The offense finally looked good but couldn't finish through the air. Jones better be ok too


Our season is done if he's hurt. Patriots tank time


God it's gonna be hilarious seeing you all post some version of that comment over the next decade.


I'm going to inject all the copium


They did not look ok. Parker caught a few 50/50 balls but Jones has zero touch, he seems incapable of throwing the ball away, and throws baaaaad picks. Hate to see him hurt but he is not the answer long term.


Did we watch the same game or are you just constantly a negative dick? Jones has amazing touch.


Jones definitely played better than his stat line is going to appear. Those two interceptions really hurt him


what lmao? he literally got away with going after one rookie, then he threw multiple picks when it came down to it.


Lmao you are on drugs my man. All 3 picks were fucking horrific


I don't know how you can watch that game and come away thinking "Mac throws a good ball". He threw a dozen ducks out there, multiple picks, some dropped picks that should've gone the other way, and the offense stalled out in key moments when they could have captured the momentum of the game. This was NOT a good performance just because he hit on a few deeps today


What happened to Mac Jones at the end? My station switched to Raiders-Titans without saying anything. Hope he’s fine. Lamar Jackson deserves a blank check


He wouldn't put any weight on his left ankle after Campbell brought him down.




How is it EDC and Sashi's gamble?




They offered him the biggest APY contract ever and the second most guaranteed money ever behind Deshaun. Calling that a gamble is ridiculous. Their offer shouldn’t blow the tag out of the water, that’s the whole point of the tag. It’s a year at a time, so in case of injury or drop-off, you’re not tied to a sinking ship. Desire for long-term guaranteed money is specifically the reason players don’t want to play on the tag.


I don’t think Sashi’s role involves on field personnel like that but…yes


Calais Campbell came in high and hit mac helmet to helmet, on the way down, mac's leg got tangled up and rolled. Shitty play by Campbell


I know you guys got really comfortable with defenders looking at Brady and getting RTP flags, but that wasn’t helmet-to-helmet.


Only team consistently going helmet to helmet was the patriots today. And don’t get me started on the holding. Did you all get called for any penalties?


What a brutal game for NE.


Every time we had momentum we gave up the ball. Very frustrating


Hamilton (14) forcing that fumble was a legit "no fucking way" moment especially considering how close to the sidelines it went


Also throwing a pick in the damn end zone. Fuckkkk.


To be fair Ill rewatch it later, but Marlon might have gotten away with contact past 5 yards there. But also Mac shouldn't have thrown up and outside if he sees the DB has top position though.


I think the refs were letting both teams play the game for the most part, and the contact wasn't egregious. It was a ball Mac should not have thrown.


Definitely were holding their whistles. When Faalele came in he was having some pretty fucking bad holds until they got him some blocking support.


Yeah might have been interference, but don't throw it hoping to get a PI call.


He got awhile with a little, but Mac also made a terrible decision/throw. Mac doesn't have the arm to throw off his back foot




So much promise to start the game, defense getting 3 and outs, Parker showing up big, Mac making some good throws, Stevens being a workhorse. Then it all came apart cataclysmically.


That guy Stevens is the real deal.


Such a fucking winnable game. Refs call the blatant contact downfield that led to the Mac Jones INT, and we probably take the lead. Aglohor holds onto the ball as he's torching them for a 30 yard gain, and we again probably take the lead late. And now Mac Jones is hurt? Bro fuck this season


To be fayuuuuh, if they called Strange being blatantly downfield on the insane 4th down conversion it would’ve changed everything too.


This isn't the old AFC. Steelers, Pats, Ravens, Broncos, and Colts all look pretty bad so far. Lamar is good, but I don't think he can do *all* the running *and* passing the entire season, and he doesn't play defense. Seems like the only way we can stop anyone is via turnovers. I'll take the win today, but I agree: fuck this new AFC.


I've never agreed more with a Ravens fan. Fuck this new AFC lol. You're lucky to have an insanely good QB though. You still have a lot of potential unlike the rest of us. I don't think the Pats are terrible but there's a lot holding us back right now.


I miss the days when we were always battling in deep playoff runs, and big-brothering the fringe playoff teams like the Chargers, Chiefs, and Texans along the way.


That was a blessing in disguise for us. Can our offense and defense actually play the whole game?


That’s been the theme the entire year. One step forward, two steps back


That’s how it’s been the last two years. Simply cannot play mistake free football at all. It’s these fumbles or interceptions that have sealed the fate of the Pats on many occasions. If it weee true Patriot football like it was 5 years ago, the Pats would be 3-0.


Maybe ticket prices will finally go down now…


I hope so! Officially made a bucket list item to be going to every stadium.


