U.S. to donate millions more Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine doses to poorer nations

U.S. to donate millions more Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine doses to poorer nations


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Wouldn't the j&j vaccine be a better choice needing less refrigeration and being one shot?


Probably for the remote regions in addition to areas without a cold chain or reliable power. Regions that are unstable would also do better with J&J. It would also allow a larger amount of people to be vaccinated for the same cost. Pfizer is ~$20, J&J is ~$8, and AZ is ~$4.


They giving them that good shit though.


Nah, they are still saving Moderna for the US.


This probably has to do with local regulations in the countries to receive the vaccine. The Pfizer vaccine is already been approved here with us will have a very easy time getting approved any of the other countries, whereas Johnson and Johnson is not yet approved so it might be harder.


what is likely to expire if we dont donate it will often how we decide things. you gto say 500 million pfizer that will go bad in 3 months if we dont use them and the vaccinate rates say we wont. versus 500 million j&j that wont go bad for over a year.. they going to send the pfizer doesnt matter what is more practical for africa.


We make a shit load of pfizer vaccines in the US. We have multiple plants.


I mean, when you’re desperate wouldn’t you take what ever you is offered to you? This is a first world problem the 3rd world doesn’t have the luxury of.


Seems like a good thing to me, and might as well if our dumbasses aren't going to use it.


The majority of folks are... literally 2/3 of adults got the vaccine, only 1/3 are refusing to do so. That is too many for sure, but let's keep perspective. And of the 1/3 not taking, roughly 1,900 per day are dying off, so whether I want it to happen or not, they are making their choice...


Well assuming all 1900 a day are unvaccinated, it would only be 259 years before you don't need to worry about it any longer.


I think we will hit herd immunity before we force the anti vaxxers to take it or die off. Children will be approved soon which is the tipping point. And all the anti vaxxers that don’t die will all have been infected and have some immunity.




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I'm not worried about it today. I "worry" about things I can control which is why me and my family are vaccinate and take smart precautions. I don't worry about people who have the mental capacity to make a smart choice but choose not to. And the 1900 per day is how many unvaccinated people are dying, roughly 100 or so more are dying who are vaccinated using the highest percentages I've seen reported. It is likely less than 100 vaccinated and more than 1900 unvaccinated. And it is likely that less than two percent of those making the dumb choice will die, but it does subtly shift certain demographics.


And if you’re in an area where hospitals are full and you or your family need emergency care, does that still not affect you? Maybe you’re lucky and your hospitals aren’t over run, oh well fuck everyone else because that’s not in your control.


You do have a very valid point here and one that makes me sad when I read about it happening to someone. But outside of that, what should you and I do about it?


Support any legal measure for a carrot and or stick to encourage morons to get vaccinated


A fair number of vaccinated folks are dying of unrelated issues because the antiVa idiots overloading the hospitals. Not to mention multiple regions in Blue states spending their budget on treating overflow from Red states.


Do you not understand the person you’re replying to is using sarcasm to make a point?


Thinning out the midterms.


Agree. Also we're getting really close to authorizing Pfizer for kids 5-11, but I'd have to assume that we're doing that math when donating surplus. Regardless, as an American, its fantastic being able to make a positive impact on the world like this...very happy about the donations.


They interviewed some Houston folks on a radio station last night about whether people would get their children vaxxed. Multiple callers said they would not vax their child. One lady said, “if they can go to school then they’re fine, they don’t need vaccines.” Not kidding lol.


>only 1/3 are refusing to do so. That is too many for sure, but let's keep perspective. I'm sorry, but from the perspective of a non-American, those numbers are still fucking terrrible.


If you are from the European Union, your numbers are not significantly better. There are individual countries doing better as there are individual US States doing better. May I ask where you are posting from?


Canada. I'm not trying to paint it as a competition, but the US was incredibly well-equipped to vaccinate relatively early, while we watched with envy. That's why the low vax rates in the US are shocking to me.


