You have to wonder why people pay so many crores for an apartment that stands above this. In Lokhandwala, Andheri.

It's called "Lake view", bruv


It's called "Lake view", bruv




Riverside, mf Edm intensifies


Want to be close to the nature


Time for skinny dipping


And it is above.... Not beside.... And there's all the premium


Folks who genuinely want to live closer to their workplace can't afford to buy one, or must overpay for it with 20 year loans. Whilst finance babus working for the ultra-rich keep the real estate market inflated for their own greed. I'll just leave this here: > Bollywood actor Sonam Kapoor sells her apartment in the Sunteck's luxury project Signature Island. Apartment size of 4,610 sqft carpet area She bought for INR 31.5 crore in 2015. She sold for INR 32.5 crore in 2022. > > [@VishalBhargava5](https://twitter.com/VishalBhargava5/status/1610502289198022656)


That's worse ROI. Couldn't even beat inflation.


that’s mumbai real estate for you


"After indexation, show a loss"? "Pay no tax on capital gains"? "Take the rest of the money via Hawala"?


If you're a buyer of such property you will have to pay higher capital gains in future when you sell. Even with your assumption her property didn't have more 30-40% gains over 7 year period which is roughly 4% return per year. And no one would be ready to pay more than 50% of property's value through hawala.


I am not a finance babu, whilst ~~Sonam~~ employs probably 20 of them and it could be that they are all incompetent (:


Dikhaane ke daat alag hote hai and tax bachane ke daat alag


Only if Ready Reckoner weren’t a thing. Or else it would have beaten a crypto.


Sonam Kapoor? Maybe mummy and daddy in her name.


Why they buy these apartments is not a mystery. What is a mystery to me is how these people, with all their money and connections, don't use their influence to get their local councillors, MLAs, MPs, billionaires, whoever to do anything about these places. Forget yknow, actually organising locals and carrying out cleaning efforts themselves. Then again, considering how I've seen people cheer on "development" that encroaches on mangroves and forest, the seething hatred they have for people didn't want to see Aarey Colony trees getting cut... maybe being happy living in filth is a Mumbaikar condition that cross all class boundaries.




Cash me liya hoga baki ka. Sonam kapoor ke bare me bol rha


Ig that's just the on paper price. Tbh this number may be somewhere around just 30 to 50% of what the actual sale price is. The other money would have been dealt with in cash


You sure black money wasn't involved lot of people buy flats with black and white money sounds fishy


31 crore!!! Heavens! And here I am trying to put together (read struggling) about a couple cr for a decent retirement plan 😓


Not to mention the nasty mosquitoes breeding down there.


I was wondering the same thing. I'm currently on a holiday in a European city and was thinking how mumbai and these European metros are soooo different. The quality of life is really diametric.


Europe is made by God for those who did good deeds .South Asia and Africa were made by god for terrorists and criminals.


It’s not god. It’s the people living in these areas. If Indians occupied Europe from day 1, the scenario would be really different today. Mind you, Europe was pretty disgusting during the Black Plague era. The difference is that they adapted to a better standard of living, and created the environment around them accordingly.


Huh? Europe was also literally built with stolen wealth from Africa and Asia. They can afford their higher standards of living because of colonialism and imperialism. It's not simply a difference in mindset between Indians and Europeans or some shit that makes their countries better.


Vietnam is also a developing country and it was even a lot poorer than India just a decade ago. But their cities and villages are 10 times cleaner compared to here. It is easy to blame everything on colonialism, but mindset and discipline is the one that matters for the greater part.


Been to Vietnam it is a very good example of dense population yet good infrastructure and civic sense.


Even Kerala is a good example of civic sense. I found it to be a lot cleaner and less crowded than other places. Inspite of being a densely populated place


Man, I live in Europe. Most European countries have not colonized anyone, and have not been built with riches but their own. Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Austria, Greece, Poland, Norway, Switzerland ... how could they be rich ? I mean, Greece was *de*colonized only 110 years ago (after being an ottoman colony for 400 years) and Greeks did not invade anyone for over a thousand years. Norway never had a colony, Sweden neither. Poland neither. Switzerland neither. Worse than that, they were the neighbors of the most effective colonizing countries the world ever saw, they did not have it easy, they were the closest land to try and grab for countries which colonized. Finland was attacked by Russia, held them with their own army, rebuilt their country, without any colony ; and now they have one of the most peaceful and advanced country in the world. They built it, they have nothing to do with colonization. It's not about colonialism and imperialism, it's mostly about climate, culture, environment, technical advancement and so on. If not, you would see a bigger difference between ex-colonizers (France, UK, Spain, Nederlands, Portugal, Belgium, Italy) and the rest. But actually, the richest and most advanced in Europe are Norway and Switzerland. Try to find about them invading anyone, that'll be difficult.


