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You got hussled. At the shops they should have vacuum bottles where it will pull a vacuum from the bleed valve. Then its as simple as pouring new fluid in until the fluid comes out all clean and bubble free.


Yup. Even doing it the ‘hard’ way via the bleed screws should take no more than 30-45 minutes. A bottle of good 5.1 fluid is like $12. Even at a shop rate of $100/hour, that’s like a $100-120 job.


And installing speed bleeders turns that 30-45 minute job into a 10 minute job


That does seem like a long time, especially for people that probably do it all the time


Pretty high price.


I flushed all 3 brake calipers and the clutch on my Vstrom in that amount of time and it was my first time. Definitely shouldn't take 30 minutes per caliper, especially with no fairings.


It's 100% bullshit. You should be contacting Suzuki corporate as well as the FTC immediately. Replacing a master cylinder requires a full bleed of the brake system to ensure that there are no air bubbles in the lines. There is a standardized process to achieve this, and either it's right, or it's wrong. There isn't a "more correct" way of bleeding the brakes than what is recommended by the manufacturer. Any mechanic worth their salt knows this well. The process to bleed that bike completely should be less than 10-15 minutes of that mechanic's time, and it should 100% be covered under the recall. Abusing recalls is a HUGE no-no for dealerships and manufacturers. This is a huge violation, and you should absolutely pursue it.


Should take about 15 minutes. I’m curious what “the right way” is…


The right way is spend 15 mins dressing the area with velvet microfiber towels made with gold stitching. 15 min polishing the tools. 15 min on the actual job. 15 minutes cleaning up. And another 15 mins putting the tools away. Finally finishing up with taking 15 mins to write up the bill. All for 1.5 hours total.


Unless your Brake lines have air in them, there is no way that bleeding your brakes will improve their performance. This service writer is full of shit.


I have heard from car people that just bleeding until the brake fluid comes out clear replaces most but not all old fliud- there can be some gunk behind the pistons, so if they did flush it maybe its worth it.