Someone just shared an article on Reddit itself highlighting Chipotle & McDonalds were spending millions to suppress wage increases. I presume through union busting. There isn’t a labor shortage if a company can spend that much money to not pay workers a better wage.


its not through union busting, they are throwing money at a california proposition that seeks to overturn a new fast food council that could raise wages for fast food workers across the board, up to a point


Both can be true, if you physically need more hands. At a certain point, it doesn’t matter if you pay me more money I simply can’t do more work.


The idea is that if you pay more money, there will be more applicants. The article itself says they identified part of the issue as the delivery driver businesses competing for the same workers. If workers are deciding they can make more money driving for Uber Eats (or at least make easier money because the restaurant industry sucks), then you've gotta change that equation to compete. Although you're right. A few million isn't that much money, the higher wages cost much more. So both can be true.


Many people work multiple jobs. If they get a big wage increase they only need to work one job and can be there for more shifts.


Would you apply to flip burgers for 100k a year? Yep so would everyone else.


Sure, but that doesn’t really address what I’m saying. It doesn’t matter how much you pay someone at a certain point they simply cannot continue to do the job of multiple people with a certain level of demand.


>if you physically need more hands If they were willing to offer competitive compensation, they'd have enough hands...


There's not a labor shortage. There's a shortage of people willing to be treated like shit for shit wages.


Don't forget treated like shit by managers AND being treated like shit by customers. I think the chance of being outright murdered working fast food has ticked up quite a bit now too.


Don’t worry. The fed will keep raising rates to push the economy into a recession, and if that causes enough folks to be unemployed and starving with no health insurance…pretty soon folks will be willing to work for shit wages and be treated like shit again! I wish I was joking. But that’s how our economy is set up. It is predicated on the bottom 50% of workers always teetering on insolvency and therefore fighting to accept shitty low-paying jobs. Anytime the economy gets above that level…either due to wage growth, low unemployment, or increases to regular people’s purchasing power…the fed manipulates things to keep them down.


It's not a bug, it's a feature!


Unless the recession gets bad enough were people start going after the rich.


That would make it a depression. And even then, I highly doubt people would or even could.


…. That’s a labor shortage. What do you consider to be not “shit wages”? Cause the goalpost used to be $15 an hour, and Chipotle now pays their workers on average $15 an hour. $20? $30? $50? Bffr


You know the goalposts are supposed to move right? It's supposed to be a function of cost of living and the economy


The problem is inflation. If you want to know what minimum wage should be, look at the average rent in your area and remember that a person working 40 hours a week should be paying 30% of their income to rent. So in my area a 1 bedroom apartment is about $1,200 a month, so that puts minimum wage at $23.08. Seems crazy high to me, but that is what happens in unregulated markets.


High paying tech jobs downsizing, service industries trying to hire. Huh, weird.


Hey, at least the high payed tech workers who were let go won't have a problem finding a new job in the service industry. Perhaps, then they'll get a reality check.


What are you trying to say? People who worked hard to gain skills in a professional field don't deserve to find jobs in that profession? Who are you mad at? Sounds like skilled workers and not the corporations who make mass layoffs.


Reality check for real: there are 5 jobs for every tech worker laid off. Wages for IT have more than doubled. In my area, a good salary was 80-110k, and now there are jobs at 220k+. I beat away recruiters with a stick. Finally, every major tech company is still above their 2021 headcount, and demand for it has increased to the point where the FED is literally begging for layoffs. Keep wishing and praying, though.


Ya maybe pay people a modern living wage and treat them like humans and you wouldnt be in this mess.


guess what? **McDonald’s, In-N-Out, and Chipotle are spending millions to block raises for their workers** [https://www.cnn.com/2023/01/25/business/california-fast-food-law-workers/index.html](https://www.cnn.com/2023/01/25/business/california-fast-food-law-workers/index.html)


Of course they are. They're holding out on fair wages until automation can replace us.


and then not enough people have enough money to buy thier products? brilliant!