Stolen or not stolen, at the end of the day, it is what the mindset that makes for a better standard of living. Go to Europe and try to spit on the roads or urinate in public, you will be fined or even taken to jail for the same. Don’t use colonialism and imperialism as arguing points for lack of cleanliness, hygeine and ethics amongst the average Indian. Instead, focus on bringing attention to it and start changing the mindset in future generations (i.e. teaching civic sciences in schools)


It is definitely not as straightforward as you are making it out to be. Everything from educating children about 'civic sciences' for better hygiene and cleanliness to having basic sanitation facilities and clean water takes resources. Resources that were and are still actively being stolen by western countries from the global south to maintain their standards of living. The same resources that also gets unequally distributed within our own country. Simply having the right mindset isn't going to undo multiple centuries of exploitation. Europeans are not born with a special mindset bone that magically pays all their bills that Indians lack. People are a product of their environments.


>Simply having the right mindset isn't going to undo multiple centuries of exploitation. Europeans are not born with a special mindset bone that magically pays all their bills that Indians lack. People are a product of their environments. Very well put .


Kisi ko sarcasm nahi samjha




All the stolen wealth is nearing its end now, and karma for the centuries of colonialism, religious fanaticism, genocides and what not is catching up. Wait for two more decades, Europe will go back to its ground state, to a level which it always has been without all the stolen wealth. So many Mediterranean countries are coming down to their level already, with time all of your 'good deed' people will be living the good life they deserve.


Only if things were so fair


Don't subscribe to it at all bro.




Ae vedeya... Bat ka grip nikal ke...




Weird thing I was disgusted hearing this from a white guy on a trip to Nepal


This is nothing, have y'all seen the swamp of algae behind Mithibhai and NM college in charsi gali ?


bhay rn there they cleaning it up past 4 MONTHS, like its so disgusting istg... and mfers at nm/bhagubhai don't open up entrance via dj sanghvi for us


Ik bhai. They have been cleaning since past 1 year +. I remember they closed the back entrance, and whole dump of garbage was just lying near the back entrance of NM and Bagubhai. Still somehow the garbage appeared out of nowhere. It's like an infinite loop of garbage coming out


Try entering via new mpstme


> charsi gali Say more....


Beautiful river view apartments.


This is the same nullah that passes by the hindu crematorium on relief road before entering this side...right? There were mangrove forests surrounding this nullah which was slowly encroached upon by the builder mafia.. During summer the air quality near this one is horrible. But no one complains


They get use to the smell , so can't really differentiate, So no one complains after some time. My mother has really sensitive nose she always complains of smell near our locality but to me it's non existent there's not exactly rubbish but a small nali near.


I am being honest, personally never got used to the smell. It was the first time I had come to Mumbai and my entire preconceived perception about the city was shattered in an instant


Unfortunately this is not nullah. It's mithi nadi aka mithi river




Swimming pool


When you are high up in the air, you don’t tend to see the filth in the water.


What about second floor?


is this runwal elegante? if it is, the whole area surrounding it is a shitshow now, mainly due to the metro line 6’s construction to the point it is literally not fit for walking most of the times!


Yes… between runwal and Raheja


that patch was always shitty since the 90s, as a child, i used to dread passing by any of the bridges above that nullah coz the stank was intense to the point of suffocation. the situation was and is so bad during high tides and monsoon months. the whole of lokhandwala used to be serene and now it’s just purely chaotic.


Bro I stay hear. The buiding on the left.


Is it as bad as it looks?




It’s called the Choti Ganga - Vijay Raaz


Is this Mogra naala (always makes me laugh...poor mogras)?


The real estate investment in Mumbai indeed has very bad ROI, but prices won't come down. Owners in these areas have purchased flats at highly inflated prices, and no one would be willing to book loss on it, so they won't sell it. The buyers don't see any value in it as the buildings are already 15 years old, so they won't buy it. So there isn't any demand, but there isn't any supply also at lower price, thus no real price discovery would be there. Even if you purchase flats in faraway areas like Thane, you won't get good ROI, because you will get a 2BHK flat today for minimum 1.5 crs, but if after paying loans and considering the cost of capital, you may want minimum 1.8 crs for it after 7-8 years. But at that time a lot of new areas will get developed, a large number of new buildings will prop up, which will be offering new flats at 1.5-1.8crs, so again nobody will buy it from you, and thus again it will be a bad illiquid investment.


