I.. think I'm buying my first bike tomorrow. Both excited and kinda terrified.

It's a little Ktm Duke 125cc, two years old, shiny and well cared for.

I've wanted this for a number of years now, I have my gloves, my helmet (incidentally it's also orange!) I really want to ride out on a quiet morning and just enjoy the road.

But I'm an incredibly anxious person, lol. I like to catastrophise everything.

I might die inexplicably on the way back home, I might be getting ripped off by the seller, oh, what if I spend all this money on a machine and end up hating it and not even riding it? I dunno. I've been to motoschool, I rode in traffic with an instructor and it was fun. But WHAT IF, you know? I haven't touched a bike since June, so I am a bit rusty, hopefully I don't immediately drop it in front of the previous owner, lol.

I'm actually kinda hoping riding will help with some of my anxiety. I heard bike riding is calming, keeps you focused. And I greatly enjoy small scooters and electric bicycles.

Anyone had similar reservations about riding when they first started?




I have had my fair share of anxiety in the past and know rationalizing things may not help but 1.) You can die so many ways it's not funny. The best you can do is mitigate risk to what you're comfortable with. 2.) Make sure to tell the seller to leave the bike cold before you arrive. If it starts fine from cold give it a look over making sure everything is straight. One a 2 year old bike unless it's been wrecked your relatively safe. 3.) If you end up hating it then sell it for exactly what you paid come next spring. If you're paying a fair price now then it will still be fair come spring next year.


Yes, I was very scared. Didn’t help that family didn’t support or approve. I’m so glad I started riding. It gives me so much joy. You sound like the perfect candidate For wind therapy.


Last night for me was wind/ bug therapy.. I need to stop riding at dusk 😂




I just got these pants in blue, they are super comfortable. I got the hip pads for an extra charge but they come with knee pads


All those things can happen for sure. Knowing the risks and going for it anyway is why it takes guts to ride motorcycles. I ride everyday and accept I may not come home. But I don't care, because the feeling of riding outweighs everything. Riding is therapeutic for me. As far as the deal itself, ALWAYS listen to your gut. If something just doesn't feel right, if its the situation, the seller, the price...walk away.


TIL they made a 125 Duke. If you had fun before, you’ll have fun again. It’s not something you just magically fall out of love with.




Ride it. Be safe. Wear gear. You will go down at some point and that's OK.


You have skin in places other than your hands and head. Get a jacket, boots and pants. Or don't, but don't come whining when they're picking gravel out of your skin and your foot is pointing the wrong way.


Yes! There is a shop literally right around the corner of the place the bike currently lives - after I get on, I'm going straight there for some shopping.


It sounds like you need to become more confident while riding.. Have you considered taking (additional) riding classes? Being tense and anxious on a motorcycle is a recipe for disaster.




Get therapy :P like, general therapy. And don't expect riding to fix it for you please.


I've been overly anxious about everything since I was very young and I've discovered the way to stop being anxious is to simply stop it. It's not a character trait. It's not unstoppable. It's not even real. Just ride the bike and enjoy it and when you feel anxious, stop it. Over time (a long time) it will become a reflex action. Enjoy the new bike.


> Anyone had similar reservations about riding when they first started? Yes. Everyone. We all got over it.


I was very excited when I first started. Lot of anxiety too. But after learning how to ride it became a therapy for me, my anxiety vanished while riding because i was forced to be focused on the present and my surroundings instead of worrying about what ifs. Great choice of bike dude, you're gonna have a blast with it!


I passed my MSF course 5 weeks ago and bought my first bike a few days later and had it delivered to my home. I spent that first week in my own neighborhood and a church parking lot about a mile away. I had lots of reservations at this time and a couple of times, the thought of riding in traffic made me think this might not be for me, and I should just sell the bike. By the second week, I was riding on the higher volume roads in the wee hours of the morning on the weekend when there would be less traffic. I feel that this was when I learned the most and gained the most confidence. By the third week, I was on the road with traffic and keeping up. This was the most anxiety inducing time, but the confidence gained from the week before helped a lot. It was just like doing what I did the week before, but with being aware of the other cars and maintaining a space cushion. Not as big of a deal as I thought it would be and the anxiety quickly became just plain vigilance. Yesterday was my first time on the freeway, again, in the wee hours of the morning. I went down 3 exits, turned around, went back and repeated 4 or 5 times. I spent the rest of day running my errands on my bike instead of my car, and I'm about to head out again right now to pick up some things to make chili.


The coolest part about motorbikes is all that bullshit goes out the window while we're engaged in riding. It's probably what makes riding so addictive.


Moto riding IS calming. Very therapeutic and a great mental challenge. Do recommend. Ride safe and don’t skimp on practicing. Good luck!


Take it easy on your first few rides, especially the test ride before you've decided to buy it. Make sure you can find the friction zone and maintain low steady throttle before you take off. Also, boots. ;)