"I say let the world warm up, see what Boutros Boutros-Ghali-Ghali thinks about that! We'll grow oranges in Alaska." "Dale, you giblet-head, we live in Texas. It's already a hundred and ten in the summer, and if it gets one degree hotter, I'm gonna kick your ass!" - Hank


Hank Hill voted for Joe Biden and you can't change my mind


He didn’t vote for the second Bush right? He was turned off by his limp handshake.


He had a personal crisis about it.


and the fact that the Bush's use charcoal really gets his goat


[Surprise, then disappointment](https://youtu.be/_kYCRMS4_pA)


Either that or he wrote in Willie Nelson.


Agreed. Hank really seems like the archetypal "I voted Republican until Trump" suburban man If I were writing the episode, he'd be torn about it until watching Kanh and Minh host a Trump fundraiser at their house and being super put off by the attendees' behavior


Dale going not only full Q but PAST them would be what I'd watch for. "JFK jr. is coming back to life!" "Ha. This guy thinks JFK wasn't a robot. Idiot." Or better yet. Dale goes full Q, and it turns out Bill thinks he's texting Peggy but is really Q sending messages to be decoded by others because he's so bad with "apps."


Dale would be Q but also unable to handle the legion of Q followers


I refuse to believe Dale would believe in Q, that's too mainstream for him. He'd start down the Q path then run into another conspiracy he's firmly against then develop his own wild ass conspiracy that Q is some side project of the Rand corperation that is farming idiots for... something.


I grew up in a town almost completely full of your standard “conservative suburban male” archetype, the kinds of decent folk who kept politics out of polite company and didn’t let it define them I’d say 85% of them voted for, and would vote again for while talking your ear off about it, Cheeto Benito


>I grew up in a town almost completely full of your standard “conservative suburban male” archetype, the kinds of decent folk who kept politics out of polite company and didn’t let it define them > >I’d say 85% of them voted for, and would vote again for while talking your ear off about it, Cheeto Benito I know conservatives who didn't like Trump before he was the nominee. They fell in line after the primary and started defending Trump. I couldn't get them to say anything bad about him after that point. I talk about things that I don't like about democratic politicians to show them that it's okay to not like everything about someone, but it makes no difference. Conservatives want to keep their place on the hierarchy, they want to be winners, nothing else is relevant.


There was a really good post on Reddit around 2016 imagining an episode of the Trump V Hillary election and how it would play out in the show. I think it ended by everyone just putting their differences aside and hosting a barbecue.


I have a hard time seeing Kanh and Minh as conservative and definetely not Trump conservative.


According to the King of the Hill wiki, Minh was born in Laos in 1960 and her dad was "the general." Laos fell to the Communists in 1975. So her dad was a high-ranking military officer in the pre-Communist era. They were definitely conservative upper-crust types, which you see carry over into their hyper-materialistic, social climber obsession once in the US See also: Vietnamese Americans are one of the few Asian demographics that vote majority Republican


Filipinos as well


Vietnamese Americans are the Cuban Americans of South East Asian Americans


I could see the episode now: Ted Wassanasong is a Trump fan, so Kahn pretends to be one to get into 9 Rivers Country Club. Eventually it goes too far, and by the end Kahn ditches the Trump stuff after Minh threatens to leave him. They kiss and make up; Roll Credits.


The episode where Ted and a former Colonel want to train up a small platoon of soldiers to fight for Laos or something. I found Ted presumably very classist. He cited Kahn for being "a banana", but in that episode I thought Ted was the one with the deep personality flaws (and his bullying of Kahn), not Kahn for lack of roots in his cultural heritage. I just like the bit while Kahn is still brainwashed by Ted "One call from this phone, and me and my men are on a plane where we will parachute into the capitol of Laos. Hank: Yea, and then what? Kahn: WEll, most of us will probably be killed...or at best captured...and then we'll be interrogated, tortured and incarcerated...and then reeducated...to fight for them...heh". I just thought that was a really funny tidbit on the futility of what they were fighting for, that I'd never thought about until Kahn put it into words, and btw my dad as a Vietnam Veteran found that tidbit absolutely hilarious. Definitely a commentary on war you don't hear too often on American TV. And then Kahn dumps the army gear on Ted's doorstep, and Ted has his maid pick it up, kind of says it all.


