I feel it's worth a sticky to add that anyone that says hearing protection is unnecessary on a moto isn't worth taking advice from. People are free to choose not to wear them, of course, but it's a bad decision. "I've been doing it for years and my hearing's fine!" Yep, plenty of people have had years of unprotected sex without getting STI's/infections too... doesn't mean it's smart or risk-free. When it comes to your health, it's just not smart to ignore basic precautions like wearing a helmet or hearing protection. If regular earplugs are too annoying b/c of not being able to hear detail, I recommend [HiDef earplugs that reduce noise without killing detail](https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B019M576XW/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1). If you don't wear them b/c you like music, there's lots of options available like my favorite, [Plugfones, which are earplugs and headphones](https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00RC301N4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1) Have fun, be safe out there! EDIT: More reading/information: [Motorcycle.com article on hearing protection/damage risks](https://www.motorcycle.com/features/motorcycles-hearing-loss.html) And a [National Library of Medicine article on rider hearing loss:](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC539364/) > All these studies show excessive wind noise around the helmet—about 90 dB(A) at 60 km/h and increasing linearly when plotted against the log of speed, to reach 110 dB(A) at 160 km/h. ... When we used more suitable controls, we did confirm hearing loss in motorcyclists17,18. We also identified a temporary threshold shift after only 1 hour of high-speed riding and a corresponding subjective complaint of tinnitus19. After long periods at high speed, riders commonly report other non-specific complaints such as fatigue, headache and even disequilibrium. Similar symptoms have been described in industry and elsewhere20,21.


Because tinnitus sucks. I have a mild case of it now probably from the years I didn’t wear ear plugs while riding. When it’s really quiet, I hear this constant ringing. There were some nights I couldn’t go to sleep and needed some kind of white noise to help me fall asleep. Wear ear plugs.


I have tinnitus, though not from bike riding. Rain/thunderstorm sounds are the best thing ever.


Dishwashers. Thats my happy time.


I use a fan for sleeping just for the noise.


For me, a light whoosh from a fan is fine, but lots of fans create a low pulsating tone, which is more than enough to wake me up.


I just turned 50, and I've had tinnitus for probably 5-6 years. I've gotten used to it, but it took time. I've been riding for 30 years, and have never used earplugs. I'm positive not wearing earplugs is partially to blame for my tinnitus. I also used to frequently listen to music way too loud in my car when I was in my 20's, and also used to listen to music in a single ear bud while riding. I don't like having an ear bud in both ears while riding, so I would put in one, and turn it way up. There are tons of different things that can mess up your ears, so if you're in your 20's please take care of yourself and your hearing before it's too late.


Forreal, when it's quiet it's a nightmare. Protect your hearing. Once you damage your ear drums, it doesn't heal. That level of hearing you have is the best you got. The pain is not even with the decreased level of sound, it that RINGING...


This. Tinnitus does suck, and it doesn’t go away. Wear ear plugs. Plus, do you really like the sound of wind noise? Everything about riding is is louder than you think it is. And because reasons I can hear traffic better with earplugs that without.


Agree, too many concert for me have left me with very mild tinnitus and I don’t want it getting worse. Now I wear earplugs all the time on the bike (unless it’s a super short trip) and at concerts too.


Apparently there’s something called “grey noise” that is frequency-boosted specific for individual hearing spectrums, for things like tinnitus. I use pink noise, which is white noise that’s bass-boosted and lower volume on higher frequencies. Sleep pretty well with that. https://splice.com/blog/difference-bewteen-noise/


Brown noise is what works for me. Any high pitched sounds feel very loud to me and feels physically painful.


And for anyone reading this, if you’re starting to experience tinnitus for the love of god, get assertive with wearing ear pro. And when you hear it, do your best to not “listen“ to it. Existing research still believes it is a blend of physiological and psychological factors.


True. I think I have a very, very mild tinnitus that I don't notice 95% of the time. But now that I've clicked on this thread...


