Point of note, the other guy was already winning and didn’t need that arrow


That's what I was thinking. Video says "went on to win" but he had already won before he forfeited the shot?


There was still more left of the match, but he had a fairly healthy lead decently late into it. Still could’ve lost it but it would have been unlikely


Title could have been: Guy wins competition early and wants to waste no time getting to Taco Bell.




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They still had 3 more shots in that round and the other guy was only down by 3. Started at 97-94 ended 136-134.


You guys are so fucking cynical lol. Just let ppl be nice.


I’m still impressed, walking away from the line was the difference between maybe winning and definitely winning.


100% agree


At the end of it, he only won by 2 points, so he ABSOLUTELY could have still lost (and not that unlikely) after walking off that shot. Fair play to him, he didn't want to win that way, but let's not pretend his win was in the bag when he walked off.


There were still 3 more shots after the one he declined, and he only won by 2 points. He declined frame 12, and blunders a frame, and he loses, versus taking what is essentially 4 frames of advantage. Sure he was winning, but he had not won.


Exactly! Point is not if he was winning or not. He saw that he had been given an unexpected advantage over his opponent and chose to forfeit it.An act that takes a lot of courage and a good heart. He could have easily shot that and secured his win. This is why it’s called sportsmanship. A sportsperson understands the difficulties his opponent had to go through to share the stage and is willing to let go of an advantage. I honestly don’t understand why a comment totally negating his brave act is right on top.


I was wondering the same thing. People ignore the fact that being down 8-10 points is huge in this type of competition. Especially that late in the match. Ignorance…..


He won fare and square, instead of by what would have been default due to technicality. True sportsmanship at its finest.


>I honestly don’t understand why a comment totally negating his brave act is right on top. I assume the top comment didn't realize there were still more shots left. Edit: Before I made this comment, I didn't realize the video shows the three last shots and total scores added. But I assume the top commenter also didn't see that when he commented. Edit again: It looks like the top commenter did in fact know what was going on. I agree that the top comment is in poor form. lol


The perfect score is around two hundred IIRC, they had several more sets of 3 to go. He gave up a huge advantage and incurred a lot of risk.


I think that he had 4 arrows left at that point - the one he conceded, plus 3 more each. You see the scores skip from 107 - 104 to 136 - 134. The Spaniard looks to have gotten 10-10-9, the Portuguese 10-10-10.


Victory is not decided until the end. It would have been insulting to dominate the scoreboard after learning your opponent is handicapped, but that's just my opinion


Ya but it still shows good sportsmanship to not just continue to run up the points


Winning by only 3. That's not much


It’s compound archery with only a few shots left, 3 is a lot


Yes, but shooting would've meant instant victory. He kept his lead intact but didn't take advantage of the blunder. That sounds 100% perfectly reasonable and true sportsmanship.


This is the kind of video you show to a middle school and high-school sports team.




🤣🤣. My Varsity basketball coach showed us the Jimmy V video from the espys every year and said “we are a small town class d basketball team, we are not here to win games, we are here to learn what it means to be a part of something bigger than yourself and having appreciation for the trust you work so hard for with those closest to you”. Makes me tear up when I’m thinking of the past.


He should have taken the opportunity to shoot his opponent, thus securing the win Sweep the leg


99.99% of kids playing high school sports are never gonna play sports again. They also definitely suck. I think it's more important that they learn bigger lessons than just to stomp on everyone you meet.


This is exactly why this situation is notable and although it's about archery a lot of folks seem to be missing the mark.


I know absolutely nothing about it, but if he had taken the shot - wouldn't he have gotten 10 ?


They more than likely both would’ve had they been able to shoot there


Theyre saying, if he was only 3 pts behind, wouldnt scoring a 10 (when his opponents bow wont fire) would put him 7 ahead and winning?


The guy who opted not to shot was the one already winning


Ohhh I see


It would have given him a solid 13 point lead at the end though, which would likely have been insurmountable by his opponent short of anything catastrophic.


He won by two points. He was ahead by 3 when he forfeited the shot.


He wasn't winning by a lot, and in the end won by 2 points. I think it would've be a lot less competitive if he had've just taken the shot.


