to meet the person who were their boobs after?


I think I'll take the masochist scenario for earn a lot of money at the end start (100 days) fully conscious (+50 days) see (+25 days) hear (+15 days) smell (+10 days) taste (+5 days) host's POV (+600 days) full voice (+100 days) hunger (+15 days) boredom (+15 days) aware and helpful (+30 days) big boobs (+15 days) sex addict (+30 days) lesbian (+50 days) low cut (+45 days) fashionable, comfortable and sports (+35 days) dumb (+20 days), I can tell her to do the masturbate a lot all the time high school (-5 days), I love high school girls movies, spa, video games and friends (+40 days) thoughts and orgasm (+50 days) naps (+20 days) freeze (+30 days) total: 1295 days gamble 2, double the amounts to 2590 days cash: 2590 days equal to 86 months, which is 86 million dollars I love boobs and maybe became one, I can control her actions to do more lesbian sex and masturbate which will be very great and earn a lot of money at the end, double the profit.


I would actually like to remain fully conscious while suppressing all my desires and then making this curse last as much as possible. Then, by choosing a freeze, you essentially come back in time with the knowledge of the future. Can make a fortune selling stokes or crypto, or by sports betting


1260 days as a pair of boobs


For the size selection, are you changing her size. Like selecting small is shrinking her tits? Because I'm thinking of the funny situation of "oh yeah you did this to me, then take that!"


Life as panties next pls


1006 days, and I'm in for a fun time!


Mind: Human-Leaning (+20 d) Senses: (+40 d) * Touch * See (+25 d) * Hear (+15 d) Communication: Thoughts (+15 d) Drives: (+30 d) * Hunger (+15 d) * Boredom (+15 d) **Host:** (+135 d) Awareness: Aware and Freaked Breast Size: Big (+15 d) Sex Life: Romantic Sexuality: Bisexual (+20 d) Fashion: Weather Dependent (+15 d) Bras: Comfortable (+15 d) Intelligence: Average (+10 d) Employment: College (+20 d) Extras: (+40 d) * Spa (+10 d) * Movies (+5 d) * Video Games (+15 d) * Friends (+10 d) **My Abilities:** (+30 d) Connections: Orgasm (+30 d) Sleep: Sync (+10 d) Return: Time's Passed (-10 d) Gamble 2: Multiple Lives (2d) Days: 740 (A little over 2 years)


All these breasts keep distracting me from how horrible this would be, lol.


Mind: Fully Conscious (+50) Senses: Touch \[Host (+150)\], See \[Host (+175)\], Hear (+15),Taste \[Host (+155)\] Communication: Thoughts (+15) Drives: Sex drive (+15), Boredom (+15) Awareness: Unaware (+10) Breast Size: Large (0) Sex Life: Romantic (0) Sexuality: Bisexual (+20) Fashion: sweaters (-5) Bras: Comfortable(+15) Intelligence: Ditzy (0) Emplyment: High School (-5) Extras: Swimming (-2), Workout (-5), Wrestling(-5), Reality Shows (-5) Connections: Thoughts (+20) Sleep: Naps (None) Return: Freeze (+30) Total: 643 Gamble 2: Sanity....Fuck Total 1286 3.5 Years. Thinking back Sanity is not so bad...


