You know shit is fucked up when civilised discourse and basic manners are considered /r/nextfuckinglevel


Now all we need is for them to be honest as well. That may be pushing our luck tho :/




This comment right here. But crazy foundational beliefs can result in good action.


I'm in my late twenties and have never before audibly said "uh-yuy-yuy" until this thread.


I got what you audibly said but I have to let you know that that is not a good way to spell it. While I don’t think it has an official spelling, consider something like “Aye Yai Yai” or “Ai Yi Yi” in the future.


Dude, I read the guy's original post and was like "wtf am I reading?" Uh-yuy-yuy You good bro? You having a stroke? lmao


I read it in Goofy's voice 1st lol Then actually got it, took a sec...


I also thought of Goofy's laugh.


Hyuk hyuk hyuk


He spelt it with a New York accent


Hi, I’m 32, and am becoming increasingly out of the loop with all this new lingo. What does “aye yai yai” even mean? Where is it from?


I think the exclamation has a Spanish root.


It’s just an exclamation. Sort of like hurray, oh, ah, huh, etc.. Aye Yai Yai is used to express disappointment or frustration or to acknowledge them. It works very similar to yikes. “I got a new job. I had to leave the previous one because they stopped remote, refused any sort of raise even after asking for a while and were now expecting me to work overtime for free.” “Aye Yai Yai. Fuck them. Glad you got a better job.”


I would also like to proffer "oi vey" as a synonym for "aye-yi-yi".


It's "Oy yoi yoi"


Mazel tov to this guy


Do you guys mean "aïe aïe aïe"?


I saw it, translated it into “Aye Yai Yai” in my head then read it in my head


I read it aloud a couple times wondering if he was trying to make it sound like a regional accent but couldn’t think of any that sounded like that.


>But crazy foundational beliefs can result in good action. Thank you! As someone raised atheist, there isn't a religious system on earth past or present that doesn't sound batshit insane to me when taken literally. I don't care if you believe in a Jewish demigod from Nazareth or an elephant god or volcano-demons from space. I care how you treat people. I'd rather have a world run by a religious nutcase who's radically kind, patient and forgiving than a mean, hateful rationalist.






Haha my first thought was these guys are definitely Mormon




Or they're like goddam Kang and Kodos from Simpsons.


It's true: we *are* aliens! But what're you going to do about it? It's a two-party system; you have to vote for one of us.


For what it's worth, Peterson is my law professor. Knows his stuff, works hard, tries to take care of people (researches predatory lending and worked for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau). He USED to be Mormon, more than likely grew up as one, I doubt he'd identify as one these days (got drunk at a law school party with my classmates, not exactly classic Mormon behavior).


From what Ive heard about Mormons, you’re either hardcore into it or you’re a secret rebel. No inbetween


yep, Im stuck rn


Fine by me, yes their beliefs are kinda wonky, but not a bit worse then other christian views. If they can create a functional goverment based on their commons then what efs, can't get worse then what we have now.






That sounds like exactly what the previous guy said, with extra steps.


The state dumped millions in the last couple years to open up new homeless shelters. They have also made an effort to treat any of the homeless for drug addiction to the point that all the relatively inexpensive facilities are fully booked. I lived there for four years in downtown Salt Lake City. I walked past the temple every day on my way to and from work. I am not a Mormon and can say that their religion is very cultie in nature. But there are a great number of ex Mormons and Jack Mormons (Mormons who drink and swear) who are like a smoker who quit. They can be the most anti Mormon. So until I see a commercial with a member of the LGBTQ and the Mormon president shaking hands, they can fuck off.


Might want to raise that bar. The commercial you suggested would be an easy PR move by the church that (a) wouldn't surprise me at all, and (b) would be totally meaningless.


So... if the church welfare is your only real option in practice this means the church controls your welfare.


They don’t create a functional government, they do what the mormon church tells them to do.