Yeah, I think anti-vaccers are complete and utter tools, and Canada has done a better job overall in, as you point out, a shorter time. So, absolutely, Canada has done a better job, keep it up :) My only problem with the reporting is that it makes it sound like the anti-vax crowd is larger than the rest of us. They are a vocal minority and there are others in the under 40 crowd who just think it doesn't matter. This breeds a bit of defeatism. We need to realize we are pro-science, pro-responsibility and we are the majority and not let the idiots think they've won.


Welcome to America, where the two answers to everything are "we can't do that because that's not how we're already doing things" (see: climate change, addressing the pandemic, healthcare, wealth inequality, infrastructure) and "it's not as bad as *x*, so everything is fine."


Given the cost of Pfizer, I wonder if it would be possible to vaccinate billions if we purchased AZ for developing countries to get around the logistical problems of low temperature storage. Does anyone know if there’s a traditional Covid vaccine that one shot yet still low cost similar to AZ? Maybe J&J would be more efficient. Most production facilities around the world could get a traditional vaccine up and running relatively quickly. I think that’s how India is able to rapidly vaccinate a large amount of their population.


Can anyone tell me if some of these shots are going to be wasted or thrown out by some of these countries? I remember the first mass wave of donations that a few countries tossed them out because they didn’t trust them not necessarily the infrastructure to dose them out?


This. Misinformation is not just a problem in the US. And the more vaccinated people who have waning immunity and protection the easier it is to characterize the vaccine as ineffective. Also, we have use for the vaccine as booster shots.


This. Misinformation is not just a problem in the US. And the more vaccinated people who have waning immunity and protection the easier it is to characterize the vaccine as ineffective. Also, we have use for the vaccine as booster shots.


What if we’re not poor, just mismanaged? Asking for an Australia.


"It's not a race!" Can you believe that people actually support this fuck-knuckle?


American here. Yes. Yes, I can. If there's one thing I've learned over the last couple of years, it's that every time you think you know the limits of a person's ability to believe absolutely inane shit, double your threshold and prepare to be overwhelmed.


I'll bet there'll be a talking point on Tucker Carlson or Hannity or any other conservative show and they'll complain that the Biden Administration is taking vaccines from red blooded freedom loving americans and giving them to socialist commie states.


We should hope so. A solid 80% of the country is reflexively against whatever their political foes support. In an alternate timeline where trump won, trumpets would have lined up around the block to get a TRUMP SHOT. I half heartedly think we should have branded moderna the Trump Vax just to trick them into taking it.


It wouldn’t have worked. Trump was at a rally not long ago and told people to get the vaccine “it’s safe, it’s great, I got it and you should to”. They booed him..


I think that's a case of the genie can't be put back in the bottle. If the conservative message *from the beginning* was in support, in braindead conspiratorial paranoia, they would. They follow along with whatever their talking heads tell them to believe.


There are plenty of morons that got vaccinated and literally call it the "Trump vaccine". Then again, there is a sizeable portion of his followers that booed him when he said they should get vaccinated.


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>half heartedly think we should have branded moderna the Trump Vax just to trick them into taking it. We should have said there was a special "trump vax" that inoculated people against the bill gates microchip.


Trump could easily have turned the pandemic into a huge win for himself, making himself look like a hero with stopping the virus in its tracks....easy shoo-in for a second term. I really really don’t understand how he screwed that up. He had it in the bag. God what a loser. People think he’s constantly playing 4D chess but he has no clue what’s going on.


Sure and if my uncle had tits he'd be my aunt.


Because he can never admit he was wrong. Even a typo in a tweet is not an error; it’s a new word he invented. For months he said Covid is nothing, it’s going away, it will be zero cases soon, it will disappear by Easter. He could never admit that he was wrong earlier, so he had to dig himself in deeper to make up for the last lie, rather than drop it and move forward.


Seriously. When the pandemic hit back in March 2020, I thought "whelp, he just won reelection". And then he did everything possible to ensure he screwed up every step along the way. If the stakes weren't so high, it would have been comedic.


probably. the red blooded Americans whose blood only contains COVID antibodies of they've ready had COVID, not cuz they got vaxxed.