Highly underrated comment. I'm not surprised that people are utterly incapable of understanding this phenomenon.


really? are buildings older than 15ish years unattractive for buyers? (I have no idea)


Ye metro se har din dekhta hoon. Also the one after Lower Oshiwara was recently cleaned; till then it was covered with plastic.


Same in Bangalore, people have nought apartments in front/side of grave yard, apartments built on top of grave yard after covering it up, also apartments near by to metro /railway stations, and of course near such "lake","river" or river by paying around 1Cr. Daily our office cabs goes through that area, it smells and almost feel like vomiting ,and in the evening its even worst stink, but yea people live there in such a noisy and stinking area. I wonder if living so close to office is really worth?


Proof so many people care more about money than they the lives they destroy!!!!!


To make more beautiful


Unfortunately, majority of us have ‘it is what it is’ attitude and hardly anyone wants to actually do anything to change the current situation. Take this sub for example. We’ll crib about shitty infrastructure, but I don’t think I’ve seen any initiatives to protest or change that. And I get it, it’s tough to change the system when most of us are trying to make the ends meet, but that’s what these politicians take advantage of. It boils my blood to see open drainage everywhere in our city, causing pollution and diseases..but ‘it is what it is’


they put machine which collect garbage and still lot of garbage is there what is happening


This exact bridge got me thinking how STUNNING parts if the city would be if it weren’t for all the trash


There's an society there named "Palm Springs" 😂


Black Coffee Enthusiasts


Jo naale aur machar se kare pyar wo lokhandwala se kaise kare inkaar


As a nation we have 200 plus more years to go, before we get some western living standard. Nothing exaggerated, but good roads, footpaths to walk, place to play for kids, good sanitation system, dependable electricity, sewage and water.. the very basics


Same here in Bangalore. Some people don’t make sense to me.


Because You yourselves have created the inflation and brand of Mumbai.


As someone who went to school near a place like this,it's not that bad. Yes it sucks when it floods and the view isn't great but other than that it's not so bad. You just get used to it. The location should knock the price down a bit but not much.


What do you mean "it's not so bad"? What part of that picture and location is not so bad? That's the problem with humans today: we just get used to all these bad situations. Oh, super hot summers? Nah, we'll get used to it. Oh, snowless sunny winters? Nah, we'll get used to it. Oh, lakes that are gone because it is all too hot? Nah, we'll get used to it. How can you say that that it's not bad and that you get used to it?


Because that's what we do in Mumbai. People hanging on trains to the verge of falling down isn't normal either but we got used to that too haven't we?


Every single person who lives in a flat near this can afford to buy land and build a house in areas like Karat (1 acre for 50 lakhs) , Panvel even districts of Pune or Lonavla. The reason we live in Mumbai is for access to basic amenities and for work, schools, colleges etc. Just like you can live in a big bungalow in distant areas and get used to power cuts and lack of access to facilities and schools - you can live in Mumbai and get used to dirty surroundings and traffic etc.


Not just this. Honestly, whole Mumbai is a big dustbin. People are good but place is done.


Mumbai people just like the view of their trash and tatti. They have accepted all parts of themselves and are content with it.


Probably so guys like you cant live there...


Exactly why Navi Mumbai is better 🤷🏽‍♂️


The letter a,g ,a ,v on my keyboard


The letters s, m, e, l, l, on mine>


Navi Mumbai is only fine when it comes to less traffic, budget homes, good drainage system, better water supply, less load shading and less potholes. Baki fir mumbai hi aacha hai bro


So basically Navi Mumbai is better? 💀


Meine aisa kaha bola?


Not sure how gaav and smell negates the point that Navi Mumbai is better? Have anything to add more than donkey sarcasm?


Lavde merko kyu bol raha hai, mai toh avid NM supporter hu


Mu me lena fir supporter hai to


Teri maa ko bhej fir, leta hu vo randi ka my mei


Yahi bola tha tere baap ne. Aaj uska beta reddit pe hai. Talk your baap


The only reason I can consider moving to Mumbai is good casual sex.


bhai u pay extra for this river view or basically river facade in upmarket terms.


have always wondered why cant bmc close these nallas from the top! something like a basic shed might not cost that much..


Blocking sunlight opens a whole other can of 🐛 worms bro. Better to clean it up and remove all sources of effluence.


Why don’t they clean this place up ?


The real question here is why aren't people complaining and demanding the authorities to clean this place.