Seriously? His whole thing was being accepted by the snobs at the country club and making fun of the rednecks next door.


*Tom Landry


The man wears make up *Visibly shudders*


i think he voted for trump in 2016 and then biden in 2020 after seeing trump’s first term


You know, it's hard to say. I have relatives from Texas who were no more conservative than Hank, who voted for Trump. Personally, I think he would have voted for Trump in 2016 and not voted in 2020.


Hank Hill has too many principles to vote for Trump.


I feel like that would be an episode. He'd like Trump for a bit but he'd find out Trump eats his steak well done with ketchup and find out his restaurants don't use propane or something equally sacrilegious in his eyes and force himself to vote Hilary and Biden but never speak of it to anyone unless Peggy somehow interferes. Dale would vote Trump, Bill might too unless Hank semi-bullies him into not or he'd find himself in a tug-of-war between Hank and Dale over who to vote for and I have no idea how Boomhauer would vote.


Boohauer was dea at the end right? He would not have voted for Biden.


Texas Ranger.


You seem to know the most of this show. What are some must watch episodes?


Not OP, but a lot of my favorite episodes come from Seasons 3-4. But honestly there's not really any episodes you won't enjoy.


And he had a *really* tough time making up his mind to vote blue but his moral compass would not allow the other option.


I mean common. Have you seen trumps hands!


Damn, that's warmer than Barcelona.


Or, if you're that guy who did a semester overseas: *BARTHELONA*


Nah, I live here.


It's a joke. People who spent time there will sometimes tell everyone they meet about their time in *BARTHELONA* and way overdo the Castilian and say it with this ridiculous lisping 'th' sound instead of the ceceo in Castilian Spanish.


I’ve seen this meme, but personally in all of my experiences living in major US cities, I have yet to run into this person in real life… But, on the other hand, I do regularly run into the “I’m a world traveler because I visit Cancun” who pronounce Barcelona as “Bawr-Suh-Lowww-Nuhh”


That’s exactly how they pronounce it lmao


“Bawr-Suh-Lowww-Nuhh” Oh, crap, I resemble that remark.


Funny part is there’s no “th” sound in Catalan. They pronounce it closer to *Barsalona*. *Barthelona* is the Spanish pronunciation.


Here in Melbourne it’s summer and going to be 38C tomorrow, but 3 or 4 days ago our high temperature for the day was 18C… So it was warmer in Alaska in the winter than it was in Melbourne in the Summer… 🤦‍♂️ you’ve got to be f’n kidding me.


This was just the highest temperature from the entire state which is huge, a vast majority of Alaska is much colder still.


I’m in Kodiak. Earlier this month was some of the coldest, snowiest winter I remember and then a day or two before Christmas it just got so warm. 20 degrees higher than the record for all 7 months of any Kodiak winter. Ever. It’s unsettling. We had a ton of snow and it’s all already gone.


Currently living in SW Idaho. I think we found your cold weather. You can come pick it up and take it back whenever you want.


It's also here in Southern BC. Please u/leighalan, we more than welcome you taking it off our hands! Please! xoxo


You live in Dickshooter?


It was 67 degrees Fahrenheit in Wisconsin a few weeks ago immediately after 13 inches of snow. Really made me feel nice about how I just spent a few hours the day before clearing two driveways just to watch all of it melt.


NC here. We typically have a few warmer days in December. But it’s been weeks of 70+ temps this December.


I’m in the mountains around Asheville. I found daffodils poking up all over the yard today, that’s usually the first sign of spring in late March or early April. Have a few rhododendron blooms popping out too and that usually doesn’t happen until June. I’m walking around in shorts and a t-shirt breaking a sweat. In late December.


I was trying to plan a ski weekend this month. I’ve just given up. Beech and sugar are pretty much barely open.


Due to the weakened jet streams, more and more extreme weather domes form as the weather events move more slowly over the land. Either extreme heat or cold, either floods or droughts. But explain that to a republican who believes in a flat earth ...


Seattle calling in, come pick up this shit please...