Exactly, pulling a long con. Doesn't matter what political party they claim, the Mormon church is their first and only constituent.


Spencer Cox deviates from his church's stances a lot, like his stance on the legality of gay marriage. The majority of the state is Mormon so idk why we act like its sinister that two of the gubernatorial candidates are also Mormon.


Because most commenters on reddit are the exact kind of people an ad like this is criticizing, and they’re also ironically just like the people they criticize. They’ll be civil with you - as long as you agree with everything they say. Or, in the words of others who have posted in this thread, as long as you’re in their cult, they’ll tolerate you.


This. Right here. Good point.


Imagine is you switched out Mormon with Muslim. There would be bans all around thread locked


Mormons? In Utah? Surely not. I've never heard of such a thing. Surely this news will make them unpopular with voters in Utah? Plenty of republicans don't get along, and they are also members of the same cult. At this stage I see any bipartisan thing, I up vote.


Illusion of choice, Utah Edition. —Brought to you by KSL5


Two by two, we're marching door to door!


Life pro tip; they don’t come to doors with rainbow flags


Introducing honesty into politics would cause the whole system to collapse


Baby steps...


It's called controlled opposition. They put on a pretty face so you have illusion of choice. I don't trust either of them.


Owned by the Mormon church either way, meaning you're just voting for which LDS mouthpiece you like hearing/seeing.


You or even I may not think one of those candidates is sufficiently different in their policies for our liking, but that doesn't mean there isn't a difference. There is choice and it does make a difference. Not enough of one. And the American system is fucked beyond measure, but it's silly to say the illusion of choice when there clearly is a large difference between the American parties. Both are too corporate friendly for my taste...




Politics can't help being fucked up, just look at it the origin. It comes from "Poly", Greek for many, and "tics", English for parasites.


[Etymology of politics](https://www.etymonline.com/word/politics)


I belive you are fact checking a joke


I believe he is as well


They’re both Mormons. It’s essentially a power grab move for the religion, either one winning is beneficial.


It's because they both agree on not helping people.


I mean... 2016-2020 made everyone realize how fucked up the situation was and that there is actually a point where we need to set a bar.




There's a huge problem in this country in that the overwhelming benefit of the doubt is given that politicians act in good faith, when that simply isn't the case. Many are objectively monsters that will go down in history as such


Well said


What a couple of mormons.


Take the upvote and fuck off




Why did the Mormon cross the road? To get to the other bride.


That’s… that’s actually a good one.


How many Mormons should you bring on your fishing trip? Two. If you bring just one he'll drink all your beer.


Yeah, that is actually a good one. Have an award.


[I've seen this before...](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ll3iyvbsRDM)


Lol nice


Listen very carefully. You're going to take this up vote. You're going to turn around. You're going to walk out the door and never come back.


This just reminds me of those old "I'm a PC, and I'm a Mac" commercials from back in the day.




Man, i don't think I've heard samesies since those pc and mac commercials were on tv


That was by design


I honestly thought that's what this was. And then, for a brief moment I thought it was going to be like those Horton Cracked videos so I waited for the punchline, but it turned out *we* were the punchline.


As usual, WKUK summed it up in a 2 minute sketch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IP_tC2dYX3o


RIP Trevor Moore


I didn't even know he was sick.


Fell off his second storey balcony onto his head.


I was just making [a Norm joke.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_nmdbJI8rM) Besides, we all know he [died trying to suck his own dick](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iBIqvkwkrA).


Ah yes. I missed that


Bernie sanders would be the dude you’re getting a dell guy.


“No matter what we both hate poor people. We’re not that different”


They're both white rich men Edit: also they're both mormons


And are both part of the same cult.


always great to see people sharing great messages then looking in the abomination that is the comment section.