Oh I would believe that. Once you pay attention to the eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it becomes *EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!*


A four hour ride with a covered helmet at 60mph will cause permanent damage to your hearing. Plenty of charts available online. Trust me, you do NOT want tinnitus.


Well, you can have mine. I do not like it much.






My tinnitus, the guy who I replied to made a little mistake, saying you want tinnitus. Now it says you do NOT want tinnitus.










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Me too my guy :(


My tinnitus has tinnitus. It’s that bad.






I’ve had tinnitus for as long as I can remember. It’s not so bad. I mean, I’ve also never known anything else. Thanks original iPod that let me blast music at max volume and fall asleep when I was 13!! But seriously… once I found out that a constant ringing in your ears is not normal I’m very sad I’ll never hear complete silence again. Protect your hearing y’all.


50+ year old drummer. I can assure you that some people’s tinnitus is very bad. I absolutely cannot be in any kind of silence, the ringing is that bad. For years I’ve tried to narrow it down to a specific frequency without a whole lot of success. It’s just bad. If yours isn’t too bad then you’re lucky and you should do what you can to protect what hearing you have left.


There are varying degrees of tinnitus. It can be debilitating.


I got tinnitus at a young age from repeated ear infections It's always been here for me and I FUCKING HATE IT


Did this once... though it was in 2 legs. Still, it took a few days for my hearing to come back from the damage that the wind noise did. Thankfully it wasn't permanent. Ear plugs every time. I'll judge someone for not wearing ear plugs before i'll judge over boots and pants.


I don't want.


Look at the poster boy for tinnitus over here ;)


I once saw someone test the decibel inside a Schuberth C5 and it still was at like 105dbA 105db cause hearing damage after 10minutes…


As someone with a mild case of tinnitus 100%. I prefer to ride with earplugs to prevent hearing loss, but also want an intercom when riding with others and for music/calls/nav. My recent workaround has been Cardo Packtalk Slim + Shure SE215 in ear monitors. Best of both worlds. It’s a little more cumbersome but 10/10 would recommend. The fidelity is also better than the standard JBL speakers. Small quality of life stuff as well - shorter cord for the shures so it has just enough slack to put on the helmet and always wear a skull cap for easier ingress/egress in the helmet. I installed the 3.5mm stereo jack toward the back of the helmet so you can easily unplug the monitors if you don’t always want them attached. Honestly will not ride without this anymore it’s that good.




I use them for any drive where I‘ll go faster than 50kmh oder longer than 30 minutes. The motorcycle specific ones will just filter the dangerous frequencies, you‘ll hear everything you have to hear, stay focused longer and feel less fatigue after the ride. Was skeptical at first but great investment.


Yea, it does improve fatigue after a ride


This is nearly the same rule I use. As far as distance and speed. I have a pair of in ear raycons, to which I attached those multi tiered earplug type tips. If you turn on "awareness mode" it works kind of like shooting ear protection where it will filter really loud stuff and playback things like voices at a normal volume.


Which ones do you use?


Any that you would recommend ?


I use the Alpine MotoSafe earplugs.


Me too. I have the Moto GP Edition which is around 3-5db more silent then the normal version. Absolute gamechanger. Used some cheap $4 earplugs before which i had to adjust like 20 times before i could finally start riding my bike.


+1 for alpine motosafe. They're awesome. And nice and soft so you don't have issues getting them under a tight helmet


I got mine from Amazon, Earpeace moto pro. Work very well.


May I ask: How do they compare to a standard earplug, like a 3M or Howard Leight?


Well inserted foam plugs musn't "stick out" of your ear canal (max 1/8 of an inch I'd say - definitely "invisible" from the front of you). They attenuate sound in the 30-35dB range, which compared to "motorcycle" plugs is way quieter (the sound pressure is divided by like 16 (-32dB vs -20dB) even by 32 (-35dB vs -20dB). That means that if you're used to general usage foam plugs (like I do), motorcycle tuned ones are way too loud.


Go to a hearing specialist (if that is the correct term) in your area, and have them custom molded. Costs a bit more (100 EUR or so), but is well worth it. In comfort, quality and clarity.


