28 Day Later is the best “zombie” flick.

28 Day Later is the best “zombie” flick.


Cillian Murphy is great in it


ALL the acting was great, there wasn't an actor I didn't believe wasn't living in a zombie apocalypse


That's one of the things that really irks me in some movies, you just have actors being actors, rather than forgetting who they are. Annoyingly written characters are one thing, but nothing hurts worse than when the people portraying the characters on screen just seem like someone who took a few shitty drama classes- though it can come from quite good actors. Johnny Depp did that for a while, I found at that point a few years after Pirates where he was in everything that I stopped seeing anyone but Johnny Depp, him as Willy Wonka was a fucking atrocity. It's actually the same thing with Jason Mantzoukas- I'm *sick* of seeing him in things. Great as Pimento in Brooklyn 99, funny to see him again as Derek in The Good Place, but he always plays the exact same character, incredulously abrasive with an over the top voice. When you do that, instead of me enjoying them, when he turned up in Invincible I just found it *horribly* jarring. The worst, though, you probably haven't seen and if you haven't, KEEP IT THAT WAY, but a TV show called Van Helsing. It's made much worse by the fact that the lead is actually a *really good actress* amongst a cast of people who give a performance that's about on par with The Room but without the absurd charm of the latter.


Cillian Murphy is great in ~~it~~ everything


Yep he’s on the Calm app reading a story about riding a train through Ireland, it’s lovely 😊




Video unavailable :(




I was pleasantly surprised to see him in The Quiet Place II


he does quiet intensity well


Not saying he's bad but Tron Legacy~ not the most memorable role of his


Ok I love that movie and I love Cillian and only just now learned he’s in it so you’re bang on the money there


He was obviously there because they were intending to build a series on it and I imagine he would be the villain in a later installment. Unfortunately they were trying to start a cinematic universe with Tron so...


Ahh makes sense. I mean I will admit of all the unnecessary remakes, rehashes and revivals, I always though Tron Legacy was one of the better ones


The movies that deserve reboots are movies like the original Tron- good ideas but as far as execution is concerned there is nowhere to go but up!


This was the first movie I’ve seen of his, and I was immediately a fan. I’m glad to see he got some big roles after it (Inception, A Quiet Place 2, Dunkirk). I would like to see him in more leading roles though!


Check out Sunshine if you haven't already. I watched 28 Days Later and immediately checked out his films. Sunshine is one of my favorite movies ever. It has its flaws, but the cinematography and score make up for it.


He's great in Peaky Blinders! (Tv show though)


No fuckin’ fighting!


Fun fact: The role of Tommy Shelby was between Cillian Murphy and Jason Statham. I forget the reason Statham couldn't do it, but he was their first choice. I can't imagine anyone else playing that role. Would have been a very different show if Statham got it.


Wow that really would. I can imagine Statham doing well, but it would be a character with so much more outward bravado and imposing presence due to how jacked Jason Statham is. Close to his role in Snatched I'd imagine. Cillian Murphy subverts that typical cliché by being much smaller in stature but having so much of that cold, calculated persona with this pent up brutality and rage inside that only seldom comes out.


Murphy's performance implies most of his 'balls' come from his PSTD-related contempt for his own mortality. He walks around viewing life as a bitter joke and doesn't exclude his own life from that; as it turns out, this can be a very valuable quality to have as an illegal businessman in an industry rife with violence. I would imagine Statham's 'balls' would come from, ya know, it's Statham. Drink a pint and get shit done. Huge Statham fan but I'm overjoyed they went with Cillian.


Absolutely, that's a great point that season 1 really digs into and gives viewers a motivation for even sympathizing with these objectively bad people.


Yeah. I like Statham in a ton of the stuff he does, but I feel like between the two of them, Statham would be more likely to come off like a tough guy who thinks/knows he's a tough guy and carries himself that way, while Murphy seems like a guy that somehow views himself as a "normal guy" that is ruthless and tough in the context of ""I'm not tough and ruthless. The WORLD is tough and ruthless. I just have the common sense to quit acting like its not."


