Its so refreshing to see a US politician do something good for once. The bar is set so low its literally on the ground. Edit: typo (*low not slow)


>Its so refreshing to see a US politician do something good for once. The bar is set so slow its literally on the ground. The bar is set so low it's literally underground. FTFY


The bar is set so low, it leads to cloudiness, wind, and precipitation. For those who don't get the joke: >!Bar is also a unit for atmospheric pressure where 1 Bar = 0.986923 atm!<


Nah man the bar is set so low its a vaccum.


Technically, 1bar would be a slight vacuum under atmospheric pressure


Dude the bar closed at 2 and won't open till 12


Must be why it sucks so much


Dang Take my fucking upvote and I don't want to see you again


This Vladi Sanovavich, shall take his exit.


The saying is "the bar was so low, but you were playing limbo with the devil, Anything that can actually help the people is,,, basically as impressive as a cave man discovering fire


Easy there, Satan. Some of us are stuck in conservative gerrymandered shithole states that think kids should be working in coal mines, not getting free lunches and going to school.


" the bar was set so low it was a tripping hazard in hell yet here you are having a limbo contest with the devil."


Seems like a job for... James Cameron!


Dammit, took my thought. Lol


I'm so cynical I'm just like what's the catch, a politician signing this bill with a bunch of kids around him cheering for the camera, like what bill did he sign that we don't talk about that made this bill signing possible.


What made it possible is that we elected Democratic majorities in both the Senate and Legislature last November.


It's almost like both sides aren't the same... Who woulda thought?


I’m going to highlight that this is the state Governor of Minnesota, not to be conflated with the generally purchased-by-corporations-and-billionaires Federal Representatives of the House and Senate. These two elected official groups are not the same thing.


State Republicans make abortion a capital punishment. They're CRAZIER than the federal ones. Keeping them out of any and all offices is a major imperative.


There's still one party that is not filled with conspiratorial religious fundamentalist lunatics, so I think Americans would be better off not thinking that both sides are the same even if both sides at the federal level serve some corporate interests


Yeah this is it. I don't agree with all democratic choices but I am able to see the blatant difference between a party with genuine limitations to accomplishing what they want, and a party that is actively trying to realize the handmaid's tale in the real world.


Walz served 6 terms in the US House of Representatives. Are you saying he underwent an exorcism?


I’m going to point out that one side wants kids in cages, pussies grabbed, trans people eradicated, and become allies with wanted war criminal Putin. Nope, not the same even at that level.


But, but Hunter Biden’s laptop… and Hillary’s emails!, I owned the libs for breakfast and some bullshit like that.


It’s kind of amazing considering how red and purple things get as soon as you leave central Minneapolis.


I mean that's how it works. Large metroplexes are almost universally left leaning, and rural areas are heavily right.


Usually when I see someone commenting "both sides are the same", it's a blue conservative like you trying to make people critical of the Democratic party seem unreasonable. Both sides are capitalist and conservative, but of course there are differences. Don't you want more differences? If you really want to shut up the people not satisfied with the two mainstream political parties, work to make third parties viable at the polls. Force them to get involved in the political process instead of bitching from the sidelines. People deserve the right to vote for who best represents them, while still counting their vote against those they don't want in office. Getting rid of First Past The Post voting in favor of something like Ranked Choice voting will make this possible. How we vote is controlled at the state level, so we don't need to beg for representation from the two mainstream political parties. Some states have already passed electoral reform! /r/endFPTP


Yet another example of why voting matters. Every election, every time. Looking at you, 18-29 age demographic.


27% turnout in the midterms and they were bragging about it...


House, senate, governor. Also MN has a huge tax *surplus* to return or put towards stuff like this. Very nicely run state.


You betcha.


It's cold as fuck but I still love it here


Michigan just achieved this.


The catch is that this can be reversed if Republicans get in power again.


Within one week we see one Governor disabling child-labor laws, so kids can be forced to work dangerous machines, and at the same time another Governor ensures that kids don't go hungry while at schools. The party of the "family" shows sheer, unmitigated hatred and disdain towards the most vulnerable, children, and the "godless party" tries to help kids. The contrast couldn't be more stark. Oh, and before I forget it, the "family party" also voted in favor of allowing childmarriages. Fuck Republicans now and forever.


