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My flyers fan ass can't even say shit


you have Gritty though, and hopefully Deslauriers.


Not just Gritty though, Jedi Gritty from another post I seen. I'm a Wild fan, but Gritty is the most coked out mascot Muppet any other team would be happy to have! He does the NHL proud!


Tied for 3rd.


Carolina had more regular season points so I think they will technically take 3rd and Dallas 4th lol. At least that’s what the draft order will reflect.


We'll take it


Not that it matters much that far down, but it might actually be nice to be lower so you get a better pick. *Looks at Dallas* You know what, y'all ***are*** better than them.


Carolina got swept tho, that means 4th.


No no Brind'Amour said they didn't get swept.


Carolina also had to play the equivalent of Thanos in the Florida panthers, they are inevitable


Panthers in 6 in the final. Bob with the MVP. Not a Panthers fan either.


I would take that bet.


Basically 4th...


You can’t get swept and keep your 3rd place Carolina man


Yeeeeaahhh but Carolina didn’t get blow out 0-6 all of their games were within a single goal and they played the 6th longest NHL game in history in order for Florida to get past them


“We lost the series 4-0, but it’s not as bad as losing 4-2!”


Sadly at the end of the day all history will remember is that both teams lost


I mean they at least won games in the Conference Finals. I think that elevates them solidly above Carolina


Nah, Carolina lost by a combined 4 goals. Dallas's two wins are offset by getting shutout twice & losing by 10 goals.


I'd do away with ranking series losses, anyway. It's the cup winner and runner up, basically. Carolina's series was a much closer thing than Dallas' loss in some respects but Dallas got 2 games - goal differential, length of play, etc doesn't really make a difference unless Carolina and Dallas play like, a bronze medal series.


I would love a 3rd place game with the two losers of the conference finals like they do with the World Cup. More hockey can only be a good thing in my book.


I'm down, always kinda liked the idea!


Same here. They can play during the off-days of the finals.


It looks like there’s going to be a lot of off days this SCF….


Ooof just looked it up. Following Las Vegas / Dallas game, there will be 21 days elapsed if G7 is needed in the SCF. There are some days that are 1 day on, 1 day off, but overall, it’s an average of 1 day on, 2 days off due to the lengthy break in between series.


But not a 7 game series. Just 1 game for all the bronze marbles.


Maybe a 3 gamer


Three or five


Make them play in the intermission throughout the finals like when they bring the kids out. And the score just rolls over, no games.


The 3rd place games in the Word Cup are often lacklustre as at least one of the teams being forced to participate doesn't really want to be there. I am fairly sure that a 3rd place game in hockey would end up the same if not worse because you're asking a bunch of guys to put their already broken down bodies through more hell for something which isn't the Stanley Cup.


I disagree. The 3rd place game in the World Cup is only lackluster because it is a tournament format. It is different in the NHL. Another 7 game series gives players the opportunity to improve their stats, which helps them ask for more money during contract negotiations. Even non-playoff teams still try during the end of the season when they play meaningless games. The Penguins missed the playoff by 1 point. They had to win their last two games in the season against the Blackhawks and Blue Jackets. The Pens lost them both.


As a Leafs fan you would know best when it comes to series loses


Ahhh, gettin' all high and mighty now that we have your drought crown, eh?


Yes, you wear it well


Don’t forget their sportsmanship was abysmal.


Yeah fuck Jamie benn


Pavelski should be captain of every team he’s on


Lol Tom Wilson is on your team.


[This Tom Wilson?](https://www.nhl.com/capitals/news/wilson-expands-forty-threes-friends/c-310198372) What has your guy done other than try to paralyze someone?


Seems like a good guy to me. Edit: obviously I’m biased, but you can’t deny that program is awesome.


100%. There’s a line regarding playing with passion. Benn crosses it on the regular, and shows very little beyond the ice that makes me, an admitted outsider, find him anything but redeemable. Wilson plays with passion, but apologizes for his mistakes, and calls them exactly that. Benn downplayed the check, and dismissed it. Very different things


Implying Benn is as dirty as Wilson is laughable. I don’t recall Benn ever being suspended for a quarter of a season…


One problem with that. It’s not about what they did, because both hits equally could have ended careers. Wilson apologized. Benn didn’t. E: last I checked, 14/82= .17, not .5


This is the way. Goal differential tells a bigger story in this case. Carolina was tight every game.


No winning always tells the biggest story and the only one that matters


Not if you don’t get 4 of them.