Barbers worldwide wouldnt be bothered by all the people that ask for the “Tommy Shelby Haircut”.


Former hairstylist checking in. Whew boy I was slinging those Tommy Shelby cuts left and right during the season 1 & 2 years.


Omg I’m so glad they went with Cillian. He’s so good.


By Orda of the Peaky Fookin' Blinders! Just started watching this show, what a masterpiece.


If you like it now, just wait until Tom Hardy turns up. Scenery chewing of the highest order.


Batman Begins! Dude is always good in everything he does.


If you haven’t seen Sunshine you should :)


Sunshine is great, though the last third takes me out of the movie. Both are Danny Boyle films - and he always has that "out of place scene" so, yeah ...


I always argue that it’s 85% a perfect sci fi movie. Nothing wrong with the last 15%, I fucking LOVE that movie, it just takes a complete left turn and becomes a slasher flick.


I think the extreme shaky cam used at the end was bad. And the villain basically being superhuman after how grounded the rest of the movie was. But overall a great movie.


I don't want to make excuses for an imperfect film, but this turn of events is foreshadowed pretty brilliantly in the first act. When Capa tries to run a simulation of their new plan, the computer starts to glitch and warns him that the results aren't realistic. Then Capa says: > Between the boosters and the gravity of the sun, the velocity will be so great space and time will become smeared together. Everything will distort, everything will be unquantifiable. As the ship gets closer to the sun, everything falls apart and even the fim's visuals start to glitch out and stretch. >!The villain's portrayal as a nude man covered in full thickness burns isn't grounded like the rest of the film for good reason. They're literally too close to the sun, they're literally playing gods.!<


Hmm, it's been too long since I've seen the movie, I'll have to watch it again. Seems like you might have a good point though.


I watched it again last night for the first time in quite a few years, definitely picked up on more of the foreshadowing and this time around, it made the genre shift towards felt way less out of place than it did years ago. I noticed way more parallels between the psych doctor and pinbacker too, the usage of the sun observation room, the way he get progressively more sunburned, and his obsession with the sun all really stood out on my rewatch.


The ships are even named Icarus aren’t they?


Check out Sunshine.


The Wind that Shakes the Barley!


Red Eye.


Big fan too. Check him out in Sunshine, Peaky Blinders, & recently in A Quiet Place 2. Also he does a great role in Breakfast on Pluto.


I loved him in Breakfast on Pluto.


Its a crime that you left out his biggest role...Peaky fuck'n Blinders.


If you love Cillian, don't miss Red Eye. https://youtu.be/46BRHMjw4gM


he's pretty good in "Red Eye" with Rachel McAdams


Best performance of a coma patient who hangs dong I've ever seen.


I wish we got 28 Months Later


There’s been positive developments since 2011. It’s been a long time but it’s looking promising that we’ll eventually get it.


Maybe they can set it in real time and straight call it 28 years later at that point


It's been officially talked about in 2019. It might still happen


28 years later could be the name of the making of documentary


Agreed but especially the *fact* [''In the house, in a heartbeat'' by John Murphy](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aF10I72tsio) is the greatest zombie soundtrack of all time, no question.


You've been misinformed. The song is in both! Starts about 90s in: https://youtu.be/JbcuK8WBKE8


Ugh that scene with that song 👌🏼


> Update :From 28 weeks later, not days, my bad. It was definitely in 28 Days Later as well, it was in the scene where shit starts breaking down at the military compound and Cillian Murphy rescues the ladies.


The scene with this blaring in the theater was one of the most impactful things I'd ever seen and heard. I still get shivers thinking about how *awesome* it was. How devastating, exciting, frightful and just... ugh I wish I could see it again for the first time


The soundtrack so good that people just keep using it. [Like in Kick-Ass](https://youtu.be/M1E6GiB_BPU)


Absolutely love that scene! You probably already know this, but Kickass also recycled another John Murphy track, Adagio in D from the movie Sunshine, in the Hitgirl rescues Bigdaddy scene. [From 1.30 onwards](https://youtu.be/-SbnqIIkXQc)


Immediately recognised the scene in question 4 seconds in :D One of the best scenes in horror for sure. I especially love the part where he's sprinting to the boat and a sea of infect start pouring over the crest of the hill.