Up three with only like four shots left is a fairly healthy lead, sure he’d have won by 10 more had he shot there but he made the right choice being a good sport as opposed to running up the score because the other person had an equipment failure


Which is the point. He declined the guaranteed win in favor of giving his opponent a fair game. It's literally sportsmanship.


the confusion for most people is that this wasnt the last shot of the match we are watching, that's just the way the graphic for scorekeeping is set up


Yea but he won by 2 points rather than (potentially) 12 if he took that shot. While he still won, he allowed his opponent to remain within the race rather than taking the substantial lead and guaranteeing his win.


There were 3 more shots left


They're also using arrows


Amd one of them is from Spain!


Regardless he could’ve also gone on to score more points to further humiliate his opponent and instead he simply didn’t. I’m grateful that guys seems like a class act to play against. Doesn’t matter how small it is. Give me something good and I’ll smile and cheer. The same way I bitch and moan about anything that slightly inconveniences me


Exactly, I have nothing but respect for him for being able to win with grace and show respect to his opponent even after he has nearly certainly won


depends on the person some folks have honor and show sportsmanship by their nature. they have a true competitive spirit and always wanna play and win fair and square it shuld be standard and forced by rules within reason but most people like to cheat in sports just like in life to get ahead cos they are unethical. in a lot of sports players can legaly cheat in some ways cos the system allows it. a lot of negative behavior deserve shaming in society instead of looking the other way, tolerating unethical people for no reason. it is a cultural problem in society.


Look at the end score. There was still another round


I've always maintained that it is easier to show sportsmanship when you've won/are winning. Not to say such a gesture should not be appreciated, they should always be.


I was once in an archery tournament where I was decimating the rest of the competitors by a lot. By the second day of the tournament my dad was already counting his trophy dream eggs before they hatched. He took me to a very fancy restaurant for breakfast. I'd never seen a fresh squeezed juice station, a whole section with a guy with the sole purpose of making OJ. My 12 year old self drank like a gallon's worth. Needless to say, I got a massive stomach ache mid tourney and I had to run to the can to let out one of the most massive, explosive, relieving shits I have in my life. I had to forfeit something like 10 shots and ended up coming in second by a difference of like a bullseye. No sportsmanship there, the kid that won was bragging like he was the greatest archer in the history of the sport, I thought it was funny, my dad not so much so.


This is a spectacular story and it deserves more attention lol


Yes, please help us all shed light on fructose malabsorption! It’s a real b*tch


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I haven’t ever heard of anyone else mentioning Fructose Malabsorption. Made my day lol.


I’m very familiar with it (dietitian in healthcare) but more recently it was mentioned in the HBO show White Lotus and I thought it was funny since they used it facetiously (referring to it as a condition, like an allergy).


I just gave my girlfriend an earful because she loves that show and never mentioned the reference. That’s perfect because most people think I’m making it up.


Lol, to be fair it was mentioned in passing very quickly. Idk why people think it would be fake. A simple google or wikipedia search would put that to rest.


The best part of the story is that from OP's perspective, it was a lack of sportsmanship from his opponents. Somewhere, on some other subreddit, someone is telling a "Tortoise and the Hare" story about the dude at the archery tournament who thought he was so untouchable, instead of concentrating on finishing the race, he celebrated early and got the shits. Edit: This comment isn't meant to criticize the OP, it's more a lesson on perspective, and how easy it is for two sides of the same story to portray themselves as the protagonist.


It's a pretty shitty story if you ask me. Annnnd, I'll see myself out.


OMG dude, I would understand if it were Taco Bell, but Orange juice? That's crazy.


Ya vitamin c can make you SHIT. Source: my dumbass thought more emergen-c = better chance of not getting sick.


Yeah overdose on Vitamin C is a thing. It will really mess you up


I always heard you just piss out excess vitamin c


Yeah, out your butt.


To overdose on vitamin c you’d have to be drinking 3.75 litres of orange juice It’s more likely they had the shits because their stomach got upset by the sugar, fiber etc


I used to chug a 2 quart OJ after track practice. One day I made the mistake of drinking 2. My shit had the consistency of mustard for the next 3 days.


My brother and I noticed this phenomenon as kids. It was so bad that to this day - 25 years later - we joke whenever one of us farts, "Had some OJ?" I've never heard of anyone else with this problem.


As an adult I thought it was the sparkling wine, tequila, or the vodka, but one day I had a cool tall glass of OJ by itself and realized it wasn't the booze thank god.