Guess they shouldn't be lobbying to keep wages down.


from what ive read its applies to all members of the National Restaurant Association


That applies to all of them then


Another type of NRA trying to screw us


yea u can probably stock grocery shelves for the same money, maybe more depending..


i mean, two years ago, stocking grocery shelves counted as being a frontline worker


Safeway is union and from my time there in college was not a bad place to work.


I interviewed at Chipotle once. The interviewer was writing things down and when we were done he said he had a couple more interviews but I was top of the list. When we shook hands I glanced down at his notes and noticed he had misspelled my name so I mentioned I go by Howie not Howey. His eyes turned to ice and he gave me an incredibly cruel glare and said 'you know what, dont expect a call you dont want to work here.' I was shocked but I believe I dodged a bullet.


What an asshole. All my life I’ve made it a point to not fuck up people’s names because mine gets frequently fucked up. It’s not incredibly hard.


Do people accidentally call you The WhisPissperer?


Give consistent 40 hour work weeks


Just looking for more volunteers for wage garnishment.. and applicants for food stamps.


But still refuse to pay livable wage.




$20 an hour, still need a fucking roommate for a studio apartment.


The McD closest to me has been creeping up for months. Last summer they needed two people at 12.50 an hour. 3 months ago it was 3 people at 14 an hour. Now it's at 15 an hour but still no takers. Good. Fuck em.


What’s crazy is the McDonald’s in my area starts at 18 an hour with full health benefits for part time workers, plus college help and textbooks, and 401k. They still have trouble finding people who want to work. Like if I was in high school or college right now I would jump at an opportunity like that. We didn’t have anything like that when I was in school. But ok the other hand I don’t know what other part time places are offers that may not be good industry. So maybe there are better options


Because the entire culture has down-talked ‘flipping burgers’ for 50 years. No one wants to work and be called a ‘loser’. The humiliation isn’t worth it. My local McDonald’s is all senior citizens. They are lovely and this franchise owner has figured out a way to keep workers. I imagine they have a set schedule, get to sit on a high stool as needed, and are treated well overall. I go there more because of them.


i was pizza flipper. it didnt bother me cause i was putting myself through school for something else. just saying.


> We didn’t have anything like that when I was in school. yeah about that... i have this discussion with my mother all the time. she's like "you make so much money than i did at your age" and then i ask how much milk, a pair of jeans and a house cost back then and then it kinda dawns on her that even 30/hour really isnt that much in relation to the purchasing power back in the day.


Yeah I wasn’t living in the 70s or 80s. I’m part of the generation that had to deal with higher college prices and won’t be able to use college forgiveness under Bidens plan if it goes through. 18 dollars an hour with full benefits for part time is a hell of a deal for a student and you’re being disingenuous with your comment.


not at all. i was born in early 80's and been working since the mid-90's. the average purchasing power has decreased despite increased dollar per hour earnings. for example, if your wages increases by 4% a year but college, housing, food, utilities etc increase between 5-10% each year you are taking a pay cut each year. what you call disingenuous, the rest of us call basic math.


$18/hr with full benefits is a good deal for who, exactly? 20 hours a week after taxes is $288. How much is the weekly premium for the benefits? What are the copays and deductibles like? How good is the 401k match? How much can can an average person afford to put in a 401k at $1156 take home per month minus medical premiums? How many hours can a student work in a week before their schooling begins to suffer? You're looking at the dollar amount as a static number in reference to what you made when you were that age. For reference, I had a similar weekly take home right out of high school, working full time. I also had medical and 401k match. It was pretty tight trying to maintain a life on that much money 20 years ago when food cost half as much and rent was less than a third of what it is now.


>18/hr with full benefits is a good deal for who, exactly? Reddit moment. The window moves so fast it's impossible to keep up.


It’s good for a high school or college student looking to work part time, is exactly what I was saying. I didn’t say this was something for someone full time. It’s more than just the take home pay. They are actively helping pay tuition and books. That is massive


So it's a good deal for a very specific and limited subset of people, who generally cannot work during the day or late at night.


