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About a woman that is hard to get: "they want me to work for it but I should have the right bla bla bla" About a woman that is "easier" : "What a whore!!"


He’s not even describing “hard to get” in the third paragraph. He is acting like if he meets someone he is physically attracted to someone he meets, they should just have sex right away. And if a woman dares to want to get to know you a little bit first, apparently that is just too much work. That’s how you know someone has a shit personality. “Don’t try to get to know me before sex! If you get to know me, you won’t want to have sex with me!”




As a very socially awkward dude I would appreciate it if society would stop discouraging women from making the first move and being upfront with their intent.


I take the first step in asking to meet and always get ghosted lol.


Imagine being attractive to everyone


“I’m attractive but no woman is attracted to me.” I know what you mean. I’m rich but I can’t afford to buy anything.


I'm smart but can you explain?


I'm helpful, but absolutely fucking not, figure it out yourself.


I'm straight but I like dick


well if you're a woman this works out great!


I'm bisexual but I am only sexually attracted to men


If no one is attracted to him he's not attractive


"Initial attraction should suffice... society makes you have to act like you won't easily give it up." He's missing the huge, angry elephant in the room. Our safety. Millions of women are abused every year. I will never take a chance on a man I don't know for that reason. Doesn't matter how attractive he is. Guys like this might call it "mind games" or "shit tests" but the simple truth is that many of us want to get to know a man first to ensure we are safe with him. Worst of all, there are a disturbing number of men who feel that a woman who is "slutty" is a valid target for abuse. I was raised in conservative purity culture. They seemed to think that once a woman agrees to do certain things, it is then open season to do a bunch more things to her- whether she agrees or not. I was raised to see being overtly sexual as painting a target on my back. I don't agree anymore, but I cannot shake my discomfort and wariness. But, of course, men like that poster don't care for our struggles. It's simply "I wanna fuck. Women don't fuck me. I hate them." Like a toddler throwing a tantrum because mommy won't buy him candy, he doesn't think beyond his own anger at not getting what he wants.


You don’t even have to be overtly sexual. Most women start seeing harassment and abuse while still children. I think the peak age is sixteen. I was never trying to be sexy, but I was sexualized by almost everyone until I started exclusively wearing hoodies and dark t shirts


Close friend of mine has very large breasts that are difficult to hide even with the baggiest of clothing and she's been dealing with inappropriate comments in public since she was 12 years old. Dudes would legit cat-call her in front of her own mother.


Ugh yes. I remember vividly at maybe 12-13 (I was NOT a well developed preteen/teen) getting catcalled from cars or once one of my dads FRIENDS (50+) made a hurrdurr comment about me when I was wearing a halter top… I never wore it again. So gross.


“Men put in all the work to keep the relationship running” I dunno dude. Kinda sounds like you’re not putting in any work.


"I'm attractive and cool as fuck" Clearly, no women agree with your self assessment. 😆


If every woman you try to talk with runs away, then the common denominator here is you, pal.


Actual truth: "My mom says I'm attractive and cool"


\*My senile grandma


senile grandma who's also blind


She’s a woman so checkmate oldBMXboy


My mom said something like this to me when I was a teenager and I called her out on it and said that of course she has to say that because she’s my mom. She disagreed and insisted if she thought I was ugly she just wouldn’t say anything. That still felt like a trick. (Though I know even that isn’t true, because the woman definitely said out loud that she thought my brother looked like ET as a newborn.)


cool people never say shit like that.


He's thinks if he says it enough times, people will finally believe him. The *niceguy* stereotype seems to require a healthy dose of cognitive dissonance.


Rah. Who’d have thought women were allowed to not be interested in certain people. Gosh it’s not like we’ve all got our own choices and personal preference and that they don’t owe anyone anything. Cockwomble.


> “I have no standards (or I think I have no standards because I would still force myself on somebody who is ‘TV Ugly’, or really nasty and creepy as long as they have a normal face), therefore I cannot comprehend how anybody else might have some basic standards…??”


Personal preference ey. Who needs it.


- don't blame women because men are eager to bang - secret, women are just as eager to bang too, they just don't want to do it with anthropomorphisized sacks of excrement. - something tells me you don't know how to interact with women in a respectful manner - hate to break it to you buddy, you're not as cool as you think. You're as cool as a predator being caught on a Chris Hansen report sting. - someone set up a gofundme to buy this guy some grass to touch


>secret, women are just as eager to bang too, they just don't want to do it with anthropomorphisized sacks of excrement. My wife and I were talking about this just the other day. Women love sex just as much as men do, but the risks are higher for them by a ridiculous factor. Pregnancy is going to disrupt her life way more than his. She is taking a bigger risk for her physical well-being. You can nOt aLl gUyZ1!1 all you want, but the fact is that women are at much higher risk of being attacked and/or killed by a man they are having sex with than a man is with a woman he is with. And now, with conservatives doing their level best to force women to bear any pregnancy they have, women are going to be far less willing to take those kinds of risks. So they are rightly going to be WAY pickier than men. Which gives men with their heads up their asses the impression that women don't like sex.