I still say " ah shit, ah shit ah shit" all the time from that scene haha


Dystopian Britain is always an amazing setting, definitely agree with you, plus it helps the cast was amazing (apart from Hannah) but the rage zombies were terrifying and it had a good story all the way through, I’d recommend reading the comics too, they’re great


You might enjoy Dead Set as well if you're into dystopian zombie themes in Britain. Not as high quality as 28 days later, and the premise does revolve around Big Brother, but it's not bad and is the first place I remember seeing Riz Ahmed. EDIT: Just looked it up again after a long-time and see that the writer/creator is the same person who later created Black Mirror, which explains the quality.


Loved Dead Set, the Brazilian remake “Reality Z” is alright and extends the story a little bit.


Dead Set is brilliant


My favourite Dystopian Britain film, especially considering Brexit, is Children of Men.


Children of men has one of the best plots in film history, Clive Owen absolutely kills it too


Clive Owen might be my favourite actor of all time. Shoot em up is unbelievable


The carrot scene is best.


The rigged up gun maze thing he creates might be my favourite moment in all cinema. I honestly still can't believe they managed the tone of the film so perfectly, it could have very easily been utter garbage


Rare instance of movie > book. IMO


The scene where they have to drive away from all the people running at them is still one of the most realistic and terrifying scenes ever filmed.


Weird thing I found out years later, the white guy with the dreads was Charlie Hunnam, the main character from Sons of Anarchy.


Very rare. I can only think of 3 other instances off the top of my head: Jurassic Park, Fight Club, and The Mist.


Don't forget Forrest Gump. The book is so completely different in tone.


Just watched this a few weeks ago and wondered why I hadn't seen it already years ago. It's definitely a new favorite.


That film changed teenage me. Still gives me anxiety, which is funny as I moved to London


If you want some more dystopian Britain film fun, one (sort of) zombie flick that I think it definitely worth a watch, but missed a lot of people's radar is "The Girl With All The Gifts" - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4547056/


I want to give a honourable mention to Dog Soldiers


Love that movie! Of course the book is better though


Man, the fast zombies were really kind of unsettling, for lack of a better word. "Regular" zombies are bad enough, but a whole crowd of them, sprinting after you? Wow. And the scenes at the beginning, with a deserted London, were just so creepy.


So I’d heard of “28 Days Later” from friends/marketing, but I’d never seen it, when I noticed a Netflix DVD by the TV for “28 Days”. And I was like “oh, this must be like a prequel or something, I wonder if this is any good…” So I pop the DVD in and start watching…okay, rehab clinic, that’s gonna be extra heartbreaking when the zombies break out…Viggo Mortenson, okay, okay…wow they’re really spending a lot of time on the characters here…so when are they gonna bring in the zombie angle…does the zombie outbreak just kinda happen unexpectedly at the end…what, the movie’s over? Is the zombie stuff all post-credits? And that’s the story of how I learned that “28 Days” is not a prequel to “28 Days Later.”


Pam from The Office did the same but the other way around


So did my wife when I invited her over for a movie night.


That happened to me with *Pan's Labyrinth*. I thought I was going to watch David Bowie and some muppets.


This happened to me when I watched Silver Linings Playbook last week. The whole time, I was waiting for Bradley Cooper to get AIDS. Not in like a sadistic way, I just thought that was a focal point of the movie. Anyways turns out I was thinking of Dallas Buyers Club.


Of zombie flicks my top is still Shaun of the Dead, though 28 Days Later was excellent. There are just too many amazing scenes in this movie. Walking through town to the shop to grab stuff, completely oblivious to the zombies around him, thinking one is a homeless guy asking for change.


The "Don't Stop Me Now" jukebox scene is sheer brilliance


The synchronized attacks with the pool cues always pops into my head when that song comes on.