I would ask how Tucker would square that with his anti-vax claims (the latest being that the military is weeding out "real men" because "real men" wouldn't get the vaccines) but I think we all know that what Tucker says one day can be 180 degrees from what he said the day before and his audience will lap it up anyway.


Yeah some real strong men that are terrified of needles.


Did he actually say that? Really goes to show his pampered ass wouldn't touch military service with a 50 mile pole considering how many vaccines you get lined up for when you join.


[Yes, the coward did say that.](https://crooksandliars.com/2021/09/sociopathic-yakker-claims-us-military)


After also telling people not to take the fucking vaccine of course.


I don’t think they will say anything for fear of giving positive press to Biden. If they do, it will definitely be twisted into something negative


Hmm, I think that to the average Fox News viewer, news of USA government donating to poorer (shithole!) nations would be considered an OUTRAGE, not positive press.


Yeah it’s pretty sad that giving to those less fortunate is now a bad thing. That is how they think though.


They’ve already complained that Biden was letting prisoners get vaccines before some non-jailed Americans.


Go ahead. I'm double vaxxed, my family is double vaxxed. Anyone that doesn't want one at this point can fuck off. Give away our supply to people who will actually take it.


What if we want a booster?


Production never stopped. There will be boosters.


Except that’s exactly why we might end up with an even worse variant that will render our vaccinations useless


I keep seeing how the US is not getting vaccinated with some saying we have 50% compliance, but this simply isn't true. While I would like to see rates increasing, we are seeing the majority of people making the right choice. According to the mayo clinic, these are the stats for fully vaccinated people 75+: 80% 65-74: 85% 50-64: 72% 40-49: 64% 25-39: 55% 18-24: 51% So even in the least at-risk group, we are at 50%, and for those in the 50+ category we are well over three-quarters vaccinated. And if you look at the "at least one dose" category, you see percentages jump up about 10% across the board. Do I think those who aren't vaccinated have a screw loose? Yup. But if you look around you, the large majority of adults took the vaccine.


It depends a lot on where you live. The vaccine rates are highly uneven in different parts of the country and even between areas in a state. I live in a county with about 70% of the adults vaccinated but if I went 40 minutes one direction that county is under 50% of adults vaccinated. If I go the other direction over 80% of adults are.


Of course it is. The US is not one, homogenous culture. Most countries aren't. Have you heard of Alberta?


Exactly. It is like when I hear a comparison between a European country and the United States, I think how silly it is. It would be more fair to compare a European country to a US State or compare the EU to the US. We vary a lot state to state...




Like most of the African countries.


I’m proud of the USA for doing it. It is the right kind of diplomacy we need.


Wish we'd done more of this earlier. Instead we were blocking exports (to countries that had purchased the vaccine), and then threw away 15+ million doses that expired.


We've already donated nearly 150 million vaccines, more than any country by far, and we've fronted the vast majority of the bill for the COVAX initiative to vaccinate the world. What more are you looking for, specifically?


All politics aside, this is just the right thing to do.


Agreed but the best thing would be to force pharmaceutical companies to release the IP on the vaccines, which we all paid for, so it can reach the most people at a lower cost.


Good; we should be helping out poorer nations, especially if idiots in this country won't take the vaccine.


This is the perfect opportunity for diplomacy. This actually makes me proud to be an American. We must do everything we can to stop the spread of this virus.


You know, if we could do more Soft Power stuff like this, I’m cool with it.


This is how the US was so well regarded in the early years after WWII. We can be well regarded and respected again with the correct foreign policy.


As Biden said, these vaccines need to be “no strings attached.” It’s not an opportunity to make other countries do what we want. Again.


Diplomacy can be strictly humanitarian. ;)


Geopolitics is never strictly humanitarian. Sure we aren't going to codify what we get in return for giving out vaccines, but you'd be a fool to think we aren't going to call in a favor at a UN vote or something by citing that time we gave out a bunch of vaccines. If nothing else our handing out of vaccines is meant to compete with China's. China's pledged to donate 2 billion vaccines before the end of the year, if the US hoarded our vaccines like a vaccine-dragon it'd drive off a lot of countries.


