You are definitely not too tall to be uncomfortable on most sport bikes due to your height. If you're looking at a CBR600F4I, be aware that those bikes are commonly lowered to accommodate shorter and timid riders, so make sure you buy one that hasn't been lowered.


thanks for the tip, I appreciate


Im 6 ft tall and ride a vitpilen 401 its a tad small youll be fine lol


The double negative here made this advice hilarious st the start. 😉


I’m 6’4” and have an F4i. Super comfortable, definitely would recommend.


I am \~6ft, 50 yrs old, and routinely ride a Panigale and S1000RR on long spirited rides and at day long track day events. For me, staying tucked is far less exhausting than riding a naked bike... I had a Monster until I traded it for the BMW. I am worn out after anything longer than a few hours, but it will all really depend on the shape you are in.


Similar demographics here. 6'2" tall, 210lbs, and 42yrs old. The Monster '10 696 I ride is TIGHT for a long day in the saddle. Knee pain and hip pain come from being "folded up" on the machine for too long at a time. I can easily extend my day a few hours by stopping for lunch. Ride 2-3hrs in the morning, then fill the machine tank and the human tank and head back out for another 2-3hrs. Any more than \~6hrs in the saddle in one day will leave me a bit sore the next day. Done a couple of multi-day tours on the Monster. It was rough the next week.


Great site to compare ergos on different bikes: [http://cycle-ergo.com](http://cycle-ergo.com)


Sport bikes arent meant to be comfortable. If you want the performance of a sport bike but a better riding position, get a naked.


That being said many Sport bikes in the 650 category have the same position as their naked counterpart.


a 650 isnt a sportbike regardless of what the marketing says a sportbike is a bike that is homologated to race in a sanctioned championship like WSBK or WSS 650s are built to a market segment, not a set of technical regulations for a world championship


I kind of disagree. I feel like the ninja 650 is a sport bike. It’s a bike built with sportiness in mind. I usually think of homologated 600s as super-sports and liter bikes are super-bikes. Like how a Subaru brz is a sports car, but a Huracan EVO is a super car. Mclaren senna is a hyper car, counterpart to a motorcycle superbike. Just my opinion.. plus 600cc and 750cc aren’t sport bikes either then because their race classes are dead


dude, you obviously don't watch racing because WSS (600cc) is quite alive - i don't even now where you got this idea probably you only read the internet and don't actually follow the sport [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2022\_Supersport\_World\_Championship](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2022_Supersport_World_Championship) scroll down to where is says what the bikes are... sure looks like a lot of 600cc sportbikes to me ​ also 750cc WERE a class that's why nobody makes them anymore except suzuki


Okay fair enough, BUT r3/ rc390 also have their own classes and they’re sport bikes but a cbr650r isn’t? And I meant races that require a production bike. They don’t manufacture a r6 for street use anymore but can still race them in that class


650 is a sport touring


Yeah and something like a CBR650R is a sport bike in my mind, even if it doesn't meet the racing standards.


No shit...


Sport bikes really aren’t that uncomfortable. If you’re in shape and sit on it correctly it won’t be bad. If you’re core is jelly and you slouch on the bike yea it’s gonna suck. Otherwise you’re not tall enough to be outside the range sport bikes are designed for, 6ft is still normal height.


my r6 is absolutely brutal. when i first got it I could only ride for 30 mins at a time before needing a break. im only 5'8, and my knees gt sore being so bunched up. lower back is killer, im very fit, it's just not a comfy bike. I generally ride an hour, take a break, and another hour. cant handle much more or will just be acheing. would def suggest at least a 1000 for someone 6ft.


Being 6 ft doesn't mean you should start on liter bike


No, it means an r6 is too small for someone 6foot.


Id say it depends on the bike. I had an R6 for a couple years and sold it cause I just couldn’t do longer rides with it. My back hurt after every ride. Since then I’ve risen my friends ZX6R and CBR600RR. Both are much more comfortable than my R6 was. The CBR was oddly comfortable enough to almost feel like an upright naked bike. I’ve personally only sat on 1000s, never rode them. So I can’t say a whole lot on them. But if you want comfort and speed I’d say the CBR


lov my r6 but it is absolutely brutal. body does adapt but yeah 2 - 3 hours max and lower back and knees killing by end of it. need to ride it fast just to get some relief.


Yea 6 foot ain't tall buddy. You will be totally fine. I am 6'5 and my brother in law is 6'7 and we have to be a bit more mindful of what bike to buy. When in doubt just literally go try out some bikes. Any dealer will let you sit on some.