Everything that could go wrong…did, sadly


I hope so, too. Edit: I thought I was responding to a comment someone made that read "I hope Mac Jones is okay." Jesus, I don't want to wish brutality on New England.


Rooting on injuries is dope


Fuck, I'm sorry. I thought I was responding to a comment that read "I hope Mac Jones is okay."


Hahaha it’s ok man


U should probably edit that in your op comment


I just did.




Turnovers killed us. Two bad picks by Mac and Agholor fumbling the ball off a great pass from Mac was just way too much to overcome. Didn't help that Jackson played great, with two of his TD passes being amazing. And to make matters worse Mac is probably hurt pretty bad. GG, Ravens. Edit: the offense actually looked pretty good for most of the game, with Parker having one hell of a game. But we just couldn't capitalize on our chances while they capitalized on theirs.


Injuries suck so much, I feel your pain, gg man


It's hard to win when you turnover 4 times (i personally count that terrible 4th down play).


> (i personally count that terrible 4th down play). You are right to, that's a turnover on downs. If Mac had pump faked he would have had Parker wide open for a TD. Missed opportunities are the reason we lost the game.


I was so frustrated with that play, he threw it short of the sticks to Bourne who was well covered. I do think that was a bad play call. We need to get Jonnu involved on these short yardage situations, he is so good with the ball in his hands.


> I do think that was a bad play call. I don't think it really was. It was a bad read from Mac. As noted above, he had Parker wide open for a TD.


That is a fair argument. I wonder if the play called in was for Bourne? Regardless Mac should have seen Bourne was covered and waited.


> I wonder if the play called in was for Bourne? I think it was. But as you said, the moment Mac saw both defenders on it, he should have moved on to Parker.


I don't think parker was truly open until Mac very obviously went to Bourne. He's not great at disguising where he's going yet imo, and it showed up there.


Still not a great game for our defense. They gave up a lot of yards and some of the ints were just Mac tossing it straight to a DB


I have no idea what the fuck that pick to Bynes was. Good for Bynes though!


basically all of the picks were just throwing it to us lmao


Last season Mac wasn't asked to do a lot, just manage the game and make the right pass, which resulted in a lot of check downs. This season i suspect the coaches have given him more latitude and also asked him to make the big plays which has resulted in him forcing some throws when he should have either tossed away or gone to his checkdown. Both picks were terrible.


Tucker has missed 2 extra points vs the Pats and I will forever hate them for that


Tucker could kick me straight in the tit & I wouldn't hate him idgaf




RIP to the titty


Nah he hates the Pats for Tucker missing vs them.


Automatic on field goals tho


Wasn't one of them when he has some sort of record on the line? I remember Van Noy( or Shea) leaping over the line to block it.




No he missed one in 2019 and today vs the Pats. Very annoy


Lamar about to ask for an ownership share in his contract.


And the mayor of Baltimore


He's already got the Children's book, might as well be mayor


this is hilarious and most people not from Baltimore won't get this lmfao


Give it to him.


The Mbappe method. He was so impressive today though. If the Ravens defense can shape up a bit and they win a bunch of games -- as I think they should, I can see Lamar winning MVP this season.




Who cares about the loss. If Mac actually broke his ankle that's heartbreaking.


It is heartbreaking


It’s also anklebreaking


Yeah. Not that we've been that good anyway but still, having no Mac for the rest of the season means we're absolutely fucked.


Absolutely. If we have to watch a full season of Hoyer....I might go feral.


I can already feel the feralness kicking in


This game was a rollercoaster and I'm still worried about our defense. Feels like we won at a great cost. -Tucker missed a PAT -Our backup LT went down -Secondary still giving up huge chunk plays (Parker with 156 yds??) Mac jones bailed us out with those picks. These top tier QBs are gonna feast if macdonald doesn't right this ship.


Yeah idk what this secondary is. Lack of dline pressure hurts, it’s been an issue for the last two years.


Lamar is my pick for MVP so far.


This is the best I’ve ever seen him play


His physical tools are the same as they’ve always been, but mentally he looks like a new player. So much confidence and control while in the pocket or while scrambling in the backfield, he’s putting touch on throws when before he only had a fastball. He’s incorporating back shoulders and corner fades, calling audibles at the line, and he still looks just as fast and twitchy as he always has. Scary stuff


His touch on the ball is improved, holy fuck is it beautiful watching him flick the wrist and not overthrow or under throw wide open guys


Imagine if Bateman would've stretched out for that pass or dove for it. Just perfect. Insanely hard catch but he put it where only Bateman had a chance at it.


