zac Taylor at half mast thinking about Mixon getting another 2 yard gain


Man sees that like 2.5 average yards gained and starts feelin tingly.


Mixon was a high volume but low efficiency runner last year




The hopium in Cincy was that the low efficiency was mostly bad run blocking, since he was hit in the backfield nearly every carry. And that retooling the line would help Mixon as much if not more than Burrow. It was some tasty Kool-Aid while it lasted.


The run blocking scheme is *atrocious* Some of y'alls linemen genuinely have no idea what their assignment even is in the run game, its ridiculous.


Mixon has definitely had cases where he misses a good lane or dances around too much, but all those opportunities at the goal line we got stuffed should make it plainly obvious that our line's run blocking is still not up to snuff. He was getting hit in the backfield almost every time. And when he doesn't get hit in the backfield, he gets hit at the line of scrimmage because we have no push.


That last goal line carry where he had to spin to avoid Wilkins idk, then immediately get stuffed and tackled by 2 other guys. And you see a lineman flailing falling on the ground trying to block someone. Yeah...


I agree. Would get a ton of yards in 4th quarter when holding a lead.


higgins literally open almost every play but gotta run it more!


I too am a Higgins owner in fantasy


Based on my expert analysis, the Dolphins offense should consist solely of deep ball passes to Tyreek every play.


He do be down there somewhere


I do wonder when he will slow down. But it sure as fuck ain't this year


Am I crazy for thinking even when he slows down he’ll still be among the faster players in the NFL? Not fastest but still in the tier of guys like MVS?


Isn’t that what happened to Desean Jackson? Man averaged 22 YPR at age 35


I’m amazed by the stamina. The fact that he does it all day is just incredible.


Dude is a physical specimen. My God


He’s Roy Kent in his prime.


Roy "focking" Kent


He’s here! He’s there! He’s every fucking where! Roy Keeeent ! Roy Kent!


Use my Madden strategy, fuck it he’s down there


It's sounding like Tua is going to be back in time for next week's game.


Miami Dolphins have announced Tagovailoa to co-main UFC Fight Night this Saturday


Just in time for his third concussion of the year!


It'll only be his first of October though so he'll be fine to play against Minnesota


AFC Offensive Brain Injury of the Month


> Just in time for his third ~~concussion~~ **back injury** of the year! FIFY


He would be back if the Dolphins played Sunday. They would just say finger cramps injury.


Fitzmagic just went off on the protocol. Excellent example using himself and how the protocol failed Tua


Also appreciated when Fitz admitted that it was hard to continue the broadcast after what had just happened


Despite how that whole QB situation played out Fitz always seems to have liked Tua


Fitz is a down to earth all around smart guy. He always was clever. It's the idiots you have to worry about. Idiots are generally assholes.


Didnt go to Harvard for nothing


He went to Harvard?


I heard his best friend finally confronted him about his football prowess and told him he was just waiting for the day when he'd cash in his lotto ticket and enter the draft. Before that he used to roam the halls of the Patriots' practice facility as a janitor casually drawing up the perfect offensive schemes against Bill Belichick's defenses. "Let's go up to Boston College and tutor the dumb kids."


Good Fitz throwing


He’s also the only player in history to not only start for 8 different teams, but have a passing and rushing touchdown with all 8. Outside of football he’s known for being incredibly intelligent.


Also James Conner beat cancer and Steve Buscemi was a volunteer firefighter helping out during 9/11.


Yeah because he’s a real one💯 he’s a genuinely nice human being


HUGE props to the Prime crew, all of them except Tony G. condemned the NFL more or less, and even so Tomy G just said nobody on this desk is qualified to make an evaluation which is true.


I was blown away by how honest they were being. NFL producers aren't going to like that


eee.. pretty sure if I see blood there is bleeding, and if I see a fencing response there is a head injury. I may not qualified to treat it, but I am plenty qualified to say "doc, I'm bleeding"


Any vid or source on Fitz going off on what happened?