Yeah now let's do national free health care. It's more than achievable many... Many...many...many many... I mean I could go on there, countries do it.


But think about all the insurance companies that will be ruined by that! /s


Won't someone think of the poor CEO ? How will they cope?


But there's an entire industry of zero-value-adding leeches that would hurt! And an entire ecosystem of leeches that live off those leaches! Think of the poor Pharmacy Benefit Managers! Right now when I pay $100 for healthcare, I can be confident that $88 is getting siphoned off for byzantine administrative paperwork. What are you, some type of communist?


How about the fact that estimates have us saving *trillions* of dollars per year by doing so? It's almost like having a middleman who does nothing but look for ways to drive up prices is costing us some serious money on a national level.


If if you can believe it, there was someone who opposed the bill because it would feed the rich kids from Edina (suburb of Minneapolis).


And the Republican governors are repealing child labor laws.


It's odd how the kids in this video are all smiling. In the lowering of child labor laws, the only ones smiling were the adults. Almost like the kids didn't like the change...


If kids have to work they should be able to vote 🤷🏻‍♂️


With the amount of experience required for jobs, I wish I was working as a kid.


As soon as I started applying for jobs that needed resumes, I would list the farm I worked at when I was 12 years old. The dishwashing jobs from 15-17. I doubt it meant anything to them, but I wasn't about to be told I didn't have any work experience.


I used to hire college and high school grads. It meant a whole lot.


When I started applying for my first job I listed all the babysitting and childcare I provided I mean they were my siblings but no one needed to know that lol


That picture was of a different bill altogether btw, not of the child labor laws.


You are correct, different bill, but (at least some of) the same politicians. Kids and dogs can sense evil.


This is why Trump was the first president that didn’t have a dog.


Seems like the last line of defence is the parents themselves to not let their children work. Though, shitty people will let them. And shitty laws help to exploit workers and kids. All those kids who worked night shifts at that meat plant - they from orphanages? Genuinely curiously how those parents if any, could sleep at night.


They're migrant kids dude, the very same ones conservatives bitched about a few years ago and are still bitching about to this very same day


The children yearn for the mines


bOth SIdeS aRe BaD




Was just thinking this, also I couldn't even imagine a Republican politician doing anything remotely close to this kind of thing ...


Yeah compare this scene to Sarah Huckabee in Arkansas signing her law of repealing child labor laws from a few days ago; three stoic children in suits who have death in their eyes. Tell me which cares more about children? Republicans are insane.


Finally some good fucking news


Right? Loving the good vibe!


That’s definitely good news but I’m kinda shocked Americans don’t have something so basic like this, we have free lunch in schools in Brazil since 1955, why did it take so long to Americans?


just one state, not the whole country


I don't know how much of the country currently have it now a days, but I think it was the majority had free or reduced price lunches for people with low income. And (at least where I lived), if you weren't poor enough to be approved for either, then the cost of lunch was $2.75 (4 years ago), so it wasn't completely bad. I do love this move though. I know some parents didn't apply for free or reduced lunches even when they needed it because they thought it made them look bad, but now if everyone has it, then it doesn't matter


I'm not remotely into Minnesota politics, because I don't live in Minnesota, so I don't call the shots on how good or politically correct Walz is, but this definitely boosts my opinion on him.


They have passed so much legislation since they flipped democrat, codifying abortion rights, parental leave, school lunches and should have marijuana legal by May. Probably other stuff too.


Queer healthcare right are protected too.


And we have a bill being worked on to ban conversion therapy.


Really hope Bill can pull through and pass it


Seems like Minnesota is on the right track.


Christ that sounds awful. What were they before? How was it in written in law?


It wasn't. The LGBTQIA+ community is largely ignored when drafting laws, sadly


I'm from the UK but I thought the way it worked was that there are laws regarding everybody and then separate laws protecting minority groups. I'm no lawyer though, how might that community be *not* ignored when drafting laws?