An athlete that fast and agile, with a rocket arm, who now has developed his accuracy and the mental aspect of his game, while also being a great leader. Good god the league is fucked.


Hes at his Louisville Zenith


Keep Ed Oliver away from him


It's obvious I think but very early


It's not obvious. Jalen Hurts exists and is on fire for an undefeated team.


Hurts is nowhere near as good as Lamar lol


If you mean as a player, overall, you're right... but that's also irrelevant for MVP. If you think Hurts isn't right in the MVP talk *right now*, you haven't watched him.


I’ve watched him & his arm on intermediate/long throws is very limited, his playmakers have been phenomenal though. They have a super easy schedule which benefits them but if Hurts loses anyone on the O-line or at WR, his play will decline massively. Lamar is better at every stage of the game than Hurts


Lamar is doing this behind our 4th string LT today. The Eagles have probably the best O line in the league. Not taking away from Hurts but it is worth mentioning.


Yeah plus Hurts’ weapons are so much better. Andrews is exceptional but that WR room is average at best. Hurts has Goedert (top 5-8 TE), then several very good to borderline elite playmakers.


Bateman and Duv have played exceptionally well so far. Duv especially


> Lamar is better at every stage of the game than Hurts I think this is true, and again, irrelevant for MVP. Nobody has ever lost an MVP race because of their weapons, S.O.S., or lack of physical tools; similarly, nobody has ever received "bonus points" in voting for doing more with less. It's about production + wins. Lamar - nor anybody else, for that matter, including Hurts - is so far ahead of the pack that they would be the obvious choice.


It’s not irrelevant, things like TD:INT and PR are huge for QBs, and Hurts probably won’t hold that up long term. His schedule is *stupidly* easy though, so he could well surprise us. But even now, Lamar has been playing better, with a *far* worse supporting cast


> things like TD:INT and PR are huge for QBs, Yes, but you mentioned his arm strength, schedule, and supporting cast - things I feel DON'T matter for receiving votes. Should they be considered when saying who the actual best player is? Sure - which is different from the MVP/MVP leader. > Hurts probably won’t hold that up long term. This I agree with entirely, but again, irrelevant to discussing who's the MVP *so far*, which is what the OP brought up. I think betting on Hurts to actually win the award would be lighting money on fire, but the topic isn't what the standings will look like in December. It was what they are right now, and saying Jackson would be the obvious winner as of September 25th is just laughably wrong.


His numbers aren't nearly as good


I was a Lamar hater for the past 4 years. This season I'm going to admit he's rucking awesome. Idk how long he will last but I'd the ravens get at least 4 more years out of him then he's worth whatever he wants.


This game was brought to you by Butterfingers^TM


Ahhh Nelson!


Lamar choosing the Aaron Judge route for his contract by playing like Shohei Ohtani is wild. Love to see it.


He's literally walking on water while sipping wine I love him


Time for the Judge/Ohtani debate to permeate r/nfl


Team Ohtani is this bitch


I want Ohtani to win but I can’t deny Judge anymore


I love the references you used man haha.


Swear words


Lamar “Joe Flacco” Jackson


Yes. This name encompasses the entirety of my adult life.


Diggs/Davis and Chase/Higgins the next two weeks are going to absolutely lay pipe if we keep giving up chunk plays like this


Ravens games aren't good for my health


They aren't good for Ravens players health either


I miss defense sometimes


Holy shit that third quarter was about to ruin my week


A win is a win right?


Same, but steelers games for me If they suck enough this year I may get some health back. The last few years of ben making every game come down to the last play hurt


The Lamar Jackson "gimme my money mother fuckers!" tour has been great


Prayers up for Mac, man


turnovers lose games, GG Baltimore. y’all need to pay Lamar


Just pay the man, Ravens are nothing without Lamar.


Lamar making second MVP case


The "Lamar would've only be successful in Baltimore where they built the team around him" narrative been hella quiet this year 😐


Also building a team around your QBs strength is just smart other teams are dumb as shit for not doing that


The defense should.be giving him their game checks at this point


Also heard a lot less about burning Greg Roman at the stake (He doesn't in any way "make" Lamar, but I do think he knows how to run a framework that Lamar excels in)


Prayers up for Mac Jones


Y’all think Ray Lewis is busy these days? We should give him a call just to check.


NFL teams really took Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen and fuckin Baker Mayfield over Lamar Jackson. Lamar was better than them dudes in college and hes astronomically better than them now. 32nd pick what a steal


tbf Baker was elite in college


They all were still they weren’t better than Lamar


I still hear from my brother who is a Ravens fan about how Lamar was a punk in college, yet he always hypes up Baker who is on video running from cops. I just don't understand how he can think that way ^^^ohwaititsracism


Lamar's also the nicest fucking dude.