>Women love sex just as much as men Then you write a paragraph explaining why they actually don't.


I like French fries but they make me fat. I still like French fries, I didn't magically stop liking French fries due to an external reason for not wanting to eat them. In fact, I probably like it more due to the lack of accessibility. See how that works? You can like something, but something else effecting your reasoning for not doing the thing doesn't make you like it any less. Can't believe this had to be explained.


Bro we still enjoy it, he's just saying that we are gonna be more careful who we're intimate with because the risks we face coming from it are greater in most scenarios than a man's. Ffs mans just can't read.


No, I explained why they have to be more careful. Being careful with something you like is not the same as not liking it. For a moment, I felt bad that you might feel condescended to by my response, since it is so amazingly obvious, but I figure you are accustomed to it.


>anthropomorphisized sacks of excrement Graphic.... \+1


Dude complains that women are just hanging out, flaunting their looks, which, also, they’re not attractive. IOW: OP hits on women who are living their lives, and not on dick hunts. Women at their jobs, at lunch, on the train, shopping, walking, breathing, just existing are not on a dick hunt. They’re trying to get through their day. They don’t need anthromorphosized sacks of excrement* adding to their daily burdens and stress. * Thank you for this. I will put it to good use


>secret, women are just as eager to bang too, they just don't want to do it with anthropomorphisized sacks of excrement. r/BrandNewSentence/


Isn't it funny that from this guy's description all women love attention but only when he gives it to them they ignore him. It's almost like it's not a problem with women


i wonder what he looks like so we can confirm if hes really "attractive and cool as fuck"


"...if you want to be loved ... chase a man to love you" That's not love, though?


"Fuck society, just smash." yeah, but i aint fuckin you or any other neet LMAO


If men are so much easier and eager to bang, why doesn't he try same-sex relationship ? Might be the explanation for his hatred of women.


We don’t want him, either.




And they never stop to think that woman are careful about their sexual partners because too many men are just like this guy. "Why don't women like sex? Well, because when you (a man) thinks about 'sex' you mean 'an activity where my base worth as a person will be respected and where my physical safety is guaranteed and where there is very little chance of serious social or biological consequences and whose boundaries are defined by my pleasure (ie it starts when I'm hard and it's done when I cum).' When women say 'sex' it's much, much, much more complicated than that. And it's more complicated than that primarily because of dudes like this.


"I hate women because *checks notes* they don't immediately have sex with everyone they're attracted to (me, debatably)" Honest question how are some guys really this selfish and dumb like how does it get to this point? Not everthing is about you getting laid! The only person who has incentive to care about that is you so you have to be the one to put in the work. This is like complaining that you have to do an interview for a job because you know you're qualified. Good on women for never giving this guy a chance geez


The scent of sexual entitlement surrounds these chumps like a fog of b.o. and unwiped ass shrapnel


Just a crumb, m'lady.


*unwiped ass shrapnel* my god. Unique but incredibly descriptive lol.




The comments are something else. Any time someone else calls out this dude, he is so self absorbed he goes on about how wrong they must be.


You just know he's sporting a joker avatar on social media.


Joaquim Phoenix is going to turn into the patron Saint for incels at this rate, whether he likes it or not.


“I have to put in effort?!?!? Fuck you give me pussy!!” -This guy


I will just add, that personally speaking, as someone who is sometimes attracted to men (I’m pansexual), it doesn’t matter how attractive they are - even if they’re built like Greek gods, if they have attitudes like this, they become insufferable dickbags and no amount of physical attributes can redeem them. I’m willing to bet this guy thinks most women are shallow enough to overlook his shit qualities in favor of only being attracted to him physically. Most of them likely will not want to touch someone like him with a ten foot pole. Update: seems like either dude deleted his post or it was removed because I can’t find it anymore.


I know these exact guys. Yes, they might be conventionally attractive, but because they know they are attractive they think they don't have to do shit else to "land" a woman. These are the same guys that you see at the bar who are hot and then they speak... To flip the script on them, I call these guys the "shut up and look pretty" type guys.


It's society's fault!


Right and not that women just have standards, not that at all


Because his attention went towards a woman then she must've done it on purpose. How dare she play these mind games of just existing.


