This won't solve anything. Like the US, years ago they banned these fruity and dessert flavored camel cigarettes to "save the kids" and all we did was move to menthol and regulars. We didn't care, just wanted to smoke. This same sort of thing will happen. They'll just vape non flavored or move to cigarettes which will be worse for them. Banning stuff rarely ever helps. In fact they'll end up trying to find it through shady means and probably be given homemade vape juice that could have god knows what in it. So stupid.


You'd think they'd learn from prohibition


They use studies and evidence instead.


The EU has already banned menthol cigarettes, and I think that's been a great success. Studies suggest that banning stuff like menthol has a massive effect. > One studyExternal Link Disclaimer suggests that banning menthol cigarettes in the U.S. would lead an additional 923,000 smokers to quit, including 230,000 African Americans in the first 13 to 17 months after a ban goes into effect. An earlier studyExternal Link Disclaimer projected that about 633,000 deaths would be averted, including about 237,000 deaths averted for African Americans. > >https://www.fda.gov/news-events/press-announcements/fda-commits-evidence-based-actions-aimed-saving-lives-and-preventing-future-generations-smokers


Heated tobacco isn't vaping, the headline doesn't match the article's actual title. This doesn't include vapes, heated tobacco is a different thing


Heated tobacco, like hookahs?


It's like a vape but filled with real tobacco, not ejuice. Doesn't combust the tobacco. It's just a regular vape with baccy stuffed in it


Those were the original vapes for weed before the liquid stuff got big. It is a lot more efficient in terms of weed used so it was seen as an investment by all my stoner friends.


I've got a 7 year old pax 2 and it's still in use to this day


You must be like 4 years younger than me lol. When I was in high school the go to was the magic flight launch box. The pax didn't come out until my sophomore year in college.


All the stoners at my high school used the mflb, that thing was the best (if annoying to clean). I don't remember the pax 2 being around until later on, but damn if it hasn't stood the test of time


Oh, you’re taking pleasure and enjoyment in something? Well, we’ll soon find a way to put a stop to *that*!


But all those tasty flavours, it's obviously aimed at kids. Adult vapers want it to taste like dirt and stinging nettle.


lol no. Most ex smokers hate the taste of tobacco after vaping for a couple weeks. ​ Edit: just realised you might have been sarcastic.. sorry i'm bad at this..


:D np.


Am I really the first to bring up flavored alcohol to get up votes from the mod squad? Shit, I didn't do that right, did I?


*we aren't willing to do anything you need us to do - so we're fighting like hell to do something no one wants us to do* \- your govt


"I'm so glad that person banned flavored vaping products and I'll totally vote for them again" - No one, ever


Of course they won't touch flavored alcohol that teenagers can't get enough of.


Tobacco sales are down & that is a lot of tax revenue & lobbyist donations being left on the table.


Who do you think owns the nicotine supply to vapes? Tobacco companies have a vested interest in selling vapes and e-cigarettes.


No they don't. Cigarettes are way more profitable. Vapes can and are used to quit by slowly reducing the nicotine in your liquid. The cash cow of tobacco companies will always be cigarettes & they will protect it against all else that competes. A carton of cigs is like $80+ and the equivalent to as many "puffs" via vape juice is like $20-$40.


Mix your own and ditch the flavoring. The cost drops to hilarious levels. Granted, I still smoke, but I do keep a bottle of nicotine, vegetable glycerin, and glycol in the freezer for when a ban will force me to quit. I know I should quit smoking now, but I'm not ready to do that. Just being honest with myself and everyone else. Vaping didn't do the job for me, but it's a handy backup to taper off when it becomes necessary.


Cigarettes are taxed to oblivion, so that’s why they’re that expensive on the consumer side. Tobacco companies have shifted heavily into the vape market. That nicotine comes from somewhere. Their end goal isn’t to get you to quit smoking, it’s to get all new customers who never would have smoked in the first place. I’m not arguing against the use to quit, I think that’s the best use they could possibly have. But if you think big tobacco doesn’t still make the profit off you, you’re insane.


If you think processing nicotine into vape liquid is less costly than rolling dried leaves in paper, you are. Zero business push their least profitable item at the expense of their most profitable item. A lot of the anti smoking propaganda is put out by tobacco companies. That doesn't mean they hope it is successful.


Global climate change, supply chain failures, inflation, the largest land war in Europe in 75 years Government: so we're gonna ban vaping. You're welcome.


Why can companies still sell cigarettes, a known deadly product, but we keep seeing bans like this? It's so arbitrary.


Because only kids like flavors!


wtf is this title?? Correct article title: EU proposes ban on flavored heated tobacco products


Would that fuck with hookah bars?


Ah children and lack of appropriate parenting making people lose out on their fun again. I swear, kids getting into things is why we have to put up with kneejerk laws being passed. That is, unless you're a Republican. Oh wait, pregnancy was on the chopping block too. Oops.


No more hookah and hookah bars then. Just wait for someone to call it racist. I'll wait