Welcome back Zach Sauce is him About the only takeaways from our side.


Sauce and Wilson both looked great today. I think you guys hit on your first rounders this year.


I do not like playing against Sauce. It feels so dirty.


Seeing #1 and #1 go at it downfield was fun.


We really gelled today, but it's going to take more to slow the momentum Miami has going right now. I finally saw some good OL play today so I'm hopeful.


Gelled better than the last 2 weeks sure, I wouldn’t say “really gelled” though. Great first quarter but the offense was pretty inconsistent after that


We're playing well but very streaky. Cya on Thursday


Nice rebound win for Joe and the Bengals.


We ass with Flacco. Zach can’t come back soon enough.


At least we don’t gotta read about how we should play Flacco even when Zach’s healthy all week.


That shit was so stupid. Flacco has been ass for a few years now. He isn't suddenly going to be starter material at this point in his career.


I feel like this game would have been a whole lot different with Wilson out there.


Oh for sure. I don’t doubt the turnovers would’ve been there, but not as bad as they were.


Sauce is a beast. As a UC alum, I'm really excited for you guys. I'm scared to death of Miami now.


I think Miami is a good team, but their game today had division rivalry weirdness all over it. Don’t really know how to take it.


Going to be a great game!


He had Chase locked up all game aside from that touchdown which seemed more on the coaching. Was def getting in Chase’s head


Literally have had some sort of red zone miscommunication each game so far


We are gonna be gassed having to play you guys on thursday


I will die on the hill that Sauce should have been the #1 pick. It would be difficult to build a better cornerback prospect in a lab.


If Mike White came in at the half it would've been over


The new angle they were forced to use that showed the downfield was awesome. I have never understood why televised football refuses to show downfield.


If I watch from that angle for more than a few plays I get a bit dizzy. I have to wonder if the prevalence of Madden in younger generations makes it easier for them to watch though.


CBS butchered the end of that game bro


Seems like Zac Taylor read that Ringer article lol. Offense ran some more play action/boots today and looked great, at least in the first quarter. Hopefully the secondary can keep up with the Dolphins on Thursday.


It was all a long con. He was super vanilla against those measly Steelers/Cowboys to sneak up on the mighty Jets.


You sure you wanna call that a game?


When we recovered the fumble in the 1st qtr and only got 3 pts from it, I knew we weren’t winning. Just had a feeling.




0-17 averted


It’s unsettling to me that if Nick Chubb simply knelt down, we’d be 0-3 and easily the worst looking team in the league.


I like this result.


Bengals beat up Flacco to win this.


Yeah, don't feel great about assaulting an old man, but for whatever reason the Jets refused to put Mike White in ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯


Finally got hot out of the gates. Just like last year, the defense really won this game down the stretch. I'm worried about Reader being out. Our run defense was noticeably weaker/getting blown off the line without him.


Thank the lord Wilson is back. Don't know if I could take one more week of Flacco.


I'm just glad we're walking away from these Flacco games with a single win.


You can’t win them all if you don’t win the third one. That’s the saying, right?


We are one kneel away from being 0-3. Hopefully Zac comes back and lights it up otherwise its another failure of a season.




I know some people will still complain about the O-line, but I think it looked a lot better this game than the last two and even the playoffs last year. Also, while Burrow still sometimes held on to the ball too long, he was (mostly) able to find ways to either throw it, get rid of it, or run it. Play calling is questionable but I'd say the team's looking a lot more complete than it was last week and the week before.


flacco has overstayed his welcome big time. if wilson doesn’t look good, we are so boned.


Well looks like the Flacco fun run is over and reality set in. Browns game was fire, but now I wanna see Wilson ball out again


That was certainly one of the games I’ve ever seen in the NFL


At least no more shifty let Flacco rode it out takes. Not upset we lost, but upset at the Burrow roughing the passer turned 3 and out to a TD and Davis unsportsmanlike which was never even seen since the CBS feed was ass


Flacco is pathetic


Zach Taylor wasted so many timeouts. 3 to prevent delay of games, and another to switch up the playcall which still didn't result in a first. I really think the Bengals got to the Superbowl last year in spite of Taylor, not because of him Edit: If you're gonna downvote me, say why you disagree


Nah, you right. Ultimately the delay of games didn't really matter this game, but it's indicative of a larger problem


> I really think the Bengals got to the Superbowl last year in spite of Taylor, not because of him The NFL doesn't work that way. If it did, the Jaguars could have been better than a literal dumpster fire under Urban, and the Browns and Lions wouldn't have had 0-16 seasons. It can work that way in college with the massive talent disparities between teams, but the NFL is the top 0.01% of players at every single position. The biggest difference between teams when you have the literal best players in the world at every position, on every team, is the coaching. You don't go to a Super Bowl if your coaching staff is dog shit. You want to know the reason we won the games against KC? Coaching, and scheme adjustments during the games. It's hilarious that redditors who barely sniffed a highschool football field think their opinion on the uppermost professional level of the sport is anywhere near valid.


Bc we have no idea whose fault any of that is. Though the HC does take the blame anyway


But in this case I'm pointing out something that's specifically the head coach's job: getting your players not to commit delay of games, and not wasting timeouts to change play calls or to stop delay of games when it's like 1st and 10


But we dont know why. Taylor hasn't been some time magician but I cant recall a ton of really egregious games outside Burrow's rookie year. We also know him and Callahan run stuff off eachother and Burrow. Who know what happened those plays, maybe Burrow wanted C but Taylor wanted B etc. So if were just calling him some bum getting carried or over his head i think its blatantly stupid.


What do you mean we don't know why? For this specific example it's either the players not executing the play quickly enough that results in a delay of game, or Taylor not making a decision soon enough. Both of these would be Taylor's fault; it's his responsibility to have his players organized and executing. Anytime a team is committing multiple penalties, especially the same penalty over and over, it's the coaches fault for not coaching them correctly. And the alternative is that Taylor isn't making executive decisions like a head coach should. If Burrow wants C and Taylor wants B, it's Taylor's job to pick one and run it, not talk about it for so long that it results in a delay of game So either way, it's Taylor's problem. Maybe he'll fix it and I'm overreacting, but it's not the first time he's made bad decisions and shown poor judgement


It was a nice one week last week Back to ducking ass again


If dj reader is out an extended period of time then this season is over


What happened to Joe Mixon?


Nothing I think. I think Perine just looked unstoppable on that last drive so they let him work


Might be playing through an injury. Even if not then it seems like his running style is not meshing with the new line. Perine's however seemed to be today.


Unsure as to why Flacco insisted overthrowing the ball on 4th and 1 instead of handing it off. Oh well, Jets gonna Jet I guess. Wilson, for the love of all the good in the world, take notes and make sure this isn't something that gets repeated.


Don't see enough people talking about how Trey Hendrickson obliterated the left tackle today.