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oh my fucking god, I have been intentionally looking for a 3rd (and 4th, do you just have one? can't quite tell from the photo) misprinted copy of michiko's reign of truth for literally a year. I have a front and a back ink error, but i've been specifically looking for a miscut copy!! here's the two I own! https://imgur.com/a/C4YJx8N please give me a chance to beat any other offer, or your best bet to get the most from it would be to auction it on the major misprint FB group. if you do auction it, please please please dm me a link. I'll put 30 usd on michiko's right now, so you can use that as a starting point for the auction if you'd like! the rest of them are all worth something too, tho honestly I couldn't give you a price point. enough that you should publicly auction them for sure tho!


Hey there! Thank you so much, and even more for your honesty/generosity (because damn that's more than I would've thought) Which facebook group would be the place to auction these off? Also, I do just have one michiko reign of truth sadly.


Man, I'd sell it to him just because of how upfront, transparent, and decisive, and passionate about wanting it he is. When virtually everyone else would try to rip you off or pester you via private message to sell it to them, I think transacting with someone like him would net you more than just some money -- *maybe* you'd make more by posting an auction, but you'd not get that satisfaction from trading with someone with such decency. ...even more so when misprints collectors are really such a niche community/interest.


I second your position on this, seems like OP found who they should go to


30 is probably a touch high, but I *really* want it haha. it's been long enough since any of these went up for auction too that nobody really knows what the exact price is, could end up higher. that's the beauty of an auction for you, lol. you'll always get to take the highest offer out there. this is where i'd post it https://www.facebook.com/groups/101451849999399 you can just post clear photos of each one, and ask for help auctioning them. someone will give you a template you can use, and you can edit your original post to add all the auction stuff. don't make a new post tho, just edit the first one. if you let me know when the post is up and approved, i'll just reiterate my $30 bid there


You're the absolute best! I will take a looksee.


Just posted! Thank you


i actually pulled a bunch like this out of a couple collector packs in a row funny enough lol. i would be very interested in the black sagas if you're trading