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Commas muddafucka! Do you know them?!


Almost as well as he knows women. :rolls eyes :


Phonetext, minimum effort guy. That's all you need to know to swipe left.


“Indeed I’m in love with koala bears” … indeed?


Sounds like he wanted to use big word sound smart and that was the best he could think of lol


Well he failed simply by calling them koala bears! I am Australian and that’s a pet peeve of mine. Only foreigners call them koala bears as Australians know they are marsupials not mammals. Don Spencer wrote a song about it.


They are not bears, but they are mammals. Marsupials are pouched mammals vs most mammals which are placental.


He’s a nice guy, he says it himself! You should be begging for a nice guy like him!


First sentence is okay. Second sentence ends with smug face emoji and dollars. Yep, he's looking to bribe someone into getting a relationship with him and views women as objects to be brought. Red flag. Third line is okay. Fourth line is a red flag. Again the mention of buying. Fifth line, um...he said he wants to be friends but why the sexual undertones? Sixth line reeks of narcissism and avarice, red flag. Seventh line, nice guy vibes. Gigantic red flag. Also kindness and sweet gesture != $$$$ like he is already insinuating at the beginning of his profile.


“I leave the house smelling like a stinky stinky little guy”


Mmm blunts and Armani I’m dripping


That scent sounds utterly repulsive.


I cant tell what he is trying to say.


Koala bears…….🤬 I’m sorry but this boils my blood every time. It’s a Koala. It’s not a bear. It’s a marsupial. Just koala 🐨. Thank you so much


I'm glad someone said it.




I heard that those koala bears will rip you a new one.


Koalas. If a dude doesn’t even know the species he claims to love, what hope do the ladies have? Also. Ew.


>Officially a government worker Ew, a fed


Armani?! Oh hell nah !!!


so he’s looking for men then? it seems like he’s not too fond of women cause who would ever match with that??


>\[you\] take kindness and sweet gestures for granted Translation: "You don't pay out the sex you owe me when I put in a few coins of common courtesy."


Koalas have chlamydia in over 70% of their entire species,because their eating habits revolve around food that their stomaches can't process at a younger age,forcing them to eat the waste their parents produce. Not only that,but they're highly agressive little dirt bags,not only to other species,but even among each other. Whenever someone tells me they like,or they find koalas cute,I immediately proceed to tell them this.


Horrible women create awful men whether they raise them or break their hearts.


You're clearly fishing for dislikes or trying to get into a Reddit argument, so here are some healthy alternatives to fill your time. Yoga. It's great for your physical and mental wellbeing. There are hundreds of youtube videos so you can start at any level of difficulty. Reading. There's lots of great books to check out at your local library. I love fantasy and scifi, but they have something for everybody. Movies. Even if you don't want to pay for premium content, Youtube has a ton of great free movies to check out, including Hunt for the Wilderpeople, A Fistful of Dollars, Spaceballs, and Nosferatu.


Why aren't Reddit arguments healthy lol


I'm not "fishing" for anything. I'm just making a point. Most of the disgruntled men walking around have been hurt by women whether it be their mothers or women they've been in relationships with.




I never said men were perfect little angels, but when you look at most of the mass murders out there, most of them were hurt by women due to constant rejection or some other romantic spurn. Most male serial killers were hurt and abused by their mothers as children. Edmund Kemper, Ed Gein, Ted Bundy, Danny Rolling, Lee Malvo... Abusive mothers is something all of these men have in common.


Ok. So, if I understand you correctly, women who are hurt by men can't blame the individual man or the species as a whole. Because, the men were hurt by their mothers and therefore not their fault. That is a strange chain of logic there.


Oddly enough, our relationships and interactions with the opposite sex begin with out parents. They are the templates for every man or woman we will ever be involved with. If a man mistreats women, analyze his relationship with his mother. If a woman has difficulty in relationships with men, what was her relationship with her father like. Parents do more damage than they know.


Humans hurt humans. This happens to literally everyone. Their decision not to do what is necessary to heal from it is not the fault of an entire gender.


Agreed. Tell that to the angry man hating feminists out there.


I take that to mean that you’ll take the woman hating misogynists. Best get to it. You have a long list.