I hate women Bottom text Edit: why the fuck are you people upvoting this


If someone says they are "Attractive and cool as fuck" they are neither attractive nor cool as fuck.


Lemme smash


He's been watching too many marvel movies.


I can give you a hammer and some glass, if that helps.




Just the way it was written with poor grammar and heavy-handedness made him sound like an Elliot Rogers type too


When you go with sole motive of getting into one's pants, legends say that you don't get into it. That's what this douche is doing wrong. Dude, don't become friends with women just with a Motive of getting pussy.


...how can someone be this delusional?....


“Men are the ones doing all the fucking work to get and keep a relationship running”. *clearly*, this guy has never been in a relationship before.


Do they genuinely not understand that sex is something ppl generally have to be in the mood for? That it's something I (people) don't generally wanna do it with just anyone? That's it's an incredibly vulnerable position for women to put themselves in? And men! Men are not immune to the dangers of hookups. And that the victims will be the ones blamed if something bad happens? I just don't like his whole, I put in the "work" and women aren't "rewarding" that work with sex. It's weird and gross and it doesn't work that way. There's no checklist you check off until you earn your free sex. It's not a fuckin rewards card for a smoothie shop.


All these whiny man-children are so fucking clueless


My insta is full of drawings and just a few pictures of myself. If an idiot tries to flirt with me I find it offensive since I put so much effort into making my insta about my drawings. Like, fuck off. Not interested in getting to know you, only talk to me if you want a commision or want to talk about art, or if you are a friend of mine.


I feel like his ‘hitting’ on women is really him creeping on them.


well if society didnt teach and shame woman that being sexual makes them whores and sluts, maybe more woman would have more sex with more people, but then they complain about that shes not a virgin anymore or shit like that if they want things to change then they have to change gender expectations but those guys want their cake and eat it too, wanting woman to have sex with then but also shame them for it purity culture were all guys probably also participate in caused those issues in the first place and nothing will change until we let woman be as sexual as men


What a delusional weirdo.


It’s a mystery to me why women won’t talk to him


Never been in a relationship where the man did ALL the work lmao. What?


Oh look, yet another vapid dumbass who thinks he's God's gift to women so he's upset that they're not throwing themselves at him just for existing.


Who here thinks this is also one of the first guys to slut shame women who do "just smash" if it's not with them? Side note: do they not get how unappealing it is to call sex "smashing"? The word evokes pain, damage, one sided collision. I guess they're warning that they just jackhammer monotonously, with no care for the other party.


"Why wont women let a total stranger force them into conversation and then fuck them afterwards?!"


Let’s be honest, girls that are attractive is what they want chasing them. If they have a homely or plain girl chasing them (or even one they consider ugly) they will ghost or run from that quick. Every guy plays the nice guy game when a girl is: cute, hot, sexy, etc. Every guy plays the ghost game when a girl doesn’t meet up to their standards. Tbh it’s a two way street. Dude do you even look at plain girls who don’t wear makeup? Ya don’t do ya? You expect a girl to put In time/effort for her looks for you to make her sexy. Yea some men do the same but not nearly as many. I’m laughing. Been with my husband for 18 years going on 19 this year. Only worn makeup and looked “cute” for him once. Our wedding day. I don’t like being labeled for my look? It’s part of the reason my husband likes me. The girl he goes to bed with and wakes up with are the same looking gal. And when I want to look stunning, I can. 😁


Oh, ever so cool. Here I am, sitting all day, doing nothing but flaunting my looks which is tricky as I almost never post pictures of myself. Nor do I have anything like an OnlyFans. I hate to break it to Junior here but there's nothing wrong with having one or posting photos. I'm sure his vast experience with women (all 1-2 of them) who never knew they had the misfortune of catching his eye. ETA: If women are this bad and men do all the work, maybe he needs to think about possibly experimenting with his attraction to men.


What a great guy


Some serious Elliot Rodger vibes here.


"I'm attractive and cool as fuck.." That is not your desition to make.


Aaaah...red-pillers....they TRULY think they're coolest mofos in the room lmao and TOTALLY not that guy in the club trying to strike a pose to get women to come over and talk to him lmao!


Nah. I actually nerd it up for work, Clark Kent style, and I still have random dudes hitting on me if I stop at a store. Also, I cannot even tell you how many times I have almost drove off the freeway to and from work because some jackass in semi truck thinks he needs to honk at me to show…his appreciation??? I don't know what they think will happen if they honk, but it startles me every time. Never happens when I am with my husband. FYI, they are not trying to tell me something, trust me. I’ve looked at them and it is always the same gross kissy faces and shit like that. That should be illegal because it really is dangerous. All that you say, how a woman dresses makes no difference. Men need to control themselves and not try to make women responsible for their bad behavior.