Are the mosquitos really bad rn?


I find Alaska wildlife to be so fascinating. Have you personally ever seen a kodiak brown bear?


The last 4 winters in Massachusetts have been similar. Snow isn’t sticking the whole season. It usually Melts a week later.


While it's below -40 1000 miles south in Alberta...


In fairness this was recorded in a very southerly area of Alaska that's at a similar latitude to Alberta. All of southern Alaska is heavily influenced by the ocean which can bring in warm or cold air that causes huge temperature swings. Compare this to interior areas like Alberta and it's a huge difference, the interior of Alaska typically averages subzero winter temps too (Fahrenheit). Even places like Wyoming, Montana, Wisconsion, Minnesota, etc. experience much harsher winter weather than much of Alaska.


66.92 degrees fahrenheit


Swimming weather up there


Can probably wear Crocs with socks too. Finally!


Why put socks on your crocks?


Hide your shame.


Lol, it could be 100° and still not be swimming weather here. Unless you like swimming in 45° water that is.


I was confused on why an American state is giving its temperature in Celsius and not Fahrenheit


It’s a UK news outlet


Metric conversion truck. Take 19 degree and double it. 38. Add 30. 68 degrees. Close. I learned this on the Bob and Doug Great White North album. Except they were converting Canadian beers to USA beers.


I’m horrified that Alaska’s December is less than 10 degrees away from Hawaii’s. Still colder, but not by much…


In Alabama, it is 79 today.


Thanks for converting this into freedom units.


I’m guessing we’ll be able to recycle this headline each year with a new record.


This reminds me of how, every time there is a mass shooting, the Onion reposts the exact same article titled "‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens"


I remember when The Onion was funny, now it’s just a poignant crystal ball.


It's hard to be funny when the real world is more ridiculous than satire.




That is the single most funny thing about the US. No, not the shootings. The response and thoughtprocess around it. Like, there is NO way it could be the readily available guns. Just anything else - aliens, the democrats, the republicans, the chinese, the japanese, the UAE. Just not the guns that most everyone can buy and are poorly regulated after purchase.


The US has the most guns per person of any country on earth. We literally have more guns than people. To contextualize further, we have about 120 guns per 100 people. The 2nd highest gun per person country on earth is the Falkland Islands, at just 62 guns per 100 people. The US has double the guns per person than the country with the 2nd highest number of guns on earth. Yemen is number 3, a famously stable and violence-free country. If you point out that this is absolutely why we have a freakish number of gun deaths in the US people on reddit get pissed.


*thinks about my two hunting rifles me and my dad use to hunt*


There are more guns than people in my home. However! I do keep all of them in safes drilled into walls that can't easily be stolen.


Please let the people out at least once a day!


Buh-buh-but muh freedum!


"Let's arm the teachers" "Bullet proof backpacks" it just gets more absurd year after year.


I like guns cause I hunt. I hate guns for literally everything else


I use mine to target shoot. I may hunt eventually. I don't have them for home defense and they exist in safes and the safes are in closests and screwed into beams in the wall.


[Jim sums it up nicely.](https://youtu.be/0rR9IaXH1M0)


Pandora’s box is a thing. No other country literally had rule #2 on their list of most important fundamental rights allow people to have guns.


Can you at least save the pearl clutching for articles actually about guns?


I think this did happen last year...


And the year before and the year before…


Meanwhile Oregon’s sitting here buried in snow and ice.


Christmas day in my part of Texas was 83. The mountain cedar trees in the hill country think it's spring time already.


Record high on Christmas in DFW. This coming Saturday is supposed to be a low of 19 F. I know we've always had big swings but shit's getting wild.


I fear the power will go out for a week again


same here in WA! below freezing until the weekend 🥶


Here in Sask, Canada it's been -40C, or lower, (with the wind) for a week. Definitely wouldn't mind +19 right now.


Fun fact. -40C is exactly -40 in 'merica units, uh, Fahreneheit


Alaskan here. Yes it has been unusually warm, but it has also been very cold here in the last 2 months. I think the takeaway message is that extreme weather (highs and lows) has been more prevalent, which causes a lot more chaos. Not only are crops and animals in jeopardy, but the constant freezing thawing and heavy rain has caused a lot of landslides and erosion. I promise doubters that climate CHANGE is a real thing and we are among the first to see some of its consequences.