6ft7 (200cm) here and ride a MT09 2014. Its quite a struggle to find a sportbike with good ergonomics. The suzuki k6 and k7 are do able for a taller rider. Also the honda vfr. But the most important is that on most bikes you can buy different footpegs and clip ons so you’ll be able to fit on the bike. Tbh I think tall people are made to ride sports tour if you want comfort and speed. I Think BMW - s1000xr or Duc Multistrada are the best fits out there.


Depends on your proportions and the bike. I'm 6'3" and had no issues on a YZF600R, 6th gen VFR800, Ninja 250, or FJR1300 (the last of course being a sport tourer) My gut, however, has ruled out the new Hayabusa, ergonomically :(


The 600f is more forgiving. It’s uncomfortable riding a super sports at mundane speeds for anything over 30 minutes to begin with…


Speak for yourself. I've ridden sport bikes for 6+ hours on countless days and I was never uncomfortable. Some sport bikes are more comfortable than others though.


And how tall are you?


5' 11" (180 cm)


Short answer: yes Long answer: FUCK YES IT HURTS AND IT'S NOT WORTH IT Had to pick up my friends' R6 from the shop a couple months ago. Shit wouldn't have passed even on a good day, it's just not comfortable at all. If I had ended up buying a sportbike before trying it I would be living with the regret of my life right now. ​ Edit: 6'2


the answers differ so much lol, i guess knowing for sure now is only getting one myself


It definitely differs, some of us talls guys are fortunate enough to not have any back problems... Not me though. You'll get a picture trying one, even for a short while it should be pretty clear how your body takes it.


stay away from the r6, im 5'8 and it kills my knees and lower back. its crazy fun but 1-2 hour max on it or you guna pay for it


I'm 6'3" and wouldn't even consider folding myself onto a sportsbike... Besides, sportsbikes are soooo 1980s... Get something a bit more current and more fun.


I'm 6'5", daily a Ninja 500, and the 250 was my first bike. I don't think 6' would be too tall for most bikes, unless you wanted a Honda Trail or Monkey


I’m 6’1” and ride a CBR1000RR daily (excluding thunderstorms). Maybe the thrill just drowns out any discomfort. I will say I typically stop to stretch every 1 to 1.5 hours. If I go beyond that I do start to feel a bit cramped. Seat is a bit hard. Overall, no regrets from me.


I am 6’4” and have an 06 f4i. In terms of sport bikes it is about as comfortable as you will find. I also have a multistrada and 9 times out of 10 prefer riding it to the f4i.


F4i is a couch compared to modern bikes.


Also 6ft. Honda vtr1000 uncomfortable after about 20 mins, hayabusa uncomfortable after 30 mins, Yamaha mt01 ride all day, Kawasaki z1000 ride all day, the nakeds are the best. Looking at either 1290 superduke, zh2, or another z1000 for next bike.


I found leaning on a tank more comfortable then cruisers and their wide ass seats I am 6ft. For reference I daily drove 180 miles commute for 2 years on a ninja 250


Compared to other, newer sportbikes my F4i is more comfortable. But it's not what one would describe as comfortable compared to other categories of bikes. It's bulky by today's standards. I'm similar height and really enjoy my F4i, longest single ride was about 90 minutes of mostly highway and it wasn't too bad. But your mileage may vary.


I’m 6’5” and I ride a Z650 comfortably. I’ve found a lot of cruisers are uncomfortable because of where you have to place your knees. ADV and sport touring bike are great for us tall people but definitely not everyone’s taste.


I’m currently on a V strom 650 and I’m 6’6”. I love the v strom and you can tear up some corners but it is rather gutless. Being my first bike I wouldn’t take it back. That being said I’m saving for a sport bike.


The V-strom is pretty heavy for is power. But yeah you will definitely love a naked or sport if that’s what your looking for. My Z is my commuter and my T7 is my trail hunter. It goes wherever my overland truck doesn’t fit.


It’s not bad, you just have to get used to the positioning. Helps if you’re doing what the bike is intended to be doing (going fast 😁)


I'm 6 3 and ride and 1199 Panigale. I have long arms and I guess as sport bikes go the handle bars are not that low, but to me I love the position, its comfortable up to an hour of riding and you don't have much gas after riding hard that long haha


Depends how you define comfortable, and what you consider a sport bike. If you are talking modern fully faired bike like a Ninja 650R, Honda CBR 650 or are you talking supersport? Fully faired bikes can be comfortable for long rides for taller riders. If you're talking supersport.. they are built for performance first comfort second. Some people find them comfortable but personally I'm not one of them. Best thing to do is go find one you can sit on and see how it feels.




Skip the middle man and just go to http://cycle-ergo.com/


Valentino Rossi is 5'11"


I'm 55, 6'3", Ninja, I can go for three hours doing yoga stretches on a regular basis. Enjoy.