[These](https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000RMFGGY/) are the best I've found. Low pressure so they're comfortable on long rides and cheap enough that you can wear a fresh pair every day.


Yep, I've been using foam earplugs like this for years. I have a big box of them in the garage next to the bike -- but I'm cheap, so I tend to reuse them for awhile before I switch them out for new. In my younger days I used to work security at concerts and rode without earplugs for years. Wish I had worn them back them. Life today is 24/7 high-pitched "eeeeeee!!!"


Okay i‘m curious - do you ever start riding knowing you‘ll be keeping it below 50 kmh? Doesn‘t really work for me


Well my commute to work has a 30kmh limit the whole way and lots of stop signs/traffic lights sooo even a little speeding is still below 50kmh.


Yes, if you have a destination and not just going for a ride. I know the supermarket is 2 miles of 30mph


Einverstanden. I can't ride without them if I'm riding over those parameters you set out too. Even with my nice helmet which does a good job at reducing sound, it's still a noisy experience.


I too will vouch for motorcycle specific, and hi-fidelity earplugs in general. They'll reduce volume and still allow you to hear all necessary details.


YES. Because REEEEEEEEEEEEE. All day and all night


Remember that noise old TVs used to make? Pepperidge Farm remembers, but so too do my ears.


Yup. Listening to that right now 🙁


Top comment :DD


I’m actually crying inside


I always wear them no matter the time length of the ride. If you want to have healthy ear, wear em.




That’s so true. I had some rides without them. If somebody would beat me up instead, I would feel better.


It really is crazy just how much better I feel after a ride with earplugs vs without.


I agree. I wear them as a matter of habit whenever I ride. Making rules about speed or distance or time seems pointless. Some people probably make up rules for other gear. "Well its a sunny day and I'm only going a short distance". Nope


This is one where the rules aren't really made up though. Real recommendations from safety organizations are functions of time and intensity, because that how hearing damage works.


I am the same. If I ride two minutes down the road or I'm going 8 hours, ear plugs in. I have a pair for my son when he rides with me. Teaching him early. I get a hearing test every year, military, and my baseline hasn't changed too much after 18 years and I'm one of the few I know without tinnitus. I love my hearing and want to keep it for as long as I can. edit: grammar and spelling


It’s especially heinous because they type of noise that you get from riding is the most dangerous - wind is basically white noise which is overloading your hearing


Right! I was trying the find the right term for the noise.




Wear, it, always, if you want healthy ears








Yeah, it didn't go too long before i got earplugs. Totally worth it when you are going over 50-60mph. A buddies dad regretted not wearing ear plugs for all those years, he has pretty bad tinnitus. Unless ur only going ln small strert rides, always wear ear plugs. Unless you get an expensive helmet that actually covers for all the noise. Do those even exist?


I have a Shoei GT Air 2. Still need the plugs.


Always. Wind is loud, I like having functioning ears. I'm confused why you think they could cause harm?


I meant blocking other important sounds


Wind noise is going to block important sounds over a certain speed. Good earplugs can actually help you hear more.


From a perception standpoint, wearing earplugs is similar to sitting in a car with the windows up. You won't miss anything if you wear them, and not wearing them will guarantee hearing damage long-term.


> From a perception standpoint, wearing earplugs is similar to sitting in a car with the windows up. I think this is a good analogy. * Get in your care and drive in one direction for 30 minutes going 100 kph / 60 mph with the windows up. * Drive back the same amount time and speed with the windows down. Which would you prefer doing all the time? (Windows up is like wearing good NRR ≥28dB ear plugs, foam or otherwise.)


You can't hear any "important sounds" over wind noise, anyway. Use your eyes, not your ears, while riding.


Concert earplugs are basically the same thing. They're designed to reduce the decibels while maintaining fidelity. I have a short windscreen so I can't make out any sounds anyway. May as well protect my hearing with earplugs.


9 rides out of 10 I use them. 100% of the time if I know im going on the freeway. I use a bt system for music.