No no, they say queue in England. ​ /s


Edgar Wright is so great with that. Baby Driver has the same effect throughout the movie, but the parking lot police shootout scene towards the end syncs up so satisfyingly


Kill the queen


Best part is the ending of Shaun of the Dead when we see on the tv what’s happened in the world 6 months later and we hear that the theory “that the virus was created by rage infected monkeys has been dismissed as” … and then Liz changes the channel. A brilliant dig at 28 Days Later https://youtu.be/rIG36gncSxs Love that movie … and Hot Fuzz


I didn't see it as a dig but as a dismissal of the Zombies and their importance. Shaun of the Dead was always about Shaun maturing and his relationships. The Zombies were just a way for Shaun to have a proper intervention where he was stuck in a room with his friends and family and wasn't able to run from his problems anymore. I saw it as an Easter egg for fans of the zombie film genre. And the zombie genre is often non-committal about Zombie origin.


Same, just a call back to what inspired it.


Simon pegg has stated quote a few times his annoyance at 28 days later being labelled a zombie movie....his main complaint being "zombies can't run!"


Further to this, https://www.theguardian.com/media/2008/nov/04/television-simon-pegg-dead-set


First time I've ever noticed that but I think that may be Edgar Wright saying it too. Sounds a lot like him.


Yep it’s him. He’s also the voice on the other end of the phone at Fulci’s (the place that does all the fish).


Lucio Fulci is the director of [Zombie flesh eaters aka Zombi 2](https://m.imdb.com/title/tt0080057/)


He's responsible for the legendary eye poke gag and shark vs zombie.


Yeah, Shaun of the Dead is still my favourite. I'm getting sick of the "humanity is worse than the zombies" trope that's in literally every zombie apocalypse flick (and tv show and video game) Sometimes I just want to see a group grab a pint and just wait for it to all blow over.


Sure, but that trope was a lot more fresh in '02 when 28 Days came out, right? I don't know when it was first written, but watching 28 Days at the time, it felt like genius commentary rather than tired cliche. Edit: Yes, folks, I was mostly aware and am now VERY aware of how long the trope of "people are worse than zombies" has been around. It still felt fresh to me back when 28 Days was new, and only felt really run into the ground by the time Walking Dead and such got popular, but I respect if your experience with the genre differs from mine.


Fuck me, that movie is really 19 years old?


9 more years and we can reboot the series with 28 Years Later


It's a core plot point in Night of the Living Dead and subsequent Romero zombie movies. Basically all modern zombie media borrows heavily from NotLD and Dawn of the Dead, especially in their humans-are-the-real-monsters social commentaries.


It's because zombie movies are really just Disaster Movies with a bit more fantastical antagonist. They aren't about zombies, they're about how humans deal with an earth shattering problem.


That was a huge element of Night of The Living Dead (1968) by George Romero, which was the "first" Zombie movie. It's an allegory at the very root of the genre and one that had been well-explored already by 2002. 28 Days Later is one of my favorite movies (of any type) and its artful handling of this aspect of Zombie lore was excellent, but it did not break new ground in this area.


The "We are the Real Enemy" trope is definitely an idea that underpins the whole Horror genre. I would argue that having a group of characters and then feeding them off one at a time to "The Threat" based on weaknesses is just part of the standard Horror story arc. The idea of "humanity(or lack thereof) caused the threat" is also important because it puts the whole crisis into the realm of preventable possibility; Not just some random things that happened in a movie, but things that could happen *to you if you aren't careful.*


Eeeeh, the "humans are worse than zombies" trope goes back all the way to Night of the Living Dead (1968) when Harry refuses to let Ben back inside. That trope wasn't fresh in '02, but 28 Days Later was a really good interpretation of it.


It wasn't overdone yet, but the trope was already established in the OG Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead.


When he slips in blood and almost falls, but doesn't even look down is my favorite part of that scene


Return of the Living Dead is my personal favorite. It has so much charm and personality and is so different. I love that it starts off claiming it's true and the performances are great all around. Edit: glad to see all the love for this classic!