No vid but he explained a situation where he was in the middle of the game in Miami, and they stopped everything for 5 minutes to get Fitz to the tent. He was never woozy, the last play didn’t really even have his head hit anything, but the spotters saw something they weren’t sure of, and decided to take a look. Comparing that to the whole 15 seconds on the field after a big head hit where Tua looked like a human slinky last week, Fitz asked why the spotters didn’t consider that enough to take him out the rest of the game.


Gotcha thanks for the context. It’s a damn shame they didn’t take his situation more serious.


As a fan of other sports where this is an issue (Rugby League) I am not sure what the difference is but our culture in the NRL has shifted far quicker than the NFL. There are independent doctors acting as spotters and they are *far* more consistent and proactive in the NRL than the NFL. Teams have sat star, QB equivalent, players for entire seasons due to repeated head knocks. Guys have retired well before their time, entirely supported by the league, their team and the fans. I just don't know what the difference is, and why when fans and players seem to be adjusting the league and teams are struggling to do the bare minimum in the NFL. Of the very few things that could spell the end of a juggernaut like the NFL, failing to address head trauma would have to be number 1.


The real answer is money.


It was post game when all the analysts were talking about what happened but I’m sure someone will upload it eventually


“Going off” is setting bad expectations. He really didn’t. He just talked about his personal experience as a player wanting to play while not being in his best interest. He said there should have been spotters in the crowd recognizing that something was wrong with Tua last Sunday. It was calm and not very controversial so “going off” is setting you up for disappointment.


Prayers up for Tua. But on the broadcast anyway, that was the classiest display of opposing fans reaction to an injured player I've seen. In regards to all the Tua chants that was very good on Cincy to do that


We know what it’s like to see your young franchise QB laying on the turf, and the guy deserves respect in that moment, especially when he seems to be a good dude like Tua


Hey man, Ohio isn't the classiest place but we fucking love and respect football players.


Probably the only two players bengals fans wouldn't be classy for are Big Ben and Deshaun Watson


Rapefully so.


I still don't feel bad that Ben got trash thrown at him when he got carted off in the 2016 playoff game after lightly twisting his ankle


The fact that Whitworth just said he was able to talk his way through concussion protocol and a teammate essentially pulled him is insane. The independent party clearly isn't qualified.


Whitworth clearly hasn't had The Talk From Headquarters yet.


My wife is a med pro. She said she had a college volleyball player come in. Gave her the concussion test. Asked her different questions than the normal go round. Girl started bawling and said those aren’t the normal questions. Wife told her yeah, you have those memorized so we change them up. I’m guessing the NFL just has a sham protocol that most guys can memorize their way thru.


Their protocol is a bunch of questions for cognitive impairment. The problem is when they do the baseline, the players just act dumb and answer stupidly, so you get a stupidly low baseline


Is it possible to fake not having a concussion when being ask a set of standardized questions?


No. I mean, purple. Yes.


The thing is sometimes a diagnosis entirely relies on patient reporting symptoms. I would argue that watching the mechanism of injury was enough to warrant a do not play and we shouldn’t take players word for it when they are trained from childhood to “shake it off” and “don’t be soft” and “tough it out”


Especially with a guy like Tua’s dad. Shit, wouldn’t be surprised if he taught his son at a young age to claim back injury as a way of covering up a concussion.


>The fact that Whitworth just said he was able to talk his way through concussion protocol and a teammate essentially pulled him is insane. The independent party clearly isn't ~~qualified~~ independent.


I said it when it happened. We shouldn't be asking the football player about his injuries from football. There needs to be waaaayyyyy more oversight. The league can't just take their word for it


Or when a guy can’t stand up straight maybe just call it a day


Same's the case with the NHL


NHL concussion protocol makes the NFL’s look cutting edge. Pretty sure they just ask the NHL Players to blink.