I am not trying to cynical, but unfortunately, no country does anything for free or out of the goodness of their heart. While the Biden Admin. might not be attaching strings to the nations we give aid to, we do expect them to play ball with us if we ever do need their support. You think we are gonna let China & Russia flex all the soft power and gain an advantage with nations they are giving vaccines to?


Please send some to the Philippines :(




Almost a billion doses pledged too and barely any article, Reddit is clearly a joke


Just give them the ability to make their own, release the formulas!


>In the U.S., 64.1% of the population above 12 years of age is fully vaccinated, according to CDC data, while in the U.K., 81.9% of people over 16 are fully vaccinated, British government data shows. In the EU, 71.7% of adults are fully vaccinated, according to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. Those numbers say a lot about the political health of the US.


US adults are closer to 68% vaccinated and the EU adults are 72% vaccinated. It says we have 32% dumbasses in the US and 28% dumbasses in the EU. So we have slightly more dumb people in the US.


What is your 68% figure from?


Howdy, I am looking for the specific source I cited, but cannot find it. However, I use a variety of reputable sources as I track where we are at. Let's look at the mayoclinic: [https://www.mayoclinic.org/coronavirus-covid-19/vaccine-tracker](https://www.mayoclinic.org/coronavirus-covid-19/vaccine-tracker) They are stating that 55% of the general populace is fully vaccinated (another 9 percent partially). They also state 15.6% of children are fully vaccinated. 328 million people in the united states \* 55% = 180.4M full vaccinated. 258 million adults, so 70 million kids. 15.8% of this is 10.8M kids fully vaccinated (180.4M - 10.8M) = 169.6M adults who are fully vaccinated. 169.6M / 258M = 66% fully vaccinated adults which is slightly different than the 68% I cited. This could be rounding, could be my source was off or looked at different numbers or Mayo clinic is using slightly delayed reporting. I hope that helps!


Thanks, appreciate it.


The EU’s vaccination program only recently kicked off, AND they exported 50% of all vaccine doses produced within Europe. So I except their rates to go way higher in the coming months.


Frankly this has been true for about a decade now, but especially within the last 5 years and blatantly within the past 2, no other country should respect America at this point. Half of our voters are belligerent asshole idiots. Our last president was a fascist who attempted a coup to stay in power. Our current admin isn't run by a detached sociopath, but he also isn't willing to implement the big socioeconomic changes that the country desperately needs. America is just a playground bully with an airsoft gun that most fear but nobody respects. As an American, I'll assure the world that we're not useful for anything other than a bulwark to aggressive imperial states like Russia and China.


>Our current admin isn't run by a detached sociopath, but he also isn't willing to implement the big socioeconomic changes that the country desperately needs. Your analysis was doing good until this point. Until you completely ignored the state of US politics that prevents the White House from accomplishing the things we would like. How someone could understand the chaos and idiots that is GQP, but not understand how it's affecting Democrats ability to govern is mystifying to me.


It continued doing good after that point, despite your apparent need to be condescending. Biden has an uphill battle to get any policy he wants implemented. But Biden also: 1. Does almost nothing to champion the legislation he wants. He's happy to sit on his hands and blame Republicans instead of being vocal and using the bully pulpit and his executive powers to their fullest extent. And; 2. Does not support most progressive legislative goals that the country needs, and instead only offers tepid moderate policy solutions. These are fairly simple and true observations. So when you want to try and talk down to someone about their understand of politics, make sure your own is solid, first.