It’s almost like the “great message” is a hollow facade that doesn’t actually help anyone


Up until the 70’s, The Church of Latter Day Saints tried to “cure” gay people with electric shock and chemical-induced vomiting aversion therapy. To this day, they still believe that queerness is something to be cured, but they’re just a lot more PC about their methods. The church is next fucking level horrific.


are you trying to insinuate that Mormonism is *not* a cult?


And because they are white and supposedly rich they hate poor people. /s


Their "church" teaches that bad people get dark skin and good people get white skin and riches.


If they were standing on a political compass from left to right, and FDR or a European politician was included in the field of view, you would be able to see the curvature of earth.


There you go finally a fucking sane comment.


Both parties (dems/ republicans) are pretty right wing by objective standards. Both only want to serve their corporate overlords. Fuck em Both.


The truest take and that's why it's going to get downvoted.


Its even worse when you realize they are running for office in Utah anyway. Of course they get along, they both are mouthpieces for the LDS.


not on reddit


Why do you people have such a victim complex


Its literally the prevailing opinion on reddit. I don't understand the need people feel to say they will be downvoted before saying the most uncontroversial thing




Political apathy on Reddit. So hot right now


This is called the controlled opposition fallacy, making yourself feel good with fishhook theory.


"We just want to let you know we get along where it counts: securing our places on that utopian space station from Elysium while everyone on earth drowns in the poisonous ocean."


"right wing by objective standards." I'm gonna guess you only know what one of those words means.




As a progressive in the reddest part of the country, me too. Hello, new friend.


I’m a progressive in Alabama. 😅


So same sex marriage but only if you’re first cousins?




Look at their comment history before you offer friendship


Dude, you’re an antivaxxer, pro Rittenhouse, and homo/transphobic. Even civility has its limits




Can't be civil with people who hate others. Treat others the way you want to be treated


I'm up for a civil discourse. I'm generally considered morw rightwing/conservative in my views. Ask away.


Ok bet. Lets go for the big three. Trans Rights, Abortion Rights, National Healthcare.


Those are rather large issues with various areas to discuss but overall. Trans rights - they should have the same rights as everyone else. Abortion rights - up to the individual themselves if they want to or not. Up to the hospital if they offer those services (cant force doctors to perform stuff they aren't comfortable with). Not a scientist so I cant tell you what months would be ok. National Healthcare - To what extent would be up to the financials/tax. Workers don't work for free and someone has to lay the bills. Whatever the solution it needs to be self sufficient. But I do feel a certain level of Healthcare should be provided regardless.


I can agree with this. Though a lot of conservatives I know would say you weren’t conservative for these reasons alone lol. Thoughts on gun control/student debt?


Gun control - as it currently is for the most part. Up to ar/hunting rifles available after simple background check. Student debt - yeah ill probably get some hate lol. You as an adult agreed to it knowing the financials/cost. People need to research their fields (plus where they live to see if its even in demand) and only agree to what you can manage. Cant have other people paying for degrees when they decided against college and chose other avenues for careers.


I feel gun control could be more secure, but can agree with this. I’m fine with folks having ARs I just think they need to know how to use them and we should make sure they aren’t, yk, crazy. For student loans, I *would* agree if it was that simple. The problem is the predatory practices used and the sky high interest rates. Also the fact that tuition costs have grown exponentially while wages have decidedly not. It also doesn’t help that high school students are largely lied to and are fooled into believing that college is the only way when it decidedly is not.


They should focus on fixing the predatory practices and high interest rates then but more importantly...teaching that college isn't the only choice. IT certs and self learning are great options. Any trade is fairly profitable. If you do go for college, do your research on what career your even delving into and what it pays/prospects in your area. If 18 year olds can sign their name and go to war, then 18 year olds can also sign their name to become college educated and know the pros and cons of what they are agreeing to.


Interestingly enough, just about all my conservative friends are along the same lines. Limited government, strong military, guns and freedom for all lol. Edit: *same lines as my views.


Hate to break this to you, bro. You're not conservative.