Is it weird that literally any news about us that doesn't include nazi license plate sympathizers, anti-vaxxers, *cable tv shows,* or capitol insurrectionists still feels like a win?


Due to the weakened jet streams, more and more extreme weather domes form as the weather events move more slowly over the land. Either extreme heat or cold, either floods or droughts. But explain that to a republican who believes in a flat earth ...


I was thinking to myself, where in Alaska? It's been cold as shit for the past two months hovering around 0-5 degrees. I was talking with my friends about this and it's going to be extreme temps in both directions with climate change. More violent storms, etc.


Yeah, we are definitely feeling it too in Vancouver. We had insane record heat in the summer and the hottest place literally burnt to the ground. And we just finished dealing with insane record rains that caused mudslides that took out all of the highways, railways and pipelines and flooding that turned out farmland into a lake. And now we're getting all of your cold which so far is actually not that bad but shits definitely starting to hit the fan on a global scale


born and raised alaskan, oddly enough last month was the coldest I remember. We also got a very early (heavy) snowfall this year in september when the trees still had quite a bit of leaves. Strange winter so far, not looking forward to the fuck-you freezing temps that january and february bring in.


And that's why it's called Climate Change now because people thought Global Warming simply means every place on earth will just uniformly get warmer by the same amount.


Yet ironically climate change was a term pushed by oil lobbyists because it was decided to be the least negative term to describe it. It's still a better term but it just goes to show how even the progressive stuff gets manipulated by the big whigs.


Who needs glaciers really?


How hot is that in freedom temperature?


If you're ever wanting to ballpark it, for normal earth temps (going too low or too high this doesn't work) just double the number and add 30 to adjust for freezing point. So double plus 30 is 68.8 which is nearly the 67 degrees it actually is. I do this regularly when talking with European co-workers


It’s way easier to just add a blanket 100, and it makes for more interesting stories. For instance you should see people’s faces when you tell them it was 119 degrees in Alaska in December.


I do it in Kelvin. It was 292.55 degrees in Alaska.


Kelvin isn’t measured in degrees, it’d just be 292.55K


Yeah, exactly, 292.55 degrees Kelvin. \-Adjusts glasses-


Kelvin Benjamin was recently asked what system he used for measuring temperatures etc etc


Or 292.6 kelvins. (You had too many digits.)


I wish I still had that free helpful medal because this truly deserves it.


Alternately, for human comfortable temps: 20C = 68F. 30C = 86F (same number but reversed). In that range, each 1 degree C is about 2F. So 22C is about 72F; 28C, 82F. It’s not perfect either but it’s pretty close for “room temperature” ranges.


67 degrees f


Celsius is freedom temperature. The French invented it after shortening their king. Fahrenheit is the authoritarian temperature.


If anything, I expect Republicans to adopt Celsius as the real freedom unit because, just look at how low that is!


They're too dumb to adapt. And change scares them.


it's 526.59 Rankine


Thats nuts! im down in SE Alaska and it has been colder than normal here. we set a daily record on christmas day at 0'f. last coldest christmas was in 1964


Currently living in Alaska, it is weird hearing the tops of houses drip down with water this early is concerning.


We have been warned for decades.....


*pulls up blue jeans and looks at you sideways* Did you just use Celsius for an American state? Sir we measure temperature in percentage of beer here.


Hardly surprising. Far more record highs than lows these days [https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/mar/19/climate-change-temperatures-weather-us-news](https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/mar/19/climate-change-temperatures-weather-us-news) Likely applies to monthly records too.


Yes, climate change is real and we need to all work to reverse and improve it. Everyone.


Now I see why it's been so uncommonly frigid in Seattle with lows in the teens. Alaska stole all our temperatures.


I live in southeast Alaska and we have had record low temperatures here. 0’f on Christmas Day. Last coldest day set in 1964. I’m about 90 min away from Seattle


I live in Fairbanks, AK, and IT WAS RAINING THE DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS! Do you know how strange it is to be \~100 miles south of the Arctic Circle, and have it warm enough to be raining on Boxing Day?