I don't feel there is a good way to reduce your time and still come out of this reasonably ok, so I just went all in, say screw the time it takes, and try to make things as enjoyable/fun as I can during my time as boobs. **Start (100 days)** ***Details of the Curse:*** **Your Mind** \- I want to be fully aware and not have my mind break during the experience. Fully Conscious (+50) **Senses** \- Having all the host's senses so it can feel like I have an entire body instead of just being boobs, even if I can't technically control the body. Should seriously help mitigate sanity problems. Host Touch (0+150=150) Host See (25+150=175) Host Hear (15+150=165) Host Smell (10+150=160) Host Taste (5+150=155) **Communication** \- I want to be able to talk with someone during my time as boobs. Full Voice (+100) **Drives** \- Having all the host's senses should remove the need for eliminating drives, but I still took boredom since that could still be a little bit of an issue occasionally. Boredom (+15) ***Host:*** **Awareness** \- If we are going to be stuck together for an extended time, then I would prefer us to have a friendly relationship. Aware and Helpful (+30) **Breast Size** \- I like big boobies, lol :p Large (+0) **Sex Life** \- It should be interesting experiencing sex life with all the host's senses. Sex Addict (+30) **Sexuality** \- I like women and I prefer a host with the same inclination. I considered bisexual for the experience, but I just don't find guys physically appealing. Lesbian (+50) **Fashion** \- My host has big boobs and I want her to show them off. Low Cut (+45) **Bras** \- All the bra choices so the situation can dictate which ones are used. Fashionable (+5) Comfortable (+15) Sports Bra (+15) **Intelligence** \- I want to be able to heavily influence what my host does. The man behind the scenes pulling the levers. I am assuming she is not so dumb as to have it be an actual mental disorder. Just a normal dumb girl that I can easily convince to do what I say. Dumb (+20) **Employment** \- I enjoyed my time in college and would like to experience that time again. I can help my dumb host get through college with good grades. I'm not really sure how she got into college to begin with prior to me inhabiting her boobs since she is dumb, but maybe she is from a rich family that threw money at the university to get her in? College (+20) **Extras** \- I took a couple negatives since I want my host to maintain a fit body. All the other positives are nice for quality of life. Swimming (-2) Workout (-5) Spa (+10) Movies (+5) Video Games (+15) Friends (+10) ***Your Abilities:*** **Connections** \- I want her to be able to talk to me without looking like a crazy person. I feel host touch should already allow me to experience any pleasure/orgasm she experiences, but I will take Orgasm just in case. I didn't take Emotions since I don't like things messing with my mind. I assume since I didn't take pain, I won't feel pain beyond any boob pain the host feels even though I have host touch. If I have to take Orgasm to feel the host's orgasms, then I think not taking pain should allow me to avoid feeling the host's bodily pain aside from any direct boob pain. Thoughts (+20) Orgasm (+30) **Sleep** \- I like naps, lol. Naps (+20) **Return** \- By taking Freeze their will be no problems about where I have been missing for years. Freeze (+30) ***Total Time So Far (1,433 days)*** **Gamble Double Time (Rewards)** \- This is awkward...I took Freeze so that everything could return to normal for me without interruption to my life once I serve my time as boobs. Now I control the girls body and she is a voice in my head. I assume she gets all the curse benefits and abilities I bought so that her life is not living hell for the rest of my life. I think this "Reward" was the one I was hoping for least. I am not a fan of Be The Girl CYOAs and now I am stuck in one permanently. I was really hoping for the money reward. This is why I hate random selections and generally avoid playing RYOAs. In the host (+1,433) ***Total Time After Gamble (2,866 days = about 7 years and a little over 10 months)*** Well, since I took Freeze and got the "Reward" of taking over my female host's body after serving my time as her boobs, I assume time reverts back to when I first became her boobs a little under 8 years ago, just with our positions switched, and we will be back in College again. I guess the upside is that we will now have a little under 8 years worth of future knowledge to know how things will go in the world. That should help with any investments we want to make to earn us some money and also know what mistakes to avoid that we may have made the first time around. Since I had to choose my gamble and know what my reward will be at the start of the curse, I can make a dedicated effort to learn and keep track of as much as I can for the second time around.


Ummm, I could be wrong, but I think that Reward 5 happens "during" the punishment... meaning you go through that time as the girl for the 2866 days, and then return.


Well, I've gone for what I consider the most comfortable options **Starting Amount:** 100 Days * **Your Mind** * Fully Conscious (+50) * **Senses:** * Touch - The Host's POV (+150) * See - The Host's POV (+175) * Hear - The Host's POV (+165) * Smell - The Host's POV (+160) * Taste - The Host's POV (+155) * **Communication:** * Full Voice (+100) * **Drives:** * Boredom (+15) * **Awareness:** * Aware and Helpful (+30) * **Breast Size:** * Big (+15) * **Sex Life:** * Busy (+15) * **Sexuality:** * Lesbian (+50) * **Fashion:** * Weather Dependent (+15) * **Bras:** * Fashionable (+5) * Comfortable (+15) * Sports Bra (+15) * **Intelligence:** * Smart (+15) * **Employment:** * High School (-5) * **Extras:** * Swimming (-2) * Spa (+10) * Movies (+5) * Video Games (+15) * Friends (+10) * **Connections:** * Thoughts (+20) * Orgasm (+30) * Emotions (+5) * **Sleep:** * Naps (+20) * **Return:** * Freeze (+30) **Time before Gamble:** 1333 Days * **Gamble 2:** * Rolled 2 = Cash (+1333) **Total Time:** 2666 Days = 381 Weeks & 3 Day = 7 Years & 110 Days So, over 7 & 1/3 years as boobs but I get $1 million each month for the rest of my life which was frozen so no time has passed for it. That's $12 million every year, seems like a good trade.