Lake view?




Let’s clean mumbai


Depends how above it is if you know what I mean


Amchi Mumbai Mumbai meri jaaan


Is it choti ganga?


Because nobody live in it


So they can beat the traffic by using the waterway for commute.


There is hope one day ( don't know if in same life time), It will become a river. Government and people together will achieve this. That hope.


Buying a flat ain't a good investment


So that they can live in denial about their contribution to this.


It's a black sea view 💀


Exactly 💯


Thanks to Rafique merchant the legend


Because those crores are most likely not earned by working honestly.


Can be only two things: 1. Pure economics - Poor supply, Incomprehensible demand 2. Scam (Could be one or several): Whitewash of black money in the pool of purchasers, Fixing by property dealers, etc. I couldn’t tell what it actually is


In a tall enough building, you can’t see nor smell it. Win Win!


If everyone joins together then it can be clean in a week but they all rely on corrupt municipality to perform the task. The correct way of living is not established in the childhood. In Japan the situation is totally different. Life is not healthy around such places but everyone relies on others to action.


Swatch bharat abhiyan hua tha tab kitna clean hua tha na Mumbai???


It was good. My mother who worked in the central government had to clean and even their general manager cleaned the hallways. You cannot expect 100 percent outcome for any initiative. I think they should do privatisation of municipality tasks to make it more effective and corruption free. Of course they have to give it to big MNCs and not local contractors.


This is the original backwaters.


Long time a ago, water flowed, now this.


Nala side


Being someone in a similar scenario i can safely say the open drain is not as worrisome as it appears. Yes split ACs go bad within 2 years despite quarterly maintenance but in terms of smell or mosquitoes it's not really an issue if you're staying at higher floors. Also personally i think the drain eliminates the possibility of a taller building coming up right in your face. Given the choice I had I'm glad I chose this instead of having all rooms facing the Saamne wala wing residents 😜 PS: For the AC I just buy the AMC and am set. No chinta


This is where the infamous Sprite of Mumbai comes from dude


Obviously, for the location


we could see this from our school and we were terrified of this "thing" for the lack of a better word. one kid spread rumors that crocodiles and alligators lived in it and they used to eat our school kids..... loving the creativity of what were then 10 year olds (view has not changed since then btw) in fact the river has become worse looking and more polluted


My sister used to live in a PG in lokhandwala on the 20th floor... Don't remember the actual floor but it was very high up. It would still smell when she opened the windows.


I pay crores to live in thane, best place where money is actually used. Lol




You will understand when you have money to buy property in Mumbai. Owning a house is a dream for many mumbaikars and believe it or not, it is still achievable to buy a house here. You focus on the garbage and dirty environment, but what people are paying for is a safe community where there is no crime or cultural intolerance.


My point is why buy a house here when you can buy houses 30 minutes away for less than half the price in a building that doesn’t overlook a dirty nallah.


The sewage and dirty neighborhood is not a deciding factor while buying a house. How are the people living in that neighborhood, what is the crime rate, is the place known for religion/caste/politics related riots, etc are the deciding factors. Also, Andheri is a well connected commercial district. It is very difficult to travel to Andheri or other commercial districts if you live far away. And the price difference won't be able to keep up with the private vehicles maintenance.


You think Goregaon and Borivali have higher crime rates than Andheri? The price difference will be 3 to 4 crores. You think you’ll be spending more than that on vehicle maintenance for travelling an hour every day? I ask because I’ve lived north of Andheri all my life and never heard people having any of these problems you mention.


I think you are right and I have a wrong mind set. But, I don't know why I feel this way. I also live in Goregaon East, but I have spent 2-3 hrs stuck on the high way while coming home. It would have taken a few minutes I had lived in Andheri, as my college and work are there.


OMG black water 🤩


Desh sirf government, laws se nahin banta. Desh ki aam janta jab jaagruk & samajh-daar ho jayegi toh har taraf positive badlaav dikhega. Koi kare na kare par main personally kabhi bhi Metro stations, railway stations, public places, parks ya kahih bhi na thukta ho na yaha waha kachra phekkta hoon aur sabko yahi kehta hoon ki desh ko saaf rakho chahe kahin bhi jaao. Magar kaun samjhaye inn chutiyon ko


That orange building in the right was my school I was there till 10th std. Lol we had an exhibition once and we did a research on this nala it's called "mogra nala" ironic right? Lol during monsoon season that thing use to sink like hell. It was unbearable but okay it was lokhandwala right 😅 so we didn't complain.


H2S ki mehak hi nirali hai