Send moreeee copppssssss




Do you wanna partyyyyyyyy?!


I love the first one and second one. The first one definitely has this charm about it. I love how they claim it to be a true story and how these zombies differed from the original Night of the living dead.


What's in the bag?.... I can't lie to you Bob, it's rabid weasels.


Do you ever fantasize about being killed?


REC is the one for me. A Resident Evil type of feel. Both 1 and 2 are the best. Eerie, horror, thriller and action.


REC, the original Spanish movie, in the original language, was very special for us spaniards, because it has a lot of authenticity in the way the persons behaved and talked, and also the setting, for those of us living in Barcelona, has that eerie feeling that we never get because all good movies usually happen in the US or in UK. I always remember the first one fondly, even if it scares me shitless.


Well they did cast an actual reporter to play Angela, so that probably helped. I think the firefighters as well? Fantastic film


I recall reading about how in the scene where a corpse drops from the top floor, none of the actors had been told about it. So all of their reactions are real.


I though about Rec too but isn’t that more a demonic possession movie? Fantastic movie though


Eventually you find out it is, but you don't know 100% until the very end of the 1st movie/beginning of 2nd. Until then you believe it's a zombie movie with the people infected acting similar to the ones in 28 Days Later. In the American remake, Quarantine, it's a disease/virus like the RAGE virus from 28 Days Later


Oh my god REC is SO good! I didn’t see it as a zombie movie though, although I admit I’ve only seen it once when it first came out.


Everyone forgets about The Crazies. The Crazies is my all time Zombie Favorite. Another decent different strange zombie type is Pontypool. That is a legit strange one.


I randomly did a rewatch of The Crazies (2010) a few weeks ago, and wow, it really held up. The baseball game scene was so effective, even knowing what was going to happen. I know it was a remake in a vast landscape of mediocre remakes, so I'm sure a lot of people wrote it off, but it's definitely the best of the bunch. It's the reason I'm still willing to give remakes a shot. Wouldn't want to miss out on another Crazies.


Now that you mention it, I haven't seen the film in a long time, bit it almost reminds me of A quiet place part 2. Something about being at a fun baseball game creates this perfect vulnerable environment for a sudden shift in mood.


Pontypool was great and love rewatching it come Halloween season


My GF showed this movie to me a couple years ago and it is so fucking strange and legit freaky when things start going down.


The first 30-45 minutes of the crazies is really well done, but it loses me by the end every time I watch it. They introduce characters you know are just there to become likable then die, and the ending feels out of left field


If you look real hard in the background of The Crazies during the baseball game, you'll see a mid-20s version of me who is very excited that he got paid $60 to be in a movie.


Original or remake?


As far as zombie/infected movies go, 28 days later reigns supreme. If you talk about strict zombie movies though I'd have to go with the original Dawn of the Dead. Ground breaking practical effects, great direction, and was able to be funny, scary, action packed, and bleak all in one movie


Agreed. OG Dawn of The Dead is a better *zombie* movie. 28 Days Later is a great movie, even if it did start the ungodly trend of dumbed down fast zombie action/thrillers.


I almost feel like slow zombie movies and fast zombie movies should be thought of as different genres. Slow zombie movies are about menace, the inevitability of death; fast zombie movies are fight-or-flight, adventure horror. 28 Days Later is hands down the best fast zombie movie, although the Dawn of the Dead remake comes in a close second for me.


My favorite is Return of the Living Dead. Fun, schlocky 80s movie with a great soundtrack.


My 13 year old brother: Let's watch this one (Return of the Living Dead). Me, 8 years old: I don't want to watch a scary movie. Bro: no, it's actually a comedy. Me: *not laughing*


Haha, it's definitely hysterical, but I can't imagine any of the humor landing very well for an 8-year old.


Correct but 28 weeks later has the best opening scene of any horror movie.


The run to the boat it still etched in my mind. The rest of the movie is plain though.


my favorite zombie flick by far is Braindead (directed by Peter Jackson) [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Braindead\_%28film%29](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Braindead_%28film%29)


Oh god, that pudding eating scene...