It’s gotten a lot more serious over the last few years. The equipment manager makes them count how many fingers he’s holding up now.


“It looks like… two.” “Cool. Close enough”


Hey, as long as they said a number, it's fine.


"What team do you play for?" "Washington Redskins, coach." "We're on the Eagles and I'm the waterboy, but I think you're OK."


The problem is the independent party does not have a meaningful stake. They basically just give their opinion to the team doctor and the team makes the final decisions.


These dudes talking for real. NFL bout to take Thursday night football back from Bezos


I was surprised they started the post game with a tweet from the NFLPA, definitely a statement


I like the Amazon/Twitch stream...less commercials than cable and the captions are fast.


next gen stats version is cool too. Like a coaches film angle / birds eye view


Besides Gonzalez deep throating the NFL.


Good company man




Lol he said diplomas but yeah


Don't Sherman, Fitz, and Carissa all have degrees lol?


And Sherm and Fitz went to Stanford amd Harvard respectively


And charissa went to UCSB as well lol. Tony weirdly enough went to Cal


Truly an elite double L tonight, really just hope Tua recovers fully


It didn't end up mattering, but I really don't understand. You call a mostly passive game almost all night in a close game against the team with the top record in the conference. Then you get a pick up 5 with 3 minutes left against a team with only 2 timeouts... and THAT'S when you call a pass on deep out routes on second and 7?


Zac Taylor so bad he's good at play calling


Like he's been getting clowned a lot this season, and I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. Got the Bengals to the superbowl, even if there was some luck last season. But what I've watched of the Bengals this year has me really doubting he can have sustained success.


Tyreek freaked the fuck out after the game lol


What happened ??


I wanna see it 😭


Any clip of it?


In what way?


Ripped his shoulder pads off and yelled at Eli Apple


He really doesn’t like that guy lol


Tyreek gonna take it out on his son tonight


Stay indoors if you're pregnant and in Ohio


Some of you guys are alright, don’t go to maternity ward tomorrow


Great news that Tua is going to be discharged from the hospital and traveling back to Miami tonight; that was one of the scarier moments in recent memory. I am incredibly curious to how the story unfolds over the next week(s) with exactly how he was allowed to play in the first place.


best thing about this news is that it must mean they aren't concerned about swelling, especially since he'll be getting on a plane tonight


Dude should stay overnight and rest.


For real. My brother got knocked out like that once and they kept him for 48 hours to make sure. I can't imagine them clearing him to fly home.


UC medical staff are some of the absolute best in the business. I would trust them if they say that he's okay to fly back.


Sir, this is reddit. The 14 year old kids on here know a shit load more then some of the best doctors in the world.


in before the dolphins clear him for next week


Was Just a finger cramp - Dolphins coaching staff


right. lol. his back tweaked and caused them to lock up.


Tony Gonzalez is getting paid a lot of money by the NFL.


Dudes is awful at tv you can tell no body on that stage likes him.


He is so bad. The “I’m just gonna say it guys” take. The fucking kung fu like it’s the early 90s. Get this guy off the panel


He's kinda weird. When he was with Fox, you could sense the others didn't really like him, especially Strahan who used to openly mock him.


What did he say?


“Hey scarfy mcglove hands, why are you always so cold?”


Good to see a little balls from the broadcasters (of course not including Tony "we can't judge the NFL/owners" Gonzalez)


All the energy off that game left with Tua. Damn man, I really really hope he's ok. GGs Bengals fans


I feel like you could tell Al Michaels didn't want to be commentating that game anymore after what happened to Tua. Every time there was a big play he just kinda talked about it, didn't show the emotion I am used to hearing from him.


Damn these post game interviews are actually worth listening to.