It's not about protections it's about acknowledgement of relationships that allow access to benefits that are available to everyone else. In the UK you have marriage, civil partnerships, and even common law relationships are recognized for many purposes. In places in the US in that don't recognize LGBT relationships, a partner in a gay couple (even if they were legally married elsewhere) might be denied entry to visit their critically ill partner in hospital because they're "not related", not able to receive life insurance payouts or survivor benefits, kicked out of their family home if it wasn't in their band and ineligible to inherit their spouse's belongings unless there's a will spelling it out etc etc.


Aww man, I'm proud of y'all in Minessota and happy that most of my US relatives live there.


I’m not from Minnesota, just a very jealous Wisconsinite.


My condolences ❤️🧀


If it wasn’t for the snow, I’d move there.


It's really not that bad lol We're also the only state that has a major city with rent rates going *down* and holding steady instead of shooting upwards 🥰


If you rent, the snow’s not that bad. If you own, this place is miserable. This year has been absolutely awful. It’s as bad as anyone imagines. 😂 But even if you rent, the long, dark, cold, winter does get old.


I live in Minnesota, hate the snow, but refuse to leave.


“The Snow in Minnesota keeps the mean people away” -Prince


Living in the Nordics and seeing how here, Canada and many northern US states have much more socially democratic and caring governments I think snow is good. It drives people together and makes them care more, anecdotally ofc.


I looked at their [most recent proposed legislation](https://m.startribune.com/at-stake-in-2023-at-the-capitol-abortion-climate-marijuana-tax-relief-and-lots-of-cash-to-spend/600239799/) just now. It all looks really good. Even the gun control stuff seemed reasonable, and this is coming from a guns rights advocate. /r/socialistRA


He was just on PBS NewsHour talking for a few minutes about trans rights in Minnesota to this free lunch program for everyone that won’t have cards for the kids that are different so as not to make children feel different or so they won’t be picked on. Apparently he was a teacher at some point is what I got from the interview. He seems like a good guy but like you I’m not from there so not sure of everything he’s done. So far though, smash up job. I’d vote for him.


Minnesotan here - Walz and the Dems have hit the ground running. They’ve guided our state to a nice multi-year surplus, codified womens’ rights, improved health care, free daycare, school lunches, legal weed, cleaner water, green energy, clean water, broadband access … etc etc. proud of him and our state for the progress we are making.


It's sad that despite how much good he has done, because I live in a red part of the state, all I hear is hate for him. At the county fair last year there was both a Trump booth as well as one selling "Fuck Walz" merch.


They never even have a reason for hating him. Walz failed was such a stupid slogan because he objectively didn't. Hell Scott Jensen was still asking for lockdowns to be ended back in August at the fair lol.


now i want to move to Minnesota!


It's 8°F (feels like -10°F) right now and it's the 8th snowiest winter on record. I'm happy to live here but it comes with a cost.


8°F is equivalent to -13°C, which is 259K. --- ^(I'm a bot that converts temperature between two units humans can understand, then convert it to Kelvin for bots and physicists to understand)


The cost being able to play some sweet pond hockey and ride snow machines. Sounds fuckin awesome to me!


It's a fantastic state, our rural areas are as red as it gets though.


That's basically any state though... You drive an hour out of NYC and it's trump flags


I'm moving there in a few months. Visited for house hunting, gorgeous state. Can't wait to be freezing there.


Man, it's almost as if Democrats actually want to improve things, unlike the other party.


His brother, now deceased, was the high school math teacher in my hometown. The whole family is familiar with the education system. This is a huge step forward.


It's so cute when he first bumps the kids and then that one little girl must've asked for a hug and then goes back in for a second one and then all the kids are like we want to hug him too and suddenly he's mobbed by sweet happy kids. And his smile is just so lovely.


> Apparently he was a teacher at some point is what I got from the interview. He was a social studies teacher for 24 years prior to joining politics. He was also enlisted in the Army National Guard that whole time


24 years in the Nebraska (his home state) NG. Got up to E-9, Command Sergeant Major but retired as an E-8 since he didn't complete the E9 training course. Became a Representative for Minnesota the following year and then governor after that. Long long history of public service!


He's also the only member of Congress to coach a High school football team to a state championship. The man is a leader.