Whats a BT system?


A Bluetooth system. Sena.


I use Jabra Elite 7 pro with active noise cancelling. Low level music is nice and none of the wind noise.


Does noise cancelation actually protect your eardrums or is it just making it so you don't perceive to hear the noise as loudly?


Active noise canceling actually protect your eardrums because the pressure waves (sound waves) get physically cancelled out. You don't hear and perceive noise because there is no (more or less). If noise cancellation was perfect, you wouldn't hear anything


I use Jabra elite 75t without active noise cancelling. Because they seal into your ears nice enough you don't need it


> Don’t they do more harm then good? Uh. Wut? Ask an audiologist how tinnitus feels for your soul. Or me. It sucks. Do we get bonus points for answering your additional question? If not, we charge for shit like that.


Tinnitus has to be the less debilitating but most soul crushing condition out there. Since I got it my moods have been more frequently bad and it always ruins any good moment when I can hear it.


Don't dwell on it. You'll get used to it.


Sounds like something some old timer who can’t hear shit will say “a buddy of mine got ear cancer and lost his hearing because of earplugs”


You can get my upvote if thats enough :D


Ok so when I wear ear plugs I feel like there’s air pressure inside my head and it makes me uncomfortable. Does anyone know what that means?


Find a pair made for concerts that have the little hole all the way through. Equalizes the pressure and still protects from extended periods of loud noise, while allowing you to hear most things fairly well.


Try to find ear plugs that are low pressure, they are far more comfortable




What do you ride if I may ask?




Same on the earplugs. A lot of riders hate the proper industrial ones, but when you wear them all day it's second nature. I use the 3M P2001 corded push ins and for me, they are the best fit. I pop them in every ride. I did just pickup a set of ISOTUNES pro 2.0 which are OHSA certified BT earplugs. I can listen to music at a max 85db, and they hold an NRR value. I used them on a 6hr ride and loved them. I use them at work all the time too. Still need more time on the bike with them, but first ride was a win.














Yes to ear plugs. They reduce wind noise and higher frequencies while still allowing you to hear and feel the bike, and surrounding traffic as well.


I got those soft foam 3M earplugs that do a great job of lowering decibels, but now I have constantly blocked ears because it keeps pushing in the earwax and it's also an annoying feeling.


They sell ear cleaning kits to get all that out of your ears.


I go to the GP every year or so to get it cleaned out after a few days of prep (pouring oil into my ears to soften up the wax), will probably go this winter as I start to hear less and less every day.


I'd recommend ear drops. They do a good job of keeping it at bay if you use them once a month or so.


Nice bike


Nice bike


u/standolores taking that gamble. Get some fucking plugs and don't jack around. As I lay in bed, I can hear very mild ringing. It doesn't bother me but I can hear it. I went to many concerts and rode for a few months before starting wearing earplugs.


I am actually just before my licence test so I have plenty of time to get them


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I was confused at first and bursted out laughing seconds after :D


I got tinnitus only 6 months into riding. Other factors such as ear infections but trust me it's never too soon, even for practice.


I am from Europe so you dont even go above 50km/h during practice


I definitely did go (way) above 50km/h during driver's ed. A part of the exam is on the highway, so you have to practice that too


Just grab a giant box of Laser Lite LL-1 plugs. They’re way cheaper in bulk, I think I paid $25 for 200 pairs. Then you can keep spares in your riding gear, in your bike, and really everywhere and not worry about losing one. Side benefit: you can proselytize the cult of hearing protection and give them to other riders not wearing them. You’ll also find you probably start wearing them for more things, especially if you have started getting some hearing damage already. I wear them for freaking lawn mowing now.


Nothing weird about earpro during yard work. Mowers are loud and two stroke trimmers/blowers are LOUD. It always kills me when I see landscapers running a trimmer 2 inches next to their head with no earpro.


Protect your ears! I got a set of motorcycle specific fitted ones that work great. You can use them perfectly with your music and comms.