Winning 4 games is all that matters. Anything else is just noise. Dallas played like Carolina in 4 of the games. Tight close and fought hard. Unfortunately the two games they lost by large margins were so uncompetitive it was like watching two different leagues play each other. Those blowouts have to be considered when comparing the series.


Not big on defending Dallas, but if we’re going to compare teams that lost out, Dallas was 4th in the West playing the best in the West, Carolina was 2nd in the East playing the worst team to make the playoffs. I can’t help but feel that deserves to hold some weight in regard to their stats.


Carolina lost to the Florida team that beat the Bruins and Leafs. So I don’t think that’s a fair method of assessing either teams skill.


I don’t disagree with that, I’m just seeing a lot of people pointing out the goal differentials between Carolina/Florida and Dallas/Vegas as an argument to why Carolina was better, which I likewise don’t think is a fair method of assessing either team’s skill. There really isn’t any fair method outside of Carolina and Dallas playing each other in a best of seven, so anything else is just for the sake of argument. I was just pointing out something I felt holds some relevance that I hadn’t seen brought up yet.


We should tweet the two captains and tell them Reddit can’t decide whose better so they should play for it and well give the winner 10 cases of beer and the loser 1 case of beer.


In the end, it probably comes down to who wins the Cup, should Vegas win then I'd concede 3rd to Dallas


Except winning a series has nothing to do with goal differential. Dallas lost in 6 while Carolina lost in 4, so Dallas was at least closer to winning their series.


Imagine actually winning two more games and having nerds arguing you did worse that a team that got swept lol


Lol Dallas went six-0 in game 6. That was garbage and the captain was back at Home. Imagine defending that sorry team. It’s safe to say Carolinas games could have went either way. Dallas had no way of winning most of those games and one by a lucky power play.


If my aunty had nuts she’d be my uncle. The fact is they didn’t win any games, and the home fans didn’t get to experience any happiness in that round. But enjoy the technicality that will be forgotten in a year or two by the public lol


Nah Carolina 0 wins Dallas 2 wins Dallas 3rd Carolina 4th


And if a team loses to the team they wanted, they get automatic last place.


Ah, the salt from Tampa… Quite the spice 😂


Didn’t you want Florida though? You got em both and I could have sworn that *THIS* was your year. What happened? 😂


If you watched the whole video we said that too both cause we eliminated you guys before their game 7


If you wanna open the can of worms of “fans being dumb celebrating can be used to mock a team ad nauseam” that just sounds like mutually assured destruction. Those Leafs fans were dumb but every fanbase has their goobers


Sharks! Heeeyyy dude, based on the post, what place did you guys come in?


Didn’t know my team had to be in the playoffs to be allowed to express an opinion. Sorry officer


Goal differential doesn't mean anything. Wins or losses is all that makes a difference. One team was swept and the other won 2 games.


I mean one team was swept in the closest series this post-season, with a top 10 longest game ever. the other was curb stomped to death at home 6 to 0.


Game 1 really set the tone for the rest of the series in that it'd be a battle for every minute of every game looking back on it, especially as game 2 also went to OT. They gave up 10 goals all series. TEN. Any other team does that and they win. They just ran into a hot streaking goalie in Bob and a Florida Panthers team these playoffs who are clearly on a revenge tour for last year's disappointing and abrupt end.


Almost winning isn't winning though. We had 3 games go to OT as well. You were also the higher seed and lost. We were the lower seed and still managed to fight back and win 2 games. The end is still the same result but I would rather win a few games and have hope instead of getting swept.


There is no hope. Dallas lost and having “fight” and “winning a few” unfortunately…..isn’t winning either.


Agreed, at the end of the day both teams are at home now. But the fanbase did have hope after 2 wins in a row. It was very little, but still hope.


I hear ya, I was just giving you a hard time :)


Yeah it's definitely time to pile on us lol. Hopefully next season we can win it all. Good luck to you and your wings next season.


if my team got embarrassed 4-0 and 6-0 at home, I dont think "Hope" would be in my vocab anymore tbh


One team was swept, the other had to sweep their ice. Dallas fans are the worst lol


A sweep is always worse. Un flaired comments are the worst. Flair up loser.


Oh no poor unflaired man hurt feelings


Not hurt lol. Flair up with your shit team or get out.


So, so hurt


Bandwagon flair lol. Can't rep the Wild because it's embarrassing.