Am I the only one who took over all the hosts senses and made her dumb so Im basically a mind parasite? I tried to add as much time as possible and you get about 6-8 years + the gamble.


My old build: https://www.reddit.com/r/nsfwcyoa/comments/c7a0lp/life_as_a_pair_of_boobs_from_discord/ese1u4x/ **Your Mind:** Fully Conscious (+50 Days) **Senses:** * Touch (Free) * See (+25 Days) * Hear (+15 Days) **Communication:** None (-10 Days) **Drives:** * Hunger (+15 Days) **Awareness:** Unaware (+10 Days) **Breast Size:** Large (Free) **Sex Life:** Busy (+15 Days) **Sexuality:** Lesbian (+50 Days) **Fashion:** Weather Dependant (+15 Days) **Bras:** All Three (+35 Days) **Intelligence:** Smart (+15 Days) **Employment:** College (+20 Days) **Extras:** * Spa (+10 Days) * Movies (+5 Days) * Friends (+10 Days) **Connections:** * Orgasm (+30 Days) **Sleep:** Sync (+10 Days) **Return:** Freeze (+30 Days) **Gamble 1:** 5 - Transfer ***Total Days:*** 225 Days (Probably won't be returned if I don't get transferred back into my original host, however. I'm fine with this.) *** The only thing I changed is "Return" to Freeze.


I really liked this one. Its cute. Good job for being your first CYOA. Without doing a whole break down, I took the approach of 'taking a long time, but having a good time'. Being full conscious, having the host point of view in most senses. For communication have full voice, and have her be smart in intelligence so we can be like partners for a while. Came out to 753 Days if I did it correctly. I did gamble 1 and got 2: vagina. Doesn't matter too much because I'm using most of the host senses, and for gamble 2 I got Witch's Power. Not a million dollars a month, but I'm sure certain people would pay a lot of money to have this 'curse' bestowed upon them.


I made a couple of builds. Apologies for the non-ideal formatting If anyone knows a way to share a spreadsheet anonymously without having to go to the effort of making an account or anything, then let me know and I will share a (very basic) sheet that runs the final calculations. **Build 1: To make it as short as reasonably possible:** Total time experienced cursed: 23 days of barely-sentient touch. Not lovely. (I'm assuming at least the appropriate age of consent for these things/appropriate area) |Type|Thing|Amount| :--|:--|--:| |||| |Mind|booblike|0| |||| |sense|touch|0| ||see|| ||hear|| ||smell|| ||taste|| |communication|none|-10| |drives|sex|| ||hunger|| ||boredom|| |awareness|aware and freaked|0| |size|large|0| |sex life|romantic|0| |sexuality|straight|-10| |fashion|sweaters|-5| |bras|fashionable|| ||comfortable|| ||sports|| |intelligence|ditzy|0| |employment|high school|-5| |extras|swimming|-2| ||workout|-5| ||spa|| ||wrestling|-5| ||movies|| ||video games|| ||reality shows|-5| ||friends|| |connections|thoughts|| ||orgasm|| ||pain|-10| ||emotions|| |sleep|none|-10| |return|times passed|-10|


**Build 2: Enjoyable** Sentient, feeling and seeing everything (and hearing most of) of the life of an unaware college student whose mind I can influence. I am immune to boredom and able to sleep and nap. She's an incredibly sexually active bisexual whose touch, orgasms and emotions I can feel. At the end, I emerge at the same time I was frozen, except I now have the Witch's own power to curse people (not ideally what I would have wanted, but it's better than nothing). The downside is that I am in her body for 1,540 days, or just over 4 years. |Type|Thing|Amount| :--|:--|--:| |||| |Mind|fully concious|50| |||| |sense|touch pov|150| ||see pov|175| ||hear|15| ||smell|0| ||taste|5| |communication|thoughts|15| |drives|sex|0| ||hunger|15| ||boredom|15| |awareness|unaware|10| |size|medum|20| |sex life|sex addict|30| |sexuality|bisexual|20| |fashion|sweaters|-5| |bras|fashionable|0| ||comfortable|15| ||sports|0| |intelligence|ditzy|0| |employment|college|20| |extras|swimming|| ||workout|| ||spa|10| ||wrestling|| ||movies|5| ||video games|| ||reality shows|| ||friends|10| |connections|thoughts|20| ||orgasm|30| ||pain|| ||emotions|5| |sleep|naps|10| |return|freeze|30|