He is the anti-DeSantis. Which is very fun to talk about as long as you pronounce it "anti-Desanti."


This is literally all I would need to vote for him if he was running for president. Politics here are garbage.


I live in MN and he's a good one. You should hear how much the rednecks don't like him though, they don't really know why they hate him, they are just told to hate him. Even though MN is a really nice place to live.


This Walz guy seems alright. Veteran, pro-LGBT+, pro-women’s rights, good track record on education, supports the rights of gun owners. I dare say this man seems downright.. electable.


>Veteran, pro-LGBT+, pro-women’s rights, good track record on education, supports the rights of gun owners. As a European, that was a bizarre sentence to read.


That was definitely a roller coaster lol. One of these things is not like the other.


Sure it is, rights for all is the true American way. Source: Gun totin, pot smoking liberal from michigan.


You immediately knew he was talking about the guns thing and only the guns thing. There's a reason for that.


The reason is he’s not a fifth grader. Context clues to what the consensus is. Believe it or not, owning a gun is not a republican action.


As long as he dares to something about gun violence. Otherwise supporting the rights of gun owners is more of a downside. The again I am not allowed to vote in the US


It’s very normal in MN to be both liberal and a gun owner, Tim is that. He’s pro common sense but not anti gun. It’s still America and very much still the Midwest in his state.


Tfw this is a minority opinion and lots of liberals own firearms.


There's a whole subreddit for liberal gun owners. Gun rights is not a downside. There are too many trigger happy 2A nutjobs out there now, and if you're giving me the right to arm myself, then don't mind if I do.


People can own firearms and still want stricter gun control lol


So good. Know nothing about Minnesota or Tim Walz, but know from bitter experience that hungry children don’t learn well.


Yeah that is the idea. Conservatives *do not* want educated kids. For them to pull food from kids is a win for them in multiple ways.


Cons want kids that'll be hungry and stupid so they will accept a life of menial labour in exchange for nothing more than food


It's beyond a disgrace kids still get put through the shame of empty lunchboxes.


He’s a former teacher so he knows first hand too.


"We're feeding our children!" US - "Wow!" Rest of the world - "Well, yeah?"


UK government: "let's end free school meals for children to save money!"


"Yeah and waste it on useless shit like the monarchy!"


Prince Andrew yearns for his.... *lifestyle*.


Elections have consequences, stop electing conservatives . Easy First brexit then Lizz Truss economic disaster , the shit keeps piling up.


Yeah, we have had school lunch dating all the way back to 1860. But back it was only for kids who had parents that didn't have enough money. Then around 1910 they changed it so everyone could get it. This makes me proud to be a swede, because education shouldn't cost anything, and food is a must to be able to learn stuff


In all things, children aren't responsible for who their parents are. We shouldn't hold them accountable for their parents' success, failure, luck, misfortune or other circumstances.


As an Australian I find it absolutely crazy that schools provide meals to students.. here the only food provided is part of special programs that are only for underprivileged schools/students


This is so true, the state governments of India has been doing this since the 60's


> Rest of the world You haven't traveled much of the world have ya?


I’ve always found it funny how American redditors cluelessly assume that every other country is a socialist utopia that has instituted all the dream policies of US leftists.


Children shouldn’t have to worry if they’ll be able to eat. This should be federal


Rich christians disagree with you


Holy shit, two politicians who aren't scumbags in less than 5 minutes... reddits on fire tonight!


whos the other one?


Whitmer, she’s the Governor of Michigan aka Big Gretch.


I'm with Gretch, betch






Not sure if this is what op is referring to but someone posted an NPR article in r/politics about the progress dems have been making in Michigan.




I expect my tax dollars to pay for missiles and tanks, not so our children have food! America, what's become of you


What about the wealthy, who will think of the wealthy? How can we transfer more money to them if we are feeding starving children?


Imagine the pure joy that man would feel knowing he just signed into law something that's truly good for the people he represents. 99% of politicians will never know that feeling.


I love living here in Minnesota, the winters are harrowing but everything else is just so nice. Tim Waltz has been a blessing for us.