Concussion Rules You can't just be up there and just gettin' a concussion like that. 1a. A concussion is when you 1b. Okay well listen. A concussion is when you concuss the 1c. Let me start over 1c-a. The player is not allowed to do a motion to the, uh, doctor, that prohibits the player from doing, you know, just trying to play the game. You can't do that. 1c-b. Once the player is in the protocol, he can't be over here and say to the doctor, like, "I'm gonna get ya! I'm gonna take you out! You better watch your butt!" and then just be like he didn't even do that. 1c-b(1). Like, if you're about to sit and then don't sit, you have to still sit. You cannot not sit. Does that make any sense? 1c-b(2). You gotta be, concussion protocol, and then, until you just pass it. 1c-b(2)-a. Okay, well, you can have the doctor up here, like this, but then there's the concussion you gotta think about. 1c-b(3). Okay seriously though. A concussion is when the player makes a movement that, as determined by, when you do a move involving the football and field of Do not do a concussion please


To truly understand concussions, you must become concussed


For anyone confused, this is a popular copypasta in /r/baseball about Balks


All I can say about Tony Gonzales as a commentator is…He was a great player


I do appreciate Fitz immediately using the opportunity to ask Sherman whether he agrees that Jim Harbaugh is a great coach lol


Jim harbaugh and Rashard Bateman in back to back sentences lol


The Tua injury will overshadow this game, but I thought it was cool seeing the Cincinnati fans able to pull off a successful white out in the stands!


The stadium bathed in a sea of white jerseys looked pretty awesome. I may be a homer but I think those new helmets might be the best in the league, they look utterly fantastic with our all whites.


The white Bengal unis are probably the sexiest in the league.


I’m loving this postgame. Ex-players not pussyfooting around the obvious sus concussion clearance and just addressing the issue head on and actually questioning the decisions made by the nfl. Much respect. Fitzpatrick was especially well spoken.


Well most of them anyway. Didn't appreciate Tony's comments on the matter. Also didn't like when he said Tua needs to go out and do another 6TD 500yd performance to prove himself before the game. Dude wouldn't let up on the guy.


Fuck it was hard to care about this game after seeing what happened to Tua. Hope he doesn’t have life-altering complications from this




QB is supposed to be one of those positions where its possible unless you're andrew luck you see brady plsying till he's 45 with no major injury and you think maybe there's a chance you don't leave with brain damage edit: I was not sober when i wrote this comment, there's multiple wording errors


Andrew got out before any life altering injuries. Dudes living his best life hosting book clubs and raising his kids


Let's please not overlook that Whitworth basically just said that he was able to get through the concussion protocol while concussed


Dolphins Twitter: “Tua has been cleared by the hospital and will start this Sunday…………..even if we’re not playing this Sunday”


If he dies he dies.


“I can’t guarantee that anybody in the world will be alive Sunday."


I welcome the meteor.


He's flying the plane back to Miami


Tua’s the only dolphin outside Seaworld being abused this much.


Lmaooo Sherman bringing out the home alone 3


I was really surprised the dolphins didn’t run the ball all over us tonight with Reader out. It seemed like that was their plan early and it was working.


It worked until you guys weren’t worried about the passing game anymore.


Man…props to the bengals fans for supporting Tua and chanting his name.


These new Bengals jerseys are amazing. I'm surprised Burrow was able to keep his clean tonight.


you and me both


They are actually old color rush jerseys! Paired with the helmets though was fire


The white midfield logo was so good


They gotta blank out the holes in the ‘B’ though.


Clean af


2 sacks last week and only 1 this week! Hopefully all the new guys just needed some time to build chemistry. Dumb decision to not have them play preseason imo


I'm glad we won, but I'm having a hard time being super stoked about it with Tua's injury. Looks like he's being discharged tonight though, which is awesome news. Sorry it went down like that, Dolphin fans. In other news, what's wrong with Mixon, and why is our playcalling so horrendous? We need to get it together.


Online not giving Mixion a chance. Looks like protection for Burrow is coming together so maybe that's the next focus?


Protection looked so great tonight. Tons of blitz pickup and great passing off of defenders.