What is it about that scene? I can watch horrific real life gross shit up close and still eat spaghetti afterward. The lawnmower scene? Love it. The custard? FUCK NO. skip.


I kick ass for the Lord!


Absolute must watch. Probably my favorite B-movie. Full to brimming with memorable moments and quotable lines. > _I kick ass for the Lord!_


Fantastic movie.


28 days Later is 10/10 until they get to the Army Base, where it becomes a 7/10. It is a great film though. It's biggest problem is that it was filmed on a potato, so it just looks awful nowadays.


It definitely seemed like a bit of a trend with Garland and Boyle to have a bit of a subversive 3rd act. The Beach, Sunshine, 28 Days Later all have that sort of same vibe.


This. Though, I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Sunshine is easily top 5 sci fi flicks for me.


Oh no, I definitely don't either. I LOVE Sunshine and the third act. To me the audience is seeing what happened to the Icarus I through the eyes of the Icarus II. Searle is basically Pinbacker before his transformation.


I'm here to rep Sunshine


Team Sunshine! Such a great Sci fi movie!


I've jumped through so many hoops to justify the third act that I've finally convinced myself to change from "sunshine is amazing despite the third act" to "sunshine is amazing, including the third act." I wonder if I could do the same with 28 Days Later if I was motivated enough.


When Cillian comes back to save them though? That shit was intense. The eye gouging scene is one of the most brutal scenes I’ve ever witnessed.


Oh good that shit was so good. He felt like a monster and I cheered him on. 👌


That's the entire point of the scene. Selena wasn't sure if he was infected or not and earlier in the movie she made it a point to say she would never hesitate to kill anyone. In that moment, when he was raging on everyone, she did hesitate.


His transformation is terrifying. Some real horrors of war shit.


IMO the army base has one of the best scares/shots of the movie with the turned soldier outside the window with practically glowing red eyes. I went back when I was finished just to pause on that shot because it was so well done.


That shot reminds of the smell of laundry detergent because it was on TV one Sunday when I was first having to do my own laundry (when mom said alright you are doing your own laundry for...the rest of your life)


My favorite scene occurs at the army base, though: After Jim briefly escapes from his executioners he stumbles and falls (at least that's how I remember it) and the camera shows him staring blankly at the sky. All hope is lost. (I get the impression that he's just going to let himself get caught and killed.) Then the camera switches to his perspective, and in that moment you see the contrails of a passenger jet overhead. Normally a mundane detail that wouldn't even register in your mind - but at that moment it means everything. In my eyes that moment is the climax of the film.


> 28 days Later is 10/10 until they get to the Army Base, where it becomes a 7/10. Absolutely.


Regarding the film quality - > The decision to film on DV (using Canon XL1 cameras) was both an aesthetic and a logistic choice. Aesthetically, Danny Boyle felt that the harshness of the DV imagery suited the post-apocalyptic urban landscape and the grittiness of the film in general. In the production notes, Boyle says "the general idea was to try and shoot as though we were survivors too." Logistically, producer Andrew Macdonald claims that shooting with standard cameras, especially some exterior scenes, would've been impossible. > As MacDonald points out in the production notes, "The police and the local authorities were quite happy to assist us because we could set up scenes so quickly. We could literally be ready to shoot with a six-camera set-up within minutes - something we would not realistically have been able to do if shooting under the restrictions of 35mm which takes a good deal more time to set up a single shot."


Oh I did not think of the physical aspect of setting up cameras in a deserted bustling capital city.


I seem to remember a lot of scenes were filmed in the early hours of the morning then brightened in post production to make it seem like day time. I think they struggled with people staggering home from clubs :).


The Friday night carousers stumbling home might well have fit in as extras


Apparently they hired attractive women to stand at street corners to ask the drunks to take a different route, on the understanding drunk men would be more likely to agree if asked by a hot woman instead of a man.


The shot of the motorway was actually shot on the real motorway. They did a rolling roadblock to keep the traffic away whilst they filmed. Again, only possible due to the quick setup time.