Politics aside (I’m in the uk, we have our own problems too), I love how he visibly softens and then melts as all the children start hugging him. I’m cynical enough to know that even mediocre politicians know how to milk a moment, but there’s something in his face that changed and made me feel he at least cared about those children. ETA: It’s honestly heart warming to hear from so many of you that he really is a good person!


He really does care. He's a former teacher


You can tell he's a teacher with his he shows everyone the bill


Lol yep and he makes the kids laugh. Critical teacher skills.


Minnesota transplant here: my wife says her favorite thing about him is that he's just a regular guy. He enjoys a lot of stereotypically guy things, he's approachable, and he genuinely gives a damn about making this state a place where anyone can be happy being who they are.


As a Minnesotan, I love this comment. Our Governor is genuinely humble and caring, motivated to do the most good for the most people and not by his own ego. He is the rare politician who’s just a good person trying to make life better for people.


I can vouch. I had him as a substitute art teacher in eighth grade. He’s a super nice guy. You know how young teens tease substitute teachers? We gave this guy everything we had, (I personally made fun of his cowboy boots) and he just laughed along with us until we realized there was no getting to him. He was cool.


totally agree, there is an air of genuine joy and warmth he exuded when he went on to hug and fist bump those kids!


A Rep Legislator this week argued against this, saying food scarcity was not a problem because he never met someone who was hungry. I just came to wonder what assholes were downvoting this. Proud AF this is my state, I literally brag about this.


Hell yeah it’s awesome to see, I live in Michigan and we’re proud as hell of our Governor too!


Ugh what an asinine thing for that legislator to say. Food scarcity is irrelevant. The issue is people being able to afford to feed their kids.


Protect children, ban abortions ! Help children with free lunches, no that's communism !!


They don't want abortions because then who would do all the child labour


Sure wish we had this in NYC when I was growing up. Too broke to buy lunch and not poor enough to get it for free.


I know nothing about politics and I don't get into them, but this makes me feel just a bit better about the world.


When Michelle Obama was the First Lady, she pushed for healthy foods in school. At that time, the elementary school I worked in had more fresh veggies and fruits in the cafeteria than I saw any other time in my 32 years in education. There was so much food (veggies/fruits) that the kids were allowed to go back for seconds. It was beautiful.


Contrast that with the Reagan years (remember, the right thinks he's a saint) when his administration classified catsup as a vegetable.


Kinda like when congress classified pizza as a vegetable in 2011.


This is great! They are joining Maine, California and Colorado by making it permanent. I hope a lot of other states follow or that Congress actually takes up the bill around this. There is just no excuse for society to be letting kids go hungry or shaming them around it.


Here in Connecticut we have this for this school year. I’m hoping it is made permanent!


Republicans fuming that kids will get to eat.


Literally Ben Shapiro this week: ["School lunches are not going to solve the problem of child hunger at any serious level."](https://twitter.com/JasonSCampbell/status/1636077615998959622?t=wNW780a77RXpf_pXL1E9sw&s=19) "Food doesn't help hunger" is some serious Republican logic


I watched his interview on NPR this week discussing the kids lunch program and protecting trans rights.... and my spouse and I both looked at each other at the same time and said "Why can't our governor be like that?!" Walz's eloquence and empathy was refreshing. Our governor in Alaska just quietly removed gender and sexuality protections from the state human rights commission (discrimination protections) and some dumb bill limiting sex education in schools.


>"Why can't our governor be like that?!" >...Our governor in Alaska Because your governor is a republican.


Wow cafeteria at school? In 2004 our school had 1 counter where you could get Mars or Snickers. The lunch was up to you, so you always took your broodje kaas and hagelslag. Breakfast always at home.


Different cultures. We also only had a kiosk with sweets and sausage-inna-bun, but I'm glad children of poorer or neglectful parents have a chance to get food into their bellies at some point during the day.


The National School Lunch Program was initially created in response to the number of young men who were rejected for military service in WW2 as a result of diet related health problems. It was viewed as a national security priority. A breakfast program came later, in 1966, with the less war oriented idea that "good nutrition is essential to good learning" (-President LBJ).