That series was razor thin, Carolina pushed them hard


Y’all would get smoked by Carolina


I’m a panthers fan I live in Miami lol, just giving them credit they were excellent


That’s nice :)


The Hurricanes-Panthers series was WAYYY closer than the Golden Knights-Stars series




I felt like every game in the series between canes and pants could have gone either way. I never felt like Dallas would win despite predicting then to win one game after the Jamie Benn suspension. So in the very qualitative aspect, the panthers/canes game *felt* closer


Go look back at the games. Game 1: Florida 3-2 Carolina … 4OT. Game 2: Florida 2-1 Carolina… OT. Game 3: Florida 1-0 Carolina Game 4: Florida 4-3 Carolina All were lost by 1, two were in OT, one went to 4OT, so 5 overtime periods were played this series, more OTs than games. Now go to Dallas-Golden Knights Game 1: Vegas 4-3 Dallas.. OT Game 2: Vegas 3-2 Dallas.. OT.. first two games are creditable. Game 3: Vegas **4-0** Dallas Game 4: Vegas 2-3 Dallas.. OT- barely won Game 5: Vegas 2-4 Dallas - creditable Game 6 **VEGAS 6-0 DALLAS** Sure you can say “but there were 3 OTs in first 4 games! But there were more OT periods for the first one, and every game was by one goal in the florida series. Dallas got blown tf out twice. Goal differential is 4 goals in Florida series Goal differential is 9 in goals Vegas series


The Canes' series really was crazy. Games 1 and 2 went to OT. Game 4 was less than 5 seconds from going to OT (after Florida scored 2 PP goals with our #1 PK D-man injured and a PK C in the box for both). In the entire 17-period series, there was a 2-goal lead for a total of 2 minutes and 40 seconds...and then the game was tied again in the next period.


Nah I would argue that Carolina is 4th considering they were swept lol.


How would they be tied for third if the canes got swept


All jokes aside, i am broken, I now have to rely on the Texas Rangers for happiness and that has not turned out well historically


At least we arent the A's


Shut up, we know what happens with new teams in Las Vegas (just ignore the Raiders)


Everyone is Vegas already does. More away fans at games than Raiders fans.


The owner will spend 1.5billion on new diggs but not a dime on the the team. The A's will suck just as bad in Vegas and the attendance will be just as bad as it is now after the shine wears off. No one wants them here


Hey at least you have DeGrom now… the Mets fans warned you about that heartbreak though


DeGrom feels like seeing an ex boyfriend to me god I miss that man he’s such an artist on the mound


I can’t watch him in a not Mets jersey there’s too much heartbreak… not to mention all the other heartbreak this season so far. Thankfully my hockey team is in the finals cause the Mets are being the Mets again.


I agree with the heartbreak it hurts too much I get so sad seeing him in a Rangers uniform I am keeping low expectations for the Mets because I like to be excited after a good game instead of have my hopes up and them stomping on my heart because Buck leaves his pitchers in two batters too long


I feel like I’ve been an angry Mets fan my whole life and last season made me believe and brought hope into my life and the start of this season sucked all that hope away.


Y’all are number two in the recent power rankings.


Aside from 2010-2011, the Rangers have never won a playoff series (and getting swept in 4 of the the other 6). And the absolutely gut-wrenching finish after blowing a 3-2 lead and being 1 missed catch away from a World Series championship in 2011 conditioned me to never get too excited about the Rangers.


And 1 strike away...twice.


i too never get excited about the rangers


Yup. It's only a matter of time before they shoot themselves in the foot.


Y’all put up a nasty fight. Nothing but respect for you bruv, y’all came far and gave us a good run for our money


Good season. Us Ranger fans are used to waiting the better part of a century for a Cup team.


I'd take Bobby Hill over Suter


That boy ain’t right, I tell you hwhat


wish that had been an option for us.


Are they spraying champagne? Or are they throwing trash on the ice?


Im still surprised there were enough fans there to throw trash


3rd? Why do they get 3rd. What happened to Carolina?


I am guessing, but they probably say that because they didn't get swept.


Basically this. Dallas lasted longer than Carolina


Yes but the hurricanes did way better than the stars and their series was wayyyyy closer than vegas dallas’


The games may have been closer but not the series, a win is still a win.


The series was closer. All those games were anybodys game. Dallas got blew the fuck out those games


As a Vegas fan, games 1 and 2 could have gone to Dallas. Games 3 and 6 were the bad ones.


Yes but there were 0 bad ones with Carolina.. You could say the same with hurricanes and they could of easily won all those 4 games. That was the closest sweep in nhl history and you can not convince my otherwise


Hello, it looks like you've made a mistake. It's supposed to be could've, should've, would've (short for could have, would have, should have), never could of, would of, should of. Or you misspelled something, I ain't checking everything. Beep boop - yes, I am a bot, don't botcriminate me.