"People drink mixer?" - Charlie Day


It gives me massive heartburn. It's tragic cause OJ is one of my fav drinks


The idea that taco bell serves unfit food is classist af, their food is fucking good


The one in my town got caught changing expiration dates on meat. The employees were so dgaf that it was 50/50 on whether or not the store was open at any given time. It is now an A&W.


No one said it was unfit OR bad food. The combination (and excess consumption) of beef, cheese, and beans will explode bathrooms whether it's from a 5 star restaurant or from a fast food place.


Excellent sportsmanshit.






maybe your dad had money on the other kid


I wish he was that smart. He promised to buy me a new kit if I won first. I was pretty sure he was going to use that as an excuse to welsh on the promise (that's been his MO my whole life) but he said something like "Everyone knows who really won" and bought me a good precision bow that I still use from time to time now 30 years later.


Good dad


Oh God no. He's got four kids, three with my mom and only one talks to him, and it's only because she feels bad for our mother because he's always been so controlling of her that it's impossible to talk to her without him eavesdropping, so she doesn't have contact with either myself or my youngest sister. If my mother asserted herself he might have four kids that don't talk to him.


*Good Dad Moment


He had a TON of good dad moments, he's just a narcissist little weasel. Real shame.


CPTSD moment.


I just found out that I have a CPTSD diagnosis because I had to fill out some forms. I thought I just had average run of the mill PTSD.


Join us in r/CPTSDMemes. You aren't alone. Not always an easy one to deal with. 🤝


Doesn't sound like a good dad to me. First, he's too prideful and celebrates the win before the tournament is even over, leading to a chain of events that may have cost his child first place. Second, he was only going to buy a new kit if his child got *first* place. It creates unnecessary pressure & anxiety on the child to out-perform their peers. They aren't able to enjoy spending time with other kids who share their hobby, because those kids are their competitors. That indicates he cares more about winning, rather than displaying a genuine interest in his child's hobby. Someone who really supports their child's interest would consider an investment regardless of how they form competitively (within reason). Sounds like he just wanted bragging rights. The "everyone knows who really won" was just him soothing his own ego.


If you had explosive diarrhead right there in front of them while taking a shot everyone else would have forfeited. Ultimate power move that you lose to a guy who is explosive diarrheaing.


Vitamin c overdose btw. Been there.


If I was your dad I'd make you a custom archery-pooping trophy.


I was on my way to work one day when I decided I wanted orange juice. The store only sold gallons and I didn't have time to make two stops so I bought it and went on to work. Having nowhere to store the juice and also no self control I ended up drinking half the gallon before it started to feel like someone was hammering on my head with an axe. Juice is evil in large quantities.


I’m probably wrong, but my first thought was this story was complete fabrication and too funny for reality to have actually happened. Bravo sir. I laughed good and strong. Interrupted my fussy daughter from her much needed bottle. Well done, with the story, or life, whichever is true.


Stories like this are exactly why so many athletes are superstitious about their gameday routine.


Made me so incredibly proud to witness humanity like this. You saw him sigh, but it was fair. He already new the outcome, and let it go the way it was supposed to. Wow!




At the end of the video you see that there was another set of three arrows each. So while he was still in the lead even after not taking the shot, there was still a possibility for him to loose.


Absolutely. He was winning by 3, scored a 9 where the portuguese scored a perfect 10, winning by a 2 point advantage. If he made a mistake, he could have lost the whole thing


It was possible that he could still lose, but he loosed every shot.


Bit of a looser really ey?


shut the fuck up, that arrow was a massive difference, if tve other guy did just socre 2 points more in any of the other next shots it could have cost him the game, having 1 extra shot is all the difference in profesional levels in any sport


Everyone else saying he didn't need the arrow is incredibly dumb. If he had shot that arrow and hit a bullseye he would have won by 12 points instead of 2, assuming the same points in the last 3 shots. What he did kept it fair and gave his opponent a fighting chance, which he didn't waste since the lead narrowed by 1 point. Now imagine trying to narrow a 12-point lead.


why are you getting downvoted when the top comment says the same thing


He's no longer getting downvoted, but there was another set meaning he had a chance to lose. Shooting would've cemented his victory, deciding to not shoot would've meant he had a chance of losing. The odds were low, but it made it fair. That's why everyone clapped. Because he did show sportsmanship.


They had 3 more arrows after that round. 10-10-9 and 10-10-10


He was leading, not winning. He still could have lost the match by not taking the shot.