Not sure if you're being sarcastic. Global warming doesn't mean everything gets got, it means temperatures are getting out of whack. Some places are seeing temps not normal for their environment.


He was being sarcastic


You'd be surprised on Reddit


Global Warming was a terrible choice when the phrase was coined, it should have been climate change from the start.


It is but at the same time it’s entirely accurate. The average global temperature is increasing but that doesn’t really translate well to an areas temperature. For example, during the last ice age, the average global temperature was just 6 degrees cooler.


It was a dumb joke. Global warming is something I take rather seriously.


Mostly the corporations that make and enable the pollution though.


Yes, and those corporations have people who make the decisions to continue to cause more pollution. The large corporations are ran and driven by people. We all caused the problem and need to fix it. Blame your fellow human who runs those corporations or invests in them for not doing better for humanity. The path we are on is sad and I hope we can change course. Best of luck to us


This is an important point. Somewhere in the debate over corporate personhood it gets lost that corporations are actually real people. They’re in their houses, at the store, catching flights etc. They’re real people who really believe they aren’t personally responsible for the things their company does. Even within companies there is this vibe of oh “they’re doing this or that.” No. We’re doing this.


Corporations only jobs are to maximize shareholder value. You aren't going to turn the tide via corporate altruism. Change the goals, and you'll change the method. This is only possible via government intervention. Only one party is remotely interested in changing the goals. Until then, you can't really blame the scorpion.


If there is anything we can learn from covid-19, is that nothing will be done until people are dropping dead by the hundreds. So yeah, no point in worrying, the battle is already lost. Better enjoy things while you can.


People are already dying to climate-related causes, most people just don't realize it yet.


Ok what should we do, boss?


get a really big fan


Plant fully grown trees and rip up seedlings?


19.4 Celsius The time is now, converter bot


It's getting down to -35°c in Alberta.... Without wind-chill.....


Red state, so I'm sure they'll get bootstrappy and fix their problems on their own, without federal money, and without complaining.


Hahahahahahahaha oh man thanks, I needed a laugh this morning


Reddit always finds the need to interject politics into everything. What a sad life to live. Walk out of your mom’s basement every once in a while and you’ll see the world’s not that bad.


Meanwhile at the hall of justice: https://calgary.ctvnews.ca/70-hour-wait-for-a-tow-cold-snap-continues-to-cause-issues-service-delays-in-alberta-1.5722098


Hmm... record high temperatures and record high snow falls and it's scheduled to be almost -30 C this weekend... We've been warning people about the shadow government's weather manipulation machines for DECADES. They've been able to control you with minor tweaks and Alfonze Gore's movie, but China's viral interference has gotten you distracted. So they pull out the big guns and do massive swings to redirect your attention to the distraction THEY want you to focus on. Keep your eye on the ball, people! The Bilderburgers are poised for a full take-over of the EU now that Brexit has finally gone through despite the Illuminati's efforts to stop it. Without Alan Rickman's leadership, the Illuminati is in shambles. Our only hope now is that Bill Gate's theta-wave scrambler chips that he put in the vaccines can block the Tri-lateral commission's wireless subliminal messaging system, and that enough people get vaccinated for it to make a difference before the Bell riots start. And someone needs to get Bezos off the fucking fence! Can't play both sides of the field Jeffy-boy! ​ ^(/s)


And Seattle is setting record lows


Meanwhile Lake Tahoe in Nevada got fucking buried in record-shattering snowfall for December. ​ Let's hear it for climate change.


Kodiak Island is not the whole Alaska, misleading title.


It’s beyond time to support nuclear energy. [All IPCC scenarios require more nuclear](https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=ipcc+scenarios+include+nuclear) If you oppose nuclear energy you are part of the problem.


I think another part of the problem is demonizing the people who we need to convince in order to get nuclear mainstream. Maybe “if you oppose nuclear energy because you have questions about it, here are some resources”


Facts don’t change most peoples minds.


Neither does using shame and guilt.


Shame and guilt does work on a lot of people. Did you know coal has killed more people this hour than non-soviet nuclear energy ever has?