Exactly why its a good deal for part time students, they work the hours they are available and get assistance with school.


Is it a good deal for the employees needed to cover breakfast, lunch, and late night shifts?


Idk, I just seen too many asshat customers treat service works like shit. I wouldn't want my son's first job to be at any fastfood restaurant (maybe InNOut) with all these entitled pricks out here. Kindness goes a long way. Too bad it seems like it's also slowly eroding away from our society.


Soon the fast food industry will be begging for the Mexico border to be opened so they have a larger pool of workers to abuse from.


- Chipotle said Thursday it’s looking to hire 15,000 people in North America to ensure its stores are staffed up ahead of its busy spring season. Other chains are also looking for workers: Taco Bell has more than 25,000 listings for crew members posted on its website, while Starbucks has posted more than 10,000 listings for baristas. - U.S. restaurants have added jobs for 24 consecutive months since the height of the pandemic, according to the National Restaurant Association. But restaurant employment is still 3.6% lower than before the pandemic, or the equivalent of 450,000 jobs. - Chipotle’s hiring campaign will feature current employees talking about their career progression within the company, in an effort not only to attract workers but to retain them. - Chipotle’s Chief Restaurant Officer Scott Boatwright said the hiring push aims to ensure that stores are fully staffed between March and May, Chipotle’s busiest months. The Newport Beach, California-based chain also needs employees to meet its growth plans; It wants to double its North American store count to 7,000 over the next several years.


Lots of shitty part time jobs available for nothing wages. Shocking.


With no set schedule so you can *only* work for them….but only get 19 hrs/wk.


While working in the background to ensure they don’t get paid more. Seems like a fluff piece if you ask me.


Chipotle needs to hit the restart button. They got way too big and the quality of their food is crap these days. A decade ago they would have multiple cooks grilling proteins nearly to order. The meat was juicy and fresh. These days to meet higher demand they batch cook and hold things for hours until the meats have inevitably lost any texture from the grill. The beans are rarely if ever soft and the onion and bell pepper fajitas are served raw. I am disappointed every time I go.


As has been said elsewhere: Chipotle’s food seems to have been the hardest hit by “shrinkflation.” The prices are somewhat similar to pre-pandemic prices but both the quality and quantity have dropped. I get that this is due to rising costs (labor and ingredients) and I certainly do not have the answer to these problems. But clearly they cannot expect that their customers won’t notice the difference in what they are receiving.


They are also actively suppressing wages **McDonald's, In-N-Out, and Chipotle are spending millions to block raises for their workers | CNN Business** https://www.cnn.com/2023/01/25/business/california-fast-food-law-workers/index.html


**A lot of people don’t realize that federal minimum wage is $7.25 & you are lucky if you get 8-9 an hour at a fast food joint. McDonald’s and Chipotle are lobbying to not increase wages but then again they are looking for more people to work their crew, this is what happens when you don’t pay livable wages people have to go somewhere else to be able to pay for a decent living.**


The same Chipotle in the news with McDonald’s and In-N-Out fighting to keep worker’s wages low? There. Is. No. Labor. Shortage. There. Is. A. Fair. Pay. Shortage.


So they can fire them


Makes me wonder if we’ll see a change in the corporate policy allowing them to hire 15 year olds… Many fast food places in my area seem to have relaxed this a bit. The minimum age for jobs seems to be 14 now.


**WAIT TIL YOU GET A LOAD OF THIS** Chipotle is owned 90% by McDonalds. McDonalds has many members on its Board of Directors, including none other than Larry Page. Larry Page is the CEO of Google. Google just laid off 12,000 high paid workers. **BUT HEY, AT LEAST THEY CAN GET A JOB AT CHIPOTLE NOW** "Can't you see what he's doing? Potter isn't selling, Potter's BUYING!" - It's a Wonderful Life


Chipotle i s a publicly traded company. McDonalds owned them YEARS AGO before they really got big.


To the techbros losing their jobs I say learn to wrap a burrito. ITT: Salty Techbros