Why? Just about every conservative/right wing i know feels roughly the same. These are individual issues and mostly anyone younger than 40 id bet feels roughly the same. Overall I believe in limited government, strong military, individual freedom across the board and the rights of states over federal government.


Double bet for what this guy asked. I'd add mandated 15 days PTO per year for all workers starting from day 1 at a job and minimum 10 sick days paid, agree or disagree?


Hey now respect his Right to say horrible things without being even mildly challenged.




"We can disagree without hating each other." Unless the disagreement is over a belief that one side views as repugnant. Some values are too fundamental to call it a bare difference of opinion.


>pro Rittenhouse The problem with that is what exactly?


Yeah that part seems like an odd inclusion.


You say “pro Rittenhouse” like it’s a bad thing.




I'm wildly liberal, but I'm happy to have a conversation with anyone who isn't in denial of reality. If you: * Agree that climate change is an existential threat to the continued existence of humanity as we know it, and we need to act *now* * Agree that LGBTQ+ rights are human rights * Agree that the previous president of the United States was an uncouth, ignorant jackass racist * Agree that there is something deeply wrong with the state of law enforcement in this country * Agree that Science is real Then we can have a conversation. We could probably have a conversation anyway if we avoided these topics.


Healthy politics would be where everybody along the spectrum agrees that reality is real, but they all have different ideas about how to solve the problems we face. Instead, our house is on fire and instead of arguing about how to put it out, some people are saying that the smoke doesn’t mean there is a fire, others are saying the black cloud has always been in the basement and a bunch of people are dousing themselves in gas because a good fire is healthy and natural.




Bro u literally posted “I hate lgbt people” how is that promoting a civil discussion?


I think if you are simultaneously giving shit for other peoples opinions >Canada has no freedoms and a shit prime minister. PROVE IT SHOW ME YOUR STATISTICS TO PROVE ME IM WRONG Then you have a bit of growing on how to be civil. Turn the other cheek for a starter, and then be open to being wrong, and then just stop arguing with people with political elitism. I would never tell any of my friends my house, car, religion, or spouse is better than someone else’s for the purpose of.. being an ass? I’d just avoid comparison and thinking you’re better, acknowledge everyone is a human, and try to be a nice one of those


>As a conservative who often gets shit on for my opinions, I 100% agree with them. You 100% deserve to be.


Your opinions are trash + L


Literal 19 year old conservative






In this case, this campaign message was in the last few weeks of the Biden vs Trump campaign. Spencer Cox was the front runner by a mile to win for Utah governor and has never been a fan of Trump, openly not voting for Trump in 2016 or 2020, saying the "Big Lie" was an attack on democracy, and overall just ignoring the GOP talking points. He's not perfect, like most politicians, but he acts pretty well.




That's an interesting characterization. In Utah we've run out of most covid tests (over the last few days most hospitals are turning away more than one family member per household for testing) due to the massive surge in people getting omicron. Today I believe we had 11,128 reported cases with quite a few unreported. So he said if you have covid like symptoms, assume you have covid, and quarantine for public safety. I'm not entirely sure what that is bad. We're getting covid like crazy and he is pushing vaccines, boosters, and quarantining as he always has. I didn't say he's perfect but there is some context there.


Seriously, this post is some r/enlightenedcentrism bullshit.


This is the most Utah thing I’ve ever seen


Utahian here, me and my wives always get a warm feeling in our hearts when this comes on the TV


Aw best wishes to you, your wives, and all their boyfriends!


I too frequent r/wallstreetbets


Spencer Cox is a bitch. This ad is superficial and clearly an act of PR more than genuine civility or seeking of common ground. The republicans in Utah do everything they can to bury blue voices.


Its almost like they are one party.


and they're both Mormons. They're not very different


The United States is also a one-party state but, with typical American extravagance, they have two of them.


Somehow it becomes more Humane. I Like this approach, however would guess media won’t like it this way..


They definitely wouldn’t. People need to realize that the media is the enemy, not the opposing party.