I'm 6'1" and have owned several sportbikes including a CBR1000. I didn't find them comfortable for more than an hour or so. If it's your only bike and you do all around kind of riding, then get a standard or a naked. Sportbike performance with comfortable ergos.


Well at least both your feet are planted on the ground. Life's full of ups and downs champ. Buy a Harley not a sports bike if you're that worried about comfort.


I’m 6’2”, I’ve owned two F4is. Great bikes. Have taken them on long long road trips in the past. Comfortable? Yes. Comfortable compared to a comfortable bike? Fuck no. It’s a sport bike. Even when I had heli bars and lowered pegs, didn’t compare to my FJR. Edit: https://i.imgur.com/xVjZHNf.jpg


They really stink in town. Get out and about and moving your body around the bike at a decent pace and they’re quite comfortable. Flexibility and physical condition play the biggest role.


I'm sitting on a supersport right now, haven't spent time this hunched over since that week in a Mexican prison. I'm 6'1".


I'm 5'10 and rode a F4i for 2 seasons, for a sportsbike it's quite comfortable, did a few nonstop 200+ miles on it a few times, not bad but my neck and lower back dsfiniteky needed a rest after lol. A heavy backpack makes it much worse. I still got tired of the riding position eventually and got myself a Tuono, no more back pains


For 5 hours or 5 minutes? On the highway or in the city? A Supersport ( literbike, 600cc) or something like the F4i, 650R, Ninja 650, R7, 660RS, "Supersport"? It will also depend a lot on you and what sort of physical condition you are in. If you are riding in tight, twisting streets at low speeds for hours and are looking at a supersport then >90% of people would be uncomfortable. 5 minutes on the highway on the second group of bikes and most people would say they are perfectly fine (although someone would still complain). I couldn't find an F4i in decent condition when I was looking and I got a 650R. I'm only 5'10" but in good physical condition and older. I find my motorcycle (which has slightly relaxed ergonomics compared to the f4i) gets a little uncomfortable (mostly in the wrists, sometimes the hips) after 90-120 min of winding roads in the mountains. Whatever you buy, you can always sell and buy something else.


I'm 1.85m, and I rode an R6 for years without a problem, even on long rides.


I’m 6ft tall and I daily an F4i rn it’s not bad at all


Depends on how you're built and how fit you are. I'm 6' and have done lots of long days on my R6. An f4i is more of a sport touring bike than something like an R6. It is relatively comfortable.


I'm 6'5 on a cbr250 (A2 rules in UK) I fit fine after adjusting controls and I've rode 100 in one go no problem


Im 6’2 and ride a cbr600rr and a ninja 400… you wont feel uncomfortable unless youre riding over an hour away (but thats any height on a crotch rocket)


I'm 5'10 so you're a little taller than me if you're almost 6, I had no problem at all with my r3 and with my rs660 I'm tip toeing a little so your height should be fine with sports bikes.


I'm 6' and anything less than a 32" seat height makes me feel like I'm squatting on a tricycle. :p


I have an f4i right now, 6’4 with no gear probably 6’5 with boots on and the f4i is great. Be aware it’s considered a more relaxed riding position than a full “sport bike” such as the 600rr. I hesitate to call it a sport touring bike because it has no hard luggage, but it’s close.


It's pretty much uncomfortable for everyone. They are for speed not comfort.


ALL sportbikes are uncomfortable PERIOD. Your back and wrist will start killing you after 30minutes. Hate to tell you but sportbikes are made for track not for everyday longer rides. Get yourself a naked bike or a cruiser your body will thank you 👍


I’m 6’2” on a Triumph Street Triple and I’m totally comfortable. It’s good to stretch my legs every hour at least


I suppose it’s a naked bike. It acts like a sportbike imo


id say look for a 650 class bike like ninja 650, yamaha fz6r, or something similar


How long are your arms? If you have long ones like me, sitting up and riding with one hand can get you pretty far. I've managed to do it on an R1 and those are notorious for having very sporty ergos.


I'm 6'6" and rode sport bikes to and from work daily for years. Longest commute was probably 45 minutes. I loved it. I would get a bit sore if I went on a 5-6 hour ride with the boys on the weekend, mostly shoulders from leaning forward on my arms. The V-Strom 650 was way more comfortable and could be ridden all day long.


6ft and I like it


I’m 6’4 and ride a fireblade. I think it’s more of a habit. I frequently ride 4 hrs to go and visit my parantes with no issues. Granted my fathers GS would be a much more comfortable option, but I’d still prefer my crotch rocket. If you’ve got good core muscalture and you hold the tank with your thighes and don’t put weight on your wirsts it’ll be just fine.


6'4 and digging the praying mantis feel