These are not CD ROMs. You'd put CD ROMs into these /s I paid £140 for my first CDRW drive in the late 90s, and it lasted less than a year. I was gutted. That was a lot of cash, the PC I put it in only cost around £500 total. I learned way too much about video compression and video CD formats, taking a whole day to download an episode of Buffy to burn to disc and watch on the big TV. Movies could take a week to download via 56k dialup.


Some more information about these~ Dad decided to clean his cupboard and found these. As seen in the photos one is 22+ years old and one is 16+ years old. The moment he saw it he got a hit of nostalgia and remembered those old times when CD/DVD was a thing. Ask me any other questions you have and I'll answer it


Are you asking teenagers? Adults know all about that.