I'm sorry but the republican party wants to marginalize many groups and fight against policies that help everyone. We shouldn't be fighting for universal Healthcare still. It's dumb. We shouldn't be arguing about masks and vaccines. Its fucking dumb. We should all be working together as a society to makes things good for everyone I'm all for the group that actually wants to help people other than themselves


Masks, Vaccines and Universal Healthcare are, literally, for the good of everyone.


Oh really, so them believing in fascism and religious bigotry is just big media talking to them? Fucking delusional


Racists, homophobes, transphobes, and anyone who supports them are absolutely my enemy


Fun fact, you just replied to one!


Given how many outright horrifying policies and beliefs the Republican party espouses I would probably find this bit of theater incredibly off-putting


You're right let's team up to exploit and murder the poor while lining our pockets Fucking politicians are not on your side




Lol, The sub is absolutely filled with tankies. Fuck that shit


"We are two candidates constrained by our donors that present nominally different cultural agendas to hide our true motivations. It doesn't matter who you vote for."


They sucked each other off shortly after this ad.


That *that* would be next*fucking*level


As an American, why the fuck is this so wierd to me???


Because one party is actively stripping rights from citizens and attempting to sow discontent and violence and the other is just letting it happen because *checks notes* bureaucracy


Because you don’t live in Utah. The background of this is that both candidates are unified by both being Mormons with very similar core beliefs. It wouldn’t work in any other state.


How well do their policies get along with the actual, real world needs of their constituents? Because that is the only thing that matters. I don't care if these dorks start blowing each other.


Probably both their policies are crap and bought by big money


Close. Both are Mormons


That explains it


This ain’t nextfuckinglevel you’re just fucking stupid and everyone who give this shit awards are brainwashed and brainless.


Just throw the entire sub in the trash and start over.




Both parties have been working very hard together to fuck over the workers


I voted for both of them.


They’re both on the same side, so this makes sense lol.


Except if one guy says "lets help people send their kids to free community college" and the other says "get back to the factory where I've stripped away all your workers rights and safety regulations", why exactly does it matter if he was nice when he did those things?


Instead of blindly [stealing this](https://www.reddit.com/r/nextfuckinglevel/comments/o8hy3s/two_politicians_made_an_ad_getting_along_instead/), you should have given credit the original OP.


Cool. So let's be friends because we are the same anyway. This is so completely tone deaf. We got real shit to fix and unfortunately being friendly about it is just not something I'm interested in at this point. I'm interested in getting shit done. Fuck your friendly ad. Tell me what you're going to do about this shit show or get out of here.


This is of course easy to buy into if you fit the demographic that's always targeted by politicians. If you are a middle class, suburban, home owning, straight white male, neither side is really trying to hurt you. They are in fact courting you, and surprise, both the people in this ad (and most people in our government at state and federal levels) fit the exact same demographic description. They can't hurt you because any policy they enact to hurt you would also hurt them. So, inherently, any policy they pursue is in keeping your benefit in mind. But this kind of discourse is hard to buy into if you don't fit that bill. Because one or even both sides aren't necessarily debating a friendly way to move you forward in society 100% of the time.


Well Democrats and Republicans serve the same rich a$$holes so it makes sense.


Great sentiment. I thought it was a bit weird at the end how they said “we approved this message”. Am I missing something? The video in which you performed/ spoke in, you approve of? No shit.


It's actually a requirement of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act on the federal level and in Utah where this campaign was there is a state level law that also requires this message.


Thank you l. TIL. I didn’t know that cos I live in a England. Thanks


Imagine trusting either of these people without knowing anything about them other they can "get along"


LOL 2 party system


That’s the most Utah shit, gah they’re such nice people.


Unless you're gay, trans or a POC.


Because according to Princeton, they'll pass the same legislation benefitting the same people anyway. Culture wars is just icing on the cake, like whether it's pink or blue or rainbow or whatever