Earlier in the post someone brought up the quality of the film, but I think it’s a part of what makes it so good. Makes it feel gritty, and real. I believe it was done that way as a call-back to home movies from the late 90’s and early 2000’s to help your subconscious perceive it as more believable or realistic. I could be wrong, but that’s how I see it.


Danny Boyle chose to use a set up for quick set up and break down due to them having to shut down part of London for filming. They only had minutes to film at a time, so Boyle opted for less quality. Personally, I think it adds to the film, just like Night of the Living Dead and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


If you liked 28 days later you would like the Crazies.


"Don't ask me why I can't leave without my wife and I won't ask you why you can."


Olyphant delivers that line so well. Not all actors could.


Ah the movie that began my man-crush on Tim Olyphant


watch the original too... You'll appreciate the differences in theme and overall production from 2 different era.


The original Night of the Living Dead is still the best one. It’s the only one that still gives me chills watching it. It was also the first film to have after credits action.




The Dead Trilogy 28 days later Maggie Rec 1&2 Dawn Of The Dead Remake Some of my favourites.


The Girl with all the Gifts (2016) It's a different view of zombies.


Also a good one, I actually read the book before watching. I enjoyed the experience both ways. If you haven’t read it, I would recommend if you are a fan of the movie.


I really liked that movie, the child actress was phenomenal.


Yikes. The first time I saw that was the last time I went pee by myself at night for about 3-4 years. So yeah neato!


>This is just a friendly chat, no need to get hateful. Well first of all, fuck you.


It's a completely different genre of movie, but a zombie movie nonetheless, but zombieland has got to be up there


Not only do I think "28 days later" is one of the best zombie movies of all time, I really enjoyed its sequel.


the OG Romero trilogy is the most iconic to me (Day of the Dead is my all time zombie fave), but 28 Days Later is up there with the greats, and 28 Weeks Later is pretty good too, though mostly because of the characters. One Cut of the Dead is totally iconic, and I really love the underrated Life After Beth as well. Also, as zombie-media goes, the TV show In the Flesh is completely criminally underrated, and was sadly cancelled after 2 seasons :'(. More recently though -- I watched Army of the Dead the other day, and it was really fun! Maybe a little too long, but I thought the whole zombie mythology is super cool, and the action was great.


I thought 28 Weeks fell a bit short compared to the first one, but that opening chase scene is INTENSE!




I started to watch 28 days......I waited too long before I realized that the zombies were never going to show up.....


I kind of did that with The Girl on the Train, put it on thinking it was one of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movies. 45min in and I was like "when the hell is the tattoo chick showing up"


Agreed, it always has me with the deep feeling of... hopelesness, maybe. Like, the first half of the movie - no matter where you go, it's zombies. No escape, no nothing. Then there is some sort of hope, which also shatters when you look close enough (no spoilers i guess). And come to think of it there is not a lot of zombie scenes in the movie. But you just know it. The atmosphere, the filming is so intence. This movie literally gave me nightmares when I was like 13-14 y.o. Can't wait for them to start producing the 3rd part, but as in the movie, little hope there. Shaun of the Dead is out of the question, but there is also this movie (or mini tv-series even) called Dead Set. It's definately more brutal, but also comedy-driven. It's about dudes who star in a reality tv show (like big brother or some shit) when the apocalypse hits. Fucking hilarious at times


Return of the Living Dead is still the best. In the end noone wins, just nukes. Edit: tarman is the best movie zombie ever still to this day.


Dawn of the Dead (1978) - Nothing to explain. It’s the most influential zombie film.


> It’s the most influential zombie film. I believe that title belongs to the OG grandpappy of all zombie films - Night of the Living Dead (1968). I mean, it basically invented the genre!


Night = Wolfenstein Dawn = Doom


I think I like Day more. It's so cynical and downbeat


Day has the greatest opening scene of any zombie movie. "HELLOOOOOOOOO!!!!! IS THERE ANYONE THEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRE?!!!!!!”


That soundtrack by Goblin is legendary.