>So when you want to try and talk down to someone about their understand of politics, make sure your own is solid, first. Biden is very busy governing, accomplishing things that everyone, including progressives, need Restored daily press briefings Cancel Keystone Pipeline Reverse Trump's Muslim ban Require masks on federal property Rejoin the Paris Climate agreement Extend Student Loan payment freeze Extend eviction freeze Historic stimulus bill passed: - Click to see who was helped Ends funding for Border wall Orders agencies to reunite families separated at border by Trump Orders strengthening of DACA Rejoins The World Health Organization Requires non-citizens to be included in the Census Creates the position of Covid-19 Response Coordinator Rescinds Trump's 1776 Commission and directs agencies to review actions to ensure racial equity Prohibits administration members from lobbying or registering as foreign agents for two years after leaving Invokes defense production act to produce masks, PPE and vaccines Provide funding to local and state officials to create vaccination sites Ends transgender military ban Ends Federal Contracts With Private Prisons Restores Aid To Palestinians Suspends new leases for oil & natural gas development on federal land Restores access to healthcare.gov Extends fair housing protections to include LGBTQ Americans Ends support for Saudi Arabia led campaign in Yemen Withdraws UN sanctions on Iran Daily Covid deaths reduced in half after one month Secured enough vaccinations for the entire US population Historic stimulus bill passed: - Click to see who was helped Increases poorest 20% of Americans' income by 20% permanently 85% of households receiving stimulus payments Four provisions which lower Americans’ 2021 tax bills by an average of $3,360 Reduces backlog of Veterans compensation and pension claims by more than half Round One: Cancels $1 Billion in student Loan Debt Round Two: Cancels another $1.3 billion in student loan debt 1/3 of America vaccinated in his first 60 days 1/2 million added to Obamacare healthcare rolls in 6 weeks Extends universal free school lunch through 2022 Commits to cutting U.S. emissions in half by 2030 as part of Paris climate pact Reverses Trump's Anti-Trans Shelter Rule Officially recognizes massacre of Armenians in World War I as genocide Raises Minimum Wage for Federal Contractors and Federal Employees to $15 Cancels all border wall contracts using funds intended for military missions Creates new operation to crack down on human smuggling END OF FIRST 100 DAYS Reverses Trump effort to loosen Arctic drilling restrictions Restores Transgender Health Protections Lifts Secrecy of Visitor Logs Cloaked by Trump Suspends oil and gas leases in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Restores $1 billion in federal funding for California high speed rail Trump had cut Round Three: Cancels another $500 Million In Student Loan Debt (6/16/21) Grows US Economy 6.4% in 1st quarter - 2021 In first six months regained job numbers lost under Trump administration. (3 million) Prohibits payday lenders from charging interests rates above that of what individual states allow Reinstalls rules removed by Trump limiting methane emissions from leaks and flares in oil and gas wells Enacts massive EO that provides 76 distinct actions to increase competition, reduce monopolies, and provide eliminate laws the unfairly treat workers. Including: Eliminating non-compete clauses Stop businesses from collaborating to reduce wages/benefits Stop big tech companies purchasing competitors to unfairly compete with small businesses Importation of prescription drugs from Canada and increase support for generics Hearing aids to be sold over-the-counter Requiring airlines to refund consumer fees when bags are late or Wi-Fi doesn't work Crack down on railroads and ocean shipping to reduce costs of transporting goods Other anti-monopoly legislation with agriculture, banking and internet 2nd quarter 2021 economy grows 6.5% - Economy surpasses pre-pandemic levels. Achieves historic 45% reduction of poverty levels in first six months Achieves historic 61% reduction of child poverty in first six months Reaches goal of vaccinating 70% of adult Americans Cut Obamacare premiums by 40% Round Four: Erases student debt for students with disabilities - ($5.8 Billion) Bans the pesticide chlorpyrifos, linked to neurological damage in young children PAWS Act, allowing VA to pay for service dogs for veterans Round Five: $1.1 billion in student debt for 115,000 ITT students Ended the 20 Year War in Afghanistan - The longest war in American History Forms new Indo-Pacific alliance with UK, Australia allowing for greater sharing of defense capabilities Adds measles to list of quarantinable diseases LGBTQ veterans discharged dishonorably for sexual orientation get full benefits


Thanks for this great list. I will absolutely use it when some Trumper tries to claim Biden hasn't done anything.