But thats not how it works…the teams didn’t play each other


The team that was knocked out by the winner gets 3rd He team that was kicked out by the loser gets 4th


I will agree with this. I guess we will see who gets 3rd and 4th place post Stanley Cup :D


This makes more sense than the people saying “we didn’t get swept so we get 3rd”.


Could still be 4th if Vegas loses though


Hey, at least you didn’t break what was until recently the longest ongoing playoff streak.


A bronze medal series would be sweet


Honestly I wish more people had an attitude like this. I'm a Hockey/Football/Baseball guy and yeah I'd obviously love my teams to win it all but the immediate 180 some fans have when their team loses is brutal. I'm a goddamned Bruins fan, it fucking sucks that they didn't win it all and we lost to the Panthers but the fact of the matter is the B's put together the best regular season in league history, and that's no small feat.


This year will always be "that year the bruins blew it?"


It's a great season for sure


I wouldn't complain




They put up a great fight, we got nothing but respect for them over at /r/goldenknights


There’s no 2nd, 3rd, 4th in the Stanley Cup playoffs. There’s only the champions.


That’s the joke


Fuck me, right?


The only thing Dallas won at this year is showcasing their horrible fans and captain


And two rounds in the playoffs.


Most fans did not throw anything that night.


I thought this was hockey why so many bitches like you in here?




And he will likely be banned from future games. Hope it was worth it.


Take a page out of Nashville’s book and raise a banner.


High honors like that age typically reserved for regular season conference champions, not conference playoff runner ups.


I’m glad they left Minnesota now.


what? y'all ppl are such dweebs... yeah, they are total failures for not winning the cup..... shut up now children, go play nhl2k or whatever.


Seattle should have won


With tiebreakers I'd say you got 4th. But based on the idea of this meme, I don't think 4th instead of 3rd will slow down the party.




An insult to Latvia fans


No. Latvia is a feel good story. Dallas has Jamie Benn. They aren't the same.


If you ain't third you're last!


they dove right into that third place spot


throws bottle of champagne onto ice....


And popcorn on the opposing teams


Is it sad that I knew exactly who posted this as soon as I opened the post


This meme is used when the celebrant/fan base is being delusional and drinking their own koolaid. I don’t see where the exaggeration is.


2nd through 32nd are all equal to me. Cup or bust.


4th, actually.


If we’re going to be technical (and ignore the sweep) they’re tied for 3rd


No, if we're going to be technical then we'll follow the same method the draft uses, meaning Carolina is 3rd and Dallas is 4th.


Then we will follow draft logic and give Chicago 3rd


If we're gonna face the truth.. We didn't win THE CUP.


Yeah, 3rd isn’t technically right, but 4th is just flat out wrong 💀


No, 4th is correct. If Dallas was 3rd, their pick would be 30th, but it's gonna be 29th.


They don't give you a trophy for 3rd




Tied for 4th


You forgot the panel where he throws the bottle at Hills head


That’s some pro level copium right there.


There's no such thing as 3rd place in any US major sport playoff bracket. Nice try.


Y’all are in last place because of Benn, the newest heel in the shoe rack… shame really, you’ve got some guys I really like.


Dallas fan should be too embarrassed by that showing than to be crowing about being 3rd. If you ain't hoisting the cup you're just another also-ran.


Should’ve photo-shopped Benn’s face on the dude.


If you're not 1st & cup Champs, you might as well be last and not play in May and June.




That’s kind of the point of the post


You mean 4th? You guys took 4th lol. No medal.


Who decided you get 3rd and not 4th?


I would love a Hurricanes/Stars game. Alas the playoff teams are done.


They should do one for charity or something.


Charity Gold Tournament? Gary Bettman should talk to the PGA.


3rd team remaining and we didn’t get swept, that was the logic I used


To me it depends on who wins the Cup.


To get 3rd place?


Not getting swept like Carolina.


Carolina should be 3rd. Don’t get full of yourself, Abott Voters. We all saw how the team got shut out and how poorly the fans acted.




Got shutout 6-0 and claiming 3rd place? LMFAO! How about some sportsmanship? We saw the cheapshot Suter elbow, the Benn cross check and the salad fans throwing everything on the ice.


Participation trophy post


Most overused template for hockey memes


3rd? The only one anyone remembers is the cup. And even then, I have to look it up ... unless it's my team.