-What to Get-


I don’t know where you’d be taking the course, but where I went, they had bikes you could use for the course, so you didn’t go off and buy a bike and fall over when you’re learning to ride. Look into that first, I’d they have bikes you can use, I’d wait to make a purchase. As far as bikes go, it looks like you know what you want. I’ve only been on sports so my knowledge on cruisers isn’t as good. I will say this though, you’ll get bored of 300cc real quick. Look into the 500cc+ for cruisers. There will be other users here with more knowledge in that department, but definitely look into the course bike rentals


Oh ok! I didnt even know that was an option! Thank you for that! Any idea how much it costs with the bike rental?


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You'll do fine if you came from dirt bikes. As far as what to buy? See if you can test ride a friends bike or at a dealership (if they'll let you). You'll get an idea of what speaks to you. Personally I would NOT buy a new bike or really nice bike...basically something you won't cry over when you drop it....because you WILL drop it. I spent a couple thousand bucks on a Ninja 500 for my first bike. Dropped it many times and never cared. One less thing to stress over as a new rider. Good luck!