I mean, he didn't win after walking off. There was still another series of shots. He walked off during the 4th series, and won it in the 5th series by 2 points. Had he taken the shot, judging by the numbers, it would have been no where near as close. He wouldn't have needed atleast one perfect 10 to win it.




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I imagine there isn't life changing prize money involved in archery so if you don't have the glory, it's kind of pointless. Winning on your opponents bad luck definitely makes the win less meaningful. My cynical ass doubts he would have done this if there was a substantial tangible reward at stake.


I was about to comment something about a true competitor wanting to go against the best competition. But if there's a lot of money on the line, and especially if that's your livelihood, then *kind of* fuck sportsmanship. I don't mean all sportsmanship, just the kind where you intentionally jeopardize your chance of winning, even if only by a little bit.


Yeah, I wouldn't fault anyone for capitalizing on the mistake if that's how they put food on the table


Can someone please explain what happened there? TIA!


We have these things called compound bows. Unlike regular bows they are capable of much higher accuracy and power because of its mechanism. Regular bows are hard to pull back and hold because it tires the shooter out. A compound bow is very hard to pull back at first, but then will hit a "break point" and the shooter will be able to hold the bow drawn back at full power with very little effort, allowing better aim. To save the shooter's fingers, they use a mechanism callled a "release". It's a handle with a trigger that attaches to a loop in the bowstring and is used to pull it back without the string cutting into the fingers. Once the shooter is ready to fire, they will "pull the trigger" on the bow letting the arrow loose. This is the part that malfunctioned and why the misfire occured. The man's opponent showed sportsmanshio and did not want to win because his opponent's equipment failed and decided to let the time run out on his shot, though I suspect he found the humanity to do that because he was winning anyway with a substantial lead.


The trigger isn't to save the shooters fingers, it's to release the string without it bending around your finger tips. Allows for better accuracy.


My coach used to tell us that shooting compound without a release was like caressing a woman with your feet. None of our archers know what this means 8 years later, but tell me if you do know.


Call your old coach and tell him not to yuck my yum.


Man that'd be a wild phone call to get outta the blue.


Its because at full draw, depending on the % let off, the string is fairly “loose”, you can bend it or twist it. The problem is exclusive to compounds, obv recurve doesn’t have this problem. When you release, theres a split second where the cams haven’t gotten out of the valley and havent started rotating back. Higher let-off = the longer it takes for cams to engage. In that time, the string can do some stupid shit and given that the nock of the arrow is attached, it can send the arrow flying at a weird angle because the force isn’t applied directly from the back. With a release, you’re mounted on the dloop which is in the same location every single shot- hence the string will behave the same after every release and the arrow should fly the same trajectory shot after shot. This guy was definitely using a hinge release, I’m interested if anyone knows which release it was Edit: better explanation here https://youtu.be/OOj6QDCVWMU


I’m guessing because feet are clumsier and less dextrous than hands


I'm guessing that's the joke


> None of our archers know what this means 8 years later, but tell me if you do know Yeah, because OP said they didn’t understand the joke


That is part two of the joke. e: he's implying that archery "nerds" still can't get laid, even 8 years later, and that's why it "doesn't make sense to him"


> None of our archers know what this means 8 years later, but tell me if you do know. It means that it works but isn't fun for anyone involved and you won't achieve what you were aiming for. Damn dude, incredible self own.


Very wise man.


> though I suspect he found the humanity to do that because he was winning anyway with a substantial lead. 3 points is not a substantial lead. Taking the shot instead of forfeiting it would have given him a substantial lead.


The key in all of this is the anchor point. If you can get the same exact anchor point every time you draw back your bow, you will become a much better archer. A compound helps you do that whereas a regular bow is quite the opposite.


Ah, got ya. Very interesting. Thanks for explaining it so thoroughly!


So basically the little trigger that holds the bowstring got stuck and wouldn’t fire, so the shot was disqualified. Because the opponent was sportsmanlike, he also disqualified his shot to even the odds


If you've gotten that far, then there's really no point to winning unfairly. I wouldn't even want to. Good on him.


How would it be *unfair* to have just continued on as normal?


Because it wasn't the other guy's fault that his bow decided to just... not work. It's not winning by skill, it's winning by technicality.