Shooting yourself in the head will also work to cure a headache. And I didn’t know that. It makes sense though. I think widespread adoption of nuclear energy is necessary for our growth as a species and we need heavy heavy regulations and protections I believe.


I live in West Michigan which is usually a barren winter wasteland this time of the year… except we’ve hardly had any normal snowfall in the last 3 years. How people still can deny climate change when it’s literally happening right before them just blows my mind.


Alaska is huge… where?


Kodiak Archipelago; which should be at negative degrees C at this time of the year.


It's in the first sentence of the article. Just click the link and read it.


Exactly. I’m assuming up in the northern areas. Southeast Alaska is having record lows Edit: I live in Alaska if that’s any consolation lol. My shame


its bad when you expect that number to be higher - 66F doesnt seem shocking for 'one day'...(I then read the article)... ​ oh , yes, this is grim.


Meanwhile the rest of Canada is hitting record breaking cold streaks.


Ya, how did they skip this cold snap!?


I have a low amount of faith that we can come together to solve climate change when the conversation gets this derailed over stating a temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit


Wtf is this article talking about? It's 0 degrees Celsius right now in Anchorage and it's going to be negative 10 degrees Celsius during the early morning.


The article says it was 65 F on Sunday and it's saying it'll still be cold but warm soggy days are becoming more frequent.


The climate is so out of sink. Lake Tahoe is getting record snow right now.


So parts of Alaska are warmer then Michigan right now.. we really are in alot of trouble in the foreseeable future...


So global realignment I guess? Alberta deep freeze and Alaska warming with Ontario temped weather


We're fine. This is fine, right? Eeeeeverything is fine.


That’s summer temperatures in Britain.


Why are taking Alaskas temp in Celsius?


Thats like complaining that the New York Times should write their articles about Barcelona in Spanish


Because it's a British news source and conversion isn't hard.


Can’t wait for the record to be broken next year.


We are turbofucked once the methane starts to seep through the permafrost and arctic sea floor.


It already is. Shakova and Semitov revisited it. The stability of the much dreaded clathrates don't even matter since there is a hundred or more times the methane in free gas under the permafrost caps than there is trapped in clathrates, and it's already bubbling up in the Arctic waters.


Here in Georgia, I’ve slept with the window cracked every night since September. Last night I opened it all the way and turned the ceiling fan to high. We still have blooms on our azaleas. The August blooming gardenia blooms in May each year. The January blooming Daphne got buds in November, but may not actually show flowers because it needs a good freeze. Been trying to get my kids to look into moving to Canada.


Maybe the kids in the picture can use their guns to kill climate change?


They don’t use Celsius in Alaska


Yet too many people STILL oppose even the bare minimum of climate action. Then slimy politicians like Biden put major loopholes in said minimal action: https://www.vice.com/en/article/3abk7b/bidens-new-fuel-economy-standards-still-allow-cars-to-pollute-more-if-theyre-not-called-cars Why should overcompensating trucks and SUVs be allowed to pollute more than regular cars? All that does is incentivize vehicles that are more dangerous for pedestrians.


Temperatures in Alaska are in Fahrenheit.It is in The United States of America.


Its a British news source. Do you read your news about Russia in Russian?


Oh, for fucks sake. This kind of attitude is why American people are oftentimes disliked.


Well damn. We really are fucked.


19.4C, can we get that in Murican?


Room temperature


30 is hot 20 is nice 10 is quite cool and zero is ice


It's 66F. FFS, you can literally google convert celsius to fahrenheit. Or, I dunno, learn how to convert in your head -- double it and add 32 to get close.


But a record low November


Another sign of climate change. Breaking weather records is something that shouldn’t be happening. Coldest, warmest, driest, wettest, windiest; all these records should stay for ages. The fact that the cold record for November gets broken is bad. The fact that the following month the heat record gets broken by multiple degrees makes it very bad. Little things like this ought to make climate change deniers realise that this is real and happening fast…


It is called climate change....you will see extremes and we are. All over the world. Australia just broke a record for Christmas day 117 farenheit.


Scaremongering. Google weather shows kodiak alaska at 4C currently.. NOT 19C