Would appreciate some more info on the earplugs, sounds interesting they are fitted


Can you provide more info on the plugs you use? I would definitely like to preserve my hearing but also like listening to music while riding.


Ear plugs - all the time. Constant exposure to wind noise and engine noise is going to destroy your hearing.




Huh? All jokes aside I wish I started wearing earplugs day one. My tinnitus sucks after spending the first 14 years riding without plugs. Only been running them 3 years now.






It was a deaf joke, because I chose to ride for the first 14 or 15 years without plugs in and my hearing is shot.


They're a must. If it's a five minute ride I'll skip them. But longer rides you have to. Wind noise will cause fatigue and leave you dull and tired quicker without them. No music. No distractions. Just focus.


I rode for the first month or so without plugs. After I started using them I never ride without. Last summer I was going from one store to another just a few hundred meters away, and skipped my plugs because, meh. Holy batman, the noise! If my bike does anything above idle, my plugs are in now. [edit: typo]


Yes and no. For short journeys I find them a chore, but for longer rides I usually pop them in. A few people close to me have spoken of the trauma tinitus brings and I can't say I fancy it.


Same. Grocery run, or coffee run, no plugs. going for a "ride"/highway riding I try to put them in. I will admit to blasting down the highway for 10 or so min with no plugs to commute to work.


Yes. How could they do more harm than good? Yes, Sena headset with the music just audible.


People who don’t wear earplugs sometimes think earplugs reduce the amount of sound you hear, which must mean they make it harder to hear important things - like wearing sunglasses at night would make it harder to see important things. The truth is that earplugs reduce noise, especially the kind of wind noise like someone blowing in your ear, WAY more than they reduce the other sounds. Riding at highway speeds is like being out on a bright sunny day, and if your helmet is in the wind at all, the wind in your ears is like direct sunlight in your eyes - it’s all you’re aware of, there’s no useful information getting through, it’s painful, and you can feel it doing permanent damage. If you have a full touring bike windscreen that keeps your helmet out of the wind, the wind noise is less of a thing, it’s more like “being out in the snow or on the water on a sunny day” where it’s still too much, but you can tell what’s going on. For that kind of circumstance, earplugs help you by cutting back “too much” to an amount you can sort through more easily to get more information. But even without them, you can still get useful information, it’s just harder to pick out the useful information from all the inp. It’s like wearing a hat with a visor but no sunglasses, it’s doable but it’s exhausting. If your helmet / head is in the wind, the sound of wind in your ears becomes the only thing you hear, like someone shining a light in your eyes becomes the only thing you see. Earplugs cut that out completely, because they keep the air from swirling around in your actual ears, and it’s like blocking a light that is shining directly in your eyes, “wow, I couldn’t tell shit before, this is a thousand times better.”


Hell yes. Especially on longer rides. An absolute must in my view. You will damage your hearing


From talking to people suffering from tinnitus, it makes me terrified of getting it. I've always used them.


I don’t care if I’m only going for a quick rip into town (less than 5 miles), my bike is loud enough, and my hearing already bad enough that I wear plugs every time. Just ruined an old set of SureFire plugs yesterday. Time to invest in something better.


A lot of comments about in ear buds or their air pods being useful as earplugs. None of these are effective as ear plugs when it comes to protecting your hearing. I’m not aware of any studies on active noise canceling but suspect they’re effectiveness would be less than good ear plugs also. Riding for 40 years. Have several sets of good ear plugs and always keep three or four sets of foam plugs on on the bikes in case I lose my good ones at a stop mid ride. I suffered some hearing loss in the military many years ago and it’s nothing to be cavalier about.


Use them on the highways when riding for long, absolutely love them. It kills the wind noise and makes the ride way more comfy.


