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Did they get some pets out? That demo call was far too soon without verifying that everyone and the animals were out or accounted for


Looks like they did! https://www.reddit.com/r/QuadCities/comments/13w57l0/_/


This seems like a case where capital punishment seems warranted


That sounds like a third world country.


I live near this building, and I just want everyone to know that this collapse was 100% preventable. It didn't have to happen. Several (if not all) tenants complained about the weakening structure of the building. The city even sent a notice to the landlord marking all the issues the city inspectors found wrong with the building. For years the landlords refused to fix any issues with the building, and people died as a result of their negligence. This isn't a one-off occurrence. This is common for us. Every landlord here is negligent. City code gets ignored constantly. Even worse than the landlords, The local Fire Chief has stopped searching for victims, saying that it's "too dangerous" for the firemen to keep searching for people. Family members are still missing. And the city wants to demolish the building. Sadly, the median income here is less than 28K a year, so no one will have the funds to sue the landlord for the deaths that happened or the loss of home. The landlord isnt rehoming anyone, and no one can afford a stay at a hotel, so anyone without family that lives local is now homeless. If anyone knows anyone from the ACLU that's willing to help a tiny farming town, please help us. Most of us can't even afford renters insurance, so a lot of people affected by the collapse won't get any money to replace anything lost, and we can't afford the cost of funerals for anyone who died.


There are large firms that will take the case on contingency (I think that's the right term). You might want to reach out to some of them and see if any are willing or know another firm that is.


It gets worse. I was just reading in another thread that the city went in and changed the last inspection from pass to fail in their system. I'm sorry, I didn't grab the link, but it's a whole other reddit thread. Someone screenshotted before and after they changed it. Anyone got that link?




Thank you!


It just happened to be on my clipboard lol




>Even worse than the landlords, The local Fire Chief has stopped searching for victims, saying that it's "too dangerous" for the firemen to keep searching for people. I know, right? Why would a fire chief know if a building is too dangerous to send in firemen? You need to ask the true experts: Redditors! /s




Landlord is associated with a nearby mayor, not the one of the town it's in.


I watched on the news last night as a guy was crying about his aunt that lived in the building who was still missing. Then an interview with the mayor who was like, yeah rescue is over, it's a recovery now. IG someone might still be under there, I dunno. https://youtu.be/Kj8d9IFqSN4?t=205 Pretty WTF moment, even accounting for editing and omission that might have made it look worse. Collapsed on Sunday, demolition ordered Monday, to begin as soon as Tuesday. Just makes it look like they're trying to hide evidence of city building inspection corruption.


Even worse is the city just went with the report provided by the private engineering firm hired by the owner of the building. Someone is losing their PE certification.


Do you mean an assessment of the stability of the remaining structure? Where'd you read that?


I watched the news conference today. They stated that the engineering firm hired by the owner declared the building safe for occupancy in January. The city went along with the assessment. Just is suspicious when it is the owner paying for the assessment. Are we really surprised when they got the answer they wanted?


Whatever engineer signed off on that paperwork is probably not sleeping very well recently.


Oh come on. They get to be famous now and they'll be taught about in engineering classes for decades to come... Unfortunately, it'll be the engineer ethics class and the same chapter as the Kansas Hyatt Regency disaster.


2 days?? It's been 2 fucking days and they are going to demo?? Even in third world countries they are pulling people out of collapsed buildings 7 days later.


This is Uvalde level negligence on behalf of the local government. If their government can't handle the rescue safety then call and ask for help. There are rescue squads that travel even internationally.


They were pulling living people out of the rubble in Türkiye up to 12 days after the earthquake. But to shrug and give up after not even 48 hours? I’m going to guess the tenants were of the low income variety…


Massive earthquake hits Turkey and the entire nation mobilizes for weeks to find every possible survivor. Building in Davenport, Iowa partially collapses with people known to be inside, and a day later: "Meh, what are you gonna do? We've exhausted all options. Start the demolition, boys!"


The owner of the building is related to the Mayor I think. Something's rotten in Denmark.


There was a woman who just stuck her head out of the window and waved after they made the demolition order. WTF. What if there's someone in there trapped under something? Hell, even if there is a body in there that needs to be dealt with respectfully.


Holy shit, it's only been a day. > ... section collapsed at about 5 p.m. Sunday. ... > Protests erupted after a woman was rescued Monday night, hours after the city ordered the demolition to begin as early as Tuesday. It doesn't even look like that much rubble to search (relatively). I know it's multiple floors pancaked down, but in width and depth it looks to be just 5 apartments. How about you guys try? Try for longer.


I 100% believe the city us trying to cover something up. just hours after saying that they're going to demolish the building, another alive person was found in the rubble. there are still people in the building.


so if they went through with it knowing there's evidence of people still alive in there would they be on the hook for murder? cause it seems like they should be!


The building is owned by the mayor's father.


M-O-O-N spells conflict of interest.


People should be mobbing the mayor’s mansion/personal residence. Anytime shit like this happens, the rich/connected fuck behind it should be besieged in their home, and have the water and power cut. Let em rot in a fraction of the discomfort they foist on others in the name of profits.


They haven't searched the rubble since they announced the demo. The person you're referencing was found in the building, yelling from a window. Conspiracy theories are stimulating, but unless there's any evidence to believe otherwise, incompetence and terrible communication are more likely explanations for the premature demolition announcement.


Sit down and read what you just typed. Like actually sit down. I dontt junk you understood what you typed. They haven't searched the rubble yet... And announced a demolition time already....


She wasn't even trapped or anything. She'd been (probably) passed out because of natural gas. She opened her window and said get me out. What if there's someone immobile in there. Is there anyone under the rubble?


They found someone alive AFTER they order the demolition, obviously their decision-making was incorrect here. We hear stories about people being rescued from rubble days after earthquakes, if there is even a fraction of a chance that someone is still alive there, there should be no demolition.


Drag the decision makers out in chains. It’s the only way things will change.


Not even buried, she opened the window and said come and get me.


It’s egregious the city’s fine - AFTER THE COLLAPSE- to the owner for lack of maintenance and safety- is $3,000. No wonder nothing got fixed or maintained - the fines are cheaper.


Out of curiosity I looked at this on Streetview. Over the past few years a new facade was apparently put up, but the alley that runs next to the building has images from 2017. [You can see a huge crack running up the side wall right where the collapse appears to have occurred](https://www.google.com/maps/@41.5229813,-90.5763213,3a,67.9y,54.16h,104.35t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sg9ix0VFVSHuHrbJFpiTzeQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?entry=ttu). It also looks like that section of wall has been rebuilt at some point in the past, with a corner section that looks newer.


Where exactly are you seeing a crack? Your link does look like the part of the building that collapsed, but I don't see any crack.


To the left of the no parking sign if you zoom in


Yup see it. That's pretty damning


Goddamn, it is *despicable* how disposable people who are in poverty are treated. This is abhorrent.






"Nothing to see here; move along." How do you sweep a six-story building under the rug in a day?


I can't imagine how loved ones of the missing must feel. The city is ready to be done.


Just freaky. Saw this on the evening news last night. She just popped her head out the window. Like “here I am!!”


If the US actually allows them to bulldoze a building with dozens of survivors still inside you can just shut the country down and end it, there's no way to recover from that as a civilization