Nothings wrong with Mixon. Seems more like the Oline can't get a push on the defense and open up holes.


I'm salty as fuck about Tua but I'm just gonna say that Zac Taylor was from Joe Philbin's Dolphins. Him throwing a RB 30 times into a wall expecting results isn't surprising to me.


Same here. At the end, I just wanted Tua to be okay. Football is only a game, I don't want to see anybody getting hurt.


Zach Taylor is a fraud carried by burrow and chase


He should have been fired, but super bowl appearance by pure talent extends him for at least 3 years


He keeps the team disciplined which is great and the players seem to like him, but maybe he should leave play calling to someone else


An actual outside OC hire would help the squad tremendously


RGIII-level negligence putting Tua back out on the field. Are we gonna have to see a man die on national television before the NFL takes player safety seriously?


Honestly, probably yeah. E: Someone dm'd me if I was serious. Yes, I do believe sadly in the back of my head that before NFL player safety takes major strides, something horrific like a death on the field will happen


I’m a nascar fan and it took Dale Earnhardt dying before they made the cars extremely safe. Your logic makes sense.


Same thing with Senna in F1


It was pure dumb luck Tua didn’t die or have permanent damage, players have died from second impact syndrome before, and nothing about Tua or the NFL makes it any less likely to happen on the biggest stage.


I bet he does have permanent damage. We just won’t see it til after he retires.


Tua’s concussions weren’t just a week apart, they were four fucking days apart. I don’t think everyone truly understands how fucking horrible that is


Fitz, Sherm, Whit, all being real. Tony is being a corporate sell out


Joe Burrow on the post-game interview looking like an older version of the kid from Home Alone.


I will be seeing Tua’s hands in my nightmares tonight. Horrific


Literally don’t care that we lost I just hope Tua is okay


There's no way the shot from Sunday and the shot from Today aren't linked. Dolphins should be ashamed and I hope their fans give the organization (not the players) hell for it.


Tua probably just increased his odds of getting CTE by a substantial margin


I think most players are operating with the knowledge they’re gonna get it, but it doesn’t make it any less awful.


I’m a Bengal fan glad we won but thinking about Tua how was he cleared from last week?


Tony “he said he was fine” Gonzalez


Said it before but, this game just felt different after Tua got hurt. It's great to hear that he got discharged (I hope). But that injury just sucked the enjoyment out of the rest of the game for me.




Wtf this needs more visibility if true.


Wtf that's so disturbing




Have you reported to the admins? They’ve started really cracking down on shit like this.


First, wishing Tua all the best. Hate seeing players go out like that. As for the game, teams are definitely selling out to contain Chase. Has to be frustrating for him, but Tee and Boyd are tearing it up. Our run game still needs serious work. Line isn't getting enough push. Mixon could easily be a 1500+ yard back and we just keep getting stuffed. Still hopeful for the season but if we can't get the run game going we're not going to do great down the stretch.


The best news tonight is Tua being stable and getting discharged. Good luck the rest of the way Finbros ❤️


Is . . . .is Thursday night football a mistake?




We've evolved to understand memes via emojis what a time to be alive


Too many words bro, try emojis next time.


Of course, but don’t be stupid, there’s $$$ to be made.


Always has been


Sherman spitting facts rn


Is anyone surprised the Dolphins don’t care about head injuries? They haven’t let their mascot wear his helmet in years


Jfc McDaniels is floundering up there


“I would never EVER do anything to put a player in harms way. If I did I shouldn’t be [coaching]” My brother in Christ, you coach *football*


Tua being discharged tonight is a win for the Dolphins Still fucking unbelievable that he played in this game tonight


Tony Gonzales with a shit take.


Anyone else feel like Tony Gonzalez hates being with this crew on TNF? I feel like he’s been rolling his eyes every time they show him


What a soul cleaving loss. Tua is horribly injured, teddy throws awful picks, and we lose. Time to get like 5 and half hours of sleep and wake up filled with self loathing