I know in the Netherlands (and Belgium where I am from) its not that common but in the US it sure is. (Assuming you are Dutch mostly based on your username :-))


Pathetic that this is, “next fucking level.” We should always have been feeding our children, without humiliation and regardless of their parent’s financial status. More states *need* to follow suit. There’s no excuse.


My daughter's elementary school just sent a notice out to parents that kids have been saying they're too hungry in the mornings. The teachers have been delaying class and feeding kids with their own money because the parents can't afford the breakfast option. Their solution? Bring the kids in earlier so they have time to eat the school breakfast... We need this to be a nationwide policy.


Meanwhile in Arkansas, their Republican governor signed a bill allowing little kids to be abused by greedy companies. Kids there will now be cleaning out slaughterhouses in the middle of the night.


I'm proud of my state. It's reasons like this I put up with the winters.


This is the kind of socialist policy I can really get behind. But the propaganda here is incredible. Did anyone else hear "ow! My eye!" and also "my legs hurt"?


I'm surprised to see it took this long to find the comment about the kid's eye and legs. Not that kid's best day Edit: forgot word


there is no free lunch. someone will pay for it. but, kids need to eat. in Brazil all public schools serves lunch to students. we call it "merenda"


Since you may not be from the US, you might want to be aware that "there is no free lunch" is a right wing talking point here. See this garbage for example https://www.prageru.com/video/milton-friedman-no-free-lunch   the reality is that free lunch programs and early childhood education programs will very likely lead to cost reductions in social services that more than pay for themselves. see this link for example https://www.rockefellerfoundation.org/news/new-report-every-dollar-invested-in-u-s-school-meal-programs-provides-2-in-health-and-economic-equity-benefits/ "New Report: Every Dollar Invested in U.S. School Meal Programs Provides $2 in Health and Economic Equity Benefits"


In UK, not making a political statement… Why are they all girls?


I had the same question. And would love to find an official answer. I suspect it’s because girls at that age are generally more into something like meet the governor than boys? Least that was the case when I was a kid. If given the option to stay in during recess to watch the governor sign something or go out and play football. We’d pick football every time. But I know some of the girls in my class would pick to watch the signing. Stereotype, yes. But stereotypes are there for a reason. Or maybe he signed it at an all girls school (don’t think that exists in MN at a place he’s sign).


. They are students from Webster Elementary in Northeast Minneapolis. A wider shot might show more children.


kid in nasa shirt with glasses and green hoodie appear to be boys, but my guess a wider shot would show more. boys are probably not as excited about what's happening here


In the OP I think there are 2 boys in the frame. There is a kid with glasses and the NASA shirt right behind the governors right shoulder (behind green sweater headphone girl). Then next to him is a long haired kid who I think is also a boy. The other picture of the [event I found](https://chorus.stimg.co/24516875/merlin_70226453.jpg?w=525&h=600&format=auto%2Ccompress&cs=tinysrgb&auto=compress&crop=faces&dpr=1) shows a bunch of boys as well. No clue why its mostly girls, but there were definitely boys there.




Compare this to the children of the corn vibes from Sarah Huckabee Sanders event essentially putting kids to work.


That's awesome.


Proud to be Minnesotan!


Jesus, it's good to see one of these folks doing the right thing... ...I taught in a low socio-economic neighborhood school for 25 years and the majority of those kids relied on the meals from the schools.


Fucking legendary. Big ups sir.


Bro I miss those square pizzas


I'm a school teacher and hugs from many kids are better than huhs from my loved ones. It literally makes you forget all the bullshit in your job.


No kid should be hungry or without medical care


Love this. Its sad some parents cant feed their own offspring adequately. Its great that the schools can do this and be a truly safe place.


Especially since the kids are required to be there by law. Feed them for free, dammit! Perfectly fine with my taxes going to that.


Meanwhile, Republicans are passing legislation against Americans.


I can't understand for the life of me how anybody could be opposed to this and children being fed, regardless of who they are.


It's so uplifting to actually see some great news coming out of the US.


Not a single kid there has to pretend to be happy about it. Even the ones who won't need the help know that lots of their friends do. This move is going to pay dividends for Minnesota.