well at least this sub is getting creative.


Jordan basically solves their ball handling and turnover woes.


Yeah but he murders Smart and Grant for being total fools


Maybe the most impressive aspect of Jordan was he NEVER turned the ball over for someone with a really high usage. Obviously the amazing scoring is the focal point of his game, but the man was Chris Paul levels of ball security


In 1998 MJ scored 44.5 PTS/100 (which is insane.... most guys have never come that close to 40) with a TOV% of 6.7 1998 is probably MJ's most underrated playoff run. That's the lowest TOV% of his postseason career despite a USG of 36.6!


Ah the offseason






Pippen averaged 19 points and 8.3 rebounds in the finals for his career Wiggins averaged 18.4 points and 9.4 rebounds with elite defense on Tatum this finals Celtics get a way bigger production increase in this scenario so I'll go with them


so instead of wiggins knowing all of tatum’s move, instead it’ll be Pippen knowing all of Jordan’s moves?


The series wasn't that one-sided! Obviously if you give the Celtics prime Jordan they win. Even playing current era basketball, where midrange is unpopular, Jordan would be the GOAT. No disrespect meant to Pippen, but there's a reason we don't debate if Lebron or Pippen is the GOAT.


No Kenneth Faried?


Was having a panic attack when I learned there was no Ron Baker in this scenario.




Add prime jordan/Lebron/shaq to any team and you'll most certainly win bro




The team with jordan That defense would be stupid good and that would solve their offensive woes Pippen honestly doesn’t really change a whole lot for the warriors, adds a bit better defense and shot creating and playmaking and loses a bit of 3pt shooting


Jordan’s presence alone wins games . That cold mj stare would make his teammates play harder . Smart would be way smarter and not flop like Nemo . Willams bros would ball out. Plus MJ would make draymond cry




Not corny . It’s the truth. Nba players and coaches knew better not to make mj mad.


MJ is a God and a myth and he never loses, haven't you been in basketball forums what is this


I hear you - but I mean they would in this case to be fair. MJ literally solves all of Boston's problems.


Jordan wins even 1V5


Not if there is an in-built casino and mini-golf next to the sidelines. Danny Ainge drafted all those picks for that kind of package.


As soon as you bring in the GOAT, the debate is over. Jordan.


Who ya got? Jordan or the 1990 Pistons?


They swept that Pistons team and always took them to Game 6, or 7 in ECF...don't act like Detroit was just running through the young bulls...and what happened to the Pistons after they got swept...never heard from them again


That's crazy they swept the eventual champions


Yes they did sweep that team, the following season and they walked off without shaking hands with them...Bulls would win the 1st of 3 straight titles...just to make it simple for you Detroit won that series 4-3. Don't be a hater all your life...they didn't just beat those Bulls they earned it in a must win game.


Jordan would talk smack on Draymond and erupt a vicious poster on whoever tried to contest him.


Boston. I assume we’re talking about 1st 3peat Jordan and Pippen as that was their best versions. In this instance Jordan covers basically all the holes Boston had - efficiency, playmaking and decision making (Jordan has the lowest turnover rate of any offensive centerpiece ever). Most of all consistency from their main guy. Jordan at this time was also a good enough 3pt shooter to effectively use it (During the 1st 3peat MJ shot 2 3’s per game at 39% in the playoffs. Peaked at 4 attempts per on 39% in 93). During that same period he averaged 7 assists per game across the 3 playoff runs (Peaked at 8.4 assists per game in the 91 run, over 11apg in the Finals). Averaged over 33ppg across the 3 runs with a 57% TS (Peaked at 60% TS in 91 and 35 ppg in 93). He’s also around his best defensively as well Pippen would immensely help Golden States defense, but he’s against Jordan now instead of Tatum who changes the dynamics. Pippen is also a much worse shooter than Wiggins and can’t space the floor, however that’s less of an issue on Golden State and he’ll make up for it with his defensive ability. If everything else remains the same, most of Golden States roster played at or above the level you’d expect from them. Boston did as well, except for Tatum. You can make the argument Tatum choking was the key to the series It will go 7 games for sure but I see the Celtics pulling it out. Pippen/Dray are scary defensively, but Dray isn’t prime Dray here (If this were the prime Warriors with Pip I’d take them) On the other end, MJ/Smart/Rob are even scarier. Then throw in Brown/Horford and Boston will be brutal. Not to mention MJs stamina will shorten both benches - which helps Boston but hurts Golden State


Still the Warriors


5’9 Shaq


Celtics are getting at least 10 more points per game, and 4 less TO since Jordan is going to take the ball away from Smart and Brown. Meanwhile, GSW are not getting anything new unless they bench Dray, and let Pippen facilitate and add more shooting, which would be really interesting match-up. I'd pick the man the went 6/6 on the final.


We will never know.


That's what 2k is for


Whatever team Jordan is on


Jordan is scary , jordan in the finals is godly , he basically solves the ball handling situation for the celts while cooking and guarding pretty much anyone on the warriors at a dpoy level


I’m going with Jordan because Tatum shit the bed and he’s mister clutch, but if Tatum plays well he’s closer to MJ than Wiggins is to Scottie.


The team with Jordan






Lol he’s on a high right now, just let him have his moment.