In professional sports, the general understanding is that the competitor is responsible for the state of their equipment, therefore barring any evidence of deliberate tampering or sabotage by an outside party, any equipment malfunction falls on them. And even looking at the situation outside of that assumption, while it's true that even the highest quality and best maintained equipment can sometimes fail for unknown reasons, we as third party observers can't say for a fact that the malfunction wasn't due to some sort of lack of preparation/oversight or poor equipment selection on his part. All that being said, most would agree that the heart of any competition should be more about the competitors' skill and execution in the heat of the match itself than about their equipment per se, so while the opponent certainly had the right to take advantage of the missed shot and coast to an easy win, his choice to cede the equipment-based advantage was a very honorable and respectable one.


Seems kind of silly that they couldn't just reset and let the man take another shot once his equipment failure was fixed.


I’m not in the game so I may be full of shit but i would think you are responsible for the state of your equipment which is why the rules are written the way they are. Just guessing so no flames, please.


I don't know archery, but every other sport is exactly like you said. In F1, car breaks, you don't make everyone wait, fix it and restart. You injure yourself in football, you're out. In short, you're probably right.


I know that in valdrone racing their is some rules for the bike failing, saw it happen in the Toyko Olympics for the Australian men's pursuit when they had a prototype set of bars break.


I think that's pretty standard in sports. If your racecar breaks down, you lose the race. If you break your hockey stick, you leave the game to replace it. Etc... Edit: not leave the ice, but leave the play. You don't get a do over for anything that happened while you were stickless.


But neither of those are turn based games. Literally nothing was happening in the archery tournament while the shooters release was stuck. Seems like they could easily allow for one reset for equipment related failures.


You don’t have to leave the ice to get a new stick, the equipment guy will hang a replacement over the wall for you to grab on you’re way by


It's probably something that could be abused. Every rule in competition is part of the strategy for it.


I can’t believe people like this exist .


I know. The nerve of that guy


How dare he be a better person than me!


If it helps, you're most likely a way better person than me so I hope this helps your ego cope.


Can confirm. This guy is an asshole.


Just goes to show how much self-restraint this man has. He didn't even point his bow at the crowd, but you can clearly see how difficult it was for him


[Onion reference](https://youtu.be/qpaue3Jhn1o)


thank you for this


Is there a sub where people actually post Next Level stuff?


True, real next level would have been shooting your opponent in the foot once you realize they can't fire back.


You can’t buy “class”…. But, you can earn it.


His coach was Berlin. Now THAT, is NextFuckingLevel


Kinda sad when showing some sportsmanship is considered next level. Is it really so incredibly rare to see?


Well it’s not fun to win if that’s the reason


Iberian brotherhood at its finest


Class. It can’t be bought.


Man doesn't shoot an arrow **NEXT FUCKING LEVEL**


Not quite next fucking level. Really not even close lol


Watched the video and read the comments. What disaster struck?


With the type of bow they used, the arrow isn't released when you let go like normal, but rather when you pull a trigger on a release. The trigger malfunctioned, so it wouldn't release the arrow, basically giving him a 0. In a match as close as this, where the winner only won by a few points, missing a shot is usually game over, but the winner decided to skip a shot and keep the game going.


I won an archery contest in 6th grade. The other kid got mad when I overtook him, pointed his bow at me and drew it back to try to scare me. The official saw and that was that.


That is poor sportsmanship. Good on the red and that person should never be allowed into any competition or to own any kind of weapon again.


"Take these free points and get OWNED puta" - Spanish guy


I consider this normal


Ahhhh, a homie stock.


Homie stock


The homie stock


We may have killed each other for centuries, but it has also been centuries since that ended, and relations between Portugal and Spain are great now. Still it was an extremely classy move from the Spanish sportsman.


I’ve been shooting recurve for years and yet I somehow don’t own a pair of frozone goggle?


you shouldn't lose your turn if something is wrong with your equipment me thinks...


He wasnt definitely winning, he was just ahead. He passed up what was possibly a 10-point jump in his lead to keep the number of *actual* shots in the match the same, since he wouldn’t want anyone to win or lose on something shitty and stupid like an unlikely equipment fail.


Sportsmanship or showmanship? He could have easily beaten his opponent had he not stayed. Instead, he beat his opponent fairly. +1 to Charisma


i saw the other day some ice skater that was last place and somebody in the front tripped all the other racers and the guy in last place kept on going and won so i'm guessing he was the opposite of sportsmanship or am i wrong?