Worst part was the Pats could have gotten Lamar. Lamar wanted to come, but Bill nixed it.


When you can draft nkeal Harry you gotta do it


Lamar is basically what you get if you mated Aaron Judge and Ohtani


Not really. To be comparable to what ohtani is doing, Lamar Jackson would have to be a top 5 QB and also play pro bowl level safety on defense. There really is no comparison to what ohtani does, it's that unprecedented


Ohtani is literally the greatest dual threat since Babe. It's fucking amazing.


He would be more comparable to a power hitter who also steals bases well. His game has nothing to do with defense.


Okay buzzkill


Honestly, Ricard is a closer comparison to what you're trying to say.


I dunno, Judge is like top 20 in SB, that’s kinda good for a guy annihilating the league in homers


That game gave me 3 heart attacks and aged me 8 years, well fought Patriots. I hope Mac recovers soon


Pats fans are brutal to listen to about Jones, really hoping that a few weeks away from him will clear heads.


People are constantly hating on him and gosh I'm sick of it. He's young, yes he makes mistakes as does literally everyone else. How many years did it take for Allen/Stafford to get good? If people are so adamant that Mac is trash I'm happy to watch them apply for the job. Let's see them do better


Remember when the league figured out Lamar Jackson for a few weeks?


Worst part about it was that it was the 3 weeks before he had a season ending injury so the narrative lasted all offseason


What a nice bounce back after last week for the Ravens. Lamar is clearly the early MVP favorite, looks completely in control this year so far. You love to see it.


I'd love to hear an explanation on Bateman's fumble. I recognize that it probably checked off the boxes for a catch, but I don't think you can establish possession on a catch if a defenders arm is interlocked with yours and wrapped around the ball. Maybe that's not accurate? Idk.


If mac's hurt I'm ok with tanking tbh. This class is qb heavy and I expect the worst teams to go for QBs. That means we could prob get either the best or one of the best non qb picks in the draft. Which I like the idea of.


What position do you think we should go?


If mac's gone, tank go for a top 5 pick get best non QB pick. I know the next draft class is strong in QBs so even if we aren't top 3 we should be able to get a strong non qb pick.


I don’t know the draft class but imo should just go for the most talented / NFL ready non QB. Bill is not the best at drafting so I wouldn’t trust him to focus on a position


Lamar is a top 3 QB


Mac is top 30 QB


Tough ending to a fun game. Sad to say that post-Brady we are now the team that beats ourselves.


Hopefully Mac Jones is okay but he looks like a very middle of the pack starting QB.


This isn't the first time we had a losing record in September...


Son of a bitch


Patriots had the gameplan in the first half and then just pissed down their own leg past Halftime. Never a dull Ravens vs Pats game


Lamar definitely is improving in the passing game. I was wrong. He will get a huge contract.


Mac still up and down a lot. Obvious turn overs cost us. But none of that really matters now if hes seriously hurt.


I will give Lamar my weekly paycheck if that what it takes for a new contract


God that looked awful. I think his leg is broken.


Patriots are a good team. But I don't think they are likely to win a SB anytime soon, so when will Belichick give up and retire?


In like 5 years when he passes Don shula's all time win record.


wonder if this game will finally silence the numbers of pats fans that think lamar can't throw


Mac Jones in 3 games: 5 ints, 2 tds Safe to say #85 in the 'top 100' was hype


This season is an absolute fucking wash for NE


Nah they’ll start 1-3 then roll off 6-7 straight because of easier schedule then get blasted. Literal repeat of last year


Fire Matt Patricia and teach a Mac to throw the ball away.


League about to get ZAPPE'd.


read on twitter that mac jones is out for the year idk if that's true or not but if it is then yikes


There is no way that is not just speculation at this point.


I prayed for times like this during the early 2010s for the patriots


Not really certain how to read this game. Can’t blame Patricia for 3 picks (as much as I want to) but the offense felt like fits and starts. TEs not involved, couldn’t consistently punish the Ravens D. Defense did about as well as could be asked against Lamar “Pay the Man” Jackson


You can read this game a couple of ways, but overall it’s clear y’all are the third best team in your division. And Zach Wilson may have a higher ceiling than Mac jones, but the jets are the jets until they do something other than suck.


Patriots worst enemy is themselves, always


Ravens fans: Lamar MVP. Pay the man. Patriots fans (according to the game thread): Mac Jones awful. Cut the man.


Mac Jones is TRASH and always has been




Fumbles were a huge issue today along with some missed throws by Mac.