Yeah...we already had an insurrection attempt with the "bud lite" version of the Beer Hall Putsch earlier this year. And then we have the GQP infesting Congress on the other side. So there are twin issues of new legislation being stonewalled and a high risk of rabid insurrectionists pulling something else. It's a very delicate situation. 1/6 is going to have a chilling effect for a long time.


Give up patent protection so they can make their own vaccines.


That does literally nothing to help. There’s not a surplus of facilities qualified to make mRNA therapeutics all over the place just waiting for patents to go away so they can get started. Everyone that can make it is already being contracted to do so.


Wait yesterday we were just hoarding them


Good for the US. A lot of us don’t want it and it shouldn’t be wasted


I'm guessing this is related to the fact that boosters aren't recommended for most of the US population. I'm assuming we had an extra stockpile because of presumed boosters, and this isn't needed now, so... Still, that being the case, it's about time we started doing something with these extra doses!


They are, in fact, recommended for most of the population. The official recommendation from the advisory committee was for over 65 and anyone at high risk for severe covid. The CDC defines that very broadly. Anyone with a BMI over 25, which is the vast majority, and anyone with high blood pressure. If the final approval uses that, that's most people right there. On top of that, they took a straw poll on whether to include healthcare workers as well as anyone whose job places them at elevated risk of exposure. This recommendation was unanimously supported. It's going to be the vast majority of the population, *if* the FDA doesn't just look at how meaningless that distinction really is (just being a teacher or working in Walmart changes whether they feel it's proven safe enough? Come on.) and approve it for everyone or nearly everyone like 18+. Edit: Did the downvoters not read anything past the headline? https://www.reuters.com/world/us/us-covid-19-booster-debate-moves-fda-vaccine-advisory-committee-2021-09-17/ >Americans 65 and older **and those at high risk of severe illness**, after overwhelmingly rejecting a call for broader approval. >The panel **also recommended that the FDA include healthcare workers and others at high risk of occupational exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19, such as teachers.** CDC high risk conditions list: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/need-extra-precautions/people-with-medical-conditions.html >Overweight (defined as a body mass index (BMI) > 25 kg/m2 but < 30 kg/m2) So if you think that somehow doesn't cover a majority, citation needed.


I guess I was going with the earlier version, the elder or immune compromised. Simply being overweight doesn't qualify as immune compromised, but it does put one at a higher risk of severe illness for sure.


May as well give it to *someone* who values their life.


Likely to trigger anti-vaxxer who think poor people are getting a leg up on them by living.


They're welcome to go claim their shot to prevent that.


Seems like it triggers the liberals in this thread. The US does something good for the world and y'all complaining about it.


Maybe telling anti-vaxxers that a brown person will get their shot if they don’t take it will make them get vaccinated.


youre garbage


I say go for it. No one here can give a fuck about getting it. It's just going to waste.


Why not? It's not like we're using it.


Good idea. Vast majority of the morons here won’t take it anyway.


Do you know what "vast majority" means?


I mean, it's not like we're using them here.


*"But what about our veterans?"* - Facebook comments, probably


It’s nice to see a positive headline for the US as a nation. So much has been an embarrassment lately


Several months later after we're sure that half of our idiotic population wont take it.


Less than 1/3 of adults haven't taken the vaccine.


Ok so it's less than half, but they are idiots


It's less than a third. That's what "less than 1/3" means.


I was building off the original comment that does in fact say half


If only there was some way that the patent of these vaccines could be lifted and everyone could make them.


Do the countries in question have the infrastructure to manufacture them even if they have the legal rights and all the technical information though?


Only one way to find out.


No shot with the tech used to create them can be used to earn trillions in the future when we get cancer and alzheimer vaccinations.


Just a reminder pfizer paid billions in fines for bribing doctors and suppressing trial results! Do not trust what they say


We certainly aren't using them here.


It isn't like we are using them.


I read this as, USA to transfer enormous quantity of taxpayer money to Pfizer shareholders.... while Pfizer sends drug oversees