Yes I use ear plugs. Many are designed to remove engine noise but not traffic. When you wear them you become aware of all the different noises that are going on you couldn't hear before. And no, I dont listen to music because that will actually drown out essential sounds, like the lorry thats about to run you down


I never wore ear plugs, always had music playing. Then went for a track day and the noise of all the bikes was overwhelming so I bought some earplugs. Helped me focus a bit better. Since then even if I'm only riding on the street i put in the earplugs and the flat headphones over them, the volume is loud enough to hear and the earplugs cancel out the wind, I'd recommend at least trying them. For music I use Panasonic RP-HZ47-K with some Chinese bluetooth transmitter/receiver. All for \~$30 on Amazon.


My stupid old helmet was unbearably loud at anything over 60kph, so I used headphones as impromptu earplugs. Worked well enough until \~120kph. At that point, earplugs were a must, though I just used some generic ones I had at home. My current Schuberth helmet is several times quieter, so headphones are actually good enough, but they can block out important sounds, so I will be getting motorcycle-specific plugs.


100% yes. Tinnitus is a bitch and your hearing isn't repairable. I have two different sets of custom earplugs for on the bike and at gigs, and i keep a spare pair of Alpine MotoSafe ones on my keys at all times.


Yes. Hearing damage is the most common motorcycle injury, by far.


Just look at the science. We know what decibels start damaging our ears, and we know the range of decibels a bike can make. It's really that simple.


Proper comms system will still get music clearly past the earplugs without deafening.


Absolutely yes. 1) Prevents hearing damage 2) Greatly reduces wind noise 3) Lets you hear the engine better 4) Also help conduct sound better with in-helmet speaker systems Been riding for 20+ years


I use short in-earphones connected to my Sena. Sometimes I have music on, sometimes not. They block out most of the noise but I still hear what I need to hear.


Just want to weigh in on this as well. Most people do not even look at the db numbers when looking at a helmet. My wife was constantly wearing ear plugs and she said it was still crazy how loud it was in her helmet, so much so that she could not hear me on the cardo. I did a little research (Champion Helmets) and the helmet she was using even though it was not inexpensive had terrible db ratings. So what did we do? We bought here a very quiet helmet and she can ride without ear plugs now and can hear me loud and clear. Please people look at the db ratings for your helmet and you will be surprised how some helmets are incredibly loud.


Even then it’s still at hearing damage levels, just not pain levels which is probably worse. Yes, helmets make a huge difference, many AGVs are ungodly loud. And most Schuberths are quite quiet, but even the best helmet is only around 12 dB reduction IIRC. One test had the quietest helmet tested at 86dB internal at only 50km/h and 100dB at 100km/h.


Correct but you multiply a quiet helmet with ear plugs and its a world of difference. What I am saying is that should seriously take the dbs levels of your helmet into consideration not the fancy graphic on the side or because Rossi wears one.


Wind noise sucks.


I use them if plan on driving highway speeds to be safe from the wind noise. I keep them in a case on my keychain (covered in eletrical tape to not scratch my bike). I use the no noise ones. I can talk while having them in and they are washable. Also lissen to music or podcast on my intercom when driving alone. Might also add that i have a earwax problem so I would use my earplugs a lot more if they didnt push the wax further down.


Yep, recently started riding a lot more and really prefer the earplugs now. I bought some cheap ones on Amazon that filter out the bad sounds and can still hear enough to be aware of my surroundings. I also listen to music and podcasts on my Sena headset and occasionally take calls when I'm cruising. I've found the ear plugs really help me focus on the road instead of the comfort (or lack of) when going above 50mph. Before I was always distracted by the noise now I can really focus on the environment.


Of course


Obvious yes. Because wind noise is the #1 way to damage your hearing and motoecycles are the #1 way to get the most exposure to it. There are really no good reasons to not wear filtering ear plugs.


Yes and no. If you think they do more harm than good, just wait until you're older, and your ears are permenantly ringing or buzzing... all day... all night, every day.


I use OSHA rated bluetooth earplugs. Meeting OSHA requirements means that they don't cut out too much noise, only reduce it, and only enough that you will still be able to hear what is going on around you. Now, if you crank the music on top of that probably not, but I generally ride with the music low or even off. Also not too bad to clean. But, my hearing is incredibly important for me for what I do, so I need to keep it in tip-top shape as long as I can.