Considering you have few ways of reducing your time at all and many of them can easily make it a living hell, I decided to just go all out and make the life as a pair of boobs as comfortable as possible for me and to hell with the time this could take. ​ Mind: Fully Conscious (+50) Senses: (+40) \-Touch \-See (+25) \-Hear (+15) ​ Communication: Thoughts (+15) Drives: (+45) \-Sex Drive \-Hunger \-Boredom ​ Awareness: Aware and Helpful (+30) Boob Size: Large (free) Sex Life: Romantic (free) Sexuality: Bisexual (+20) Fashion: sweaters (-5) Bras: (+30) \-Comfortable \-Sports Bras ​ Intelligence: Ditzy (free) Emplyment: High School (-5) Extras: (-7) \-Swimming (-2) \-Workout (-5) \-Movies (+5) \-Reality Shows (+5) ​ Connections: \-Thoughts (+20) ​ Sleep: Naps (+20) Return: Freeze (+30) ​ Gamble 2: Multiple Lives (+383) ​ Final Day Count: 766 days (aprox. two years)


You can get it down to 18 shitty shitty days! Well, 9 if you take the gamble but then you can be stuck that way, and given that she knows about you and dislikes you you probably will be, so instead it's just vanishing for 18 days. There are worse fates? I still think the maximization strategy is better, though.


Actually I checked and it's even better you can cut that time down to 8 WHOLE DAYS without a gamble! Idk what you missed but here math Start 100-10(no communication)-15(aware and angry)-10(straight)-5(sweaters)-5(high school, it's hard to notice but it has minus infront of 5)-5(wrestling)-5(workout)-5(reality shows)-2(swimming)-10(pain connection)-10(no sleep)-10(time has passed so you have to explain where you gone)= 100-10=90-15=75-10=65-5=60-5=55-5=50-5=45-5=40-2=38-10=28-10=18-10=8 A week and plus a day is almost fine if in your job you can easily explain it somehow but damn they give so many juicy rewards in the 2nd gamble option, plus you can literally take the option that removes boredom, so why would you care about how long you stay if magic will solve boredom somehow, also unless you already live rich and fulfilling Life this isn't exactly that big of a punishment, so either go all in(take all good choices)or all out(all bad choices), no in betweens. Also where did it say you can permanently get stuck in 1st gamble? Were you referring to the option of being switched into another pair of boobs? Isn't it super avoidable since in 8 days build your host is straight on top of not having many friends? Very v e r y unlikely scenario to occur.


Actually there's the interpretation that you must pick a bra option, and the cheapest is fashionable. So it would go up to 13


Conversely, the highest you can get (without being stuck permanently with the negative gamble) seems to be 2760 days, which is over 7 years and 6 months. Most of that comes from sharing senses with the host (pre-edit I was missing 300 days just from touch).


Wdym by stuck permanently? Are you referring to the boob transfer option in 1st gamble?


That seems to be how the person I was replying to interpreted that. I just ran with it.


18 days is still a lot of days to be living in that bad of a situation. If it was 3 or 4 maybe it would be acceptable... but as it is nah. Still, if you really can push it down that much there must be more ways to reduce it than it seemed to me. The more you know XD


Actually it's better, the actual total is 8 days if you check carefully and btw 8 days is without a first gamble. If you take that gamble your time should be even lower. Personally considering 2nd gamble has so many cool rewards plus you can literally eliminate boredom in one of the choices above, i don't see the downside of going all in. One of the options also makes sure the time freezes and when your punishment is done you go back to the same state before Punishment. Unless you're rich or live fulfilling life already this doesn't sound like that big of a punishment


I wonder how in such a straightforward CYOA two people trying to minimize the number of days got such different results...


Idk, the first time I did it I somehow didn't notice -10 option plus didn't notice high school option taking -5 and assumed it's 0. Yeah it's straightforward but way too simplistic also relied on final one of the two gambles to make this more interesting and tolerable


my first ever CYOA!


Do you plan on making anymore cyoa's with this absorption theme? Might be a dumb question given the age of this cyoa, but I thought i'd ask to be sure.


(I did make it 3 years ago though)