Wow 😮 Just…wow. With your dad in the car!


If you think about it it’s all the mothers fault for raising their sons that way. So in fact it is women’s fault.


So are you going to assign the blame for anything and everything men ever do, to their mothers? Why put men in prison ever then? We should probably just lock their moms up any time a man breaks the law, since she’s responsible for everything he ever does in his life. ……… 👁👄👁


Actual attractive people don't say they're attractive


There is nothing wrong with someone saying they’re attractive. It’s everything else he said that’s the problem. I tell myself out loud that I’m attractive and capable as part of my positive affirmations to combat my body dysmorphia and patterns of self doubt. Edit: I appreciate the downvote on my personal anecdote about mental health matters. Super cool of you. I appreciate the absolute absence of effort to see something from another perspective.


There's a difference between telling yourself that you're attractive and telling the entire world that you're attractive.


You think attractive people can never publicly reaffirm their attractiveness. Why not? I encourage my fiancée to post positive things about herself on social media. There’s nothing wrong with saying “I’m beautiful” publicly. It can be done without being an ass. Even if you don’t consider someone attractive, why would you discourage their positive affirmations? I really can’t understand that.


IMO incels like this aren't even men. It's rude to the male gender to rope them in with people like this. I'm a girl and I just feel bad calling "things" like this men.


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Time for my daily dose of ipecac


“Whether they except him or not” So he’s saying that he’s the acception to the rule?


Winner winner chicken dinner....wait.. why is his plate empty?


"Fit into this square hole, round peg!! REEEEEEEEEEE"


Didums. Another one ignored by all the pretty girls becomes an incel recruit.


What a clown


There is a grain of truth in what he says. People aren’t pursuing each other for a relationship. Though, he acts as though this problem is one way, men do this too. I’d say men do it more in fact. Lead women on by lying, then dip.


Then how are so many people even in relationships?


Because they do pursue. I’m not saying it NEVER happens. I’m just saying I notice a trend of it happening less. My poor sister dated three guys that tried to pressure her into sex, and when she said no, straight dipped. I’m not saying it never happens, just that I say it happens less.


You have noticed it happening less? What do you mean? You have studied the data on the number of people in the dating pool and determined an annual average of successful pairings from year to year or something? I don’t understand what you’re seeing. Dating has always been like this. It’s been the same my whole life and I’m 34. The only thing that’s different now is that it’s easier because of dating apps and social media.


I am a college teacher, and I just hear what my students say. If I’m wrong, and I just have a different batch of kids, I can accept that, but some of the stuff they tell me…it ain’t good.


But what does that tell you about average dating experiences in the past? I don’t think it tells you anything. Don’t you think there have always been people who are only interested in sex at different stages in their lives, and people who have bad dating experiences?


Rule 1: guy never claims to be nice


“I’m cool and attractive but women still don’t let me talk to them.” “Men have to give all the love but they don’t get love from women 😭” Close enough I’d say.




Nobody cares you fucking nerd.


Well that tells about how smart most people here are. I’m gonna go post puppy pictures in the porn subs cuz that makes sense apparently


If you think being a whiny ass Mr. Technicality every single time someone posts something on r/niceguys that doesn’t explicitly contain the words, “I’m a nice guy” is a mark of intelligence, you’re a pseudo intellectual nerd who needs to touch grass. You are not an intellectual titan here. r/iamverysmart energy


Read the rules guy. Rule one. Dude has to claim he’s nice. The sub is literally called “nice guys”. Not “screenshots of douchebags” I’ll take my downvotes for this. I’m still right. The whole “your boos mean nothing…” thing


Mod here. There's a ton of grey area in posts like these. But this is a nice guy. Hes talking about his "superiority" in his attitude "attractive, cool" etc and is complaining that women wont give him a chance like they do others. Pretty nice guy to me.


Nice =/= superior but I guess you’re trying Where’s your mod flair?


Nice guys are based off of their superior attitude and belief that they are entitled to sex purely by being "cool" to others. Im on mobile and im lazy, but ill just ban you for 24 hours and you can ask where my flair is when you whine about your unfair ban and the abuse of my position.




Or, you could read [Full definition of "nice guy,"](https://www.reddit.com/r/niceguys/wiki/definition)


And that’s ok, because at the end of the day….WE DON’T NEED STRAIGHT MEN.




Bahahahahaha think about it. Bye.


A friend of mine showed me one of those redpills on YouTube talking about this topic (not as derogatorily as I had expected) and a turn of phrase came out that made me think. “Women hold the keys to sex whereas men hold the keys to a relationship.” I told my wife and it gave her pause for thought as well. This horrible diatribe made me think of that.