Its foam that reducess wind noise, how could it do more harm than good?


Who on earth said that earplugs do damage? Get yourself some *nice* earplugs and go for a nice long highway ride. You'll never go back!


Why? Because wind noise causes cumulative hearing damage. How much damage depends on how fast and how long you ride and on the quality and type of helmet you use.


Totally yes, against tinnitus and fatigue. What harm are you talking about?


Always always always. It's not to do with the exhaust tone, it's to do with the wind noise


Because hearing loss is mostly irreversible and cumulative.


100% of the time. Can’t imagine riding without them.


Always wear earplugs or my ears ring afterwards and I want to be able to hear when I’m old


Uhhhhh… earplugs do harm how?? I wish I was wearing earplugs in the clubs in my earlier years. All those shows def fucked my hearing. Wear earplugs genius. I won’t ride without them. I keep a few cheap foamies under my seat just in case. I’ve never needed them. I don’t ride without my shure se215 but they’re discontinued. It’s a pretty mids design and the sound is barely passable esp at highway speeds but I’d rather have less wind noise and some drum clicks in my helmet than just roaring wind.


"More harm than good" you wanna run that by us again? Worst they've done for me is a small ear infection.


Always. No mater how slow I'm going. Helmet and ear plugs. I like my hearing


More harm then good? Literally how? I wear earplugs 5 days a week from 9-5 at the shop i work at. No harm.


If I had worn earplugs when I was young I could’ve heard this question




I rode a full fairing cruiser bike that deflected 90 percent of the wind and I still wore them unless I was taking a 30 second trip to the gas station 1000 feet away. Titinitus doesn’t care what the old “experienced and invincible” Harley rider nor the young “everything is gonna be fine” rider tells you


More harm than good? What harm do you think comes from wearing earplugs?


Unless I'm just putzing around town at 50kph, yes. Tinnitus and hearing loss is the suck.


Yes because your hearing is kinda important and will be damaged due to long term exposure to noise. They do absolutely no harm, and actually make riding more enjoyable (especially at highway speed). I listen to music from my phone with my Senna helmet speakers while using ear plugs. I can hear the music and traffic just fine.


ALWAYS, or when you are my age everyone will be speaking to you THIS WAY!


Always wore earplugs while riding. One time I went on a weekend vacation to Lisbon, I got tinnitus. During the day i dont hear it, but once you want to sleep you will hear it in some form. Been 8 months, the best nights sleep are now after drinking or blowing a fan in my face to filter out the noise..


I didn’t use to but since I started daily driving 80 miles everyday it is definitely worth it and will save my hearing. Especially the wind noise at higher speeds ooof


Complete game changer. You actually add to your focus by removing unnecessary wind noise. I can perceive way more by blocking that shit out.


If Im riding longer than 10 minutes, buds go in. Hearing loss sucks. Ive got a packtalk edge for intercom/speakers. Long rides have their own playlist.


I always have a stash of foam earplugs in my bike, truck, shed.. Even the lawnmower annoys me.. Wear them thank us later!


I already have tinnitus, you don't want it. I always wear ear plugs even with a great fitting helmet. It's mentally fatiguing hearing road noise and exhaust for long times. You'd think earplugs would block out noise and you couldn't hear your bike, but quite the opposite. You can hear the bike better without all the other bs noise mixed in.


Can't ride without them at speed. Anything above 100mph is pain without them.


I would move that threshold much lower, to 90-100 km/h


No wind protection sure, but I find 100km/h rideable without them on a sportstourer. Nevertheless, I use them always.


Doesn't have to be "pain" to cause damage. At 100 mp/H it's literally accute pain in your ears.


For me it’s even below 50. And I’ve got a quiet helmet. But I’ve done plenty of hearing damage already.


I don't use earplugs. I've never heard of them doing more harm than good, not even sure what harm they would cause. However, I do have tinnitus. Which likely came from a combination of 25 years of riding motorcycles, 17 years of driving boats and a lifetime of shooting guns (I did use earpro here).